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“Sword Flash!”

Although Sect Leader Mu was a little astonished, he had his own way to deal with it.

He held up his sword, which seemed to have become a thin silk thread.

It was hard to detect it, but the sword suddenly hacked down from above.


The tip of the sword landed on that spot of light.

With a quivery sound, a wave of powerful energy fluctuation was emitted.

Fortunately, they had suppressed their cultivation and did not pose much of an impact on the surroundings, except for raising a strong wind in a small area, blowing away the sand on the beach.

“Look at the wonder of my Luo Fu Sword Technique!”

Sect Leader Mu didnt use any secret methods this time.

Just now, he boasted that Zhang Han resisted more than five kinds of secret skills, it would be Zhang Hans victory.

But now, after seeing the glinting grain of rice, he was a little surprised and scrupulous.

He felt that the other partys swordcraft was not at all mediocre.


Sect Leader Mu was intrigued, and planned to test Zhang Hans Way of Sword with his sword-using method.

As a result, the battle seemed to have turned into a confrontation of sword moves.

The two of them fought in close quarters.

Their sword light flickered vigorously, making it difficult for people to see their movements clearly.

They could only hear the frequent sound of metal clashing.

“Hes really amazing.”

Mu Xue looked at Zhang Han in a daze.

She could tell that Zhang Han was fighting with ease.

Although his fathers attack was fierce, he was not as composed and confident as Zhang Han.

That scene was so beautiful that Wang Zhanpeng and the others were attracted by it.

“Look at them fighting.

Its simply picturesque.”

“The sword is the king of hundreds of weapons.

There are many people who pick the sword as their weapon, but it seems that few people can wield a sword as they did.

Their movements were natural and smooth.

They and the swords complemented each other as if they are one.”


While the laymen were watching the show, the experts were judging their performances.

Third Elder was the one who was the most surprised at the scene.

“The Luo Fu Sword Art lives up to its name.

Only Sect Leader Mu can display the full power of the Luo Fu Sword Art.

Look closely at Sect Leader Mu.

His form and mind are in harmony; his will and Qi are in harmony, and his Qi and spirit are also in harmony.

His hands, eyes, body, skills, and steps are all wonderful.

He can move as quickly as swimming dragons surging out of the water.

And he can also be as quiet as a cheetah waiting to swoop on its prey.

While he is moving, his movements are divided into the Yin and Yang kinds.

His figure concealed the Eight Diagrams, and his footsteps are in harmony with the Nine Palaces.

His body is in harmony with his Qi inwardly and attuned to his form outwardly.

He is one of the best swordsmen in the world.”

Third Elder shook his head and sighed emotionally.

From his expression, it was not hard to tell that he thought very highly of Sect Leader Mus Way of Sword, and believed Sect Leader Mu was a kindred spirit, for Third Elder was a Sword Fanatic, and so was Sect Leader Mu.

Dong Chen, who was watching the battle, remained silent the whole time.

Zhang Guangyou, on the other hand, heard the Third Elders whisper and asked with a smile, “Then what about Hans swordsmanship”

“Young Lord”

Third Elders expression cooled, and there was a flash of heat in the depths of his pupils.

He remarked, “Its a work of nature.

I cant comment on his swordsmanship because his Way of Sword has transcended everything, and I cant understand it.

To put it bluntly, the swordcraft of the young lord seems to be integrated into heaven and earth after several rounds of confrontation, and there is no trace to be found.”

In Third Elders opinion, Sect Leader Mus swordcraft was a far cry from Zhang Hans.

His words made Mu Xues eyes round.

She wanted to look at them carefully, but she couldnt get a clear view.

Even her soul sense couldnt catch up with their speed in the fight.

She was also aware that what Third Elder meant was that her father was not far from losing.

And it was true.

The more Sect Leader Mu fought, the more frightened he became.

At the beginning of the fight, he could tell what Zhang Hans next move was.

In other words, he fought at ease.

But now, his opponents figure and aura were erratic and unpredictable as a ghost.

His way of attacking was strange and incredible, which made Sect Leader Mu a little startled.

He became more and more focused.

Several times, he narrowly escaped from Zhang Hans strikes.

If he didnt have the consciousness at the Heaven Peak Stage, he would probably have already been defeated.

“What kind of sword art are you using”

Sect Leader Mu couldnt help but ask.

“Supreme Pure Sword Art.”

“Why can you hide your aura How did you do it The Luo Fu Sword Technique has always wanted to achieve this, but its hard to comprehend and change the Way of Sword.

In the last hundred years, the Luo Fu Sword Technique has improved a lot, but it has never achieved the desired effect.”

Sect Leader Mu frequently cast the more profound sword movements of the Luo Fu Sword Technique.

At the same time, he also voiced his doubts in a tone of inquiry.

He didnt think that Zhang Hans Way of Sword was extremely excellent.

Instead, he was considering whether he could get some insights from his Supreme Pure Sword Art.

“Conceal aura Move like a ghost, and launch attacks erratically These are just the basics.”

Zhang Han responded calmly.

“The basics”

The corners of Sect Leader Mus mouth stiffened.

“Its easy for you to say!”

Sect Leader Mu couldnt help but increase his strength.

He ceaselessly displayed the powerful sword moves of the Luo Fu Sword Technique.

But no matter how he cast his strike, the opponent always fended it off with ease.

It made Sect Leader Mu feel as if he had been punching the dull air.

“I didnt expect you to be so good at boasting.”

Sect Leader Mu finally couldnt bear it and refuted, “Basic skills How many people in this world can achieve this Youre only in your twenties.

Its indeed amazing that youve reached such a level with your swordsmanship, but youre too impetuous, young man.”

“Am I”

Zhang Hans mouth curved slightly into a mocking smile.

Seeing this expression, Mu Xue lowered her chin.

“Its over, its over.

Master is going to lash my father.”

“Father, you really shouldnt have competed with Master, the Great Demon King.

If it werent for the fact that your daughter is his disciple, he would have already vanquished you.”

Mu Xue could tell that Zhang Han kept the fight going on for such a long time because he was giving her face.

If Sect Leader Mu knew what she thought, he would be so angry as to belch blood.

“Ive really given birth to a good daughter who has turned her back on me!”


After their swords clashed, Zhang Hans sword art suddenly became completely different.

He was brandishing the sword as wildly as waving a broadsword.

“This sword art is called Blue Saber!”

“With the saber in the name and the sword as the foundation, it has the aggressiveness of the broadsword, but it is also flexible as a sword.

It is a sword technique that can suppress enemies.

Its aura will rise constantly.

But once the enemy gets the upper hand, you will lose the ability to fight back.”

“Clang, clang…”

With a burst of clanks, Sect Leader Mu only felt that the other side had suddenly changed from an evasive ghost to a stormy wave, and his strong aura made him unable to breathe.

He was almost forced to raise his strength to resist.

When the pressure reached its bursting point, the opponents aura changed again.

“This sword art is called Tao Light.

Its an even more profound sword technique.

It uses light as a guide to shake the enemys soul.

Its difficult to defend against it.”


In an instant, Sect Leader Mu seemed to have seen tens of thousands of jets of light and shadows.

The whole world appeared to be several times brighter, which already became dazzling.

Even the most profound moves of his Luo Fu Sword Technique could not withstand it, which sort of struck Sect Leader Mu dumb.

Subconsciously, he improved his strength.

Now he was at the Grand Master Middle-stage.

But he did not notice it at all.

Gradually, he found that he could no longer sense any trace of his opponents sword movements.

He could not even see his opponents figure clearly.

That was because his soul had been shaken.

“How is this possible!”

Once again, Sect Leader Mu was suppressed and stepped back.

His strength inadvertently rose a little, and now he was approaching the Grand Master Late-stage.

After about ten seconds, Zhang Hans sword art altered again.

“This sword art is called Raging Dragon…”

“This one is called Soul Breaking.”

“This one is called Peerless.”

“This is the last move Ill throw at you.

Its the Secret Skill, Shadow Sword.”

“The cold light and clear shadow are flying with the wind, and a blue rainbow is shining in the sky! You need to be at the Grand Master Peak to resist these eight shots of Sword Qi!”


Zhang Hans cultivation was still suppressed at the Grand Master Early-stage, but there were eight streams of Sword Qi bursting out of this sword move and charging at Sect Leader Mu from all directions.

Just as Zhang Han had said, Sect Leader Mu felt immense pressure and had no choice but to raise his strength to the Grand Master Peak.

But when he thought of Zhang Hans words, his numb face turned a little dark.

“The Grand Master Peak stage”

“Hell with it!”


Sect Leader Mu directly raised his strength to the Heaven Peak Stage.

With a wave of his right hand, the eight shots of Sword Qi were annihilated in the void.


Mu Xue covered her forehead with her right hand.

She felt quite ashamed.

How embarrassing!

But Sect Leader Mu didnt think so.

Even Third Elder, First Elder, Dong Chen, and the others didnt have time to think about it.

Because their expressions were still frozen.

“Its easy for him to suppress Sect Leader Mu.

This guy is really cruel!”

“I thought it would be a well-matched battle, but I didnt expect that even Sect Leader Mu couldnt force Zhang Han to show his limit! His Way of Sword is incredulously strong!” The Third Elders heart was trembling.

He was in total ecstasy.

“What does this say”

“Those on the waterfront are the first to see the rising moon.

Hahahaha, Third Elders Way of Sword is about to soar! My patronage, its a perfect patronage! Hes the patronage that God gave me!”

Third Elder, who tended to be calm and collected, was as happy as a child at this moment.

“You, you…”

Sect Leader Mu was a little confused after being bombarded with those strikes.

Zhang Han had kept switching sword arts Did he regard the sword art as cheap as a cabbage

More importantly, the sword arts he demonstrated were getting more and more amazing!

“Isnt he being a bully”

“Is he just bluffing”

Sect Leader Mu shook his dizzy head and said, “How do you know so many sword arts”

“So many” Zhang Han smiled faintly and said, “These are just the most basic sword arts.”

“The most basic” Sect Leader Mu was provoked.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Then why dont you show me a more impressive one

“Exactly, Young Lord, give us an eye-opener!” Third Elders eyes lit up, and he almost wanted to give a round of applause.

Dong Chen shook his head with a smile.

He looked at Zhang Han… as if he were looking at a peerless treasure!

“He is the hope of our Heavenly Knights Sects rise!”

“He is even stronger than Brother Mu.

I really dont know how powerful he will be in the future!”

“In the vast starry sky, tens of thousands of clans are competing for glory.

Perhaps, perhaps we can also see the scene of such a golden age”

Zhang Guangyou, on the other hand, agreed with Wang Zhanpeng and said, “Mu Xue has become your registered disciple, which can be regarded as the arrangement of fate.

In order to assure Sect Leader Mu, Han, you can show him some powerful sword moves.”

“Oh, okay.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly and threw the long sword to the side with his right hand.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…

The sword floated in the void, emitting waves of powerful energy fluctuations.

Seeing that, Wang Zhanpeng and the others in the distance couldnt help being excited.

They also liked to watch Zhang Han fight.

“The sword is the king of hundreds of weapons, and its also one of the most commonly used weapons.

However, because its popular, its development is very fast.

Like a hundred flowers bloom together, powerful swordsmen come one after another.”

“What I just said about the blooming of hundreds of flowers is actually a secret method.

The Sword Qi it produces is like a blooming flower.”


While speaking, Zhang Han raised his right hand, and a huge amount of soul sense filled the long sword.


A flower emerged on the tip of the sword.

They could feel that it was not a spot of sword light but a real flower.

As if a gust of wind was blowing, the flowers drifted in the air.

A total of six petals left it and then they turned into another six flowers.

The petals spun off again and became more flowers.

In just a few seconds, hundreds of flowers filled the air, which looked just magnificent.

However, Sect Leader Mu felt cold all over!

“What, what the hell is this move”

His view on the Way of Sword began to waver!

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