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While Sect Leader Mu was having doubts about his life, he also attempted to cast more moves to withstand the many flowers produced by the sword light.

But the flowers dissipated before they got close.

At this time, Zhang Hans calm voice came to his ears.

“There are similarities among all the ways to pursue Tao in the world.

When they come to the end, they seem to turn into one.

Everything can be comprehended in a way.

For example, there was a swordsman who once poked a hornets nest and then was inspired to create the Myriad Swords.

After countless times of improvement, it became this well-known secret method.”

“Buzz, buzz!”

One more secret method was performed.

The sword beside Zhang Han spun off into two and then into four… Eventually, there were millions of swords, which seemed to have occupied the entire sky.

Seeing that, everyone around was so shocked that they couldnt close their mouths.


As Zhang Han waved his hand, all those swords merged into one again, which floated beside him.

Zhang Han was still Zhang Han, and the sword was still the same, as though everything that the others saw a moment ago was just an illusion.

But Sect Leader Mu knew that it was definitely not an illusion.

Because he had felt overwhelming pressure when Zhang Han made that move.

It was no exaggeration to say that he would need some extreme means to resist that strike.


With a stir of Zhang Hans mind, the long sword floating next to Zhang Han slowly drifted back to Third Elder and landed on his palm.

“Your, your, your Way of Sword”

A little stunned, Sect Leader Mu asked, “How come you know so many secret methods”

Hearing that question, Zhang Han smiled but didnt answer.

Should he tell him that the tricks he had performed were only the tip of the iceberg

“Never mind.

Id better not give him another blow to his confidence.”

“For my fathers sake, I just played with you for a while.

Sect Leader Mu, your daughter is my registered disciple.

This is not what I want personally, but I let it be also for my fathers sake.”

Zhang Han looked at Sect Leader Mu serenely and remarked, “Not everyone can be my disciple.

Her term is merely three years.

When the time is due, shell be free.”

The corners of Sect Leader Mus mouth trembled slightly.

He was still silent, looking a little sullen.

Suddenly, he drew back his sword and cupped his hands to Zhang Han.

He now truly admired Zhang Han and was even aware that Zhang Hans Way of Sword was much superior to his.

As such, it was not at all bad for Mu Xue to stay here.

Instead, it was actually a great blessing for her.

Sect Leader Mu even wanted to add—

“Why dont I be your disciple as well”

But he was too embarrassed to say that.

“Why dont I stay here to keep my daughter company”

He wanted to say it out loud, but he also didnt want to lose face!

“Can you enlighten me with your Way of Sword How about we discuss swordcraft for three days and three nights”

He was too shy to speak that out.

Eventually, Sect Leader Mu flickered his eyes to the timid Mu Xue, then to Zhang Han, and then back to Mu Xue, and again to Zhang Han.

After eyeing the two in turns for a total of 20 seconds, he finally sighed and said, “As Mu Xue is staying here, I hope you wont mind all the trouble shell make.

Young Lord Zhang, I acknowledge your strength, and your swordsmanship is amazing.

If there is any need, please let me know.”

“Dong Chen, Young Master Zhang, Im sorry to have disturbed you so much this time.

As there are a million things to attend to in the sect, Ill take my leave.”

Seeing this, Zhang Guangyou hurriedly said, “Dont you want to stay a little longer, Sect Leader Mu”

“I think not.”

Sect Leader Mu gave a dry laugh and then sighed.

He turned to Mu Xue and said, “My girl, you stay here and listen to your master.

Dont be naughty and capricious.

When I go back home, I will ask your maids to come over.

You should work hard and try to get rid of the status as a registered disciple and become your masters real disciple.”

“Yes, I got it.” Mu Xue, who had thrown away the characteristics of the little witch, nodded obediently.

The reason why Sect Leader Mu planned to send some maids over was not only that he knew his daughter was not the type to do chores but also to keep an eye on her.

Although he agreed to let her daughter stay here, he would not allow anyone to bully her.

“Im off.”

Sect Leader Mu was decisive.

At last, after darting a significant look at Zhang Han, he turned around, looked up at the sky, and just stood still.

After a long while, he finally remarked—

“How large is the restricted area in the sky”

“2.5 kilometers.”

“All right.”

Finally, Sect Leader Mu faced the sea and started running on the surface of the waves.

Once he was beyond the restricted area, he flew into the air and disappeared from sight.

“He went back.”

Zhang Guangyou was in a good mood and felt elated.

His son was too awesome.

In terms of the Way of Sword, even the leader of the Luo Fu Sword Sect was no match for him.

How strong he was!

“In fact, I planned to have a duel with Sect Leader Mu to test the power of my new skill, the Four Symbols Sea.

Unfortunately, he has already suffered enough.” Dong Chen sighed softly.

Compared to the previous times, the shock they felt now was much less.

Man tended to be very adaptive.

At least now, they were sort of accustomed to the fact that Zhang Han was particularly heaven-defying.

Unlike them, Mu Xue the female demon looked unsurprised at all.

“Of course, Master is awesome! Hes a devil!”

She stole a glance at Zhang Hans profile.

“Not only is he powerful, but he is also quite handsome.

His wife is really lucky.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

“Master, you kick ass!”

Dahei also took the lead to flatter Zhang Han, which made him burst into laughter.

At this, Dahei became more enthusiastic in joking around.

It came to the edge of the cliff, stretched out its hand, and motioned to Zhang Han.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

“Please take your seat, master.”

What was it doing

Mu Xue was very curious.

Under her gaze, Zhang Han was silent for a second and then stepped on Daheis hand.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

Dahei was getting taller and taller until it was already more than 13 meters tall.

It raised its arm and almost could touch the edge of the cliff.

Zhang Han took a little hop and landed on its head.

“Why, why can it get bigger” Mu Xues eyes were wide open.

“Little girl, there are still many things you dont know.”

Zhang Guangyou laughed and jumped up along with Dong Chen and the others.

“Thats amazing!”

Mu Xues eyes lit up again.

She leaped up swiftly and followed Zhang Han at his heel.

When they arrived at the front mountain, Dong Chen, Zhang Guangyou, and First Elder all went back home.

Mu Xue followed Zhang Han, not knowing what to do.


Zhang Han hesitated for a moment and said, “Come with me.

Ill ask Xiaofeng to find a place for you then.”

“Yes, Master.” Mu Xue nodded in a hurry.

On second thought, Zhang Han added, “Dont show any of your skills in front of Mengmeng.

Shes not ready to learn martial arts yet.”


“And you dont have to be too tense.” Zhang Han looked at her calmly.


Mu Xue quickly agreed, but she couldnt help whispering in her mind.

“Youre the devil.

How can I not be afraid If I had known your background, I wouldnt have messed with you at all.”

Thinking of that, she felt a surge of sorrow.

“It seems that he has never offended me, but I decided to teach him a lesson.

Was I a little too overbearing”

At this moment, not only was the arrogant Mu Xue doubting her life, but she was even reflecting on it.

Once again, she walked into the hall.

Standing in front of Zi Yan, the hostess, Zhou Fei, and the others, Mu Xue suddenly didnt know how to get along with them.

Usually, when she went out, she acted at her own will.

But now, she couldnt be like that anymore…

So she was again a little nervous.

Fortunately, Zi Yan was very considerate this time.

After serving Zhang Han a cup of tea, she looked at Mu Xue and asked, “Er, are you also from a worldlet”

“Yes, Maam can just call me Xue.” Mu Xue sat up straight and said, “I am from the Seven Harmony World, and my father is the leader of the Luo Fu Sword Sect.

Our worldlet is in the northwest.”

“Oh, okay…”

The two chatted for a while.

The tension in Mu Xues heart gradually dissipated as the conversation went on.

She felt that her masters wife was very kind.

Her voice was tender, not as indifferent as her masters.

In her opinion, Zhang Hans eyes were emitting evil spirit, and he behaved like the king of devils.

After chatting for a while, Zhang Han drank a cup of tea and asked casually, “Are you going to compete for a place on the Divine List”


She sure had this thought before.

But now, she considered it and answered, “Ill listen to you, my master.”

“You dont have to listen to me.

You can go if you want.

The competition will only last for three months,” Zhang Han said, waving his hand at her.

“Then, I wont go.”

Mu Xue rolled her pupils and suddenly added, “I cant take the first place on the Divine List anyway.

Ill be embarrassing Master if I go.

My swordcraft cant even defeat that disciple named Ding Jiuming of our sect.

If he knows that I am now Masters disciple, and then he defeats me…”

As she spoke, Mu Xue blushed a little.

What she meant was, “Master, you are so powerful.

The secret skills of swordcraft you performed even struck my father dumb.

So why dont you teach your lovely disciple a few moves”

She also liked swordcraft.

When she saw Zhang Han was so mighty, and his attitude toward her had somewhat changed, Mu Xue decided to beat around the bush.

She had only been Zhang Hans disciple for a few hours.

It seemed too impatient for her to pop out such a question at this time.

She also knew that, but she just couldnt help it.

She was too eager to learn the moves Zhang Han performed just now.

Zhang Han was also aware of that.

He couldnt help shaking his head in amusement and remarked, “If you want to learn some secret skills, you must at least have a clear understanding of Way of Sword.

Even your father doesnt know much about it, so you still have a long way to go.”

“Ah Oh, I see.” Mu Xues glinting eyes suddenly darkened.

She felt a little disheartened despite herself.

Seeing this, Zhang Han added, “But I can take some time to teach you a few simple secret skills and sword techniques.”

Zhang Han expected to see Mu Xues excited expression, but to his surprise, she was in a dilemma.

She said,

“Master, all I can learn are just simple tricks”

“These simple things are already more powerful than what youre capable of now.”

“Is that so I see.

Ill learn, Ill learn those!”

It was not until this time that Mu Xue showed an excited look as she had gotten what she wanted.

At this scene, Zi Yan couldnt help chuckling.

Although she had just got to know Mu Xue, as the eyes could tell more than one thought, she could roughly tell what kind of person Mu Xue was from her eyes.

At least the happiness in Mu Xues eyes was real.

“She is, after all, just a little girl.”

They stayed in the room for about an hour.

Then, Zhao Feng came in from outside.


He nodded and hailed Zhang Han before casting Mu Xue a look filled with a mix of emotions.

Then, he said with a smile, “Miss Mu, please come with me.

Your residence has been arranged.”

“Oh, okay.”

Mu Xue answered and then quickly added, “Thank you, Older Martial Brother.”

The corners of Zhao Fengs mouth froze, and he almost laughed out loud.

He found this girl a little cute.

But Zhao Feng had also heard a lot of the reputation of Mu Xue the female demon.

He then said, “Come with me.”

The two of them walked out of the hall.

Zhao Feng could tell that after getting out of Zhang Hans sight, Mu Xue immediately felt more at ease.


She patted her chest.

Her plump breasts hidden under the black robe rose and fall wildly, making Zhao Fengs face a little stiff.

“Dont look at what I shouldnt see, dont look at what I shouldnt see…”

He quickly looked away.

If Mengqi saw this, she would be jealous again.

“Older Martial Brother, when did you become Masters disciple” Mu Xue asked.

“More than a year ago.”

“Oh, then its been more than a year.

Why havent you reached the God Realm yet What realm were you in before” Mu Xue inquired curiously.

She knew that Zhao Feng was Zhang Hans first disciple, so she hoped that he could tell her Masters standard of selecting a disciple.

Privately, she felt that Zhao Feng was a little weak, but Zhao Fengs answer took her by surprise.

“This time last year, I was just an ordinary man.”

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