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“Fight against the Heavenly Knights Sect!”

There was a tinge of cruelty in the second Elders eyes.

“This time, we are going to completely destroy the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

After he finished these harsh words, the first Elder glanced at him indifferently and asked, “Who said we were going to destroy the Heavenly Knights Sect”

“Why” The second Elder frowned.

He was confused.

Didnt the first Elder say that they were going to attack the Heavenly Knights Sect

Even the third Elder and a dozen people beside them were confused, thinking that the first Elder was joking.


Under their puzzled gazes, the first Elder said coldly, “The Caprice Mo Sect has suffered a great loss and their anger cannot be pacified.

They will not refuse the chance to be the vanguard.”

After saying that, the first Elder moved and left.

Everyone was enlightened.

Perhaps the first Elder wanted them to attack and kill Zhang Hanyang and destroy Mount New Moon.

As long as Zhang Hanyang died, they would have a chance to quell the crisis of the Heaven-earth Formation.

“I dont think it was Zhan Hanyang.”

The second Elder laughed grimly, “That man is so bold.

He killed several protectors of our Wind Snow School and stole the herbs.

Does he really think we Wind Snow School can let him come and go freely Who the hell is the disciple from Black White Palace No matter who he is, I will kill him myself if he dares to show up next time!”

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The big shots left one by one, to settle their own affairs.

The first Elders order had spread throughout the entire Wind Snow School and many disciples felt as if they were falling into an ice cave.

“Oh my God! Ten protectors at Earth Realm died in our sect.

Is that true How is that possible Is the enemy a fiend”

“Its not just the dead.

I heard the herbs were stolen! The loss was so great that the first Elder became exceedingly angry and vomited blood.”

“So our sect is not safe.

What can we do The enemy was able to kill the Heaven-Realm Elders so discreetly.

We are just at Divine Realm or Grand Master stage.

Will he kill us at will I, I dont want to die.”

For a time, the whole Wind Snow School was terrified and the most low-level disciples were almost scared to death.

They did not even dare to go outdoors or practice alone, so they were now all in groups.

No one wanted to leave the sect, because even in it, it was not safe.

However, the first Elder gave an order to arrange for people to patrol around the Wind Snow School, which was assigned to all the disciples.

Each disciple assigned had a sad expression on his face and resentment in his mind.

Why was he chosen

Even if everyone took turns to patrol, the will of Wind Snow Schools disciples had been shaken.

The people in charge of the sect formation started from the periphery and set up various warning arrays in order to cover a large area.

They were really afraid that they would suffer tremendously again.

How many protectors were there Ten of them died at one time, and the first Elder felt his heart dripping blood.

His hatred for Heavenly Knights Sect and Zhang Hanyang went up in a straight line.

But what was the use of hating

The first Elder was angry all the time.

When he thought about it, he had the impulse to kill Zhang Hanyang.

However, he had to make long term plans.

The other side was too slippery and the Wind Snow School could not afford another failure.

After all this, Zhang Han retreated.

His speed was fast, but running away using all his strength would bring it to the attention of the other party.

So Zhang Han boldly used the Secret Disappearance skill.

After the Heaven-earth Formation was activated, he returned to the Wind Snow School and left quietly in another direction.

It was impossible for the Elders to notice him.

Zhang Han heard their conversation.

He was relieved to leave the Wind Snow School and reach the safety zone.

“With my strength, it takes me only eight seconds to fully activate the Secret Disappearance skill.

Fortunately, the disciples of the Wind Snow School are in chaos.

Otherwise, there will be a risk of being discovered.”

“This time they should stop for a while.

Ill go back to Heavenly Knights Sect first.”

He moved back toward the direction of Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen in the distance.

The two men did not speak and looked nervous.


When they heard the familiar soft cough, their expressions were excited and they looked to the left.

30 meters away, Zhang Han revealed himself and walking slowly toward them.


They sighed with relief.

Dong Chen smiled, “How was it Did you kill Qing Zhenzi”


Zhang Han nodded, “He is really dead this time.”

“Ha ha ha, good, good boy, great.” Zhang Guangyou laughed and patted Zhang Han on the shoulder.

“Its great.

Youre better than your father.” Dong Chen also praised him.

Zhang Guangyous mouth quivered, but he was not surprised.

There was no harm in comparison.

The Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect had been living in the sect for many years and at least he had almost destroyed the sub-sects of Wind Snow School in the Kun Xu World.

However, a few days after the Young Lord arrived, he saved the Heavenly Knights Sect and caused severe damage to the Wind Snow School.

He even went to their main sect to kill their protectors.

Who dared to believe it

“Mission completed.

Lets go!”

Dong Chen was in a jubilant mood and said.

Then the three of them rushed to the nearest exit.

“I just felt a strong wave in the west.

Were you discovered” Zhang Guangyou looked at Zhang Han and asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Its so dangerous.”

Zhang Guangyou was taken aback and said with lingering fear, “You cant take such a risk next time.

Its already very risky for you to kill Qing Zhenzi, their protector, under their watch.”

“Not only Qing Zhenzi.”

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile.

He didnt hide anything and said, “In addition to Qing Zhenzi, I killed nine protectors who cultivated in seclusion and took most of their herbs away.”

Dong Chen, “”

Zhang Guangyou, “”

At this moment, the two of them were stunned.

“You said you killed ten protectors and almost emptied their medicine mountain”

Dong Chen couldnt believe it, “This…”

“It wont be that easy next time.”

Zhang Han said casually, “They have made a lot of arrangements amd even the cultivators at Heaven Peak Stage are now on patrol.

Even if I have many methods, I cant guarantee my absolute safety.

But after this time, they will behave themselves for a while.”

“Thats enough.

You dont have to do it again.

Its enough.” Zhang Guangyou exhaled mightily and said, “I feel like I am in a dream.

My heart cant withstand such stimulation.

I wont be fine if you do it for the third time.”


“Ha ha ha ha.” Dong Chen burst out laughing.

He was so happy that they had finally turned the corner after being suppressed by the Wind Snow School for decades!

However, he did not expect that it would be Zhang Guangyous son who punished the Wind Snow School.

Though he was just at the Grand Master Peak, he had secretly absorbed nearly 70 kinds of divine objects from the Wind Snow School.

With one move, he could kill the Earth-Realm cultivators as easily as killing a dog! Even those at the Heaven Early-stage were killed by him.

This boy had a big secret!

They flew all the way to Mount New Moon.

It was getting dark.

After entering the Kun Xu World, Dong Chen remembered one thing.

“The sect competition was supposed to be held a few days ago, but the Wind Snow School was too aggressive, so this matter was delayed.

Now the crisis has been solved and the sect competition was going to be held.

Many new disciples had broken through to Divine Realm and the high-level disciples would also be competing to obtain some resources as rewards.”

Dong Chen told Zhang Han the news.

When he heard this, Zhang Guangyou smiled and said, “My son, Uncle Dong often said that he would ask his disciples, such as Yun Feiyang, Wang Xiaowu and Jiang Bing to teach you a lesson.

I think you should also take part in the competition this time.

Let me see if you are better than Uncle Dongs disciples.”

While speaking, Zhang Guangyou looked confident.

He really wanted to see the scene where his son beat up all the competitors.

Hearing this, Dong Chens face froze, “I also think so.

I wanted them to punish your son before, because this boy was too lazy, but there was also a reason for him to be lazy.

Now I want your son to teach those boys a lesson and let them know that he is much younger and more powerful than them.”

“Wow You changed your tune so quickly.” Zhang Guangyou tut-tutted.

They both had such a notion, but Zhang Han did not.

He shook his head and said, “I dont have time.

You can have fun in this kind of sect competition by yourselves.”

“Thats right.

Stay with your daughter and watch the competition when you have time.” Dong Chen nodded without saying anything.

It was really boring to let a person who could even kill those at Heaven Early-stage participate in the sect competition.

“Chen Changqing is going to take part in the competition as well.

He is at the same level as some of the elite disciples.

Since Gai Xingkong has been cultivating in seclusion recently, I dont think he will take part.

In addition, several members of your security group, including Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu and Xu Yong, want to take part in the outer-ring competition.

Maybe they are competitive.

Among the outer-ring disciples, there is rarely someone at Divine Realm, while most of them are Grand Masters and some of them are at Grand Master Peak or Last-Stage.

Those gifted ones can be enrolled at the Eight Peaks.

The battle between them will be interesting.

I heard that you have trained them, especially Zhao Feng, all by yourself.” Zhang Guangyou smiled at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han did not refuse them.

He nodded, “Its good for us to take part in it.

They dont have much combat experience and now we still have time.

We will go back to Hong Kong after staying here for another week.”

“Isnt it too early” Dong Chen frowned.

“The Wind Snow School knows that you are Zhang Hanyang.

Maybe they will go to Hong Kong to make trouble for you.

They are more than willing to punish you.”


“I do have to prepare.” Zhang Han nodded.

Now he could not defeat the opponent at Heaven Peak Stage.

If the other party sent several cultivators at that level, it will be hard for him to protect his family.

“How long does it take you to set up the Heaven-earth Formation” Dong Chen asked.

“One day.”

After getting the answer, Dong Chen fell silent suddenly.

He did not believe it, but this young man couldnt be judged by common sense, which made him suspicious.

“Whats the level of the Heaven-earth Formation set up in one day”

Zhang Han replied, “Its beyond your imagination.”

Dong Chen fell silent again.

Zhang Guangyou could not help laughing, “Well know when we see it.

I believe youre not bragging.

Well set a better one for Uncle Dong in a day.”

“All right.”


After a while, Dong Chen said slowly, “When you go back to Hong Kong, Ill go with you to protect you.

The Heavenly Knights Sect is temporarily safe, but your home is not.

The first Elder will go and view the new Heaven-earth Formation and help you.

The sixth Elder wants to see you refine pills and the three of us can go there together.

Even there is someone from the Wind Snow School trying to cause trouble, we can resist them.

They will not dare to fight all out in an urban area.”

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