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Chapter 782 Star and Five Elements Formation

There were more than ten people standing under the Thunder Yang Tree.

With Dong Chen and Zhang Guangyou at the head, the others were Grand Elder, Third Elder, the other three peak heads, several masters with Wang Zhanpeng included, Wang Ming, Chen Changqing, Zhao Feng, and a few others.

The arrival of these people made Dahei and the others have nowhere to sleep.

They could only run to the dense forest of the back mountain to take a nap.

Zhang Guangyou and the others had all been chatting here for a while now.

Among them, First Elder who was fonder of delving into the formation had been asking since ten oclock at night, “Arent we going to set up Heaven-Earth Formation tonight Why hasnt he come out yet Young Master, why dont you go in and urge him”

At thirty past ten oclock, he said, “He hasnt come out yet.


I am anxious.”

At forty past ten oclock, he added, “Are Young Masters wife and child still awake Arent they staying overnight Young Master, Young Lady, I suggest you go over there and try to convince them that staying up all night is bad for their skin.”


When it turned twelve oclock, everyone else was looking at each other, wondering why Zhang Han hadnt shown up.

As they were wondering, Zhang Hans figure flew out of the window on the third floor.

“Hes finally out.”

First Elder, who was hot-tempered, greeted him with a move, taking the initiative to ask, “How do you want to set up the formation Can I help you with anything”

“No need.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and swept a glance at the crowd, feeling somewhat strange.

“Why are there so many people”

“Youre going to set up Heaven-Earth Formation.

Naturally, theyve all come over here to take a look.

Its a very memorable day.” Dong Chen nodded and said, “At the same time, well also see if the Heaven-Earth Formation youre talking about is indeed that strong.”

“Son, setting up Heaven-Earth Formation will cost much energy and power, which is still a big project.” Rong Jiali stepped forward and said gently, “As for what do you need us to do, just say it.

We can do some simple ones and let First Elder do the harder ones.”

She had come over here mainly because she was worried that Zhang Han would be tired.

Setting up the Heaven-Earth Formation was very difficult, and it would take at least several months.

And Zhang Han intended to spend several hours setting up Heaven-Earth Formation, making them think that it would be a small one.

Moreover, Mount New Moon was not that vast.

But as for the higher-grade Heaven-Earth Formation, it would take a long time to set it up.

And they were a little curious as to whether Zhang Han could do it or not.

If Zhang Han had said that he would get it done in a month or two, they would have all been convinced.

But Zhang Han would only need a few hours, which was something unprecedented.

“No need.

Ive got a helper.” Zhang Han laughed.

“Ah Who is it” Rong Jiali was slightly stunned.

“Here it is.” Zhang Han revealed a mysterious smile and pointed at the Thunder Yang Tree.

“Thunder Yang Tree” Zhang Guangyou raised his eyebrows.

“How does it help you Although Thunder Yang Tree is at the top echelon among the divine objects… Speaking of its function, it can enhance that territory, making the aura grow stronger and stronger.

Moreover, it can be combined with Thunder Yang Wood.

Other than these, theres nothing more, right”

“Yes.” Dong Chen nodded slightly.

“Its just a divine object and doesnt have much ability.

Even if you have Thunder Yang Flower and Thunder Yang Grass, which can be used as a formation eye, without the other two things, you cant do anything at all.”

“The treasures of the Thunder Yang system are in line with the five elements of yin and yang.

If they are gathered together, it is rumored that there will be earth-shattering changes.

But I havent heard of anyone gathering them together.

After they are gathered together, they probably can all form their own Heaven-Earth Formation.

As for the kind of transcendent world that Young Master said, it definitely can be achieved.

But right now, it seems like its not enough.” First Elder turned his head and looked at the Thunder Yang Tree twice.

“Ive only heard of the Thunder Yang Tree.

Its the first time Ive seen it.

And I dont know what specific functions it has.”

In the middle of the conversation, everyone else also took a few looks at the Thunder Yang Tree.

They felt that it was lofty and yet didnt seem to be that powerful.

Upon seeing their expressions, Zhang Han understood what they were thinking about.

Thus, he smiled faintly and said, “Speaking of the records that you have seen, I guess the Thunder Yang Tree the recorder saw in person is only about 100 years old.

Thunder Yang Tree is a fifth-grade top treasure and goes through a transformation every 500 years.

After each transformation, it will improve.

When it turns 1,000 years old, it has the most abundant energy.

Thunder Yang Wood is also very unorthodox.

When it is 1,500 years old, it starts to generate origin power and has the ability to transform one side of the world.

And this Thunder Yang Tree in front of you, so far, is almost 2,000 years old.”


“A 2000-year-old Thunder Yang Tree”

“Isnt this… Isnt this an antique”

The crowd present was somewhat dumbfounded.

They didnt expect that the lifelike Thunder Yang Tree in front of them would be 2,000 years old.

Zhang Han said, “Im going to get it started.

You guys can go rest or watch from nearby.” After Zhang Guangyou and the others nodded, he moved his body and rose into the air above the Thunder Yang Tree, slowly closing his eyes and communicating with it with his soul sense.


A dull sound seemed to have rung out of the Thunder Yang Tree.

And the entire tree trembled, slightly emitting a crystal blue light.

At the same time, the Thunder Yang Flower and Thunder Yang Grass beside it also began to glow, transmitting energy that belonged uniquely to them to the Thunder Yang Tree.

“The third transformation power.”


Zhang Han moved his thoughts.

And the tree roots that spread throughout the mountain began to expand wildly.

This time, the tree roots didnt expand excessively, fusing a small mountain on the north side and expanding its area by a third.

But the biggest change happened inside the mountain, where the Thunder Yang Trees roots were like a giant net, emitting a glittering light.

At the same time, the veins of crystal stones in the mountain, Thunder Yang Flower, and Thunder Yang Grass all emerged with a power that lingered on the Thunder Yang Tree.

At that moment, Dong Chen and the others felt as if everything on this Mount New Moon had possessed a mind of its own, all of which seemed to be worshipping the Thunder Yang Tree, or Zhang Han above it.

The energy surged for half an hour and gradually calmed down.

Thus, Zhang Han floated on the Thunder Yang Tree for a full three hours without moving as if he was sleeping.

This scene made First Elder and the others confused.

“What is this”

“Could it be that he is being prepared Organizing his aura and that kind of momentum.

After all, he needs to be at his best while setting up a formation, I guess.”

“I think so.

But if hes acting like that, how come he will be in time to set up a formation After all, dawn is coming soon.”

“Lets just stand by and watch.

Maybe he can scare us again.” Eventually, Dong Chen shook his head slightly and sighed, “We simply cant use common sense to judge this kid.”

As expected, Dong Chen was experienced.

“Buzz!” As soon as he just finished his words, within three minutes, there was a sudden burst of fluctuation from Zhang Hans side.

They could only see that the low sky seemed to be raining meteors, which were various pieces of crystal stones.

Most of them were lower-grade crystals.

People on the scene could see that the lower-grade crystals all went deep into the ground and played supplementary roles.

Besides, there were pieces of Formation Stones, holy objects, medium-grade crystals, few fifth-grade formation flags, and various divine weapons that served as the eyes of the formation.

Everything flew towards the surroundings of Mount New Moon.

And the scene was the same as that one when the fireworks bloomed

Zhang Guangyou and the others were in a daze as they saw the scene and thought, “It is not a set-up formation at all.”

First Elder got a stiff and incredulous look on his face.

But he also knew in his heart that although Zhang Han came from a family where there were many martial artists, he surely couldnt waste resources like this.

If Zhang Han couldnt, that meant he was setting up a formation seriously.

But… Something was not right!

First Elder was in a somewhat conflicted state of mind at this point.

Under everyones gaze, the light slowly faded and Mount New Moon gradually regained its peacefulness.

Was it over

The crowd looked at each other, feeling nothing.

First Elder asked somewhat hesitantly, “Is this a failure”

Dong Chen shook his head slightly, indicating that he didnt know and wondering why First Elder would turn to him when it came to the formation.

“Who said it failed” A calm voice came from above all of a sudden.

Everyone looked up, only to see Zhang Hans figure descending fast.

“If no, then this…” First Elder looked puzzled.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and suddenly looked towards the Thunder Yang Tree, cupping his right hand and whispering softly, “Star and Five Elements Formation! Take shape!”

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

For a moment, earth-shattering energy surged out all around Mount New Moon.

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