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Chapter 797 Giving Instructions

“The vast universe.”

“In the vast starry sky, tens of thousands of races are competing for power!”

“The Cultivation World.”

“The Heaven Peak Stage is just the beginning.”

“Even their newborn children are stronger than those in the Heaven Realm.”


Those pieces of information struck Dong Chen and the other two dumb.

They could not imagine that in the depths of the mysterious starry sky, there was such a group of powerful figures, living in another vast world.

The earth, even the Kunlun Immortal World, was just a speck of dust compared to the universe.

Good heavens, that was beyond their imagination!

This kind of feeling was like an ordinary person who suddenly learned of the martial arts world and came to realize that there was such a hot-blooded Jianghu around them, which was certainly shocking news.

Like that, although they were fairly strong martial artists, they were still very much astonished.

“The so-called Kunlun Immortal World and all kinds of Immortal regions are nothing.

They just dont know how big the universe is.

The real Immortal Realm is in the Cultivation World.

When a cultivator has passed the ninth stage of the tribulation in the Cultivation World, reached a certain level, he will trigger the Thunder Tribulation and blaze the Heaven Road.

We dont even know whether it is really the Immortal Realm there.

What is an immortal Everyone has a different understanding of that.

For ordinary people, the martial artists in the God Realm are like the immortals on land.

The answer can vary if we make different comparisons.

Maybe there is only another high-end world outside the Heaven Road.

These are still far too remote from us, so we dont need to fuss about the details.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

His words also brought the three of them out of their reveries.

Zhang Guangyou gave a hollow laugh and said, “I thought that the martial arts heritage you got was from a mighty master in the Kunlun Immortal World.

It seems that Ive underestimated him again.

Like the realms you mentioned last time, then…”

“What realms” Dong Chen inquired at once.

At this time, he was no longer calm.

He was burning with the hot pursuit of martial arts, and his eyes were scorching, riveted on Zhang Han unblinkingly.

It was obvious that if Zhang Han didnt give Dong Chen a detailed answer, he wouldnt let him go.

“Then Ill get into it.”

Zhang Han smiled and began, “There are Qi Strength Masters, Wu Dao Grand Masters, God Realm Masters, Earth Realm Masters, and Heaven Realm masters on Earth.

These names are invented by ourselves, and there are no problems with that.

However, in the Cultivation World, the realms are divided into the Qi-refining Stage, the Foundation, the Innateness, the Golden Elixir, the Yuan Ying, the God Transformation, the Void-refining Stage, the Integration, and the Mastery.

So, there are a total of nine stages.

After that, there will be a tribulation.

When you pass the tribulation, you can suppress a region.

And the tribulation stage is broken down into nine stages as well.

It goes from the first stage to the ninth stage, like a round of trial.

Only after the ninth stage can you have the opportunity to go through the Thunder Tribulation and step on the Heaven Road.”

“In fact, the Qi-refining Stage is similar to the Qi Strength Master.

The Foundation Stage is similar to a Wu Dao Grand Master.

In the Cultivation World, there is a saying that if you dont enter the Innateness Stage, you are a mortal.

Therefore, the Innateness Stage is the beginning of cultivation.

It is somewhat similar to the God Realm, but compared with the Innateness Stage, the God Realm is still a lot inferior.”


Dong Chen was shocked.

He abruptly stood up and stared at Zhang Han.

According to that system, wouldnt it mean that the Heaven Realm was actually quite weak Those at the Heaven Peak Stage couldnt get killed Perhaps in the eyes of the highest-level cultivators who had passed the tribulation, those at the Heaven Peak Stage were as humble as ants, which they could crush at any time.

“Then I… the Innateness is similar to the God Realm, then Im equivalent to… those in the Elixir, the Yuan Ying Stage Am I about to reach the Yuan Ying Stage Then above this, isnt it the God Transformation Realm Im afraid that there are a lot of martial artists in the God Transformation Realm in the Kunlun Immortal World, and there are so many realms above that.

The world is so big that it is far beyond my imagination.


Dong Chen mumbled to himself.

Hearing this, Zhang Han was a little confused.

“Wait, you seem to have some misunderstanding about your realm.”

“What misunderstanding” Dong Chen asked in haste.

“Youre still a far way away from the Elixir Realm.

Its not that youre about to reach the Yuan Ying Stage.

Let me put it this way.

A cultivator at the Yuan Ying Stage can make the Main Sect of the Wind Snow School disappear from this world with just one punch.”

“Er…” Dong Chens pupils shrank.

“Then, which realm are you in” Zhang Guangyou suddenly asked.

Hearing this, Dong Chen shook his dizzy head, looked at Zhang Han earnestly, and pricked up his ears.

“Im merely at the middle stage of the Innateness.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “In the face of a man at the Heaven Peak Stage, I can put a fight.

As for those at the Middle-Stage of the Heaven Realm, I can kill them with one hand.”

Upon hearing his words, the three people once again fell into silence.

Two minutes later, after finally digesting the news, Dong Chen smiled bitterly and said, “Does that mean, when you reach the Last-Stage of Innateness, those at the Heaven Peak Stage may no longer be your match”

“Its not that theymay, butdefinitely wont be my match.” Zhang Han laughed.

“The system of realms is very complicated.

In fact, the strength of an ordinary man in the Innateness is almost the same as that of someone in the early stage of the Innateness Realm and the God Realm.

A man at the middle stage is nearly as strong as that in the Earth Realm.

And the Last Stage is similar to the Heaven Realm.

However, Im not an ordinary Innateness cultivator.”

“It turns out that this is the real realm system,” Dong Chen said with a complex look.

“In fact, we have also heard of Qi-refining, Foundation, and Innateness, only that our knowledge was half-baked.

We havent heard of the latter levels at all, let alone seen one in those realms.

Is our planet not suitable for cultivation Even though the spiritual Qi is exhausted in the secular world, the worldlet is still abundant with it.

But no one has ever heard any martial artist break through to the Heaven Peak Stage.”

“This planet isnt suitable for cultivation”

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Thats just an illusion.

I can tell you for sure that the planet under our feet is extraordinary.

It has another name, the Saint Warrior Planet! There are so many relics, worldlets, three Deadlands, eight Dangerous Lands, and the Kunlun Immortal World.

These places are all attached to this main world.

This is the real treasure land.”

“Saint Warrior Planet It sounds impressive, but…”

“Because this is supposed to be the sealed Saint Warrior Planet.

Thats why the world has become like this.” Zhang Han sighed.

“You dont have to know about these things.

After all, I dont know whats going on either.”

“So thats how it is.”

Dong Chen said in a daze, “It feels like a dream.

This information is too mind-blowing.”

“My son used to give me a shock every day, but these days, he finally calmed down.

Now I suddenly get to know such top secrets, I feel that the peak of the Heaven Realm is nothing at all.

But thinking about it, Im still in the Earth Realm, alas…”

Zhang Guangyou sighed and remarked, “Stop it, we cant let this conversation continue anymore.

Lets take time to digest it.

We shall all go back and rest.”

“Im off.” After saying these two words, Dong Chen leaped up and left quickly.

Seeing this, Zhang Hans corner of mouth twitched slightly.

He came here just to teach Dong Chen the Cultivation Method, so that it could save him a lot of trouble tomorrow.

Yet, Zhang Han didnt expect that Dong Chen would soon take off after they just started to chat.

“Son, your father and I are also going back.

You should go to bed early.

Now the wedding is over, go spend some quality time with Zi Yan.” Rong Jiali smiled gently.

“Got it.”

Zhang Han smiled and watched them leave.

Then he went back to the bedroom, took off his pajamas, and went to bed to rest.

The next day was Sunday.

Zhang Han and his family had no plans for any outings.

Because Zhang Han had to teach others some cultivation methods.

Even Jiang Bing had hurried over from the sect.

After breakfast, just as Zhang Han was about to go to the back mountain with Mengmeng, Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei came to him from the side.

“Brother Han.”

As they approached, Chen Changqing whispered in Zhang Hans ear, “Im thinking about going out for a while.

Those guys outside are quite unruly.

Weve got to make them behave.”


Zhang Han looked at Chen Changqing in surprise.

He was at the God Realm Late-stage.

Owing to the Qing Dragon blood and the all eight drought demonic dragon method, his strength was quite strong.

An ordinary martial artist at the God Realm Peak-stage was no match for him.

Zhang Han remembered he had said that when he reached the God Realm Peak-stage, he would go out to teach the group of talents from the worldlet a lesson.

Now that Zhang Han smelled his aura, sure enough, this dude was already at the God Realm Peak-stage!

“Then go ahead.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

“Are you going with me or not I can wait for you for a few days.” Chen Changqing then voiced his real agenda.

He wanted to turn the worldlet upside down with Brother Han.

But Zhang Han was not interested in these things.

He shook his head and said, “I… will have a honeymoon with my beautiful wife.”

Zi Yan couldnt help but smirk after hearing his words.

“You have such a glib tongue.”

Zi Yan rolled her eyes.


Mengmeng also raised her head out of curiosity, not knowing what they were talking about.

“All right then.”

Chen Changqing gave an awkward smile.

“I knew it.

Never mind.

Ill go out and have some fun myself.

Look after Feifei for me.”

“Hey Youre telling me” Zhou Fei yelled crossly.

“At this place, you are the outsider, okay”

“Ah” Chen Changqings face darkened.

“Okay, okay, Im leaving.”

He was a little reluctant to leave his lover when they just started the relationship.

Nonetheless, in such a prosperous era, the Chen family had to send a member to the martial arts stage as well, and that man was Chen Changqing.

In addition, he was a member of Mount New Moon.

Since Brother Han was unwilling to leave Mount New Moon, he would launch a massacre and make a name for himself.

He left without hesitation.

After saying goodbye, he turned around and headed down the mountain.

Zhou Fei had watched his back for quite a while.

After he left, she became a little depressed.

“Well, hell be back in a few days.” Seeing her like this, Zi Yan ran to Zhou Fei and comforted her in a low voice.

Now she could totally tell her “Ive been through this, too”.

When Zhang Han was not on Mount New Moon, she didnt know how she got through it.

Although Chen Changqings departure was quite different from that, it was still a separation.

They went all the way to the pet area, where Mengmeng and Dahei began to play.

Zhang Han was there, watching them play.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei started chatting over juice in a pavilion at the side.

At eight oclock, Dong Chen arrived first.


He stood under the thunder yang tree for two minutes.

Seeing that Zhang Han ignored him, he coughed softly.


Zhang Han still did not seem to have noticed him.


There was another light cough, which was slightly louder than the previous one.

With a martial artists hearing ability, it should easy for Zhang Han to hear it.

“Eh This brat! Why is he playing dumb with me”

“Ahem, hem!”


“Ah, ahem!”

“Ahem, hem, hem, hem…”

Dong Chen refused to yield.

He kept coughing over there, his eyes glowering at Zhang Han.

It seemed that he would soon lose it.

“Eh Grand Elder, why are you coughing”

Wang Xiaowu, Yun Feiyang, and Jiang Bing walked over from the back.

All three of them looked puzzled.

“Whats wrong with Grand Elder Does he have a cold or a fever”


Dong Chens expression froze slightly, but he quickly recovered his composure and said, “Lately, I found a secret method.

It can achieve an unexpected effect with the help of some vocal practice.

Well, it calls for 30% of your spiritual force and 70% of your soul sense.

Sadly, I havent found the balance yet.”

“Is that so”

Wang Xiaowu was dazed for a moment.

But then, his confusion was replaced by surprise.

“Grand Elder is giving us some instructions!”


“Ahem, hem, hem, hem!”

Wang Xiaowu took the lead to try it out.

Jiang Bing and Yun Feiyang thought for a while and started coughing one after another.


All of a sudden, there was sort of a racket there, which eventually attracted Zhang Hans attention.

However, Dong Chen was a little amazed.

“Ow, cough!”

With a buzz, Wang Xiaowu coughed out a gust of evil wind, which filled the area within 10 meters with wreathing evil spirit.

“Thank you for your guidance, Grand Elder!”

Wang Xiaowus face was full of surprise and he thanked Dong Chen repeatedly.

Dong Chen was bewildered.


He obviously didnt understand it.

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