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The plane would take off at nine oclock in the morning.

So, early that morning, Zi Yan and Mengmeng, the mother and daughter who attached great importance to how they look, began to dress themselves up.

Zhang Han, however, put on his clothes, washed his face, then he went straight to the kitchen to make breakfast for his two favorite babies.

Because Lijiang was fairly warm, the mother and daughter dressed light.

Zi Yan was wearing a pair of shorts, a metal-colored camisole, a coat with coffee-colored patterns, and a pair of black ankle sneakers.

This set of clothes particularly accented Zi Yans long white legs.

Her hair was worn into a bun on the top of her head, which made her look sexy, cute, and dignified.

As for Mengmeng, she was dressed like a little princess by Zi Yan.

She was wearing a beige skirt and a white shirt.

Yesterday, Zhang Han cut Mengmengs hair in person.

So it was not very long, just enough to make her a bob hair.

“The meal is ready.”

It was not until Zhang Han was done cooking that the mother and daughter could be considered to be dressed up.

“Im coming, Im coming,” Zi Yan replied.


Mengmeng ran happily to the restaurant.

She ran very fast.

If Zi Yan were an ordinary parent, she would be worried about whether Mengmeng would trip and fall at that speed.

But with Zhang Han as her father, she was not worried at all because Zhang Han had never let Mengmeng fall, unless she was on a lawn.

After breakfast, Zhang Han and his wife and daughter got in the panda car and drove to the company.

As for luggage

Last night, they had already packed up everything they would need.

The mother and daughter worked together and packed some daily necessities.

They didnt have packed many clothes because they also needed to go shopping in Lijiang.

When they arrived at the company, they went into the big guest room on the first floor to join others.

At this time, a lot of people were already seated in the room, including Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, Ah Hu, and next to whom sat Liang Mengqi and Liu Jiaran.

Even Zi Shiya had come to join them, ready to go on the trip and have fun together, but Zhang Guangyou and the other parents didnt come.

Zi Qiang was very busy lately.

His family business had officially settled in Hong Kong.

Although the government of Hong Kong gave him all kinds of green lights the whole time, he still had to talk about the terms of cooperation with his partners by himself.

When he started to negotiate, he could feel Zhang Hans daunting status in Hong Kong.

This guy was just too overbearing.

Everyone agreed to his terms without bargaining.

They even gave up all kinds of profits with various legitimate excuses.

So it could be said that Zi Qiang was swamped these days.

Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali were focusing on cultivation.

Though Rong Jiali was okay with her progress, Zhang Guangyou was a little anxious to make a breakthrough to the Heaven Realm.

Since his son had made rapid progress, being his father, he couldnt be too slow.

In fact, he wasnt slow at all.

Its just that his son had progressed too fast.

Therefore, almost all of those who went on this trip were young people, who were very lively.

Mu Xue, in particular, was lying on a chair leisurely, enjoying the great service provided by three maids beside her.

Some of them brought her Mount New Moons fresh fruits, and some gave her massages.

She was simply living the life of the ancient princesses.

But when they saw Zhang Han and his family come in—

The sound of chatting in the hall dropped sharply.

Even Mu Xue sat up straight in a hurry and greeted them.

“Morning, Boss, Lady Boss.”


“Good morning, Master.”


“Uh-huh, hello, everyone.” Seeing that everyone was so enthusiastic, Mengmeng took the initiative to wave her little hands to respond to everyone.

“Wow, Mengmeng is so beautiful today.

Who dressed you up”

“Mengmeng is like a little princess.

No, she is a real princess, beautiful and lovely.”


They all flattered her, making the little princess sort of shy, which was rarely seen.

In the laughter, everyone filed out of the room and headed for the airplane.

Mu Xue thought about it and made to follow Zhang Han closely and take his orders at any time.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng quickly came to her side and said with a smile, “I know what Master said to you.

Well… when Master is here, safety is not a problem, so we dont have to stay too close to him.

When Master is not here, your job is to protect Maam, but that kind of situation is very rare.

To put it bluntly, your job is quite idle.”

“Oh, I know.

Recently, I feel like Im on vacation on the mountain.” Mu Xue stopped short and smiled.

“Older Martial Brother, are you also so idle”

“He cant be idle,” Liang Mengqi next to him said with a smile, “He is Bosss right-hand man and his first disciple.

He has to work hard to cultivate and help run Mount New Moon.

Even if he wants to accompany me, he has to manage to find time.

Hum, its no longer like when he was pursuing me.

Well, you know what men are like…”

Though she said that in a very low voice, martial arts practitioners could also hear it.

Hearing Liang Mengqis complaint, Zhao Feng gave a wry smile and said, “Its not like what you said.

Im quite idle now.

You just wish I could spend all day with you.

Only in that way can you feel my love.”

“Hmph, dont forget that I havent been engaged to you yet…”

“Hey, hey, hey, dont show off your love in front of me.”

Mu Xue put on a look of disgust.

She could be considered to have restrained herself very well.

If it were in the Luo Fu Sword Sect, she would have already bashed the couple who showed off their love in front of her.

After all, she was the Eldest Lady of the Luo Fu Sword Sect.

While talking and laughing, the group got on the plane.

Traveling could be very tiring.

But Zhang Hans private plane provided a quite comfortable flight.

Adding that the lovely Mengmeng was there, when they got bored, they could just look at Mengmeng for a while and then would feel that time passed very quickly.

Sure enough, people yearned for all kinds of beautiful things.

This flight was not long, which took only two hours.

When they got off the plane at the airport, they saw Instructor Liu, whose eyes were a little blue-rimmed, and Jiang Yanlan standing in front of a motorcade.

They were the vanguard of this trip, who had come there to arrange accommodation and rent cars for them.

Just when the group walked to the motorcade, Zhang Hans cell phone rang.

It was the Warlord of Chan Clan.

“Young Lord Zhang.”

Warlord of Chan Clan went straight to the point.

“Ive heard about your deeds, and Im really impressed.

Ive just broken through to the Earth Realm.

Before I even had time to celebrate, I learned what happened to you.

I was shocked.

Im calling you because I want to ask you for help.

Changqing is going to go to Yunnan to challenge the Barger, who ranks sixth on the Divine List.

They are very powerful in Yunnan.

I heard that their elder is in the sect, who is at the Heaven Peak Stage.

If Changqing goes to challenge him, Im afraid that he cant control the situation.

There are no rules in such a battle, so I want to invite you to stand guard over the battle there.”

Originally, he wanted to call Zhang Guangyou and ask for an elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect to come over.

However, he heard that Zhang Han was already at the Heaven Peak Stage, he felt there was no need to ask for anyone else.

Zhang Han could do it! Whats more, he was Changqings older brother, which was the most suitable candidate.

However, Warlord of Chan Clan was worried that Zhang Han would not be willing to come, so he planned that if Zhang Han was too busy to come, he would then contact Zhang Guangyou.

He would owe Zhang Guangyou a favor if he agreed to help.

But it would not be the case if Zhang Han came to help him.

Of course, he would go for the second one.

“Oh I happen to be in Yunnan.

Tell me the time and location, and Ill take time to go there,” Zhang Han replied.

“Its on the Wenhong Peak, which is between the Pingyang Village and Lijiang.

The battle will start at sunrise tomorrow.”

“Okay, I got it.”

After saying that, Zhang Han hung up the phone.

The place where they checked in this time was a villa hotel.

They had booked the best area in the whole hotel.

The scenery was picturesque and the style of ancient buildings was a little low-key and luxurious, which was different from modern buildings.

It was quite good to experience this style for a change.

After putting their luggage and other things in their rooms, the group of people had lunch in the hotel restaurant.

Although the food they serve here couldnt compare with Zhang Hans ingredients, they were still delicious.

“Brother, brother-in-law, where are we going in the afternoon Lijiang is famous for romantic encounters, and its a holy place for single people like us,” Zi Shiya said with a beam.

“Of course, we are single nobles,” Wang Ya said with a smile.

Zi Yan also knew that they were joking, so she didnt say anything.

On second thought, she took out her mobile phone and rummaged for a while, then said, “We still have plenty of time in the afternoon.

Lets visit the ancient city in Lijiang and take a look at the scenic spots, such as the Wood Mansion, the Five Phoenix Restaurant, and the Black Dragon Pool.”

“MaMa, are we going to see that… prisoner-catching performance again” Mengmeng looked up and asked curiously.

“Catch prisoners”

The people around were bewildered for a moment, and then they cottoned on.

Most of them had gone on journeys with Zhang Han and his family before.

In the ancient city of Xihang, the program they saw was to catch prisoners, which left a deep impression on Mengmeng.

Traveling broadens ones horizon.

Zi Yan had also studied about this.

Many experts said that taking children to travel could not only increase childrens knowledge but also to improve their character, expand their vision, and stimulate the development of their brains in different environments.

Therefore, Zi Yan was very happy to take Mengmeng to travel.

According to Zi Yans plan, they went to the ancient city of Lijiang and enjoyed themselves from one oclock to seven oclock.

After dinner, they went back to the hotel to have a rest.

Mengmeng was tired and very sleepy.

At about half past nine in the evening, she fell asleep while listening to Zhang Hans story.

Mengmeng liked the story of the dwarf king very much, and the story seemed to be very long, for Zhan Han hadnt gotten to the end of it for nearly a year.

Zhang Han chatted with Zi Yan for a while and told her that he would leave the next morning.

Originally, Zhang Han thought that if he had to go too far away, he would call Dong Chen over.

However, he found that the Wenhong Peak was not far from here.

With the space door Mengmeng had carried, they should be very safe.

It could be said that the battle between two cultivators on the Divine List that would take place in the early morning of the next day caused quite a commotion in Yunnan province.

Almost everyone in the martial arts world learned about it.

That night, many people were talking about it.

“Tomorrow morning, the battle between Emperor Qing and Barger will be held.

I am already excited at the thought of it.

Finally, I can see a battle between those on the Divine List in our province.”

“Barger is a member of our Wuzhen Sect.

No, no, no.

Wuzhen Sect is a subordinate of the sect Barger belonged to when in the worldlet.

It is said that Barger could have broken through to the Earth Realm and become a big shot three months ago.

But the elders of their sect guessed that the Divine List would soon be released, so they asked him to suppress his cultivation.

So far, he has been pushing his way toward the first place on the Divine List.

Although Emperor Qing is powerful, he doesnt have a solid foundation.

When fighting against Barger, he will surely be the loser.”

“Haha, even if Emperor Qing wins, so what Dont forget that this is the territory of the Wuzhen Sect.

Even if he wins, they have a million ways to make Emperor Qing die here.

Warlord of Chan Clan is already history.

So are that Merciless Zhang, the older brother of Emperor Qing.

In the current era where talents emerge one after another, he can no longer make any wave.

The waves behind drive on those before.

The regimes of martial arts world change really fast.”

“It depends on Emperor Qings choice.

Ive seen Barger several times.

He is treacherous and sinister.

If Emperor Qing loses, Barger wont mind taking his life.

If Emperor Qing wins, he cant leave in one piece either.

Alas, its like a battle that can be predicted.

No matter who wins or loses, the fate of Emperor Qing is doomed.

He really shouldnt have picked Barger as his stepping stone!”


Regarding these comments, a few people in the martial arts world were amused but didnt say anything to contradict them.

This was what they were thinking:

“Emperor Qing will be killed No, no, no, no, his big brother is Zhang Hanyang, the son of the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect.

If two elders in Heavenly Knights Sect come to watch the battle, does the Wuzhen Sect dare to take action They certainly wont have the guts.

Compared with Heavenly Knights Sect, they are still a far cry from them.”

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