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There was a constant burning sound coming from within Zhang Hans body.

Hearing that, Zhang Guangyou was extremely alarmed.

Was Zhang Han burning his body

Alongside this strange sound, Zhang Hans face changed turned blue and green, and there was occasionally streams of blood flowing out of his body.

This was because he had failed to control his meridians properly.

The eight extra meridians and the main meridians were relatively easy to handle.

The most problematic ones were the branches.

They were everywhere.

Fortunately, Zhang Hans resilience was relatively strong.

Even though his body was in great pain, he still looked calm and at peace.

“The Athanasia Demon Gong is indeed difficult.

I have already used up all of my spiritual force and soul sense in my body, yet I have only developed less than one-tenth of it.”

“Im afraid I have to use up a lot of resources today.

As recorded on the tablet, the Athanasia Demon Gong requires a massive amount of spirit treasures to support it.”

“Only when I cultivate it to the highest completion level can I cultivate the Immortal Body.

This path that Im taking is one where I am a sage with a human body.

The first level is to refine my bones, skin, flesh, and blood.

The second level is to cultivate the viscera, dantian, and soul sense sea.

Finally, the third level is to cultivate the Immortal Body.

This path is destined to be difficult, but I have the persistence to cultivate the Athanasia Demon Gong.”

“Tonight, as long as I open up my meridians, run the Cultivation Method once, I can start to cultivate the skin level, and achieve the Immortal Skin.

Then, the divine weapons in this world will not be able to hurt me.

By then, my cultivation is probably at the Middle-Stage of Innateness.

At that point in time, I can fight the Heaven Peak Stage head-on.

If I break through the last stage, I can defeat the Heaven Peak Stage easily!”

“At the Innateness stage, the foundation of my Ten Inches Dantian and the thunder mark of my soul sense sea had just begun.

Even the Holy Sons and Daughters of the major sects, or even the ancient demonic beasts, may not be as strong as me at the beginning.”

After adjusting his thoughts, Zhang Han had a plan in his mind.

He began to absorb a large amount of spiritual Qi to act as an energy source for opening his meridians.


Gradually, the liquefied spiritual Qi flowed continuously into his body like little streams.

He had deliberately slowed down for Little Hei to absorb them and to make sure his energy had stabilized.

Then, the rate that the spiritual Qi was being absorbed began to increase drastically.

They started to pour into Zhang Han like a river.

A few minutes later, the energy was like a raging sea and it seemed to be running out.

Zhang Guangyous expression froze as he watched.

His ears twitched and he turned around to walk into the room.

An Earth Realm protector guarding the Heaven Lake said with a wry smile, “Young Master, the commotion inside is too big…”

Before he could finish speaking, Zhang Guangyou waved his hand and said, “Take this.”

20 divine objects with powerful energy emerged.

Alright then, youre rich and imposing!

The protector turned around and ran away with the divine objects.

Therefore, the spiritual Qi in Zhang Hans cultivation room did not stop.

This caused Zhang Guangyou to sigh repeatedly, “This boy is a black hole.”

It was still fine if he did not cultivate, but once he started, he had to absorb an immense amount of energy.

“Hes using so much energy to reforge the meridians again.

Its probably not an ordinary process.”

Seeing that Zhang Hans breaths were steady, Zhang Guangyou was not worried anymore.

Instead, he started to observe him.

After two hours, Little Hei woke up.

When it moved its body, its bones made crackling sounds.

It was still as big as before, and its muscles seemed more balanced.

Even so, its body size was bigger than more than 90% of all other dogs, and its body was not inferior to that of a large Tibetan mastiff.

“How can a four-eyed dog be so handsome Sigh… little fella, you are the most handsome four-eyed dog in this world.” Zhang Guangyou looked at Little Hei and sensed that its breathing had stabilized in the Divine Realm.

Zhang Han was the one cultivating the method and his dog was riding on his success.

The dog that Zhang Guangyous son had raised was already in the Divine Realm! That little fellas combat capability is was comparable to Divine Realm.

Zhang Guangyou also felt some pressure.

His son was better than him, but he should not do it too much.

Otherwise, Uncle Dong would say this each time, “You are much better than your father!”

Now that things were like this, it seemed that it was time for Zhang Guangyou to cultivate too.

Their speed was too intense.

If it went on like this, even the dogs raised by his son would be better than him.

“Ow woo!”

Little Hei howled gently and walked lazily in front of Zhang Guangyou.

Then, it sat down at his feet and waited for its master to come out.

The source of energy was continuing, and Zhang Han kept absorbing it.

In the past few hours, more than 70% of his meridians had been opened.

They were spread all over his feet, legs, abdomen, and had already reached his chest.

It was continuing to bring the force upwards.

“I didnt expect it to be so difficult.”

Zhang Han felt a little emotional, but he did not want to rush it.

This was not an urgent matter.

Even if more than 99% had been completed, the last trace should not be dealt with carelessly.

There were many things that could cause him to fail at the last part.


When the progress reached his neck, there was a spasm of fluctuation in his body.

It seemed to have shaken the entire space and swept across all directions.

Seeing this, Zhang Guangyous face fell slightly.

He stretched out his right hand and turned his spiritual force into an energy shield to hide from the fluctuation.



Wave after wave of energy ran into him like ocean waves.

This change caused Zhang Guangyou to notice that Zhang Han had already reached the final stage of cultivation.

The head was a difficult part to overcome.

Zhang Han slowed down and was ready to take his time, but he did not expect that his energy expanded, Taiyi Wood Thunder, started acting up again.


All of a sudden, the Sound of Thunder started flickering inside Zhang Hans body.


Zhang Han felt as if his heart had skipped a beat as he thought if was going to fail.

Sure enough!

A low, sonorous sound was heard from within Zhang Hans body and a lot of blood spilled out from within.

His breath also became weak and unstable.

However, he did not expect the undying attribute of the Taiyi Wood Thunder to help his body recover instantly.

“Stabilizing meridians”

The surprise came quite suddenly.

The Taiyi Wood Thunder was threatened and took the initiative to attack, but it still belonged to Zhang Han.

Seeing this, Zhang Han controlled the Taiyi Wood Thunder with his mind and started to stabilize his meridians.

This helped him to speed up the whole process.


The last wave of energy attack expanded all the meridians from his head to toe.

If one could see through his body, he would be able to see the densely-spread meridians in his body looking like a wire net.

There were the main meridians, the eight extra meridians, and countless tiny meridians.

However, Zhang Han did not stop the impact of the Taiyi Wood Thunder.

Each time it attacked, his meridians would be stabilized quicker.

After three attacks, Zhang Han then recalled his Sound of Thunder defeatedly.

Then, a large amount of spiritual force came out of his dantian.

“Athanasia Demon Gong.”

Zhang Han began to unleash his skills.

It started from his dantian and circulated throughout his whole body.

He could feel the sublimation as it happened.

A string of clattering sound.

His cultivation had improved again from the early-stage of Innateness to nearing the Middle-Stage before it slowly came to a stop.

“Its done!”

Zhang Guangyous eyes lit up.

He watched Zhang Han slowly open his eyes with an excited gaze.


He let out a long turbid breath.

“How was it” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“Very successful.

What time is it now”

“Um, I think its around four oclock.

The skys not bright yet.”

“Thats good.” Zhang Han stood up and chuckled.

“Lets call it a day.

I can still catch up on some sleep after heading back.”

He was really tired.

He had lost his supernatural power and his meridians were destroyed and then reconstructed.

All these exhausted too much of his energy.

Zhang Guangyou felt it too, so he did not say anything and went back home with Zhang Han.

When they came to the lawn area, they could hear Dahei snoring loudly.

This fella basically had no sense of vigilance.

Of course, that was because Little Hei was there.

They each went back to their own homes.

Little Hei lied down next to Dahei, Zhang Guangyou went back to his room next-door, and Zhang Han went back to his single house with its own yard.

When he entered the bedroom, Mengmeng was still soundly asleep.

Hearing some footsteps, Zi Yan opened her eyes in a daze and muttered vaguely, “Honey, youre back”

He replied, “Yes.”

He took off his coat and climbed into bed.

Zi Yan then felt at ease.

She snuggled up to Zhang Han and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Zhang Han also slowly closed his eyes due to the exhaustion.

He had a good sleep.

After an unknown period of time, Zhang Han felt that his nose was itchy.

He then knew what was going on.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Mengmeng holding a strand of Zi Yans long hair tickling him.

“Eh PaPa, are you awake”

Mengmeng asked as if nothing had happened.

“Was someone tickling me just now Mengmeng, did you see who it was” Zhang Han asked curiously.

“Um, I didnt see who it was.”

“Huh Then why was my nose itchy Am I dreaming” Zhang Han put on a confused look.

“Yes, PaPa, you must be dreaming.” Mengmeng nodded seriously.

“Oh, so its just a dream.

Then Ill sleep for a while more.” Zhang Han closed his eyes as soon as he finished speaking.

After waiting for 10 seconds, there was still no movement.

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and saw Mengmeng blinking her big eyes.

She was carefully holding onto her hair and approaching Zhang Han slowly.

He almost burst out laughing at that moment, but he held it in.

Another five seconds passed.

When her hair fell on his nose, Zhang Han also opened his eyes.

“Very well! It turns out that youre the bad guy! Ive caught you!”

Zhang Han sat up, held Mengmeng in his arms, and tickled under her arms.


No one knew if Mengmeng was feeling happy or was afraid of tickling as she kept laughing.

At that moment, Zi Yan came in from the bathroom and was drying her fringe.

Seeing this scene, a smile of happiness hung from the corner of her lips.

When she had given birth to Mengmeng, she had wondered whether she would one day have a father who would play with her like this.

And now, the fact was that the three of them were destined to be together.

Zi Yan felt that it was Gods will.

“MaMa asked me to wake you up!”

After Zhang Han loosened his grip, Mengmeng sat up and said with a serious look.

“Is that so”

“Yes, thats right.”

“I dont dare to punish your mother.

What should I do”

“Well…” Mengmeng turned her head and looked at Zi Yan.

She thought, “I dont dare too!”

Then, she changed the subject.

“Papa, Im hungry.”

This worked every time.

Hearing this, Zhang Han got up and got dressed.

“Lets go and have some delicious breakfast.”

Hence, Zi Yan helped Mengmeng to get dressed and the family of three went out of the door.

At that moment, Rong Jiali had already prepared breakfast.

At the breakfast table, there were only Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, and Zhang Hans family.

The others… all went to the outer disciple area to join the fun.

At six oclock in the morning, the External Examination officially began.

Zhao Feng and the rest all joined in the competition.

The assessment system was such that you would choose your opponent by drawing lots.

The winner would get one point, the loser would get no points.

After one round, you would then draw lots to pick the next opponent.

In the end, everyones combined scores would be tabulated.

The point system was one way to test the disciples.

At the same time, some protectors would also be there watching.

Some of the disciples who were talented but were not at a high realm would be recruited on an exception basis.

Five years ago, there was a disciple who became the chief despite only having the strength of the Grand Master Middle-stage.

He left behind a great legacy.

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