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Chapter 765 Asking for Help

“What does Grand Elder mean”

“Our Wind Snow School has suffered such a great loss.

We cant possibly do nothing about it! Other sects have also been defeated.

Will they sit back and do nothing Although the Heavenly Knights Sect has won victoriously this time, we are still in danger.

If they attack again, we need to have some precautions.

We will fight to death and the Heavenly Knights Sect must die too!”

“Its not as simple as you think! You want to keep some of our people How many is enough We still dont know who that powerful man from the Heavenly Knights Sect is.

If Dong Chen and the others also join in the fight, what if we cant defend ourselves Are we going to throw away our Main Sect too The most important thing right now is to find out how they broke the formation.

The Heaven-earth Formation is as thin as paper.

We have already lost sub-sects from four worlds, including Kun Xu World.

We dont have any more sub-sects, and you still want to bet”

“Then what should we do Are we supposed to just live with it Four sub-sects were eliminated, are we supposed to just sit back and do nothing”

“If not, you can go and fight the Heavenly Knights Sect now!”

“Why dont you go”

“Arent you the one arguing here”

“Damn it…”

The scene suddenly became chaotic.

Everyone had different thoughts, so disputes rose slowly.

The Second Elder of the Wind Snow School felt frustrated after hearing all these.

His face turned blue and he shouted angrily, “What are you all arguing about Get lost and go back to cultivate.

Dont appear in front of me! Get lost! All of you get lost!”

Seeing that the Second Elder was about to make a move, these people felt frustrated but did not say anything.

They left one after another.

At Heavenly Knights Sect.

The night sky fell slowly.

The whole sect was having a good time, but Zhang Han and the others still ate at the small yard.

There were no mosquitoes at the open-air dining table, and the temperature was just right.

It was a beautiful night.

Mengmeng was playing with toys with Zhou Fei and Zhang Li while Zhang Han chatted with Dong Chen and Zhang Guangyou for a while.

Dong Chen never praised others, but today, he said, “Young Master gave birth to a good son.”

“Hes really amazing.”

“You are the hope of the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“When your grandfather finds out, he will be so happy that he will dance with joy.”


The praises were endless.

Zhang Han did not think much of it, but Zhang Guangyou was extremely happy.

Perhaps seeing that his smile was too exaggerated, Dong Chen would occasionally add, “You are much better than your father.”

“He has cultivated for so many years and has only reached the Earth Realm.

His potential is ordinary.”


Each time, Zhang Guangyou would be stunned for one or two seconds, but he did not mind.

You can say whatever you want.

Ill just listen and not take it to heart.

Im happy today, so I wont care.

After chatting for a while, Rong Jiali came over with a tea set.

“Have some tea first.”

Rong Jiali smiled gently.


Meanwhile, Zhang Han thought for a while and said, “I almost forgot about this.

Mom, you can take off your bamboo hat now.”

“I can take it off” Rong Jiali was stunned and could not help laughing.

“Yes, Qing Zhen Zi is dead.

I dont have to wear this stupid hat anymore.”

Rong Jialis heart felt lighter immediately.

She had been dreading to wear this hat.


She quickly took it off, blinked her eyes, and looked at the men.

“Im really fine!”

Rong Jiali was a little excited, and her gaze was overflowing with happiness.


Her happiness only lasted for less than 10 seconds before her face suddenly turned pale, and wisps of blood began to swirl around her.

Zhang Guangyous face fell drastically.

“Quickly put it on!”


Rong Jiali immediately put her bamboo hat back on.

She was in a daze and fell silent.

Surprises come suddenly, but facts hit you even more suddenly.


Zhang Guangyous face darkened.

“Why is it even more serious now When she took it off before, it could last her at least five to six minutes.”

This time around, Zhang Han could not sit back anymore.

He stood up, walked up to Rong Jiali, clenched his fists, and said in a deep voice, “Qing Zhen Zi is not dead.”

“Not dead” Zhang Guangyous brows furrowed intensely.

“How can that be Unless…”

“He must have refined a duplication.

I didnt expect him to also use this kind of secret method.

But even if he has a duplication, his strength will decline a lot.” Zhang Han sighed softly, “But its nothing.

Since hes not dead, Ill just kill him again.

Ill go to the Saint Serene World tomorrow.”

“Absolutely not!”

Dong Chen got up in an instant and said with a serious expression, “They already know that the Heavenly Knights Sect has the ability to break the formation, and perhaps they might also know you, so they will definitely be on guard.

If you go there again, it will be too dangerous.

Although you can defeat those in the Heaven Early-stage, there are also several who are at the Heaven Peak Stage in Wind Snow School.”

“Yes, we have so many martial art resources now.

You should cultivate first and wait for your strength to improve further.” Rong Jiali also said quickly, “Mom has worn this for several years now.

It doesnt matter if I have to wear it for a while more.”

“Its too risky.

You cant go.” Zhang Guangyou shook his head.

Hearing all these, Zhang Han chuckled but did not say anything.

He had seen how happy his mother was and the thrill in her eyes.

Wear it for a while more There was no need for that.

Zhang Han had already made up his mind.

Looking at his gaze, Zhang Guangyou sighed in his heart.

No one knows a man better than his own father.

He could feel it.

“Perhaps… it could work.”

Zhang Guangyou was lost in thought.

Meanwhile, in Wind Snow School.

The Grand Elder had a cold expression on his face as he stood in a chamber.

There was a person sitting in the middle of the room.

It was Qing Zhen Zi.


Suddenly, Qing Zhen Zi exhaled a long breath, opened both eyes, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

“My duplication got the treasure and is now destroyed.

How can I just let it go Zhang Guangyou of Heavenly Knights Sect, when I break through the Heaven Realm, I will refine your wife first!”

“Your cultivation has fallen to the Middle Stage.

If you want to reach the Heaven Realm, it will take some time.” Grand Elder said coldly, “Tell me the specific situation of that place.”


Qing Zhen Zi stood up quickly.

His face was a little pale.

He cupped his hands and said as a hint of lingering fear flashed across his eyes.

“Zhang Guangyou was not the one who attacked, it was… a man whose outfit seemed like a young man.

His aura makes me feel uncertain, and his skills are very powerful and strong.”

Grand Elder waved his hand and said, “It was a Grand Master who broke the Heaven-earth Formation.

His name is Zhang Hanyang.

He is from the secular world, and his father is Zhang Guangyou.”

“Elder, youre saying… the one who attacked was Zhang Hanyang” Qing Zhen Zis eyes bulged wide-opened.

He was a little shocked.

“I dont think so.

That young experts moves are earth-shattering.

How could it possibly be him Even if he breaks through to the Divine Realm, his strength will not improve by a lot.

I think Zhang Hanyang broke the Heaven-earth Formation and Zhang Guangyou and his helpers broke in together.

This is more reasonable, but the young expert…” Qing Zhen Zis expression changed.

“Grand Elder, I suspect that this person is a disciple from the Black White Palace.”

His words made the Grand Elder fell silent for five seconds.

Then, he shook his head slightly and said, “Maybe, maybe not, but they definitely had helpers.

Even if they are from the Black White Palace, it doesnt matter.

If Dong Chen was there, it would be much faster.

The disciples of the Black White Palace are not worth worrying about.

The most important thing is Zhang Hanyang.

If he doesnt die, we wont be at peace!”

“All right, you havent recovered from your serious injury.

Take a rest first, Ill arrange for someone to deal with Zhang Hanyang.” After asking about the situation, Grand Elder gave him an instruction and then turned to leave.

Qing Zhen Zi looked at him a few times and sneered.

“Wait for me to break through to the Innateness…”

That night was not peaceful for the worldlet.

It was due to how the news had spread.

“The Heavenly Knights Sect defeated the alliance of the Wind Snow School and other seven sects”

“The seven sects have been destroyed, all the treasures and medicine fields had been taken away.

Other than the Main Sect in Wind Snow School, all the other sub-sects in the worldlet are defeated.

This is crazy!”

“I heard that this was done by Zhang Guangyou, the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect.

Hes so cruel!”

“They brought this upon themselves.

If they had not provoked the Heavenly Knights Sect, would their sect be destroyed Haha, the Wind Snow School has also contacted our sect, but the Sect Leader doesnt pay attention to them at all.

This decision is very clear.”

“Most importantly, I cant believe that the Heavenly Knights Sect has mastered the method to break the Heaven-earth Formation.

I cant imagine who will dare to provoke the Heavenly Knights Sect in the future.

Even going out will become a threat to them.

If the Heavenly Knights Sect secretly brings their people there to break the Heaven-earth Formation, no one could possibly guard against them.”

“The Heavenly Knights Sect has become so terrifying.

After today, things are going to change in the worldlet.

It is time for the leaders and high-level leaders to think about fighting them in full-force.”


Many discussions were heard among various sects.

No one was not shocked when they heard the news.

Seven sub-sects were destroyed completely.

Even though the high-level leaders were not injured, but what good could the 20 to 30 people do They were not enough to even put on a show.

Even worse, in Wind Snow School, while the sub-sect in Kun Xu World had been constantly targeted these few years, the other three sub-sects in the worldlet had been untouched and even developed a great deal.

But now, they were all ruins!

The losses were too great.

At the same time, it also rang the alarm bell for many sects.

The Heaven-earth Formation was no longer invincible.

This was a matter of great importance to all sects.

Even though the various sects were just shocked bystanders in this situation, they were also now on high alert.

The ones who suffered the most were the remaining members of the other seven sects.

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader stood for three whole hours as he looked at the sect that had been turned into ruins.

He was in an extremely terrible mood.

“Ah ah ah!”

He roared with all his strength, “Heavenly Knights Sect, Ill fight you to death!”

At that moment, several people quickly flew over from behind.

“Our Ten Tiger Sect has decided to contact Wind Snow School and attack Heavenly Knights Sect in full-force.”

“Same with Limitless Sect.

What about you, Caprice Mo Sect Leader…”


The Leader of Caprice Mo Sect roared angrily.

Their killing intent could not be stopped at all.

However, there were only a total of 80 people among the seven sects, which was not enough to cause a great scene.

They had to rely mainly on the attitude of the Wind Snow School.

They had thrown caution to the wind and planned to continue attacking Mount New Moon, but when they contacted the Wind Snow School…

This was the answer they got:

“A few elders are cultivating in isolation, so well put this matter aside for now.

Well discuss this a few days later.”

They were rejected

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader was extremely angry.

“Very well! If you dont fight, well fight the battle ourselves! Come! Contact Eight Dimension Sect, Caprice Butterfly Sect…”

He called out five sects all at once.

The disciples were shocked.

Their Sect Leader was looking for allies.

It was just a matter of time before they could attack Heavenly Knights Sect together!

But after a while, they came back with this reply:

“No, no, were also afraid that our sect will be destroyed.

We cant afford to provoke the Heavenly Knights Sect, we cant.

You can attack them yourself.”

They received four similar rejections in a row.

When it came to the fifth message, there was finally a reversal.

“Reporting to Sect Leader, Caprice Butterfly Sect has agreed!”

“Really” The Caprice Mo Sect Leaders expression lit up slightly, but what the disciple said next made his face turn pale.

“Their Sect Leader said that he would send three Earth Realm protectors to help us.”


Before he could finish his words, the Sect Leader sent him flying into the air with a slap.

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