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“Immortal King”

Zhang Hans expression was as tranquil as the surface of a lake.

“Theres no need.”

Let alone one Immortal King, even if there came ten of them, he can still kill them effortlessly with his current strength.

When he was in a higher realm, his pursuit was no longer the same.

Besides, Zhang Han had never cared about whether there were others stronger than him.

In fact, Zhang Han was a little tired of these disputes, which he didnt even realize before.

But he reckoned that perhaps this was a change after he became a father

However, Lu Xiong didnt know that.

The corner of his mouth twitched, then he said, “I found that regular notions do not apply to you.

Thats an Immortal King were talking about, an invincible figure in the Divine Realm.

It also means that one day, he will definitely become a super expert at Heaven Peak Stage and take charge of a place.

What a great honor that is! Martial artists should always compete for more strength.

I think that you… lack the spirit to fight for it.”

Speaking of this, Lu Xiong shook his head again.

“No, how should I put it I remember when you made your move, you let your power shine through, as if you were looking down on the world.

But in normal days, you are calm, or in other words, serene.

It finally dawned on me that when no one messes with you, youre like a gentle cat.

But who knows that you are, in fact, a tiger”

“You flatter me, Master Lu,” Zhang Han replied casually.

“Im just talking of the fact.” Lu Xiong shook his head slightly.

“Nowadays, there are many talented disciples from various sects and forces who have emerged and continuously challenged others.

There are several who are the most powerful.

For instance, among those you previously suppressed, Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate, has reached the advanced level of his soul technique and directly broken through to the Late Stage.

Later, he reached the peak after a few days cultivation.

So far, three cultivators of God Realm Peak-stage have already died in his hands.

Shi Fenghou, the Little Roc, can move extremely fast and now his speed has overtaken that of the sound by 10 times.

His bloodline absorbs energy rapidly.

Now, he has reached the God Realm Peak-stage and is very intimidating.

Speed matters the most in the field of martial arts.

He has finished off seven cultivators at the God Realm Peak-stage.

As for Mu Xue the female demon, by far, she has not made a move yet.”

“As for Heavenly Knights Sect, there is Yun Feiyang, who is very strong and has made a great name for Heavenly Knights Sect.

In addition, Heavenly Knights Sects recent victory has caused quite a stir.

Its admirable that they beat the strong with the weak.

Yun Feiyang can be regarded as the strongest disciple of Heavenly Knights Sect in the younger generation and has the opportunity to compete for the title of Immortal King.”

“In the Wind Snow School, the most famous disciple is still Long Ye, a newly-accepted disciple a few years ago.

He is now 31 years old and has been at the God Realm Peak-stage for two years.

Its said that he could have long broken through to the Earth Realm, but he seems to be practicing some powerful secret method and so has suppressed his cultivation progress.

And now he has shown up, he is quite unstoppable.

Even Shi Fenghou admits that he is no match for this young man.”

“Our White Moon Pavilion also has a promising candidate.

His name is An Ling, and his achievements are amazing.”

“This is an age of great waves, and the Divine Realm is bound to be eventful.

The contest for the Immortal King is sure very bloody.

Of course, this is not surprising.

The strong indeed will step on countless corpses to sit on the throne.

God King Zhang did the same thing back then.”

“Well, I think you may listen to me, so I have this chat with you.

Since I can see Mengmeng every day and like her very much, I dont want you and your family to be hurt, so I still hope that you can go out to fight and become famous.

Then, those lower-ranking people will behave.

I am merely at the Grand Master Peak.

Well, I broke through a few days ago, but in the face of those in the God Realm, I cant stop any at all.”

After saying that, Lu Xiong heaved a lot of sighs.

His aptitude was very mediocre.

Now that he saw a group of young God Realm experts fighting for the position of Immortal King, his blood was also boiling with excitement.

However, he was too old to join the fight.

And Lu Guo, his granddaughter, made him want to stay away from the fight.

In fact, from this point of view, he understood Zhang Hans aloof attitude toward the fight.

But he also felt that the young people should be bolder and more aggressive.

Ye Longyuan was very arrogant, but there were many people who admired him.

His strength was respected, and he was famous all over the world, so few people dared to take the initiative to provoke him.

As for Zhang Han, he was still eyeing the Grand Master Peak stage.

The Invincible Grand Master

Well, he had long been forgotten by the mass.

As the streets were already packed with God Realm experts, who would care about an invincible Grand Master

However, although Zhang Hans reputation was outshone by many peoples brilliance, his title of the Merciless Zhang was still well-known, only that there were too few topics on that one to talk about.

It was the same with Zhang Guangyou the former lord of battle, who was not yet a Grand Master but was very famous.

At this moment, after listening to Lu Xiongs words, Zhang Han fell silent.

Three seconds later, he strode to the gate.

After taking a few steps, he turned his head, smiled, and said slowly, “Elder Lu, I figure, as its weekend, if you have time, go to Mount New Moon and find Dong Chen.

He is the Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xiong was stunned.

He asked subconsciously, “This is for…”

Thump! Thump!

All of a sudden, he felt his heart beat faster.

“Do I feel like Im going to have a lucky chance Is it that the Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect will personally instruct me” he surmised.

But Zhang Hans answer really surprised him and made him overjoyed.

Zhang Han smiled and said, “A Grand Master Cleaner is not so cool when God Realm experts have become common.

Why dont we call you God Realm Cleaner What do you think”

After saying that, Zhang Han shook his head with a smile, turned around, and walked away.


Staring at Zhang Hans back, Lu Xiong let out a cry, and his face turned a little red.

He was too excited!

He even wanted to dance on the spot.

But a scold instantly came from the side.

“Old Lu, what are you doing Do you know youre at work Hurry up and do your job.

You dont want the job anymore”


Lu Xiong turned his head to see that it was his supervisor.

This made Lu Xiongs face fall.

He wanted to say something, but in the end, he didnt say it.

Instead, he lowered his head, turned around, and headed for somewhere else.

He hadnt thought about advancing to the God Realm for several years.

Recently, he just wanted to accompany Lu Guo.

He never knew that he would have such an opportunity as a cleaner in his granddaughters school.

He didnt even dare to think about it before.

While he was laughing in private, Zhang Han got in the car and went to the back of the line.

Today, not only the parents of the middle class but the parents and children of the primary class, as well as the freshmen in the kindergarten classes were all present.

It was sort of hustle and bustle.

There were more than a dozen media reporters in front of the door who were taking photos without a stop.

Therefore, Zi Yan did not get out of the car.

She waited in the panda car.

The passers-by vaguely saw a beautiful woman in the car and found it quite weird.

“Oh my god, since when can a shabby panda car attract such a beautiful woman with such a good figure”

“Not only her figure is good, but her face is very pretty.

I just spotted her face.”

“Could it be that the world has changed”

Two passers-by chatted as they walked inside.

All of a sudden, the middle-aged man next to them frowned.

He glanced at them, and said reproachfully, “Sirs, please be careful with what you say.

Your tongue might get you in trouble.

The car worth just tens of thousands of yuan in your eyes, hehe, was escorted by a luxury motorcade worth hundreds of millions of yuan last year.

Do I need to continue”



The two mens faces altered, and they ran away in disgrace.

“A snob always thinks other people are all like him.”

The middle-aged man muttered.

Abruptly, he looked sideways with a smile on his face.



“Yes, Mr.


Zhang Han nodded and greeted Li Kai, who liked to flatter others.

After saying hello, Li Kai went to the other side.

Zhang Han went back to the panda car, started the car, and returned to Mount New Moon with Zi Yan while talking and laughing.

The two of them were also very griped by emotion.

Last year, when Mengmeng refused to go to kindergarten with all the crying and tantrum, they tried their best and finally made her go.

But this year, she was much more willing to go to kindergarten.

Time flew.

A year had passed so quickly.

Back to the mountain, Zi Yan and Rong Jiali went off shopping.

Rong Jiali, who no longer had to wear a bamboo hat, was in a very good mood.

Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen were chatting.

They were waiting for Zhang Hans cultivation method.

After waiting for so many days, there was no news.

They knew that Zhang Hans cultivation was at a critical moment, so they didnt disturb him.

First Elder had been studying the Hundred-formation Image recently, and he had already studied 97 images so far.

Under his guidance, Wang Zhanpeng and the others had made rapid progress.

Accordingly, they were grateful to First Elder.

The Powerful Hei Trio wandered around Mount New Moon when they had nothing to do.

The back mountain was no longer large enough to conceal their power, and the whole mountain top almost became their territory.

Thanks to that, Zhang Han had some time to his own.

In the practice room on the fourth floor of the castle, he sat cross-legged with a serious look in his eyes.

“Today Im gonna do the last part.

Hope that I can succeed in the cultivation of my head and scalp on the first try.”

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