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Chapter 788 Learning the Supernatural Power by Himself

Zhang Han closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing for 30 seconds.

The moment he opened his eyes again, all the 35 kinds of divine-grade spirit treasures stored in his Space Ring had zoomed out.

There were also 49 medium-grade crystals.

With the energy of the Formation Stone being turned on, Zhang Han began to refine these divine objects.

Waves of strong Spiritual Qi gradually suffused the room.

The Spiritual Qi became steadily denser, turning into a mist.

That was its ultimate form, which even a formation could hardly block out.

At this moment, Zhang Han began to run the Athanasia Demon Gong.


All of a sudden, Zhang Hans body seemed to have turned into a bottomless pit.

A huge amount of spiritual Qi, together with the pure energy refined by the divine object, began to flow into his skin.


Sounds of burning came.

Zhang Hans clothes were instantly burned into ashes by his skin.

His whole body was exposed, but he didnt expect it to be scarlet.

Countless cracks covered the skin below his head.

They crisscrossed with each other.

If Zhang Guangyou and the others were here, they would find that Zhang Hans skin was constantly damaged, restored, and healed.

The process repeated over and over again.

It seemed that there was no end to the cycle.



Zhang Han made an incantation gesture with his right hand, speeding up the mature for the Spiritual Qi and energy, and the absorption became even crazier.

At this time, he was like a real bottomless pit, swallowing everything around him.

His head, which was the only part that was intact, began to be dyed red from his chin, as if it were a kind of mutation.

The viruses below his head were eating the good skin on his head.



The almost unbearable pain started spreading from the face.

Before that, Zhang Han had already refined his limbs and torso, but at this moment, the pain moved through his whole body.

Under the intense agony, he felt sort of suffocated.

“Its been a long time since Ive had such a long-lost feeling, hehe…”

Such a sharp pain, however, made Zhang Han laugh.

His eyes were filled with the sharpness that he usually hid.

Gritting his teeth, he sped up the refinement process.

“Sizzle, sizzle…”

The refining proceeded from his chin to his mouth, nose, eyes, forehead, and top of the head!

It only took Zhang Han three hours to complete the head and skin training.

Now, Zhang Han look like a man drenched in blood.

To put it in a more vivid way, he seemed to have been roasted.

“Repeat Athanasia Demon Gong!”

“After nine loops, Ill master the supernatural power on my own!”


In Zhang Hans body, the spiritual force surged like a river, and Zhang Hans new meridians began to run in a specific way.

Under the operation of the Athanasia Demon Gong, a stream of amazing energy was formed on Zhang Hans skin, causing his skin to change from blood red to pale silver.

The silver color spread from his feet to the other parts of his body.

After the cultivation method ran through his body once, the aura on his skin became stronger.

Without any pause, he began to run the second loop.

Zhang Hans breath became increasingly steadier.

He sat very still in the same place as if he was not even breathing.

The third loop, the fourth loop, the fifth…

After Zhang Han performed the eighth loop of the Cultivation Method, his aura began to become a little violent.

The fiery color covered Zhang Hans skin again, as though he had failed this time.

It looked like he was only one step away from success, but failed.

The pain on his skin had reached its peak, surpassing everything that he had experienced before.

The cracks on his skin could no longer be seen, because all his skin seemed to have disappeared.

At this time, there was not much spiritual force left in Zhang Hans body, so he could be said to be physically and mentally exhausted.

If it were someone else who was less experienced, he would have panicked and messed up.

As a result, his cultivation would decline.

If he was not that lucky, he might lose half of his life.

“The final juncture might seem difficult, but I happen to know a method…”

“Bloody Killing!”


Suddenly, Zhang Hans blood boiled, and the secret method made the Heavenly Demon Skin even more turbulent.

“Taiyi Wood Thunder!”


Tiny thunderbolts came out of Zhang Hans body and flashed on his skin, making Zhang Han feel itchy.

However, it lasted for a very short period.

About 90 seconds later, the blood on his skin dissipated!

And the skin on his body was almost silver.

The Heavenly Demon Skin was attained!

Zhang Han slowly opened his eyes, and his skin returned to its original color.

“Its finally done.”

The days of suffering had finally come to an end.

Zhang Han turned around and walked out of the room.

With a leap, he flew straight to the sea.

He then landed on a deserted island 10 sea miles away.

At this moment, there was a flash of light in Zhang Hans eyes, and his body emitting a formidable aura!

He was more than several times stronger than before as if he could summon the energy of heaven and earth with a wave of his hand.

Innateness Middle-Stage!

Just like that, he made a breakthrough in his cultivation without any difficulty.

The terrifying power brought to him by the Ten Inches Dantian had just begun to show.

“Demon Kings Pointing!”

Zhang Han suddenly pointed his right hand forward.


Zhang Hans right fingers suddenly turned silver.

The Athanasia Demon Gong and the energy of heaven and earth in his right hand produced a horrible attack.


A dull blast could be heard, and he felt a small energy fluctuation.

Then… there was it

The sea was still calm, the sky was clear, and the breeze was gentle.

The waves gently clapped the shore, as though it was saying that Zhang Hans attack was just a show.

But how could Zhang Han, who had broken through to the Innateness Middle-stage, make such fancy but useless move


Under the control of Zhang Hans mind, a faint black light appeared out of thin air a hundred meters away in front of him.

Like a silk thread, it flashed over there.


In an instant, the huge stone on the shore broke into pieces, and the seawater seemed to be overturned by something, for there came waves that were dozens of meters high.

The pressure was rolling onto the sea.

If Dong Chen, First Elder, and the others saw this scene, they would be so shocked that their jaws would drop.

It had only been a few days, but Zhang Han just broke through again.

Was he not subject to regular rules

Even though Zhang Han had broken through to the Earth Realm, how could he launch a blow very close to their strength

It was a devastating display of power.

If anyone else were to obtain this kind of supernatural power, they would probably be in such ecstasy that they couldnt wait to immediately go out and bully others They would stand under the limelight, looking down on all the other people in the world.

But Zhang Han didnt show any joy, and he even frowned.

“Demon Kings Pointing…”

“Not bad, but not excellent enough.”

Zhang Hans eyes were grim, and he thought:

“Demon King Finger, as a supernatural power of the Heavenly Devil Skin, is very powerful.

The speed at which it is cast is quite fast, and the energy pressure is also hidden well.”

“Its casting speed should be faster.

With the help of the power of heaven and earth, the fluctuations can easily alert people.

Its casting speed is ordinary.

If it is combined with the Star Picking Palm, what will it be like”

“Combine the two The power of stars and the power of heaven and earth… That might be worth a try.”

Zhang Hans interest was piqued, and his eyes gradually lit up.

He wasted no time doing what he wanted and ran the Demon Kings Pointing again.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble…”

Up to the 20th time, Zhang Han began to try to add the Star Picking Palm.

This made the island where he was on suffer a lot.

On the nearby sea surface, the wind blew, and the clouds surged.

The highest wave had reached a hundred meters in height.

Fortunately, this was the kind of sea wave that appeared in a short period of time.

If it went too far, it would become a tsunami.

Moreover, it was not a huge thing to cause a large-scale tsunami.

Sometimes, when thinking about it, the power of nature was very terrifying.

Even to a martial artist, there were many dangerous places out there in nature.

It was still early, so Zhang Han decided to give it a try.

“Thats not right.

The Star Picking Palm cant be broken down.

The greater the power of the stars is, the greater the power of the blow is.

There is almost no energy fluctuation, which means that Im on the right track.

I still need to simplify the Devil Kings pointing.”

“The Star Picking Palm is a high-end secret method.

The Demon Kings Pointing is the supernatural power that I have mastered by cultivating the Heavenly Devil Skin, and the potential growth of the supernatural power is also greater.

To integrate it into the Star Picking Palm, I need to find a balance point.”

“This balance point…”

As Zhang Han murmured to himself, he stopped attacking.

He slowly closed his eyes and kept replaying this move in his mind.

He broke it down, combined again, broke it down, and combined again…

He repeated it over and over again.

After a whole hour, Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes.

“No, no, no, I was wrong.

I am the one who cultivated the technique.

When the Heavenly Demonic Skin was formed, it also brought me a supernatural power that belongs to me.

Its not that Im here to merge the two, but rather to create, change, or perhaps…”

In an instant, Zhang Hans eyes became incomparably deep, and his right hand suddenly reached forward.

He seemed to have entered a state of enlightenment, in which everything became very hazy.

Subconsciously, he clenched his right hand and grabbed.


An invisible wave of energy was formed in front of him.

It was a transparent palm, which carried an imperceptible wave of energy.

It seemed that it didnt exist, but it was there.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!”

He did not control his power well.

Instead, the space around him started to shake and give off a soft, crisp sound.

The overlaid tremors caused the surrounding space within dozens of meters to flicker.

It was not that anything was wrong with the space.

In fact, it was the manifestation of supernatural power.

It was not possible for someone at the Innateness Realm to tear the space apart.

This move caused Zhang Han to tremble violently, and the energy in his body was running out quickly.

Zhang Han stopped, closed his eyes for three seconds, and then reopened his eyes.

There was also a trace of shock and joy in his eyes.

“Never thought I already have a Domain Yes, its a rudiment Domain.”

“In my previous life, I only came up with the Domain when I entered the Yuan Ying Realm.

I didnt expect that I would have it now.

Although its very rudiment, as long as the first level of the Athanasia Demon Gong is completed, the Domain will definitely show up!”

The thing that could surprise Zhang Han was indeed unusual.

There were many kinds of ways to refer to the Domain.

To put it bluntly, it was an excellent assistance to enhance ones combat capability.

What made Zhang Han so happy was that his supernatural power had the special property of a Domain, which was connected to space.

Although it could only lock the enemy up for now, it seemed to be handy enough.

“Well, next time I meet Shi Fenghou, I can slap him to death at one go.”

Zhang Han smiled gently, looked at his right hand, and murmured, “This is the first supernatural power Ive acquired in this world.

Ill name it… Forget it.

Ill just call itAir-shattering Hand.”

Judging from his expression, if Zi Yan were by his side, she could tell that this guy wanted to use Mengmengs name again.

In fact, it was true.

A few words crossed Zhang Hans mind.

“Mengs boxing

“Mengs punch”

Zhang Han felt that those names were too ridiculous and too casual, so he gave it a formal name related to its attributes.

“Its almost time.

I should pick Mengmeng up from school now.”

When Zhang Han saw the location of the sun in the sky, he took out his mobile phone and looked at it.

It was almost four oclock.

He moved quickly and flew to Mount New Moon.

If he didnt take off now, he would be late.

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