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Chapter 794 When the Rainbow Bridge Rises

“Call me queen.”

Zi Yan was a little naughty, which was rare to see.

She stretched out her two white feet.

But when Zhang Han was about to hold them, she quickly withdrew them back and made this remark that made the others amused despite themselves.


Zhang Han immediately laughed.

He bowed slightly, stretched his right hand downward to make a relatively gentlemanly gesture.

At the same time, he said, “My dear queen, Im here to help you put on your shoes.”

This time, Zi Yan stretched out her feet obediently.

She blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at Zhang Han affectionately.

From her expression, one could tell that she was happy.

At this time, the 14-year-old girl from the Zi family jumped out.

“Well… I saw someone elses wedding on the Internet.

Before the groom put shoes on for the bride, the groom kissed the brides feet.”


The people around all shot a look at her.

Some of them felt that it was inappropriate, but some didnt.

Among them, many people in the Zi family felt that this was not becoming of the groom.

After all, Zhang Han was powerful and was in a high position.

It would be a bit embarrassing for him to kiss a womans feet in public.

“Well, this is…”

Even Zi Yan opened her mouth to reject this idea.

But to everyones surprise, Zhang Han just chuckled.

He raised Zi Yans foot with his right hand, kissed it gently on the back of her foot, and then said—

“Your Highness, please put on your shoes.”

Zi Yan bit her lips and smiled.

With Zhang Hans help, she put on her shoes.

Then Zhang Han bent over, and Zi Yan leaned on his back.

At this time, she was wearing a white wedding dress.

It didnt look special.

It was just an ordinary wedding dress with a delicate design.

As Zhang Han was a relatively potent martial artist in the martial arts world, everyone thought that he would prepare some special events, but up to now, the wedding was just carried out according to the ordinary procedures.

Even so, no one had second opinions.

Regardless of whether the audience was entertained, the most important thing was that it was their wedding.

The others also sincerely wished the couple a happy marriage.

Although they already had a four-year-old daughter, they could still be considered newlyweds.

In some regions, the tradition required a member of the brides family to carry the bride off her house and into the grooms car.

In Zhang Hans case, there were no such rules, and everything was more casual.

After carrying Zi Yan on his back, he slowly walked to the stairs, followed by a large group of people.

The ninth floor, the eighth floor, the seventh floor… When they finally got down to the first floor, everyone couldnt help laughing as they saw Instructor Liu arguing with Jiang Yanlan with dark circles under his eyes.

The more he was beaten, the more willing he was to lean over toward the bully.

“Lets go, lets go!”

“We succeeded in picking up the bride!”

“Get in the car!”


The group soon left the hotel.

Zhang Han carried the beautiful bride on his back and came to the sports car.

He placed Zi Yan in the passenger seat, got in the car, and started the engine.

“Were going back home.” Zhang Han turned his head to Zi Yan and smiled.

“Mm-hmm.” For some reason, Zi Yan seemed a little shy.

She kept looking at Zhang Han with affection in her eyes.

After giving him a nod, she asked, “Mengmeng didnt throw any tantrum last night, did she”


“Hmph, shes no longer clingy to me.”

“Well, how can that be Its just that we spent a lot of time playing games yesterday.

Knowing that today is our wedding, she went to bed early.

She is very looking forward to going on stage with flowers and wedding rings today.”

Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

Even at this time, he still found Zi Yan cute.

Looking at her curvy figure, Zhang Han felt a little turned on.

Recently, he had been busy with cultivation.

It seems that he hadnt had deep communication with her for quite a long time.

“She is okay when Im not with her.

But when youre not there, shell make trouble.

And I cant make her behave no matter how hard I try.”

“I wont refute what you said.

After all, she is my daughter.”

“Look, youre just arrogant as you were.



As the two of them chatted and laughed, they drove back to Mount New Moon along the way they came.

The dragon-like motorcade looked quite impressive.

As soon as the cars started moving, Zhang Han sensed six waves of energy fluctuation.

In the air hundreds of meters high, there were many martial artists at the Heaven Peak Stage, and they did not hide their auras at all.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

In an instant, there were three more shots of auras at the Heaven Peak Stage.

They were Dong Chen, First Elder, Third Elder, and the three peak heads.

The two sides seemed to be about to confront each other.

However, after a few words, the two sides followed the motorcade and flew slowly.

They were escorting the cars below.

Zhang Han also detected their conversation.

“It turns out that theyre members of the authorities.”

Zhang Han smiled slightly.

He didnt expect that the government of Xiangjiang would give him such a privilege.

In fact, they were also making their stand—

“The government doesnt mind how you fight in the worldlet, or what grievances and what kind of war youre having.

But in the secular world, in Xiangjiang, you have to behave yourselves.

General Zhang is in Xiangjiang, so the government wont sit by and do nothing.”

It was really a bluff to invite six masters at the Heaven Peak Stage to escort the motorcade.

Although the number of top-notch experts in the Wind Snow School and the other sects was much larger than this, they did not dare to make too much of a sensation under this circumstance.

They drove all the way back to New Moon Bay.

Zhang Hans car was in the lead.

If any martial artist above the God Realm dared to attack, Zhang Han would be altered at once, for there were eight cameras hidden in Zhang Hans car facing the void at all angles, and they were capturing everything without any blind spots.

But the passers-by didnt know that.

They were still wondering why there was no video-camera on the grooms car.

Anyway, on both sides of the sealed land, the crowd was very dense.

Most of them were from the local martial arts society, and there were also many who came from other places, including those at the Obvious Strength Stage to the Earthly City Realm.

Among them, those few ordinary people were stunned when they saw this scene.

“Gee! Gee! Holy cow! Thats really Zi Yan! God, this is really Zi Yans wedding!”

“Hurry up, record a video.

F*ck, if we post this on the Internet, itll absolutely go viral.”

“The video of the motorcade that I just been posted has already become a heat.

If people know this is Zi Yans wedding, I dont dare to imagine how wild this is going to be.”

“This is Zi Yans wedding.

So, the man behind the wheel is the famous talent Hanyang”

“He is not only a brilliant composer and lyricist but also outstanding in movies.”


There were murmurs of discussion everywhere, and many people began to shoot short videos.

Well, no one stopped them.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan didnt want to hide anything, so it didnt matter if the public knew about their wedding.

Zi Yan even thought that it would be good to let the world know how happy she was.

She had just been talking about this with Zhou Fei last night.

If Zi Yan was still working for the Royal Entertainment Company, the company probably wouldnt let her get married.

If she insisted so, she wouldnt be able to do it openly, because that would damage her popularity.

But now, that no longer mattered.

She could do whatever she wanted.

This was the freedom brought by her husband.

He was strong, loving, gentle, and considerate…

Sitting in the passenger seat, Zi Yan felt as sweet as if her heart had been coated with honey.

The happy smile on Zi Yans delicate face was captured by many peoples mobile phones.

There was no doubt that this was a wedding that was being watched by many people.

At this time, on top of many houses on both sides of the streets also stood a large number of people.

“This is quite a wedding.”

Ye Longyuan was alone.

He stared at the motorcade below and carefully looked up in the sky.

Finally, he fixed his eyes on Zhang Han again.

He sneered and said to himself, “When the Divine List is released, I, Ye Longyuan, will come to take your life!”


He was not interested in watching it anymore, because he knew that the day would not get any eventful anyway.

Seeing that Ye Longyuan was leaving, a cold laugh came from a distance.


Needless to guess, he already knew that it was Shi Fenghou, that idiot.

Ye Longyuan didnt bother to talk to him.

The difference in strength would soon be publicized on the Divine List.

He would rather make his achievements more magnificent than waste his time arguing with Shi Fenghou.

“It seems that they wont make the move today.”

Long Ye, the talented disciple of the Wind Snow School, narrowed his eyes and said to himself.

“As expected, they are prepared.

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader and the others were supposed to take action yesterday, but I havent heard any updates from them.

Are they also going to observe the situation Or are they going to let the other sects start the fight and wait to catch the weak No matter what their plan is, it will fail in the end.

It wont be wise to kill Zhang Hanyang until the Divine List comes out.”

Now the news of the release of the Divine List had spread out, and many people were preparing for it.

The fight for the new Immortal King was definitely going to be a bloody one.

Some even speculated that the Divine List might be created to wear down the high-level martial artists in the martial arts world.

A few people knew that it made some sense.

The worldlet had not come out for several years for its quiet development.

Nowadays, the martial arts world was in turmoil and wars were breaking out everywhere.

Perhaps, because it was too chaotic, once the Divine List came out, the dispute would be narrowed down to a small circle.

It could also be regarded as a clever means.

The other martial artists also looked sideways.

When they saw the horrible fluctuations in the air, they had no intention to make the move.

Even the heads of the Caprice Mo Sect and the Ten Tiger Sect, who were hiding in the distance, were a little shocked.

“Theyre so well-prepared”

“Even if the Wind Snow School is attacking, they can still fend them off!”

The Caprice Mo Sect Leader frowned.

“There are not many remote places along the way.

If they fight, they can stop them.

As long as they enter the city and fight, even if they are as strong as the Wind Snow School, Im afraid they will suffer a catastrophe the next day.”

“Yeah.” The head of the Ten Tiger Sect took a deep breath and said, “The Black White Palace never sends more than one disciple to the secular world.

The only time they showed up in a large number was when they went to destroy a large sect.

Its too terrible.

Its detached from the world.

If things arent grave enough, no one will ignore the rules of the secular official.”

No one would care about their disputes if they kept it in the martial arts world.

But if they did cross the line, many people would not be tolerant anymore.

The higher one stood, the better he knew that there were some great terrors hidden in this world.

“They wont show up today.

According to the plan, we should stay in Xiangjiang.

When they take action, well find an opportunity to do our thing.”

In the end, as the Caprice Mo Sect Leader said that, the three of them went off.

When they left, there was a figure half-hidden in the sky.

He said with a faint smile, “Good, good.

The little guy has grown so fast.

He looks strong.

Maybe hell have a chance to condense the Golden Elixir in the secular world and create his invincible legend.”


With a chuckle, the man made to conceal himself again and take off.

However, as soon as he started moving, his expression froze.

“You found me Thats amazing.”

The old man was stunned.

Three seconds later, he turned around and flew away.

Zhang Han, who was driving on the ground, also chuckled.

“Whats it, my dear husband What made you giggling” Zi Yan asked curiously.


I just saw a funny guy.”

“Who is it”

“Er… His name is Yue Wuwei, and he is the person we went to Xihang to look for.”

“Oh, is he the head of the Stander-by Sect you mentioned”

“Hahaha, yes, thats him.”

“Where is he Since youve spotted him, why dont you invite him to our wedding”

“His is gone.”

“Then why didnt I see him”

“He was in the sky just now.”

“Oh, is he the kind of person who can fly A very powerful martial artist Above the God Realm”

“Yes, he is very powerful.

He is the best I have seen so far.

In the current world, he is almost invincible in the martial arts world.”

“Ah! He is that awesome” Zi Yan was a little surprised and stuck out her tongue.

“Of course.

He is also a little cunning.

Just now, he deliberately showed his figure.

Maybe he was warning some people or giving me some hint.

But no matter what kind of situation it was, I owe him this one.”

Zhang Han nodded.

With his soul sense, he had noticed the head of the Caprice Mo Sect and the other two.

He also sensed Shi Fenghou and Ye Longyuan, some martial artists in the Earth Realm, and many in the God Realm.

Moreover, he knew there were two people at the peak of the Heaven Realm in the Wind Snow School standing with six cultivators in the Heaven Peak Stage.

There was no doubt that they were also looking for opportunities.

But when they saw Dong Chens team, these people knew they had no chance at all.

As for Yue Wuwei, he was an acquaintance of Zhang Hans grandfather.

He had come here to protect Zhang Han as well.

If the Wind Snow School dared to make trouble, they would have to face a very terrible situation.

“Were almost home.”

Looking at Mount New Moon from a distance, Zi Yan perked up.

“In fact, you should ask if I prepared you any surprises,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Well, well… Today is our wedding.

My prince, have you prepared a surprise for me”

“Your Highness, yes, of course.”


The two laughed happily.

This was the time that belonged to the two of them only.

There were many people coming and going on the mountains around Mount New Moon.

The forces of the martial arts world were here to watch the fun.

Some of them had even prepared melon seeds and drinks in advance.

Although there were numerous talents in the martial arts world and Zhang Hanyangs brilliance had been outshone, he was still very well-known in Xiangjiang.

“Youre back!”

“Look at the hustle and bustle.

Zhang Hanyangs wedding is really grand.”

“I was wondering if wed see something juicy.”


The motorcade slowly approached the castle and stopped neatly before it.

At this time, Zhang Han smiled at Zi Yan.

“Wait for me.”


He leaped and raced quickly to the dense forest at the back of the mountain.

Zi Yan was a little confused, but she knew that the surprise might come soon.

“Hello, everyone! Yes, its me, your Old Liu.

Im the host of todays wedding!”

Instructor Liu, with dark circles under his eyes, announced on the stage.


Jiang Yanlan was dazed at once!

“Why didnt you tell me that you were the host”

If she had known this earlier, she would not have punched him in the eyes.

The black eyes he was sporting seemed a little inappropriate!

“Stop fooling around.”

Xu Yong said helplessly, “I am the host today, okay”

“Ahem, thatll do.”

Instructor Liu smiled awkwardly and stopped talking.

His boss had already arrived at the edge of the dense forest.

Right now, on the lawn of the back mountain, there were a stage, tables, chairs, flowers, sound devices, and so on.

It was like a beautiful wedding scene outside the house.

But that was not the most important part of the show.

“My queen, I once said that I would give you a grand, beautiful wedding.

Maybe this is not the grandest and the most beautiful wedding, but in my eyes, you are the most beautiful bride.

Ive been wanting to go to the wedding hall with you as soon as possible.

My bride, the show is about to begin.

Be ready.”

Zhang Han was not the talkative type, but on certain occasions, he wouldnt be stingy with his words and gentleness.

After saying this, everyone fell silent.

Zhang Han also clapped his hands.


The sound of rain rang throughout Mount New Moon.


The Thunder Yang Tree turned crystal blue, resonating with the Thunder Yang Flower and the Thunder Yang Grass.

Waves of energy began to burst out.


In front of each of the newlyweds, a colorful cloud suddenly appeared.

The clouds began to stretch and turned into a rainbow, like a bridge connecting the two.

On the ground, hundreds of flowers blossomed with brilliance and gorgeous colors.

“Wow, its so beautiful…”

Zi Shiya, Zhou Fei, Wang Ya, and other women were all fascinated at the sight.

Even Zhao Feng and his men were intoxicated in the view.

When the Rainbow Bridge was formed, Zhang Han and Zi Yan slowly floated into the air, following the arc of the rainbow and getting closer and closer to each other.


As if a breeze was blowing, Zi Yans wedding dress suddenly became two meters, three meters, five meters, and ten meters long.

The wedding dress gave off a faint glow and fluttered with the wind.

Against her delicate appearance, she looked like a princess in a fairy tale.

“Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!”

On the way up, the energy petals rose from the ground.

When Zhang Han confessed his love, he set fireworks all over the sky.

But today, there were flowers all over the sky.

There were big and small bouquets in the sky.

Some were ten-meter-wide roses, and some were five-meter-long lotus flowers…

The flowers fluttered around the rainbow bridge.

The sea of flowers was stunning, but it still couldnt compete with the brilliance of Zi Yan and Zhang Han.

At the same time, waves rose around Mount New Moon.

It was as if there were electronic screens in all directions.

A real sea with shining waves was shown on the screens.

Suddenly, a yacht appeared.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were on it, both of whom looked delighted.

The next picture came up.

It was the one that Zhang Han was surfing with Zi Yan in his arms.

The picture kept changing, displaying all kinds of romance the two had experienced.

For a while, Zi Yan was fascinated by the scene.

She didnt know why it was so magical.

She only knew that the view was magnificent.

She was touched, very happy, and deeply in love.

Gradually, the new couple approached each other and Zhang Han held her hands.

“My husband.”

Zi Yan called out softly.

“My wife.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Its time for us to propose a toast.”

He turned to look at the castle.


The rainbow bridge branched out, extending towards the castle.

Hand in hand, the two of them slowly flew to the castle under everyones gaze.

When they arrived at the square in front of the door, the colorful flowers in the air slowly gathered into a bunch of roses hundreds of meters long.

The bouquet kept rotating and shrinking.

When it reached Zhang Han, it had become a normal-sized bouquet.

Dong Chen and the others were dumbfounded at this.

“What the hell

“How, how did the illusory energy become real things

“Who can tell me why”

The several martial artists who were at the Heaven Peak Stage looked at one another.

From the look in the others eyes, they suddenly found that… their outlook of the world seemed to have been smashed!

As the light dissipated, Mount New Moon returned to peace.

But it seemed that everyone was still in a daze.


Suddenly, a mocking voice brought Instructor Liu back to reality.

It was Jiang Yanlans laughter.

It seemed that she wanted to say, “With your bad character, you cant possibly have come up with such a romantic idea on yourself.”


Instructor Lius lips quivered, and he patted Xu Yongs arm.

“Boy, why are you still in a daze The host should be ready.”

“Ah The host Ah! Ooh, got it!”

Xu Yong was a little flustered.

Seeing that Zhang Han and the others were about to enter the castle, he quickly ran to catch up with them.

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