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Chapter 795 The Boisterous Mount New Moon

There were many people in the hall, including many members of the Zi family and the Wang family.

In fact, the Zhang family had the least number of people present.

There were Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Han, and Zhang Li, and that was all.

There were only the three of them.

If adding Rong Jiali, they were a family of four.

Some of the members of the Rong family could also be considered Zhang Hans family, only that they were not very close to Zhang Han if compared with Zhang Li.

The Rong Jiali and Rong Jiaxins branch held their chins high in front of the Rong family.

They had never expected that Rong Jialis son was so awesome.

Nor did they know that Zhang Guangyous background was so powerful.

Before, only the head of the Rong family knew something about him, but now, the whole family had learned about it.

At this time, many onlookers were sitting on the sides of the hall.

In the center, there were four big chairs, on which sat Xu Xinyu, Zi Qiang, Zhang Guangyou, and Rong Jiali.

Zhang Li and Rong Jiaxin were in a different room with Mengmeng.

They were helping the girl making the last preparations before she went on stage.

Otherwise, Mengmeng would probably rush to the hall already.

Although she was a little suspected of being a “third wheel”, no one would dislike such a lovely little girl.

“Well, next is the toast of our newcomers.

Im Xu Yong, the current host.

Lets welcome todays groom and bride to toast both of their parents.”

It was also Xu Yongs first time to be a wedding host.

Although he had done a lot of preparation last night, he couldnt remember it at this time.

But he still had the general process in his mind, so he decided to act on his own discretion.

As he spoke, he waved his hand to Ah Hu and the others.

In the end, Ah Hu rushed to the side with two wine plates, on which there were four small cups filled with Chinese alcohol.

“You each make a toast to the parents of the other party, uh… Of course, since todays wedding, youll call the other partys parents your mother and father.

I dont know if both of your parents have prepared a big red envelope for you If not, its a pity!”

“Hahaha, we have it here, have it here.”

Zhang Guangyou laughed and nodded.

The other three parents were also smiling.

“Then let our excellent groom propose a toast to the brides parents first!” Xu Yong said loudly.

Zhang Han nodded slightly, took a glass of wine from the wine tray next to him, and held it with both hands.

When he handed it over, Xu Yong called, “Now its time to call them parents.

Lets do it.”

In fact, Zhang Han was grippy by a mix of feelings.

Looking at Zi Qiang, he called—

“Dad, drink some wine.”

“Well, well, well, good boy.” Zi Qiang quickly took the cup and drank it up.

Then Zhang Han toasted Xu Xinyu again.

She was not good at drinking, but she drank it all in one gulp.

Then she took out a big red envelope and handed it to Zhang Han.

“Next, please let the bride propose a toast,” Xu Yong said.

“Mom, your daughter-in-law now proposes a toast to you.” Zi Yan smiled slightly and gave her a cup of wine.

Here went the same.

Zhang Guangyou gave the bride a big red envelope, too.

The two red envelopes were bulging.

Everyone knew that it should not be money.

The bank card would not be that thick.

It must be something meaningful.

With their curious eyes fixed on him, Xu Yong continued, “The toast is over.

Lets go to the stage outside.

Its time to walk down the red carpet!”

The crowd slowly filed out of the hall.

On the lawn outside, some tables were already full.

Among them, there were some important local figures, such as those of the Luo family, the Chu family, the Ye family, and several official representatives.

There were also some people who had a good relationship with Zhang Han in the martial arts world, like Lei Tiannan, Mo Chengfeng, and Ji Wushuang.

In addition, Fang Rushan and the others had also come to join in the fun.

The number of people present was quite large.

After everyone arrived, most of them found a table and sat down.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan stood on the edge of the red carpet on the side.

Zhang Guangyou and the other three parents walked to the stage near the thunder yang tree.

“Hello, everyone.

Im the host, Xu Yong.”

Xu Yong grinned and didnt seem to know what to say next.

He took out a manuscript and started reading.

“In the boundless huge crowd, all kinds of men and women meet each other.

They either pass each other in a hurry or fall in love with each other.

Today, it seems that this couple is destined to have an extraordinary encounter.

Well, they are a perfect match, a perfect couple…”

After the long speech, Xu Yong threw away the manuscript and grabbed the microphone.

In a booming voice, he said, “Im going to announce that the wedding ceremony of the groom, Zhang Han, and the bride, Zi Yan, has officially begun.

All guests, please get up and welcome the new couple with a warm round of applause!”


For a moment, there was thunderous applause.

Everyone stood up and expressed their blessings with the applause.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan also looked at each other.

They smiled happily.

In the melodious wedding march, they held hands and walked slowly to the stage in front of them.

Under their feet was a 100-meter-long red carpet.

When they covered two-thirds of the red carpet, Xu Yong continued—

“Congratulations, bride and groom.

Youve come to the other side of happiness that belongs to you.

When your love…”

He had indeed prepared quite a speech.

It didnt finish until the new couple stepped onto the stage to say their wedding vows.

The two of them said in unison, “I do!”

Their declaration of love was confirmed.

“Okay! Then let the handsome couple exchange tokens.

Here I have to remind you that the little guest who will bring them flowers and wedding rings is the daughter of our new couple.

Well… I wont explain it here, because everyone already knew…”

Before he could finish his words, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and took over the microphone.

He smiled, and said slowly—

“By accident, we had a child first, and weve been through a lot before we got together.

This is a late wedding.

I am very grateful to Zi Yan and love her very much.

I also hope that everyone present can witness our long-lasting love.

Next, please invite my lovely little princess, Mengmeng, to come on the stage.”

After that, Zhang Han fixed his eyes on Mengmeng, who was on the other side of the red carpet.

The little girl was quite beautiful today.

She was holding a bouquet in her hand.

And on top of the bouquet, there was a pair of rings.

After making that remark, Zhang Han handed the microphone back to Xu Yong and waved at Mengmeng.

“Im coming!”

Mengmeng looked elated.

She giggled.

And when she saw Zhang Hans waving, she ran to the stage.


The red carpet on the lawn didnt seem to be even.

Mengmeng missed a step and leaned forward, just about to fall.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Dozens of energy waves gathered on her, trying to help Mengmeng up.

But how could they be faster than Zhang Han, who had been watching Mengmeng without blinking all the time


A gentle force supported the little princess.

She was a little confused.

She blinked her big eyes and looked around, then she ran at the stage again.

“PaPa, MaMa!”

When she arrived at the stage, Mengmeng called out sweetly and handed the flowers to Zhang Han.

“The handsome groom, please hand the bouquet to the beautiful bride in front of you, and put on her finger the ring of love…”

Under many envious and gratified gazes, the two exchanged rings.

All parts of rings seemed to be made of diamonds, which shone so brilliantly that many women below the stage envied them.

“Beautiful little princess, do you have anything to say to your parents today”

Xu Yong handed the microphone to Mengmeng with a smile.



Mengmeng was slightly taken aback.

Looking up at Zhang Han and Zi Yan, she pouted and uttered, “PaPa is super handsome, MaMa is super beautiful, and I… wish PaPa and MaMa a happy marriage.”


The audience burst into laughter.

It was the first time that they had seen a couples kid send wedding blessings on the wedding ceremony.

But it seemed quite interesting.

“Now, I announce that the wedding banquet officially begins! Everyone, enjoy the finest food in front of you!” Xu Yong said passionately.

For todays wedding banquet, Dong Chen sent the whole Heavenly Knights Sect to the Beast Mountain to gain experience.

They captured a lot of spiritual beasts.

Plus the ingredients of Mount New Moon, it could be said that this was an extraordinary banquet.

The Luo family, the Chu family, and Lei Tiannan and the others were all drooling about todays delicious food.

“Come on! Take another shot!”

The atmosphere began to become lively.

Mengmeng followed Zhang Li and came to sit with her good friend.

Wang Yihan had saved a place for Mengmeng as well.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan began to toast the guests.

This time, Zi Yan made toasts with red wine, while Zhang Han drank Chinese alcohol.

He didnt have to worry about getting drunk as he was good at drinking.

As for Zi Yan, after a round of toasts, her face turned a little red.

Seeing this, Xu Yong quickly got up and said, “All right, all right.

The bride and groom have finished their toasts.

Lets go to the bridal chamber for the next part! Lets send the two newlyweds to the bridal chamber to rest.

We have also prepared a lot of programs in the afternoon.

The show will continue until six oclock in the evening.

And there will be a sumptuous dinner.

If you have time, please stay and celebrate this festive day with us.”



Many people shouted in excitement.

At the table at the far end, Dahei, Little Hei, and the Tiny Tot also barked—

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

“Ow woo woo!”



“Then lets go take a rest.”

Being watched by all the guests, Zi Yans cheeks seemed to be redder and more delicate.

She went back to the castle with Zhang Han and headed to the third floor.

There were a lot of decorations in the bedroom.

The pillowcases and bedsheets had all been changed into red ones.

The bed was surrounded by beautiful flowers, and even the floor was strewn with rose petals.

After closing the door, Zhang Han smiled and began, “I…”

“Dont talk.

Kiss me.”

Like a dry wood bumped into a fire, Zi Yan wrapped herself around Zhang Han as if she were a small snake.

The room was full of romance and sweetness.

The banquet outside the castle was also very lively.

Yet, the onlookers on the nearby mountain watching the show were a little dumbfounded.

At first, they could see the pictures of the newlyweds around Mount New Moon.

But at the moment when the rainbow bridge rose—


A faint mist lingered around the whole Mount New Moon, making it impossible for them to see what was going on inside, and they couldnt use their soul sense to try to find out, either.

This led them to realize one thing.

There was indeed a formation on Mount New Moon!

But they didnt know if it was the Heaven-earth Formation.

In this regard, the crowd also had a small discussion.

“I havent spotted any formation on Mount New Moon.

I guess this is just an ordinary one.

After all, the Heaven-earth Formation requires time and treasures.

These divine objects on Mount New Moon are nowhere near enough.”

“Yes, the Heaven-Earth Formation usually takes several months to build.

And Zhang Hanyang has been in Xiangjiang for only a year.”

“Its a pity that we cant watch the fun anymore.

Zhang Hanyang used to be a legend in Xiangjiang.

Now, he has lost his fame, but that doesnt seem to bother him.

Look at Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, and the others.

Those people have all suffered defeat at Zhang Hanyangs hand.

But nowadays, their names alone can scare a lot of people in the God Realm.

With the appearance of the Invincible Grand Master… Now the era of Wu Dao Grand Masters has passed.”

“Perhaps his pursuit is different.

Forget it, forget it, lets go…”

Many martial artists who liked Zhang Han, basically his fans, had come here, too.

When they saw that his old titles, such as Zhang Hanyang, the Merciless Zhang, were fading out of peoples mind, they were also a little emotional.

But there was no other way.

After all, it was not their business.

With the departure of these onlookers, Mount New Moon was the only place that was boisterous.

When the visitors saw the powerful guard team, they took off again one after another.

Even those who harbored malicious intentions, such as those from the Wind Snow School, the Caprice Mo Sect Leader, all went away.

Although some people planned to stir up trouble on Zhang Hans wedding day, they still had scruples for the authorities.

It wasnt that they were scared.

If they were provoked, they would still dare to take action.

What they feared was the powerful and mysterious Black White Palace.

In addition, the Divine List was about to be released.

When that time came, as long as Zhang Han was on the list, people could go challenge him.

Then, it wouldnt matter even if someone killed him in public.

It was one oclock in the afternoon.

A few videos on the Internet had become popular.

Hot topics were emerging one after another.

“What a rich man! There are so many luxury cars.”

“Its really Zi Yans wedding.

D*mn it! The driver is Hanyang Why isnt there a live broadcast”

“This is way too extravagant…”

In contrast with these people, Sun Dongheng was being bombarded by a million calls.

“Beep, beep, beep, beep…”

The calls came in one after another.

In the end, Sun Dongheng had no choice but to mute his phone.

There were many rich people on his contact list, and he checked their messages one by one.

He found that most of them asked the same questions.

“Your boss is getting married”

“Brother, why didnt you inform me sooner that I wouldnt miss such a grand wedding Shouldnt you be punished”

“The event is huge, but a pity that I cant see it.

Could you shoot a short video”

The avalanche of messages made Sun Dongheng dizzy.

He clicked into a fan group and found that the topic they were on was the same, and they were nearly about to accuse him of his “wrongdoing”.

“I really cant give you a video.

They dont want to publicize the wedding.

My hands are tied.”

Sun Dongheng felt wronged.

“If you dont have any videos, you sure can give us some photos, right”

“Fine, I can only give you two photos.

Dont ask me for more after I post these.”

In the end, Sun Dongheng picked two photos he shot when the motorcade went up the mountain.

He was far away from the motorcade, so the pictures didnt show Zhang Han, who was driving, and Zi Yan, who was in the passenger seat, clearly.

Even so, the photos still had a kind of hazy beauty.

After sending the pictures, there was another sensation in the group chat.

Sun Dongheng didnt check his phone anymore.

He had already given them face in doing this.

“Take a break with your mobile phone and eat something.

These are very delicious,” said Sun Donghengs mother, who smiled helplessly at this.

Hearing that, Sun Dongheng began to enjoy the food.

Almost everyone stuffed themselves to the fullest.

After all, todays ingredients were not those that they could have on normal days.

At the top row of tables, Dong Chen and others were sitting at a table, and Zhang Guangyou was sitting at the table next to them.

“Ahem, Guangyou, hows that thing going” Dong Chen turned around and asked.

“Oh, he said that he would do it for us tomorrow, and then he would go on his honeymoon.” Zhang Guangyou smiled.

“Got it.” Dong Chen turned back and shook his head slightly.

“At least this guy has some conscience.

He didnt go on his honeymoon right off.”

They had been waiting for several days, but they hadnt even caught a glimpse of what Zhang Hans cultivation method was like.

Now they finally got an answer.

Hearing their words, Wang Xiaowu asked curiously, “Grand Elder, whats the matter Young Lord is going on his honeymoon, but the Divine List is about to come out.”

The conversation among the elders that day was carried out in private.

The disciples outside didnt hear it, so they didnt know that the Young Lord was going to teach the Highest Elders some new cultivation methods.

At this, Dong Chen was silent for a second.

Then he said, “You dont need to know it.”

“Its not something we cant tell.” Third Elder said flatly, “Zhang Han is going to guide us on the cultivation method.”


Wang Xiaowu, who had just stuffed a mouthful of rice, directly spat it out.

With a face full of astoundment, he asked, “What did you say”


Even Yun Feiyang, who had always been tacit, was shocked.

His eyes stopped blinking.

He didnt expect that the Young Lord had become this powerful.

“Can I still catch up with him”

“How, how strong is he”

Wang Xiaowu asked what was on everyones mind.

Dong Chen remained silent at this.

First Elder responded, “How strong The only thing I know is that in front of his formation, I am just a piece of trash.

Oh no, a grain of dust.

I cant compare myself to him at all.”

Third Elder said, “His strength… Well, Id better not get into the details, lest you suffer a great blow to confidence.”

“As long as you know that his cultivation method is so powerful that he can totally advise us on it, thatll do.” Dong Chen waved his hand casually.

He didnt say too much, either.

But Yun Feiyangs eyes lit up.

He began, “Master, elders, you just said that Young Lord has time to give advice tomorrow.

I have a suggestion.

The Divine List is about to come out, and we, who have reached the Earth Realm, cant participate.

Junior Brother Jiang Bing is at the God Realm Peak-stage.

Although his strength is not bad, he is still inferior to some other cultivators.

Why dont you let Young Lord give him some advice as well If Jiang Bing and Young Lord are among the top ten on the Divine List, it will be a great promotion for our Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“Thats a good idea.”

Third Elder smiled and said, “Okay.”

“By the way, is Zhang Hans strength still at the God Realm If so, he will undoubtedly come out first on the Divine List.” First Elder suddenly remarked, “The previous top on the Divine List is the Hill Master, and he has been called Immortal King Zhang since then.

If Zhang Han becomes the next Immortal King Zhang, as he is the grandson of the Hill Master, this will probably be an eternal legend.”

“But will he participate I cant stand it.” The Third Elder shook his head slightly.

“Its good that he doesnt participate.” Dong Chen looked at Zhang Guangyou, who was laughing.

“The last winner is grandpa, and the next is the grandson of the grandpa.

Where is the son in the middle Ha…”

Zhang Guangyou, “Hmm”

“Why did he start to mock me again

“Humph, never mind.

My son is getting married today.

I wont argue with you.”

Zhang Guangyou drank a glass of Chinese wine and continued to chat with Zi Qiang.

After nearly two hours, Mengmeng couldnt stand playing with Wang Yihan anymore.

“Wheres PaPa and MaMa”

Mengmeng looked around and was a little anxious.

She ran to the castle by herself.

“Hey, Mengmeng, what are you going to do Wait, come back here.”

Seeing this, Zhang Li quickly went off to bring her back.

“Im going to find PaPa and MaMa.”

“Theyre still resting.

Can we wait a little longer”

Zhang Li answered with a smile.


Mengmeng pouted, about to throw a tantrum.

Zhang Han in a suit and Zi Yan in a red cheongsam came over to her hand in hand.


Zhang Han waved at her with a smile and said, “Come on.”


Mengmeng was both surprised and delighted.

She dragged her little legs and sprinted toward them.

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