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“Why did it take so long”

Mengmengs forehead was covered with sweat.

She looked up at Zhang Han and pouted.

“Your grandfather asked me to talk to them.” Zhang Han laughed.

“Hum.” Mengmeng twisted her little butt and looked at Zhang Guangyou, who was behind her.

“Grandpa, I dont like you.

I really dont like you.”


Zhang Guangyou was stunned and didnt know what to say.

It seemed that he always took the blame for Zhang Han.”

He was wondering why his granddaughter ignored him last time.

It turned out that the root cause of everything was Zhang Han.

He didnt know what Zhang had said!

“Well, its not me.

Its all Grandpa Dongs fault.

He insisted on looking for us.” Zhang Guangyou immediately changed the subject.

“Grandpa Dong is not fat.

Hes a little thin.

Hes wearing a long robe… It was his fault last time.

The time before last time, it was also his fault.

He made Mengmeng unhappy.

When I see him next time, Grandpa will beat him, okay”


Mengmeng was shocked and thought it was true.

She first nodded her little head and then said seriously,

“No, Grandpa, we can talk to him, but its wrong to hit him.”

“Well, thats okay.

Now that my lovely granddaughter said that, as your grandfather, I would definitely save your face.” Zhang Guangyou squatted down and said, “Im so obedient.

Shouldnt you reward me”

While speaking, Zhang Guangyou leaned over and pointed to the right side of his face.


Mengmeng raised her head and looked at her PaPa.

When she didnt see any objection, she leaned over and kissed him.


Zhang Guangyou laughed and was in a very good mood.

It was not only because Mengmeng was cute, but also because he had a happy family.

In addition, the cultivation method that Zhang Han had just taught Dong Chen and the others made him feel that Heavenly Knights Sect might return to its peak in a few years.

It seemed that everything had gone better since the gate of the small world was opened, which made Zhang Guangyou extremely satisfied.

He also realized that he had a very promising son.

Without him, it was uncertain whether Heavenly Knights Sect could survive the fierce Wind Snow School.

Zhang Guangyou and Zi Yan were playing with Mengmeng, while Zhang Han was sitting in the pavilion, drinking tea and thinking.

He kept deducing.

Except for being interrupted during lunch, he spent the rest of his time thinking about the problem of the cultivation method in the pavilion.

It wasnt until the night that he let out a long breath, and a trace of fatigue flashed through his eyes.

“PaPa, we are going to have dinner.”

“Im coming.”

After having dinner in the dining hall and returning to the castle, Mengmeng, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li went to the movie hall to watch a movie.

Zhang Han and his parents came to the next room.

“Mom, Dad, Ive also chosen your cultivation methods.” Zhang Han shook his head with a smile.

“I wanted to do it for you after a while, but I know that Dad is eager to have it, so I finished it in the daytime.”

“Hahaha, good for you.” Zhang Guangyous eyes lit up.

“How arrogant you are!” Rong Jiali rolled her eyes at him with a smile.

“The Heaven-earth Formation of Mount New Moon is controlled by the thunder yang tree.

It has thousands of changes and can consume crystals.

There is a groove under the thunder yang tree, and you can put it there.

It can also consume divine objects and holy objects.

You can also control the formation.

If there is an enemy coming while Im not here with you, you can activate the formation.

Then, they wont break in even it cost a year.” Zhang Han added.

“Wait a minute.

How can we control the formation if you dont give us the token or something” Zhang Guangyou asked in confusion.

The formation of Heavenly Knights Sect could be controlled by the five tokens.

However, there was also a priority in controlling it.

Dong Chens and the First Elders tokens were the highest, while the other three were slightly inferior.

The other sects were also in a similar situation, but it was the first time for him to see that kind of formation, which can be controlled without anything.

“Because…” Zhang Han mediated in silence and thought about whether he should explain it in detail.

After thinking for a while, he said simply, “Because of our blood lineage, we are a family.

You, Li, Mengmeng, and Zi Yan can directly control the formation.”

“Oh, I see.” Zhang Guangyou nodded and said, “Okay, you can have a honeymoon with Yan.

Besides, didnt you go out during the day and come back at night”


“Lets begin.”

After saying a few words, Zhang Han taught Zhang Guangyou the cultivation method first.

“This cultivation method is called the Demon Broadsword Method, which is a top-level cultivation method in line with knife skills.

According to the stages of the cultivation method, there are 18 kinds of secret methods and 99 kinds of combat skills.

It was obtained by a cultivator who was at the seventh stage of the tribulation.

I have carefully changed this cultivation method, which is enough for you to practice it for a few years.”

This time, Zhang Han didnt secretly transmit a message to him.

After saying a few words in front of him, he began to evolve in Zhang Guangyous mind.

There were a total of two kinds of secret methods and 15 kinds of combat skills.

Then, he began to teach them.

If this thing went too far, it would definitely as bad as not going far enough.

Therefore, Zhang Han showed a move that was not much higher than Zhang Guangyous realm in advance, so that he could understand it.

After all, he was Zhang Hans father, so the things he gave were naturally different.

Zhang Han only showed a little bit of the Four Symbols Sea that Dong Chen had obtained, but Zhang Guangyous mind showed the whole secret skill from the beginning to the end, which was a whole detailed process.

After teaching Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Han immediately looked at Rong Jiali.

“Mom, I dont think youre good at fighting, so Ill teach you something easier.

The escape method, the Cloud Hiding Skill.

I have made a great improvement according to my previous cultivation of the Divine Walking Trick and the Divine Hiding Trick.”

It was relatively simple for Zhang Han to teach Rong Jiali the Cultivation Method.

After all, Zhang Han had a deeper understanding of the Divine Walking Trick and the Divine Hiding Trick.

After that, Rong Jiali closed her eyes for three minutes and then slowly opened them.

“Well, your mother and I will go back to cultivate first.

You can go to accompany Xiao Yan and Mengmeng.”

Zhang Guangyou smiled and left with Rong Jiali.

Zhang Han also came to the movie hall and looked at the end of the movie with Mengmeng in his arms.

“Its over.

Its already nine oclock.

Are we going to sleep” Zi Yan reached out and scratched the tip of Mengmengs nose.

“Uh-huh, Im going to sleep.”

“Well, you can go to sleep.

Ill sleep alone.” Zhou Fei yawned and was a little sleepy.

She planned to go back to sleep.

“Im going, Im going on a date,” Zhang Li said casually.

She and Liang Hao didnt dare to make out during the day.

In the evening, they dare to hug each other now.

If Zhang Guangyou saw this, he would be furious again.

After a while, they said goodbye to each other and left.

The family of three went back to the big bed.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng put on lovely pajamas, and Zhang Han wore a pair of boxers.

Lying in the middle of the bed, Mengmeng saw that Zi Yans long legs and arms were on Zhang Hans body.

She also learned to hold Zhang Han with her short legs and small arms.

“Humph, you are so annoying.

Stand aside.

How dare you steal my man” Zi Yan patted Mengmengs little hand gently.

“No.” Mengmeng snorted and said, “PaPa is mine, not MaMas.”

“Its mine.”



They began to play.

It seemed that it would take some time for them to sleep.

Originally, Zhang Han wanted to do something romantic, so he was a little anxious.

However, he didnt expect that at 10 oclock, they fell asleep together in his soft voice when he was telling stories.

“All right…”

Zhang Han also slowly closed his eyes.

“Ill go out and play for a while tomorrow to spend my honeymoon.”

He and Zi Yan had never experienced the process of knowing each other and falling in love.

Although they were very happy now, a lovers world was still needed.

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