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“Uncle Zhang, do you know why your son is so awesome” Mu Xue suddenly altered her expression and questioned.

Zhang Hanyang was only in his twenties.

He was from another world Then how could he be Zhang Guangyous son Could it be that Zhang Han was possessed by someone else and got himself a new name as Zhang Hanyang

“I know.

I guess what you saw is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Zhang Guangyou had a confident look on his face.

Mu Xue was stunned at that.

She shivered from head to foot and asked, “The, the tip of the iceberg”

“Oh my god! The ferocious scene I saw is just the tip of the iceberg!”

“He is utterly a living devil!”

Mu Xue was even more scared deep down.

What she didnt know was that even Zhang Guangyou only knew one side of the story, while what Mu Xue saw was some details.

“Ahem, your father and Uncle Dong are heading for Mount New Moon.

When we see him in a moment, you…”

“I know what to say.” Mu Xue nodded in a hurry.

She knew her father very well.

Most of the time, she just needed to act coquettishly to please his father.

After that, Mu Xue saw Zhang Han making his way toward her with Mengmeng.

The father and daughter had the same smile on their faces.

There was also a little red flower in Mengmengs hand.

From time to time, she would show it to Zhang Han, and Zhang Han would laugh out loud.

For some reason, this scene made Mu Xue feel peaceful.

“He seems to be even-tempered now.

I cant even tell that he is a strong martial artist.”

It reminded her of the old days when her father took her to the secular world for school…

While she was lost in thought, Zhang Han took Mengmeng to the side of the car, opened the rear door, and got in the car with Mengmeng in his arms.

The little girl was then amazed.

“Well… Who is this sister” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“I, I am…”

Just as Mu Xue was phrasing her answer, Zhang Guangyou smiled and said, “Mengmeng, didnt you see grandpa”


Mengmeng was taken aback again.

She didnt see Zhang Guangyou sitting in the passenger seat.

Seeing the little girls reaction, Zhang Guangyou sighed and said, “Hey, you little girl only care about your father.

You always ignore me, your grandfather.

How could you not notice a big man like me”

“Grandpa.” Mengmeng called him sweetly.

At this time, Zhang Han also got in the car, started the engine, and drove away slowly.

“Mengmeng, this aunt beside you is your fathers registered disciple.

Its sort of like a student.” Zhang Guangyou explained.

“A student” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han in a daze.

“PaPa, when did you become a teacher You didnt even tell me and MaMa.”

“Er…” Zhang Han thought for a moment and said with a smile, “Because she wants to learn something from your father and her job is to protect your mother.”


A trace of wonder glinted in Mengmengs eyes.

After thinking for a while, she lowered her head and mumbled a few words.

Zhang Han heard the words like “go back and tell MaMa”, which made Zhang Han not know whether to laugh or cry.

The car drove all the way back to Mount New Moon.

Along the way, Mu Xue didnt say much.

Although she wanted to tease Mengmeng, she didnt dare to do so because she was very much afraid of Zhang Han.

When they arrived, at the scenery of Mount New Moon, Mu Xue could not help but admire it inwardly.

It was actually very easy to create such a beautiful place in the secular world, but it was extremely difficult to make the Spiritual Qi here so rich that it was even thicker than that of the Luo Fu Sword Sect.

This was especially true for the castle in front of them.

From the outside, it looked like a work of art, and it wasnt inferior at all to the halls of her sect.

The car slowly drove to the front of the castle.

There were several people standing in the square, and those standing at the edge were Zhou Fei and Zi Yan.

“Thump, thump, thump…”

With several thuds of slamming the car doors shut, a group of people got out of the car.


Mengmeng ran to Zi Yan at once and threw herself into Zi Yans arms.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, and Wang Ya immediately fixed their eyes on Mu Xue.

Who was she

Judging from her appearance, she was also a little beauty.

Her long black clothes made her look more unique.

However, her nervous and uneasy expression seemed to be indicating that she had done something wrong.

Something wrong

Could it be…

Zhou Fei and Wang Yas hearts skipped a beat, and they both turned to look at Zhang Han with doubt.

Did he bring a woman back in broad daylight

As for Zi Yan and Zhang Li, they had confidence in Zhang Han and knew that he would not go hook up with other girls.

Still, Zi Yan was a little uncomfortable with this.

Although that was how she felt, her expression was still very normal, and she even showed a warm smile.

“MaMa, PaPa didnt tell us that he is a teacher.

That aunt is PaPas student.”

Mengmeng ratted on his father to Zi Yan in a low voice.

“Nice to meet you.”

Zi Yan held Mengmeng in her left arm.

The girl was a little heavy now.

Then, Zi Yan took two steps forward and came to Mu Xue.

She reached out her right hand and said, “Im Zi Yan.”

“He-hello, Maam.” Mu Xue quickly reached out her hand and said, “My name is Mu Xue.”


Zhou Fei and Zhang Li were stunned.

At this time, Zhang Guangyou smiled and said, “She is the First Princess of the Luo Fu Sword Sect, and Sect Leader Mu is visiting Uncle Dong.

Because of some… accidents, she became Hans registered disciple.”

“Oh, oh.” Zi Yan smiled slightly and did not show too much emotion on her face.

“Ill go to Uncle Dongs place now,” Zhang Guangyou said.

He would take a look at the situation first.

At the very least, he had to cushion the blow.

“Lets go into the house first.”

As Zi Yan spoke, she put Mengmeng on the ground, grabbed her little hand, and led the way to the castle.

After they all took their seats in the hall on the first floor, the atmosphere seemed a little… awkward.

Zhang Han smiled bitterly in his mind and sat there in silence.

“Mu Xue, right There are fruit and juice here.

Help yourself.

They taste very good.” Zi Yan hailed Mu Xue courteously.

However, sitting on the sofa, Mu Xue seemed to be even more nervous.

She squeezed her hands together and said, “Thank you, Maam.

Im not thirsty.

Ill go out now and talk to my father.”

With that, she got to her feet and walked quickly out of the hall.

“Im gonna go see what my mother is busy with.” Wang Ya also excused herself.

“Mengmeng, lets go play with the little toy cars over there for a while, shall we” Zhou Fei invited her.

“Sure.” Before Mengmeng could agree, Zhang Li rose and said, “Mengmeng, lets go there to find some toys.”

While speaking, she also flickered Zhang Han a scornful look.

“Hehehe, you brought back a beautiful girl home.

Lets see how my sister-in-law will punish you!”

A little confused, Mengmeng ran to the other side of the hall with the two people who were exceedingly enthusiastic.


At this time, Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan.

“Is she really jealous”

“Honey, youre amazing.

You managed to kidnap a female disciple on such a short outing.”

Sure enough!

Zi Yans casual words made Zhang Hans mouth twitch.

“She is an accident.”

“Is that so She seems to be particularly plump and curvy.”


Zhang Han was a little surprised.

She was hinting that Mu Xues breasts were a little bigger, which secretly showed he was into big boobs

“Yours arent small either.”

Zhang Han leaned toward Zi Yan, lowered his voice, and said with a smile, “Your figure is like a work of art.

Its an artwork that only belongs to me.

How can I eye on others”

Zi Yan only felt that her ears were a little itchy, and his masculine breath made her feel a little hot.

She shrank back and smiled.

“All right, all right.

I was just joking.

I believe in you.”

“I know.”

Zhang Han beamed.

But as soon as that smile spread on his face, Zi Yan added, “But I dont believe in her.

So if you…”

“No, she wont.

She doesnt have the guts.” Zhang Han found it funny and replied, “Shes afraid of me.”

“Afraid of you”

“Yes, because…”

Zhang Han gave a brief account of what had happened before.

Zi Yan did have faith in Zhang Han, but she also believed that such an excellent man like Zhang Han was also very attractive to women.

That Liang Mengqi also took a liking to Zhang Han when they first met.

But now, Zhang Han got himself a female disciple who was from a martial art sect and could practice martial arts.

When the two were alone, what if Mu Xue seduced Zhang Han Zi Yan felt quite uncomfortable just at the thought of it.

After listening to Zhang Hans explanation, Zi Yan also understood that she had overthought it.

On the open-air balcony on the second floor of the villa, Dong Chen and Sect Leader Mu were sitting at a table, drinking tea and chatting at ease.

After a while, Zhang Guangyou arrived.

“Hello, Sect Leader Mu, Uncle Dong.”

“Young Master Zhang.” Sect Leader Mu cupped one hand in the other before his chest and said, “Sorry for troubling you this time.”

“Its not a big deal.” Zhang Guangyou smiled and said, “I cant be gladder to have Sect Leader Mu here.”

“Ive heard it all from Dong Chen.” Sect Leader Mu waved his hand and motioned for Zhang Guangyou to have a seat.

He looked a little emotional.

“I didnt expect that your son has really made it.

His progress is too unbelievable.

I thought that Mu Xue would get what she wanted when she went to challenge him.

Im afraid that she will lose again.

Since she was a child, she has basically never met any opponents, except for Zhang Hanyang.”

“Its not as simple as losing the battle.

Your daughter has become my sons registered disciple.

When you learn the news later, I wonder how your expression will be.”

Zhang Guangyou murmured in his mind, kind of getting expectant toward this.

He didnt have to wait too long before he got what he wanted.

After a few words of greetings, Mu Xue directly jumped up to the second floor from the side of the villa.


“Yes.” Sect Leader Mu looked at her up and down.

Seeing that his daughter didnt seem to have suffered, he said, “Come and sit down.

Well talk for a little longer before heading back.”

“Father, you can go back by yourself later.

I wont leave.” Although Mu Xue was not afraid of her father, her voice was still lower a bit.

“What do you mean you wont leave” Sect Leader Mu frowned slightly and said, “Didnt we agree to wait for you… to come out and play”

“No, I, I am now a registered disciple of Master.

I cant go back with you.” Mu Xue lowered her head a little and did not blink her eyes.


In an instant, Sect Leader Mus expression froze.

“What master What are you talking about”

“My master is Zhang Hanyang.

Im his registered disciple now, and I cant go back until several years later.” Mu Xue lowered her voice again.

“You! Youre talking nonsense!”

Sect Leader Mu flared up.

He rose up swiftly, gasping for breath.

“My only daughter came out to challenge others, but it turned out that this was how she challenged others To accept the opponent as her master”

“Ive been teaching you for so many years and endured so many hardships.

Youre also the First Princess of the Luo Fu Sword Sect, but how could you acknowledge someone else as your master”

Sect Leader Mu was so angry that he couldnt control himself.

“This is my daughter, my good daughter…”

But what Mu Xue said next made him fly into a rage.

“Father, its too late for you to object it now.

Ive already formally acknowledged Zhan Hanyang as my master, and my master is super powerful.

Hes more powerful than all the people Ive met.

Its simply…”

Mu Xues face was serious, and there was a strong sense of admiration in her eyes.


Her remark was heart-wrenching!

Sect Leader Mu didnt know whether he was jealous or something, but his heart was jolting.

“Where is Zhang Hanyang Where is he Get him here! I…”

Sect Leader Mu gnashed his teeth and said,

“Id like to compete with him in swordcraft!”

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