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“We exist in name only!”

This was the only sentence that lingered in the Caprice Mo Sect Leaders mind.

He had no way to ask for help, because the Wind Snow School dared not act rashly and had adopted a “wait and see” attitude.

They had obviously been abandoned.

With the thought of giving it a try, they contacted several sects that were close to them, but were refused directly.

They too would have refused in this situation.

Thinking of this, the Caprice Mo Sect Leader felt sad.

“We really, really should not have to go through this muddy water.”

“Who did this! Who was it”

“Zhang Guangyou, what kind of helper do you have”

“I cant reconcile myself to failure!”

No matter how angry he was, he could not change the fact.

The other six sects felt the same sadness.

As for the Wind Snow School… They could still bear it at least.

The person who did it became a mystery in the worldlet.

Who was it

According to the grapevine, a disciple of the Black White Palace was suspected to have come out and helped Zhang Guangyou destroy the other forces.

Black White Palace.

Everyone was relieved and shocked when they heard the name.

Perhaps only the disciples of the Black White Palace had such power, but it was so shocking and there had never been such a person before!

So the whole night was spent in all kinds of discussions.

Fortunately, the Wind Snow School gave Caprice Mo Sect an explanation.

“In the near future, we will launch a general attack on the Heavenly Knights Sect.

The specific time will be announced later.”

They were not giving up!

In the hearts of the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and other disciples, the fire of hope was being rekindled.

“This time, we have no worries.

Heavenly Knights Sect will be destroyed!”

Their imagination was wonderful.

But this morning, a figure quickly flew out of the house on the hillside of Heavenly Knights Sect.

When it reached the Huanshan River, there were two other figures hovering in the air.

“You are really going over.” Dong Chen narrowed his eyes as he stated this.

From his expression, he seemed to be saying, “Did you not guess it The two of us are here.

The three of us will be doing something again.”

“Well, I am not saying much about it.

Do you feel confident” Zhang Guangyou asked directly.


Seeing Zhang Han nodding, Zhang Guangyou took the lead to fly out of Heavenly Knights Sect without any hesitation.

With Dong Chen and him taking the lead, they had a smooth journey.

Both sides were very familiar with each other after decades of war.

They were also very clear about the situation of the Main Sect of Wind Snow School.

The southeast Saint Serene World was located in a forest in the west of Suzhou.

Trees up to 100 meters in height were common there and blocked out the sun.

However, it had no impact on the martial artists.

After flying out of the forest, Dong Chen determined the direction.

“In the west, we can get to the place in about two hours.

The Main Sect of Wind Snow School has a wide area and owns an excellent mountain range.

Their Heaven-earth Formation is also at the top.

Now, there should be 21 cultivators at Heaven Realm spread out in the various regions.

They already know that you can break through the Heaven-earth Formation and thus they will not relax their vigilance.

We can also leave now if it is too risky.”

When he came, he was full of fighting spirit.

But when he arrived at the Saint Serene World, Dong Chens heartbeat was a little rapid and he was nervous.

“Dont worry.”

Zhang Han smiled gently and looked calm, as if he was not the one who was going to break into the Wind Snow School.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Guangyou sighed, “If you fail, remember to retreat.”

“I know.” Zhang Han replied.

The three of them quickly flew to the west.

Nearly two hours later, they saw the mountain range where the Main Sect of Wind Snow School was located.

The mountain area was very large and could not be taken in at a glance.

Light smoke was drifting in the air, which seemed to be the Qi of the Heaven-earth Formation.

“Im going.

You can wait for me here.”

With a movement of Zhang Hans right hand, a set of array appeared as a hiding place for him.

He went forward to the edge of the Wind Snow School and set another array.

Before he came to the Main Sect of Wind Snow School, Zhang Han was well prepared.

Last night, he used a lot of divine objects to refine these disposable arrays.

The effect, of course, was obvious.

A tiny and inaccessible ripple flickered slightly at the foot of the mountain.

Zhang Han had entered the formation.

The field of vision inside was slightly different from that of the outside and the area seemed to be larger than that of the outside.

“I dont know if my soul sense can be detected by someone at Heaven Peak Stage.” Zhang Han pondered.


He decided to try it out on someone at Earth Realm.

Therefore, he released his soul sense at the foot of a mountain.

Generally, except for the secret methods of soul sense, there was no such open and aboveboard display of his soul sense that could go undetected.

However, Zhang Han found that his soul sense thunder mark was more powerful than he imagined.

It was totally different to have Taiyi Wood Thunder and soul sense turning into thunder mark.

Zhang Han knew Taiyi Wood Thunder well, but it was the first time for him to experience a soul sense change and he was still in the process of exploration.


Zhang Han extended his spiritual sense.

On the hillside of the mountain, there were many Divine-Realm disciples cultivating in seclusion, eating, drinking tea together, competing and so on.

There were more than 200 people on this mountain and there were about ten mountains in a row.

It was roughly estimated that there were more than 20,000 people in the Wind Snow School.

He continued to scan upwards and found that there were people at Earth Realm in the main hall.

Two old men were talking together, their faces sad.

“The Caprice Mo Sect is going crazy.

They have contacted us more than a dozen times and are preparing to attack the Heavenly Knights Sect in the next few days.”

“They are desperate.

We Wind Snow School has suffered the greatest loss, but relatively speaking, it is acceptable.

This is the benefit of a strong foundation.

We have a way out, but they dont.

Its useless to be anxious.”

“I heard that the First Elder has come up with a solution.

If nothing goes wrong, someone has already gone to Hong Kong.

When Zhang Hanyang appears, we will kill him and then attack the Heavenly Knights Sect.

It is likely that Zhang Hanyang will hide in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

In short, if he doesnt die, we will not take any action.

That young man is too demonic.”

“Dont forget, Zhang Guangyou was able to find one strong man whom we suspect is from the Black White Palace.

I dont know what their relationship is.

Heavenly Knights Sect can be destroyed, but we cant provoke that man from the Black White Palace.

If we kill him, the Black White Palace will come out completely and no one can stop them.”


They were chatting and was not aware of Zhang Hans soul sense.

In their own sect, their vigilance was not high enough and they were not tense the whole day.

Moreover, there were so many Heaven State Strongs and several cultivators at the peak stage in the Wind Snow School, which gave them a sense of security.

They firmly believed that their enemies would not dare to turn up.

Even if the Heavenly Knights Sect moved out collectively, they would not cause much threat.

In terms of strength, Wind Snow School was several times stronger than Heavenly Knights Sect.

However, that kind of situation would not happen.

The enemy of Wind Snow School was not only Heavenly Knights Sect, but also some other sects.

“Not here.”

Zhang Han continued to walk to the side.

He planned to look at the periphery first.

In this way, Zhang Han inspected the five surrounding mountains one after another, but there was no sign of Qing Zhenzi.

Zhang Han did not deliberately hide his soul sense and those at the Middle-Stage of Heaven Realm showed puzzled expressions, indicating that they had sensed Zhang Han.

There was no doubt that those at Heaven Peak Stage would be able to discover Zhang Hans presence.

Therefore, Zhang Han used his secret method to investigate.

This time, even the cultivators at Heaven Peak Stage did not notice him.

But Zhang Han was not very brazen.

His soul sense turned into a silken thread and kept expanding.

The sixth peak, the seventh peak… Finally, in the tenth peak, next to the most extensive main mountain, in the secret room of a palace, he saw the figure of Qing Zhenzi.

In the room, there were ten medium-grade crystals being absorbed quickly by Qing Zhen Zi.

In front of him, there were two kinds of holy objects to heal the soul sense.

He could have used divine objects, but they had lost too much before and even the best protectors had no divine objects to use.

“The man in the courtyard at the back mountain should be in the Last-Stage of Last-Stage.

I must kill him with one blow.

Secret method with soul sense…”

Zhang Han pondered for a moment and approached the hall slowly.

When he came to the door of the secret room, Zhang Han revealed his body and pushed open the door directly.


As soon as he entered the door, Qing Zhenzis soul sense came together, while Zhang Hans spell was more straightforward.

A large amount of soul sense combined with cards formed a seal array to isolate the fluctuation here.

Qing Zhenzis face changed greatly and cold sweat flowed down his back.

He could not defeat Zhang Han when he was at the peak stage of Heaven Realm and currently his strength had been greatly weakened.

“Who are you”

Looking at the young man with hidden ripples on his face, Qing Zhenzi was filled with panic.

But he soon began to think about a way to solve it.

He had already felt the surrounding lines.

The most important thing was to inform the First Elder immediately.

The enemy even dared to come to the Main Sect of Wind Snow School.

It was a bit too terrifying that he was able to break through all their blockades.

Qing Zhenzi was not a fool and even his flustered look was a deliberate display.

He was frightened but calm.

“The only way was to inform the seventh Elder in the back mountain, to stall for time and prepare the meteor fruit.

After 30 seconds, I can break the seal.

After three seconds, the seven Elder will arrive.

No matter who is in front of me, he will surely die.”

Although Qing Zhenzi had planned well, he was walking on the edge of life and death and felt increasingly nervous.

“You said I hurt your parents, I dont know who your parents are There may be a secret reason that you dont know about.

Its said that you are a disciple of the Black White Palace.

If it is, you should not attack me.

I, the leader of Wind Snow School, have a good relationship with the former generation of the Black White Palace.

I think you should consider it before taking any actions.”

As soon as he began to speak, he slowed down when he saw that the other side had heard his words.

After finishing his speech, it took 20 seconds.

“Ten seconds left…”

In this increasingly tense moment, Qing Zhenzi felt even more calm and concentrated on the countdown.

“Nine seconds, eight seconds, seven seconds…”


In the sixth second, Zhang Han laughed and said, “Im not from the Black White Palace.”


The waves that covered Zhang Hans face dissipated.

“Are you…” Qing Zhenzi pretended to be hesitant.

He recognized Zhang Han.

All those at the senior level of the Wind Snow School knew who Zhang Hanyang was.

But Qing Zhenzi needed time.

Zhang Han did not open his mouth, but looked at him with only a trace of interest.

“Three seconds, two seconds, one second!”

“Meteor Fruit!”

Qing Zhenzis eyes were bright.

The meteor fruit hidden in his sleeve suddenly burst forth and turned into streamers, which seemed to break through the seal of the secret method of soul sense.


In this regard, Zhang Hans eyes flashed and the Taiyi Wood Thunders attribute energy surged forth, suppressing the divine weapon meteor fruit in an instant.

“This, this is impossible!”

Qing Zhenzis face turned pale in an instant and his eyes were full of panic.

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