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The broad smile on the face of the head of Limitless Sect was the last thing he left the world with.

Although this kind of ending was not his voluntary choice, he was, at least, not lonely.

Wham, bang, kaboom…

A series of booming sounds were heard as many people began to fight.

Among them, several sect leaders were the strongest.

Those martial artists with lower cultivation were, however, suffering.

They were not far from Mount New Moon, just on the other side of the neighboring mountain.

For ordinary people, it would take some time to climb the mountain, but for martial artists above the God Realm, it would only take a few seconds.

Even though these people limited their energy in a small area while attacking one another, Dong Chen and the others were alerted at once.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

In an instant, Dong Chen, First Elder, Third Elder, the three peak heads, and Zhang Guangyou all gathered there.

After feeling one another out, they found that their cultivation methods had all been successfully switched.

It seemed that Zhang Guangyou was just a step away from the Heaven Realm.

The three peak heads were the same as him.

It probably would not take long for Heavenly Knights Sect to have several new masters in the Heaven Realm.

Dong Chen and the other two, who were at the Heaven Peak Stage, had stronger auras and acquired a lot of insights.

Seeing the energy fluctuations in the distance, Third Elder sneered and said, “I was just considering testing the power of my new cultivation method on someone!”

“Dont rush.

Lets wait and see,” Dong Chen said.

The group then flew up to the sky from the dense forest at the back of the mountain.

When they arrived at the place, Dong Chens face darkened slightly.

“Its the Limitless Sect.

A few days ago, they joined forces to attack our Heavenly Knights Sect, but now they still havent given up.

Good, very good.”

“Theyre…” Third Elder narrowed his eyes, and then his expression hardened.

“In this case, Ill go and kill them!”

Dong Chen was a little tempted by his suggestion.

Just as they were about to take action…


First Elder hurried ordered them to stop.

His face was flushed with excitement, and his voice was trembling.

“Didnt you find it The reason that theyre fighting among themselves is precisely the Heaven-earth Formation of Mount New Moon!”


Dong Chen frowned and asked, “The flickering energy is a formation”

They had all sensed it.

A stream of marvelous energy had suddenly appeared and disappeared below where they were.

It was kind of odd, but they didnt feel threatened or wanted to take this opportunity to seriously injure the enemy.

“I can feel a trace of it.

It seems to be an advanced illusory formation.

Here is a little far from the Heaven-earth Formation.

If you act rashly, you will definitely break the balance of the formation and cause it to stop working.

Look at them.

Now they are trapped in the illusory formation, and they cant distinguish between the enemy and their comrades.

Even the world in their eyes is different from what we see.

So I suggest that we wait and see what will happen.

And it wont be too late to fight them after the formation disappears.”

First Elder made the explanations.

It also made Dong Chen and the others temporarily throw away the idea of taking action immediately.

“Theyve all been at their peak for many years.

What kind of illusory formation can make them lose their bearings”

After watching the fight for a few more seconds, Third Elders hair stood on end.

“Doesnt that mean that if we ever walk in this kind of illusory formation, we will also be lost in it”

At his words, everyone suddenly fell into silence.

Two seconds later, First Elder remarked, “Although I cant believe it, thats the truth.”

“This…” Third Elders face stiffened.

“Can the Heaven-earth Formation really be this powerful”

“He said that he was setting up a Heaven-earth Formation that would surpass all the formations the other sects had in the world.”

“Then why dont we ask him to strengthen the formation of Heavenly Knights Sect” Third Elder asked abruptly.

“There is a chance, isnt there But now is not the time.

The treasury on the mountain is almost empty, and the Heavenly Knights Sect is so big, so we need more treasures to fix the formation.” Dong Chen reminded him.

“All right.” Third Elder sighed and said, “I never realized that a formation could be so lethal.”

“Haha,” First Elder sneered when he saw this, “you used to look down on the formation, but now you know better, dont you What is killing people without them noticing This is! So what if you are at Heaven Peak Stage Youll get lost in the formation like the others anyway.

Look, theyre killing their own people, while we dont need to sacrifice any of our men.

Do you get it”

“Like its you who set up this formation.” After Third Elder got over the shock, he calmed down.

Without pausing to marvel at the formation, he looked at First Elder and mocked, “His skill in formation is so powerful.

You have studied formations for decades, but… Well, comparison drives you mad.”

“You…” First Elder did not know what to do excepting bulging his eyes.

He eventually restrained himself considering the occasion and looked down without saying anything.

The others were also silent.

What they were watching had obviously given them a new understanding of the art of formation setting.

In the forest below, the fierce battle was still going on.

Their attacks were all very deadly, like sneak attacks.

And their blows were highly effective.

In less than a minute, six of the team of 16 people died, and two were seriously injured.

Among the remaining eight people, seven were at the Heaven Peak Stage, and the other one was a Heaven Realm Middle-Stage martial artist who was fairly lucky.

The energy they released also sped up the consumption of the Heaven-earth Formation.

Moreover, their position was a little far from the Heaven-earth Formation, adding that Zhang Han was no longer moving forward to enforce it with his power, so loopholes began to appear in the illusory formation.

In an instant, someone noticed this.


A sect head exclaimed, and three kinds of divine weapons appeared in his right hand, shining softly.

In his sight, the world quaked, and then his vision became clear again.

When he saw the scene in front of him, he was horrorstruck.

“Oh no! Its an illusory formation.

Wake up!”

He turned on the divine weapons, which continuously emitted light to restore the consciousness of others.

Right at this moment—


Suddenly, a cold shout rang out from the sky.

He looked up and his face turned pale.

“Now retreat!”


The others were instantly awakened by the light of the mans divine weapons and the shout.


Their first thought was to flee.

However, they were facing Dong Chen and his men, who were well-prepared.

“Four Symbols Formation: Flood Dragons Sea Lockdown!

“Four Symbols Formation: White Tigers Roar!”

Dong Chen attacked with his own cultivation method coupled with the cards that Zhang Han gave him.

The blow he launched was several times more powerful than that of the Four Symbols Formation that Zhang Han had performed!


A pale sea wave surrounded the group of people below.

Third Elder suddenly laughed wildly, and a three-foot-long sword materialized in his right hand.

“Green Light Sword Suppressing Heaven and Earth!”

He cast the cultivation method and sword movements that Zhang Han had taught him, which produced the most powerful attacks he had ever launched so far, though he had only comprehended a little bit of the sword moves.

First Elder quickly took out several Formation Stones and threw them forward.

“Trap them!”

A formation appeared, covering everything below.

“Water Wood Broadsword!”

Zhang Guangyou swung his broadsword vigorously and hacked.

The broadsword radiance he produced even overshone Third Elders sword light.

Their attacks actually offset each other, reducing their power by 30 percent.

“Be careful of accidental injuries!”

Third Elder roared with dissatisfaction.

“Sorry I didnt keep good control of it…”

Zhang Guangyou retracted his head and looked down in a hurry.

Their timely surprise attacks were remarkably effective.

The blows shot by First Elder and Third Elder were particularly fierce.

The crowd below was scared out of their wits.

However, it was too difficult to kill those at the Heaven Peak Stage.

The head of the Limitless Sect and the other five sect heads, as well as the two at the edge, all broke the blockade and fled quickly.

The other two… In the face of these attacks, they looked as if they had fallen into an ice cave, and their faces were pale as a sheet.


They raised heads to face the sky and roared.

Before their voice could spread out, they were killed on the spot.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

The eight people who had fled paused briefly from a few kilometers away.

Dong Chen and the others did not chase after them.

They just looked down at them coldly from the sky.

“Heavenly Knights Sect!”

The head of Limitless Sect was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood, feeling that his heart was bleeding.

In their sect, except for him, there was now no one in the Heaven Realm anymore.

It was certainly awkward to be a person without a following!

If the head of the Caprice Mo Sect Leader were here, he would probably laugh out loud and clap his hands.

“Good, good, good.

Finally, someone is here to keep me accompanied.”

“Theyre just a defeated army.”

Dong Chen said from a distance, then turned around, and left.

Those elders didnt even give them another look as if they were just rubbish on the side of the road.


The eight people on the side were all angry, but there was nothing they could do.

They were more shocked than irritated.

After Dong Chen and the others left, they suddenly fell into silence.

“Whats the matter”

About ten minutes later, one of the martial artists at the Heaven Realm Middle-Stage broke the dull silence.

“How did we fall into the illusion No, the illusory formation”

“Its impossible.

Ive been carrying a treasure that clarifies my soul sense…” The head of Limitless Sect broke off.

He paused for two seconds and then sighed.

“An illusory formation.

With such a powerful illusory formation, how should we continue”

“Do you want to give up”

“No! We cant give up!”

“The Heaven-earth Formation on Mount New Moon is the most powerful one I have ever seen.

The person who set up the formation may be that mysterious master Zhang Guangyou brought here.

Is it possible that the people of the Black and White Palace are helping them In that case, we cant go up and attack Mount New Moon.

However, we wont retreat.

There is still another way to go!”

“What is it”

“Attack and kill Zhang Hanyang!”

“I swear I wont give up if I dont get back at them!”

With a few words, these people turned sorrow into wrath.

“To attack and kill me”

Zhang Han, who was in the corner of Zi Yans office, opened his eyes.

He looked a little tired, but deep in his pupils, there was a hint of indifference.

Their conversation passed several pieces of news to Zhang Han.

The head of the Caprice Mo Sect Leader did not send the information back.

The Wind Snow School did not participate in this matter, but they gave them tasks that would earn them rewards, and the most important one was to kill him.

The senior leaders of the Wind Snow School all knew that Zhang Han could undo the Heaven-earth Formation.

This was also the reason why they did not dare to leave their sect.

They were afraid that their nest would be destroyed.

So, if Zhang Han was killed, they would regain the initiative.

“These people.”

Zhang Han breathed a soft sigh, and the tinge of anger in his heart dissipated.

He just wanted to live a peaceful life and cultivate in seclusion, but these people kept pestering him like flies.

Zhang Han was a little annoyed, but at the same time, he felt helpless.

He was now at the same level as them, so there was nothing to complain about.

At least he was safe and sound now.

If this happened when he just came back to the worldlet, he would probably be killed by a casual slap of those Heaven Peak Stage martial artists.

In the face of absolute strength, all means and conspiracies were invalid.

That Zhang Han also agreed with.

“Have some water.”

While he was lost in thought, Zi Yan brought over two glasses of water and sat beside Zhang Han.

She raised her hand and pointed at the map.

“Ive found it.

The previous place is okay as well.

There is a suitable place 50 nautical miles away from it.

Originally, I wanted to go to other sea areas on this trip.

Yet, as we have a little burden, we cant travel overseas.

So I dropped the idea.”

Zi Yan whispered these words, which made Zhang Han burst into laughter.

“What can we do then The little burden is so cute.

How can we not take her with us If you want a long trip, wait for the Nation Holiday.

It seems that the Academy Awards will be held again soon.

Then, you will be busy with accepting all kinds of awards.”

“Well, will you, the Best Actor in Leading Roles, attend the event”

“Im not going.”



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