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“This, this…”

The faces of the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and his companions became quite distorted.

“He took only a few seconds to kill the practitioner at the Earth Peak Stage”

“How the f*ck could this be possible”

“Is our opponent Zhang Hanyang at the Grand Master Peak What is going on!”

At this moment, the seven people looked at Zhang Hanyang and became extremely vigilant as they looked around, as if facing an extremely formidable enemy.

They were afraid that all members of the Heavenly Knights Sect had come out for an attack.

If so, it would be difficult for them to fight alone.

“Who are you, really”

With a pair of sabers in his hands, the leader of Ten Tiger Sect stared at Zhang Han intently.

He, the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and another person were at the Heaven Peak Stage.

As for the other four people, one was at the Last-Stage of the Heaven Realm, two were at the Middle-Stage and one at the Early-Stage.

It was true that the one who died was the least capable.

The person at the Earth Peak Stage who wanted to have some achievements ended up… being killed.

“You came to deal with me, but how come you still dont know my name”

Zhang Han kept edging forward and he alone made the others feel the pressure, bit by bit, as if he was some frightening, fierce beast from ancient times.

“Zhang Hanyang, how could you You…” The Caprice Mo Sect Leaders face turned leaden.

There were only a few disciples left in his sect and now one at the Earth Peak Stage had died, so he was suffering so much.

But having regrets was useless and now his killing intent became even stronger.

Although he was shocked, he knew that when the fight began, if the one at the Heaven Peak Stage wanted to escape, he could not stop him.


Still keeping a calm expression, Zhang Han continued moving forward for tens of meters and answered lightly, “Didnt Wind Snow School tell you”

“Tell us what” the leader of Ten Tiger Sect asked.

“I can tell you ignorant people that those Heaven-earth Formations of yours do not work on me at all.

I can tell you I have absorbed 69 kinds of divine objects in Wind Snow School and their treasure house has almost been emptied.

I can tell you I went to the Main Sect of Wind Snow School, killed 10 protectors and took away everything from their medicine mountain.

Did they tell you such things Haha, when I saw you, I knew they had sent you here to die.”


The expressions on the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and a few of his companions changed vastly.

They were so afraid when they thought carefully about what he told them.

They felt that these things were probably true.

What stage did a person need to reach to kill a practitioner at the Earth Peak Stage by only moving his hand The Middle-Stage, Last-Stage, or Peak Stage of Innateness

In fact, they had excluded the possibility that he was at the Middle-Stage of Innateness, for it was still a little difficult for someone at the Middle-Stage of Innateness to kill a practitioner at the Earth Peak Stage so easily.

Then, he was possibly at the Last-Stage or might even be at the Peak Stage.

No matter what stage he was at, they felt that these things he said seemed to be true, at least because when they were in Wind Snow School, they only saw a medicine mountain that had almost been stripped bare.

The mountain was not totally empty, but only few high-end spiritual herbs were left.

At that time, they felt it was strange.

Why were there so few treasures in the medicine mountain of such a powerful Wind Snow School

It turned out that they had been taken away!

Considering the strength of Zhang Han and the way he used to break the Heaven-earth Formation, they thought that he seemed to be capable of doing it.

Then they began to wonder if Wind Snow School harbored bad intentions and had truly treated them as cannon fodder.


The Caprice Mo Sect Leader frowned, ready to open his mouth.

But Zhang Han did not give them the chance.

“Star Map!”

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

After breaking through the Middle-Stage of Innateness, Zhang Han put the Star Map skill into use.

In an instant, heaven and earth seemed to move around, giving the Caprice Mo Sect Leader and his companions a feeling that they were in the starry sky and were surrounded by darkness.

Occasionally, they saw twinkling stars, but they were stars in the far distance.

The vast starry sky was so mysterious that even the martial artists at the Heaven Peak Stage felt quite curious.

“What secret is hidden in the depths of the starry sky”

So, they were quite shocked when they saw such a scene.

But this was a fight.

“You want to make us go on a psychedelic trip by using this little illusion trick Break!”

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader flared up and hit the air with his right palm and a raging fire instantly burned within a radius of 100 meters.

The fire was so powerful that it seemed to engulf the space.

This caused one universe in the Star Map to start trembling.

It would not be long before the Star Map was broken!

But the short duration was enough.


A thunderbolt formed out of thin air and flashed, illuminating the entire space.

In an instant, that powerful coercion rushed toward the peoples faces and the tremor in their souls reached a peak, leaving their minds empty.

Even the flames made by the Caprice Mo Sect Leader had become weaker, as he lost control.

In less than 0.1 seconds, the martial artist at the Heaven Peak Stage realized it.

Shocked and angry, the Caprice Mo Sect Leader redirected the flames toward Zhang Han.

The Star Map had little influence on them, but the influence would gradually increase as the stages that the others below their strengths were at decreased from the Last-Stage of the Heaven Realm down to its Middle-Stage and Early-Stage.

In this instant, Zhang Han could do a lot of things.

Air-shattering Hand!


Zhang Han put his supernatural powers into use with all his strength, so that the essence of the energy from the Heavenly Demon Skin was almost used up and even more than half of the spiritual force and soul sense in his body were consumed.

He launched an Air-shattering Hand move which was unprecedentedly powerful.

An invisible palm held the side of the Caprice Mo Sect Leader firmly!


The martial artists at the Heaven Peak Stage were a little shocked and defended themselves.

Like the rocks that could not be shattered, they were not harmed.

But the others…

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

These people had just recovered from the coercion of the Star Map, when they were suddenly attacked by the Air-shattering Hand.

All of them simply vanished into the void as if they fell from the vast starry sky.


The Star Map disappeared, giving them the impression that this was an illusion, but it seemed to have a soul-shocking ability, making the watchers astonished.

“You are at the Peak Stage of Innateness!”

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader was stunned and did not expect their opponent to be that strong.

Just now when he killed the practitioner at the Earth Peak Stage merely by moving his hand, they were still not sure about it, but they were sure now, because apart from the three practitioners at the Heaven Peak Stage, all the others had been killed by him with one move.

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader and his two companions believed that he was surely a practitioner at the Peak Stage of Innateness!

Seeing this, Zhang Hans expression remained calm and he threw himself forward in a horizontal fashion.


The three of them looked at each other and hesitated.

“Do we need to fight or not”

Surely, they could not prevent Zhang Han from leaving.

As long as the practitioner at the Peak Stage of Innateness was alive, no matter how many people (even if they were 10 Heaven Peak Stage practitioners) surrounded and attacked him, he could escape if he wanted to.

It was almost a certainty that they could not prevent him from escaping.

Who would not have a secret weapon to save their lives when people were at their level

At the Last-Stage, they would especially study the escaping secret.

At least, they should be able to escape if they could not defeat others.

Anyway, where there is life, there is hope.

Since there was such a situation, the immortality legend of those at the Peak Stage of Innateness was kept.

Of course, nothing is absolutely certain in the world.

In fact, some of them died.

As for the leaders of the Caprice Mo Sect and Ten Tiger Sect, they did want to rebuild their sects, but their opponent was a practitioner at the Peak Stage of Innateness, who could break the great formations of others sects.

“Damn, this is a monster!”

“Maybe we can use another method”

They glanced at the car behind Zhang Han from the corners of their eyes, somewhat wanting to move.

As if he had seen through their minds, Zhang Han couldnt help but laugh, “Haha.”

When he laughed, he glanced at the back.


The Caprice Mo Sect Leader and his two companions looked at each other and their faces turned a little blue.

Finally, they gritted their teeth and uttered a word, “Go!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three of them left quickly and in a furious mood.

8 people came, but only 3 went back and they did not accomplish anything.

Seeing them leave, Zhang Han felt slightly relieved and murmured, “I will take your damn lives personally in a short time.”


Zhang Han glanced indifferently in the direction where the three of them had left, then moved and returned to his car.

At this time, Mengmeng was still singing.

Of course, he had set up an illusion to make the little girl feel as if her PaPa was still driving in the front.

Because Mengmeng was present, Zhang Han did not choose to fight.

He could kill those at the Middle-Stage or even Last-Stage of the Heaven Realm, but he could not kill those at the Peak-Stage.

The strength of those people was almost equivalent to that of an ordinary practitioner at the Peak-Stage of Innateness.

Zhang Han had a lot of stored power and qualifications.

He began to show his strength only when he broke through Innateness.

He still had a long way to go, but he knew that he was not far away from killing the practitioners at the Heaven Peak Stage.

“Why didnt you praise me, PaPa”

While Zhang Han was thinking about it, Mengmengs mumblings could be heard from behind.

“PaPa always praised me in the past!”

“Ah Ah! It is not too late.

Uh, dad is still intoxicated.

Mengmeng sang so nicely…”

He was smiling and joking as they made their way back to Mount New Moon.

In another place, the three people who managed to escape flew for half an hour, silent all the way, each engrossed in their thoughts.

Only when they arrived in northern Xiangjiang did they stop in a forested mountain.

But the three of them had one thing in common: They all looked a little sullen.


The leader of Ten Tiger Sect was so angry that he smashed the trees within a radius of ten meters and gritted his teeth, saying, “Wind Snow School really calculated to the extreme!”

“They deliberately kept such things a secret because they wanted us to test the waters and be cannon fodder.

If we succeeded, it was good; if we failed, it didnt matter.

If it is like what Zhang Hanyang said: He has absorbed 69 divine objects, it means Wind Snow School has nothing good left.

If it had good stuff, would they be willing to take out 10 kinds of divine objects as rewards Surely, they just want to get things without paying a penny!” another Heaven Peak Stage practitioner said with a lingering fear in his heart.

He felt that the martial arts society was too dark.

There were wolves and tigers in disguise and these people even used different schemes to trap their allies.

“We cant tell this… this to others!”

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader took a few deep breaths to calm himself down and said slowly, “Why should we be cannon fodder Haha, Zhang Hanyang is at the Grand Master Peak, oh, no, the Peak Stage of Innateness, but no one knows it now! Why do we have to tell it to others Its better to let others have a try too! We are not having a good time, so why should they have a good time!”

The loss was so much more this time.

Both Earth Peak Stage practitioners and Heaven Realm martial artists were all the backbones of the sect and two more members of the Caprice Mo Sect were dead, so the situation had really worsened.

He wondered that if he continued this game, would he be the last one left in the Caprice Mo Sect Would the sect be a one-person sect Would he be a commander without soldiers

“Well, we felt the way and lost so many members, but you just want to enjoy the results without doing anything Impossible!”

The mentality of the Caprice Mo Sect Leader was this: “If I have suffered, you have to suffer too and only then will I feel that it is fair.”

The other two people nodded as soon as they heard these words.

“Right, he was unkind to me, so I will be unkind to him! We will just pretend we are unaware that Zhang Hanyang is at the Heaven Peak Stage and we will not join this for the time being.”

The leader of Ten Tiger Sect said slowly, “Arent they going to take action at the wedding tomorrow Then well wait for a while.

Maybe in the chaos, we will have a few other opportunities.”

“But they know that the eight of us fought today and failed, so they will be vigilant.

As mentioned before, they might choose to do it when they relax their vigilance during the peaceful days after the wedding day,” another old man said.

These words silenced the two sect leaders.

Finally, they said, “What you said is very likely to happen.

Now we can only look carefully before taking each step.

Stay in Xiangjiang, wait for them to take action and then decide.”

“This is the only way…”

After talking about it, they decided to stay and wait for the opportunity.

The fact was similar to what they thought.

In the early morning of the next day, the people from several other sects who temporarily lived in Wind Snow School learned the whole news.

Nothing happened!

“So its a failure”

“Sure enough, the Heavenly Knights Sect was prepared.”

“Should we do it today”

Faced with this problem, everyone was silent, thinking about it and they slowed down the preparations of getting ready to set off.

The unknown is scary.

They didnt know how many people their opponents had.

When Wind Snow School did not participate, they seemed to have lost their backbone and dared not act rashly.

No one was interested in their ideas, including Wind Snow School.

But many people were happy on this day.

Of course, they were mainly from Mount New Moon in Xiangjiang.

Because Zhang Han was the bridegroom and Zi Yan was the beautiful bride today.

People from the martial arts world gathered in New Moon Bay, intending to see the excitement, but unfortunately, this glamorous wedding did not seem to be open to the outside world.

Even so, it was fine to watch a little excitement from a distance.

Mount New Moon was colorful and the weather seemed to cooperate too, as the sky was cloudless.

Early in the morning, Mengmeng woke up, clamoring to dress up beautifully.

According to the discussion that he and Zi Yan had last night while chatting, Zhang Han was to dress Mengmeng up in a little pink dress, a pair of crystal sandals and beautiful hairpins and also to tie her hair in a simple ponytail to reveal her exquisite little face.

Zi Yan even said that the little princess might steal some of her mothers limelight at the wedding.

So in the morning, Zhang Han dressed Mengmeng with great care.

When people gathered in the lobby on the first floor of the castle, Mengmeng was surrounded by Rong Jiali, Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Li and many others.

In a while, Zhang Han would bring his people to pick up the bride and Mengmeng would follow Zhang Li and wait until the wedding ceremony to be the bearer of the bouquets and wedding rings.

“I said, live-streaming is impossible today.

How can it be possible to watch the goddesss wedding Dont think about it.

Brother, its not possible, forget it and let me go and check it out in a while.

If they allow people from the media at the wedding, I will record a video for you.

Dont send red envelopes anymore.

Brothers, stop.

Im really busy.

Finally, I have a chance and I have to take it because the number of my fans hasnt grown for a long time.

Ill shoot a short video later.

If I succeed, Ill show you.”

Sun Dongheng walked into the hall while playing with his mobile phone.

People in his fan groups knew that Sun Dongheng worked at Ziyue Entertainment and knew Zi Yan.

Today was Zi Yan and Hanyangs wedding, which had made the entire network explode as all the top searches were on this topic.

Sun Dongheng, who had recently been very busy shooting short comedy videos, took a few days off and came to Mount New Moon early in the morning.

He was thinking about doing something to Mengmeng.

Ahem, it was nothing, but shooting a video.

Last time Sun Dongheng shot a video about Mengmeng and its effect was gratifying.

Now the effect was long gone, so he came here again.

“Brother Han, you are so handsome! You are so handsome today! Congratulations, Brother Han.”

Sun Dongheng went to Zhang Han first and congratulated him joyfully.

After getting Zhang Hans answer, he whispered, “Brother Han, Mengmeng is so cute.

Uh, I… in fact, want…”

“Shoot a video Go ahead.”

Zhang Han was in a very good mood, so when he met with such a small request, he just agreed directly.

“Haha, thank you, Brother Han.”

Sun Dongheng looked surprised as if he had received the order of the emperor.

He walked toward Mengmeng and said to Zhang Li and all the young people, “Come on, let me pass.

Today, Im going to take a video of this cute and beautiful little princess.”

“What are you doing”

“Brother Han agreed…”

In the end, Sun Dongheng murmured instructions to Mengmeng as she sat on the sofa that was placed at the side.

After a while, Mengmeng waved at the camera and said with a smile, “Well, hello everyone, I am…”

“Huh It seems I shouldnt say my name.”

So, Mengmeng cutely mouthed at the camera and then continued, “Well, welcome everyone, please follow my Big Brothers WeChat Public AccountDa Wang Zhang.

No, no, it isDan Wang Zhang.

There are so many surprises…”

The shooting ended after she said a few words and Zhang Li could not help but roll her eyes at Sun Dongheng, “You are using our Mengmeng to do advertising Let me tell you something.

Next time, even if my brother agrees, I will not.

If you keep showing off, Ill ask Little Haohao to beat you up.”

“Well, Lili, if you ask me to beat him, I promise I will not kill him.”

Liang Hao nodded solemnly.

It made Sun Donghengs mouth tremble, “Okay, okay, I cant afford to offend…”

Truly, laughter and jokes resounded in the main atmosphere in the hall at this time.

Rong Jiali, Rong Jiaxin, Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Ming, Zhang Guangyou and all the others stood in front of Zhang Han.

“Han is so handsome today.

Our bridegroom is the boss today!” Rong Jiaxin gave Zhang Han the thumbs up.

“Right, my son is so handsome and he got married in the blink of an eye.” Rong Jiali pursed her lips, adjusted Zhang Hans tie and said softly, “You are not only my son but also Little Yans husband and Mengmengs father.

You need to be nice to them in the future.

These days Ive found that Little Yan treats you quite attentively, so dont let her down.

Also, now you are powerful.

Although in the martial arts world, there are a few… non-monogamous situations, but our family does not allow that.”

These words made Zhang Han so speechless that his forehead even turned a little dark and he said helplessly,

“I know, mother.

Dont worry.

The situation you mentioned will not happen.”

“I believe him.” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Good son, your dad is happy about your achievements.

Today is your wedding day, so all of us must be happy.

Thats it…”

As he said, he hugged Rong Jiali gently because her eyes turned a little red.

This was a complicated emotion.

Although her son was married and they even had a granddaughter, the wedding still gave her a different feeling.

“Jiali, dont shed tears, just laugh discreetly.

If Zi Yans parents see you like this, they will probably be unhappy.

They are not crying when they marry off their daughter, but you are crying when getting a daughter-in-law,” Wang Zhanpeng said with a smile.

“I see.

Im not crying.”

In the lively atmosphere, Rong Jiali smiled soon and patted Zhang Hans arm, saying,

“Its almost 8 oclock.

Go pick up the bride.”


Zhang Han nodded.

Under the eyes of everyone here, he smiled and strode out of the castle gate.

As soon as he left the castle, he could see a fleet of luxury cars lined up from here to the foot of the mountain, but he could not see the end of it.

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