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Zhang Hans movements and energy were mostly produced by the three divine objects.

He didnt use much spiritual force himself, but his spiritual sense emerging was still relatively majestic.

Even so, looking at his relatively easy movements, Zhang Guangyou felt that he was different, at least different from the sixth Elder.

The sixth Elder was a genius in alchemy!


The energy storm became more and more violent.

At this time, Zhang Han seemed to have turned into a alchemy king, and all kinds of energies were gathered between his waving hands.

If the Qi in the furnace didnt rise, Zhang Guangyou would have thought that Zhang Han was not refining pills, but making soup.

Under his fathers gaze, Zhang Han was extremely calm while constantly adding all kinds of things he needed to the furnace mix.

From his casual appearance, it seemed that he was adding some seasonings while cooking.

As time went by, four hours later…


A muffled sound came from the furnace.

“Did the furnace explode”

Zhang Guangyou looked pale.

He remembered that when the six Elder furnace exploded, something similar would happen.

Suddenly, a crystal blue streamer came out of the furnace, and his face slightly changed.

“Medicinal pellet!”

“The Qi is so solid.

This pill…”

Zhang Guangyous eyes widened.

High-end divine object!

“His alchemy skill…”

Zhang Guangyou was a little shocked.

It seemed that the success rate of a level five pill for the sixth Elder was less than 10%, and it took him dozens of times to make it.

How could Zhang Han make it so easily when he gave it a try

“Top-level Thunder Yang Pellet.

What a pity.”

Zhang Han exhaled and shook his head slightly.

“If I wasnt injured, it would have been the best Thunder Yang Pellet.”

But that was enough.

His current strength exceeded his realm, and there was almost no difference between the top-level pill and the best for him.

“Finally, its time to break through.”

Taking a slight breath, Zhang Han felt that his body was burning, but that pain was not a big deal.

After reaching the Innateness stage, he had improved a lot.

With his strength, the Ten Inches Dantian and the ten thousand thunder clouds were the biggest trump cards he had.

But only after breaking through the nature level could he show their true power.

Sitting cross legged, Zhang Han raised his right hand with the medicinal pellet and put it down again.

He opened his eyes, looked around and sighed.

“Somewhere else.”

Chen Changqing could even cause damage to the surrounding environment when he broke through to the Divine Realm, let alone Zhang Han.

He thought the new moon mountain was a good place and didnt want to destroy it because of his breakthrough.

“Where to go”

Zhang Guangyou raised his eyebrows and said, “Since you are so weak, youd better take the medicinal pellet as soon as possible.

Even if it is damaged, we can repair it.”

“Im afraid it will be too destructive.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

With his soul sense, he marked a position and said, “Go here.”


Zhang Guangyou was slightly stunned.

“Isnt that the deep sea”

After thinking for a while, Zhang Guangyou didnt say anything more.

He carried Zhang Han on his back and flew towards the south sea like a light.

“Where did they go”

“I dont know.

Maybe they are flying towards the sea.”

“Our boss was refining pills just now.

Is he going to break through”


Seeing this, the people on the mountain were all discussing and guessing that Zhang Han might be going to make a breakthrough, which made them feel a little excited.

From the outset, their boss was the most powerful in their eyes.

Later, they learned that Zhang Han was at the Grand Master Peak stage and could even kill someone at the Divine Realm because of his powerful secret methods.

But Emperor Qing Gai Xingkong, Ji Wushuang and the Warlord of Chan Clan he had met later were all at the Divine Realm, and Zhang Han was relatively weaker compared with them.

In fact, the members of the security group also wanted to see their boss dominate the martial artist world.

They had been looking forward to Zhang Hans breakthrough for a long time.

This day, Zhang Han seemed to be about to make a breakthrough, which made these people feel excited.

But they were still a little confused.

“Why is our boss being carried”

They vaguely guessed something but didnt think too much of it.

They would know the reason when their boss came back.

Zhang Guangyou carried Han on his back and flew out of the clouds.

On the beach, there were many people who were training.

With them, the safety factor of Mount New Moon was relatively high.

After the two flew over, a few people on the ground looked up and couldnt help but discuss.

“Is that General Zhang and his father”

“He can fly to the skies and hide underground like a carefree immortal.”

“Martial artist…”

Many people admired martial artists, but they knew that the martial world was not peaceful; it was extremely dangerous instead.

Martial artists were not as magnificent and unrestrained as they looked.

Zhang Guangyou flew fast all the way, only stopping when he arrived at the place.

“Where In the sea” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Theres a stone house at the bottom of the sea.

Lets go there.”


Zhang Guangyou nodded.

His soul sense came out of his body and went into the sea.

The sea water was deep and blue as they went deeper and deeper, and then boundless darkness reigned, which would make people involuntarily feel depressed.

Not even martial artists were absolutely safe in front of nature.

Space cracks and energy hurricanes happened occasionally in the ancient mine, but in the mortal world, except for relics, it was relatively calm.

They went deep into the sea.

Zhang Guangyou soon found the stone house, but the entrance was no longer there, and there was no energy to maintain it.

But this was a very simple matter for Zhang Guangyou.

He went into the room and took out a few crystal stones to set up the array.

When the sea water was slowly pressed out, he took out a light gem and the stone house became bright.

“Break through.

Ill protect you.”

Zhang Guangyou looked at Zhang Han sitting on the ground and smiled.

“Ill adjust my breath first and break through directly later.

Itll take about a day,” Zhang Han said and closed his eyes slowly.

His chaotic breath gradually became stable.

They couldnt feel the passage of time there, but in fact, more than three hours had passed since Zhang Han began to calm his Qi.


Suddenly, there was a breeze.

The Thunder Yang Pellet appeared in Zhang Hans chest and slowly entered his body.

Sizzle, sizzle!

Zhang Hans Qi suddenly changed.

Several electric currents were diffused on the surface of Zhang Hans body, constantly flashing, and a trace of profound Qi emerged.


Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

“Wasnt the medicinal pellet meant to be eaten

“Arent all medicinal pellets made to be eaten How did he make it pass straight through his chest”

Zhang Guangyou was a little shocked.

He had never seen such an occurrence.

Zhang Hans Qi was more and more oppressive.

Aside from the faint sound of an electric current, the whole stone house was relatively quiet.

Zhang Guangyou looked at the surroundings for a while and found that nothing was out of the ordinary, so he was relieved.

But it was just then…


A thundering sound was heard throughout the stone house.

Zhang Guangyou was scared.

“Whats going on”

He frowned slightly in confusion.

He wasnt surprised by the noise, because there were many people who made louder noised when they broke through to the Divine Realm.

But Zhang Han had just taken the pill, and it wasnt the time for him to make such a noise.


Another thunder burst out from Zhang Hans body.


Every once in a while there would be a thunder, and the interval was getting shorter and shorter.

Every time the noise came out, Zhang Hans Qi became more abundant.

“Is he going to break through that soon”

Zhang Guangyou was a little suspicious.

He thought the noise was a sign of a breakthrough.

That wasnt the case.

In the beginning, there would be a thunderbolt every three minutes.

Gradually, the time was shortened to two and a half minutes, two minutes… One minute, 50 seconds, 40 seconds… 30 seconds, ten seconds, five seconds, one second… 0.5 seconds, 0.1 second.

The process lasted five or six hours.

In the last hour, the thunder was very intense.

It sounded like a machine gun.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom…”

The thunder continued to explode in Zhang Hans body.

At the same time, Zhang Hans Qi was surging violently.

Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

“Whats going on”

In this way, the dense thunder sound lasted for three hours.


All of a sudden, a violent wave of energy was formed above them.


Zhang Guangyou looked at Zhang Han and then flew out.

“What a powerful energy.

Is someone of the Wind Snow School here”

He was taken aback by his own ideas.

He quickly hid his body and Qi, and even stopped detecting with soul sense to swim up quickly.

But when he swam up for hundreds of meters…


His body came out of the water.

Seeing the picture in front of him, Zhang Guangyou was confused.

Did he only swim for a few hundred meters and got out of a sea thousands of meters deep


It wasnt that he had emerged from the sea, but… He saw a huge whirlpool spinning in front of him.

The gap was as high as several kilometers, with a diameter of nearly one kilometer.

The surrounding sea water rotated rapidly.

Judging from the speed, if a yacht was thrown in, it would be crushed in an instant.


The sound of thunder came from the sky.

Zhang Guangyou raised his head in confusion.

The sky was full of dark clouds and thunder, as if the end of the world was coming.

“Is this, is this the result of my sons breakthrough”


Zhang Guangyou took a breath in astonishment.

“How could this happen”

He couldnt understand why breaking through to the Divine Realm would cause such a horrifying effect.

Thunder in a vortex thousands of meters deep was too weird.

What was going on

“The wonderful image of heaven and earth! Hahaha, my sons breakthrough is earth shaking.

This kind of scene is close to that of the God Realm Peak-stage.”

In the martial arts world, when someone was breaking through, strange phenomena between heaven and earth would take place.

That is, the force pulling heaven and earth, forming a majestic energy and mingling with the powers of heaven and earth.

This kind of breakthrough was only possible when a Grand Master was making a break through to the Divine Realm.

As was known to the whole martial arts world, there was a barrier between the Grand Master stage and the Divine Realm stage.

Except for the most common breakthroughs, there would always be some fluctuations.

When the fluctuation was strong enough, strange phenomena would appear between the heaven and earth.

But Zhang Guangyou had never heard of such a terrible phenomenon between heaven and earth.

“No wonder he didnt break through at Mount New Moon.

If he were there, the whole mountain would have been ruined.”

Zhang Guangyou shook his head, and his eyes were filled with excitement.

The vortex was still expanding and pressing down.

There was more and more thunder in the sky.

It was the power of heaven!


Zhang Guangyou flew higher and moved hundreds of meters to the side.

Looking from that vantage point, he found the scene was even more shocking, because the dark clouds, which were round and constantly rotating, seemed to form a certain balance with the massive eddies in the sea.

A lot of energy filled the sky and the earth, vaguely forming a storm.


A crisp sound seemed to come from all directions.

He saw that the vortex had begun to circle around the bottom of the sea.

He even noticed that a huge whale, while wandering in the nearby waters, was pulled by the suction and fell into the vortex.

In a moment, it turned into blood mist.


A dull sound was made at the bottom of the sea, and a strong wave communicated with heaven and earth.

The top of the stone house had disappeared, revealing Zhang Hans body.

He sat at the bottom of the vortex; both his Qi and blood were surging.


In a flash, thousands of thunders were condensed into a stream, turning into a massive thunder that struck down.

It hit Zhang Han.

At this moment, thunder seemed to have turned into a bridge, transmitting the overwhelming energy from the air to Zhang Han.

At the same time, Zhang Hans body was changing.

The meridians in his body became more and more condensed.

The cracks in his dantian were mended at this moment, and his Ten Inches Dantian began to change.

There was a layer of light surrounding it, so that the spiritual force passing by his dantian field was constantly compressed as if it were a river instead of a gas.

After breaking through to the Innateness stage, the spiritual force would be enhanced more than several times!

The biggest change took place in Zhang Hans soul sense sea.

The clouds began to pour down at this moment.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

After Zhang Han stopped suppressing the thunder clouds, more than 10,000 thunder clouds were gathered and turned black in an instant.

The Taiyi Wood Thunder kept flashing.

The raindrop of soul sense began.


It seemed that there was a torrential rain continuously watering and covering his soul sense sea.

The water on that piece of land gradually gathered into small pools, lakes, and finally like a turbulent sea.

Zhang Han was aware of the scene.

There was a little smile on his face.

His soul sense sea was as good as the one he had when he was at the peak of the Innateness stage.

However, what Zhang Han didnt expect was that after his soul sense sea was filled, the thunder had yet to stop.


There was only thunder, no lightning.

Zhang Han was confused.

“Whats going on”

According to the natural law, the thunder should fuse with raindrops to form a property of endless or pure Taiyi Wood Thunder.

The greatest benefit, he thought, should be the restoration of his soul sense, helping him surpass ordinary people.

But he didnt expect that the Taiyi Wood Thunder didnt fuse with the raindrops.

“Is there some trouble”

“Am I going to keep suppressing the thunder”

As the raindrops fell, the thunder cloud did not subside.

It even became stronger, as if there were some monsters inside.

Zhang Han was not sure about this.

After all, he had not encountered this situation before.

A Ten Inches Dantian and ten thousand thunder clouds above his soul sense sea.

There was something strange about it.

“Forget it, just break through.”

At this time, Zhang Han had already entered the Innateness stage and was preparing to absorb the final energy and ease the fluctuations.



In the sky, the huge thunder, accompanied by the rolling clouds, came down and struck Zhang Hans body.

At the same time, above Zhang Hans soul sense sea, thunder clouds and dark clouds, the Taiyi Wood Thunder and the thunder of the outside world echoed each other from afar, as if they were linked, rioting at the same time.

There was a big explosion in Zhang Hans soul sense sea.


Zhang Hans consciousness suddenly fell into chaos.


The vortices in the sea dissipated, and the high vortex of several thousand meters was filled up in an instant.

Hundreds of meters of sea waves were sweeping away in all directions.

“Big tsunami.”

“At last the breakthrough is over.”

Zhang Guangyou swallowed while still floating in the air, looking excited.

He waited for one minute.

“Why Why hasnt he come up yet”

Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

Another minute later, he frowned and went into the sea.

All the way down, he saw that the stone house had been destroyed.

He sensed Zhang Han, who was sitting on the ruins.


He went there quickly, trying to pull Zhang Han up.

Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes, which seemed like small lightnings.

In a flash, they illuminated a one kilometer radius.

“Lets go.” Zhang Guangyou pulled up Zhang Han, bursting out of the water and floating in the air.

Then he smiled, “Are you at the God Realm Late-stage or the peak stage now”

After hearing Zhang Guangyous words, Zhang Han slightly regained his mind and shook his head numbly.


“Lets go back first.

After two days, I dont know what may be happening over there.

Its just that… After the breakthrough, you may be unable to control your Qi well.

How cant I sense you”

“Ah” Zhang Han was stunned again.

He pondered for a second, and then replied, “Maybe I have accumulated a lot.”

“Hahaha, OK.

Lets go back soon.”

Zhang Guangyou burst into laughter and flew towards the north with Zhang Han.

All the way, Zhang Han was a little absent-minded, with disbelief and doubt in his eyes.

“Whats going on”

Zhang Han tried to feel his soul sense sea.

Oh, no, his soul sense sea had been blown up and there was only a lightning mark there, a tiny lightning.

“Whats this Where is my soul sense sea”

How could Zhang Han not be shocked in this situation

Every immortal cultivators soul sense sea could transform into spiritual sense and make progress step by step.

But his soul sense sea was gone.

How could he cultivate in the future

“Do I have to stop at the God Transformation stage all my life Or could I surpass the God Transformation stage”

Zhang Han thought the latter was most likely.


His spiritual sense was as fast as lightning.

No, it was really lightning.

It was extremely fast and it expanded outwards.

It covered ten miles, 20 miles, and soon broke the previous 30 mile record.

Then it easily expanded to 35 miles, 40 miles, 50 miles, and didnt stop until it reached 100 miles.

“In the earthly air, it can reach 100 miles.”

“Is this the thunder soul sense No, its because I have absorbed the Taiyi Wood Thunder! This…”

Zhang Han though for a moment, and suddenly his face changed.

“Dad, do you feel my spiritual sense energy”

“What soul sense I dont feel it.” Zhang Guangyou shook his head slightly.

Zhang Hans eyes brightened slightly.

Most people could be sensed more or less when they were using their soul senses.

It was difficult for them to hide their soul sense unless they used secret methods.

However, Zhang Han didnt use anything and his father was still unable to notice it.

This effect was a little more powerful.

Silent investigation or the use of secret methods could always give his enemies a fatal blow.

“Not bad!”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

He took back his soul sense, turned his head and looked at Zhang Guangyou with a smile.

“Dad, lets compare our speed.”


Zhang Guangyou laughed, “You boy, dont think your wings will be hard right after you break through to the Divine Realm.

Even if you were at the Earth Realm, you still cant defeat me in speed.

Your father is close to reaching Earth Peak Stage at least… Boom!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Guangyou broke through the sound barrier in an instant and flew forward quickly.


He didnt finish his proud words.


A louder sound came out, and a figure seemed to flash by.

Then, Zhang Guangyous words could not go on.

With his soul sense fully activated, he caught the flash figure, and his eyes widened slowly

“Is it true”

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