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At this moment, Mu Xue was really in a panic.

She had never felt such pressure before, not even from her father.

But such a mighty master was vanquished by his opponent.

Then, how strong would his opponent be

What was more, that opponent had slaughtered tens of thousands ofmartial artists.

How brutal was he

This was Zhang Hanyangs memory.

But he was only in his twenties.

Could it be that he had been possessed by an old monster

“I, I, I…”

Looking at Zhang Han, whose eyes were seeing again but extremely aloof, Mu Xue was completely panicked and even started to stammer.

In fact, she was still wondering what was going on.

However, from Zhang Hans tone and expression, she knew that the person who had crushed all those martial artists in that memory was Zhang Hanyang himself!

Zhang Han stepped slowly toward her.

In a very bland tone, he said, “You actually got me.

I didnt expect you to have the mark of the Soul-Bewitching Goldfish.”


“I just wanted to play with you for a couple of minutes, but you peeked at my memory.

Do you think…”

Just at the moment when Mu Xue felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave—

“Zhang Hanyang, drop dead!”

In the distance, eight people appeared in the sky.

They were experts in the Heaven Realm.

And none of them bothered to conceal their aura and killing intent.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Their speed was extremely fast, especially those six at the Heaven Peak Stage, who left others behind in their dust.

The two in the Heaven Middle Stage didnt seem to want to take action.

They were just watching from a distance.

However, Zhang Hans targets were precisely the two of them.

“Star Map!”


Wave after wave of mysterious energy surrounded these two.

“Thunder Sea!”


A large thunderbolt formed in the air and instantly turned into thousands of tiny thunderbolts.

They constantly rotated and formed a vortex to devour the two people.

This scene petrified the six Peak Stage masters who were about to take action.

“What… is this”

In what felt like a fraction of a second, the vortex of thunder crushed the two in the Heaven Middle Stage.

The Taiyi Wood Thunder indeed showed its power.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

The two of them were buried in the Thunder Sea.

But after all, they were at the Heaven Middle Stage, and their defense was very strong.

Zhang Han had to make another move.

He decided to use the supernatural power granted by the Cultivation Method—the Air-shattering Hand!


A dull thud seemed to shake the tiny thunderbolts around the two people.

A palm more than 10 meters long was formed in the middle, and it clenched at them firmly!


Two faint cries came out from inside.

Then, well, that was the end.

The thunder slowly dissipated, and the place became quiet again as if nothing had happened.

The thunder was like a gust of wind, gently coming and leaving, taking away two lives at the Heaven Middle Stage.

That scene was quite familiar.

Mu Xue had just seen it.

Although the palm in the previous scene was large enough to cover the sky and the sun, she was still sure that it was Zhang Hanyangs palm!

Now, Zhang Han turned to Mu Xue again and continued what he had just said.

“Do you think… I will spare your life”

At that, Mu Xues hair stood on end and her face paled.

She felt her blood run cold.

She finally figured it out.

Zhang Hanyang was a super master in some world.

He looked down on that world and slaughtered tens of thousands of enemies.

He was ruthless and cold-blooded.

He had just killed two enemies in Heaven Realm with one hand.

Would a man like him spare her life

Mu Xues fear deepened, and she was almost scared to tears.

Although she was called the Mu Xue the female demon, she was also a flower growing in a greenhouse and always got her way.

She had only suffered setbacks in front of Zhang Han.

How could she accept it

She went for Zhang Hanyang as soon as she came out of her closed-door training, but the elders in her sect knew that Zhang Hanyang was the Young Lord of Heavenly Knights Sect, and Sect Leader Mu had said that she couldnt kill him.

But under this circumstance… she knew she couldnt kill him anyway.

Because Zhang Han turned out to be not a cat but a tiger in slumber!

She had found out Zhang Hanyangs secret.

How could he keep her breathing

Mu Xue knew that she was probably going to die.

Such a devil king would never allow his secret to be found out by others!

“What should I do”

Mu Xue didnt know what she was thinking at all.

Her mind was blank, but she was sure that she didnt want to die!

She didnt even notice that the six men at the Heaven Peak Stage who had come with hostility were already struck dumb.

Nor did she see the sudden appearance of two other martial artists at the Heaven Peak Stage.

Third Elder and First Elder looked at each other.

Their expressions were blank, but stormy waves were surging in their minds.

“This little pervert is actually this strong”

“F*ck! He killed two men at the Heaven Middle Stage in a second!”

The usually calm and sophisticated First Elder also cursed internally.

They hadnt learned about what had happened to the Caprice Mo Sect yet.

This was the first time that they had seen Zhang Han fight.

Just like that, he killed two Heaven Realm martial artists in a few moves.

Even Zhang Guangyou, who knew the inside story, was shocked.

Even though he had heard about it, it was far more impressive when he saw it happen with his own eyes.

“I have not reached Heaven Realm yet, but my son is able to kill those in the Heaven Realm.

Has the way in this world changed”

Zhang Guangyou once again doubted his outlook on life.

Sometimes, having a son too excellent could be a headache.

Zhang Guangyou felt that he would have to face the ridicule of Uncle Dong and the others again.

“Whats going on”

The head of Limitless Sect and the other five didnt know whether to advance or retreat.

They just stood there in a daze.

“Er, um, umm…”

“He, Zhang Hanyang, killed Man Gong and the other one”

“How is this possible!”

“Is he already at the Heaven Peak Stage”

Immediately, those people began to think about how to deal with the situation in spite of the shock.

But it seemed that… even if Zhang Han was alone, it would be difficult for them to kill him.

But if those masters at the Heaven Peak Stage wanted to escape, the enemies would have a job to stop them.

In other words, it seemed that they couldnt kill Zhang Hanyang this time!


Third Elder shouted and attacked with his long sword.

“Go back!”

The head of Limitless Sect didnt feel distressed at all.

He was even a little gratified that the ones who got killed were not from his sect…

The current situation was not in their favor.

At the very least, what they wanted to do was definitely impossible, not to mention that there were loads of uncertainties.

The Wind Snow School had told them before that Zhang Hanyang was at the Grand Master Peak, or in the God Realm if he was doing his best.

But what about now

They began to doubt that statement.

This situation was similar to that the Caprice Mo Sect encountered.

They didnt want to fight anymore.

And the first thing they thought of was to retreat.

There, the six left swiftly.

And when they got away and were some distance from Zhang Han, they dared to roar—

“Zhang Hanyang, you hid your strength very well.

We wont let this go so easily!”

But Zhang Han paid no attention to their threat.

He just gazed at Mu Xue with a detached look.

“I, I didnt do it on purpose.”

Before Mu Xue could finish her words, Zhang Han said something that almost made her faint.

“Given the considerations for my father, I will give you two options.

First, I will forcefully erase your memory at the risk that you may become a fool after that.

Second, you die.”

“Become a fool, or die”

She didnt want to choose either of these options.

“You can try to escape or play tricks.

But mind you, in the images you saw, any one of those sects I killed could easily annihilate your Luo Fu Sword Sect.”


Mu Xue burst into tears.

“I wont run, I wont run.

But I dont want to die, or become a fool.

Im sorry, okay Forgive me once, just this once.”

She had never suffered such great pressure before.

All the strong women would eventually meet a stronger man who could subdue her no matter how awesome they were.

Mu Xue did live up to the title as the female demon, but in the face of Zhang Han, she had a nervous breakdown.

This made Zhang Han a little less vigilant.

But when others looked at it, it seemed that he was bullying a fragile woman.

“What happened”

Zhang Guangyou, who had stayed behind, landed beside Zhang Han and flickered him a strange look.

No one had seen what happened between them when Mu Xue cast the Goldfish Taichi Diagram.

So now, when Zhang Guangyou saw Zhang Han got Mu Xue cry so desperately, Zhang Guangyou began to look at his son with different eyes.

“Seeing that the girl is crying her eyes out, could it be that this kid has done something to her he shouldnt have done”

Zhang Guangyous stare made Zhang Hans face darken a little, and at the same time, some concerns rose in his mind.

Sometimes people were like this.

Their concerns all derived from care.

If he didnt care, Zhang Han would have punched Mu Xue to death right away.

“She saw something she shouldnt have.”

Zhang Han sighed in his heart and remarked.


Zhang Guangyous expression changed.

“What do you mean”

It was not hard to tell from his expression that he had misunderstood his words.

“She peeked at my memory.

Its an important clip,” Zhang Han clarified.


Zhang Guangyou cottoned on, and his face gradually stiffened.

Mu Xue also came to her senses.

Seeing that they were talking, she felt that she still had a chance.

“I swear I wont tell.

Please let me go,” Mu Xue said urgently.

“You only have these two options.”

Zhang Han glanced at his watch and lost patience.

He said directly, “Ill give you ten seconds.”





The countdown made all the blood on Mu Xues face drain.

She knew that she really only had ten seconds to fight for a chance to survive.

“I really wont tell anyone!”

“I dont mean to hurt you seriously, Zhang Hanyang.

Ive seen your family of three, and since then I no longer wanted to kill you.

Please, believe me.

I sensed my Demon Dancing Sword when I was in Lin Hai last time.

Your subordinate was holding it, but I didnt even try to grab it.”

“Uncle Zhang, if your son kills me, my father will definitely go mad!”

As to this problem, Zhang Guangyou also found it tricky.

But what Mu Xue said next inspired him.

“Zhang Hanyang, Im willing to take you as my master! Ill be your slave forever.”


By this moment, the countdown had proceeded to the last two seconds.

Seeing this, Zhang Guangyou hurriedly said, “Its not necessary to be a slave forever.

Han, why dont you accept her as your disciple Although she has seen things that she shouldnt have, we can fix this with a middle way.”

He agreed that Zhang Han getting the martial arts heritage of a powerful predecessor was very important, and it was unbearable to let the most important part of his memory be disclosed.

However, it would be a little troublesome to kill Mu Xue.

Moreover, he thought that the girls offense did not have to be rectified with a death penalty.

Honestly, he couldnt imagine what Mu Xue had seen.

Mu Xue, on the other hand, felt that what she saw was the memory of the most powerful master in other worlds.

It was taboo.

And the memory also explained why Zhang Hanyang had progressed so fast since his debut a year ago as that he now could already kill those in the Heaven Realm with bare hands.

Proud as she was, she figured it normal to be a slave of such an incredible man, only that she had no idea whether he would give her this chance or not.

At this time, hearing Zhang Guangyous words, Mu Xue saw the light of hope.

She looked at Zhang Han extremely nervously.

Zhang Han frowned slightly, and the countdown stopped before he called out “one”.


Zhang Han was silent for three seconds.

Then he looked at his father and sighed.

“Forget it.

Ill give you face on this one.”

After that, Zhang Han looked at Mu Xue and demanded, “Take off all your protective treasures and condense all your blood essence.”


Mu Xue let out a staggered cry.

Then, she took off a total of 13 kinds of treasures from various pockets of her robes and then began to condense her blood essence.

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