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Emperor Qing had won!

It was like a dream.

None of the tens of thousands of martial artists on the field uttered a word, for they were all in shock.

No one had expected that Emperor Qing would win this battle so easily!

It only took him less than half a minute to finish the battle.

It took everyone by surprise.

The elder just said that Emperor Qing had found himself a good older brother.

Emperor Qing also admitted that his martial arts were all taught by his older brother.

And his older brother was Zhang Hanyang.

“Damn it, why Zhang Hanyang, who hasnt even made it to the Divine List, so freaking awesome”

Many people present were confused, but that didnt reduce their admiration for the winner and Zhang Hanyang.

Emperor Qing was amazing! His big brother Zhang Hanyang, was also awesome.

The two talents of the secular world were still legendary figures after they arrived in the worldlet!

Immortal King Chen!


“Immortal King!”

“Immortal King!”

“Immortal King Chen!”

“Immortal King Chen!”


The cheers of tens of thousands of people gradually turned into the chanting of “Immortal King Chen”.

Everyone shouted the three words at the same time, whose voices shook the sky!

Many peoples blood was boiling with excitement.

Who could have imagined that Emperor Qing would be the winner among so many talents

Who would have thought that Zhang Hanyang, who didnt even make it to the Divine List, turned out to be the one who taught Emperor Qing the skills that helped him win the first place

All of this seemed quite dramatic.

Jiang Bing, Wang Xiaowu, Yun Feiyang were silent on one side for a long time.

This scene was simply too enviable.

Hundreds of thousands of people were admiring and cheering for Immortal King Chen.

“Im jealous.”

Wang Xiaowu said bitterly, “Why did I break through to the Earth Realm so early How I regret it! If I were still in the God Realm, I would have had a justified reason to ask Young Lord for more skills! Alas! Then, perhaps they would have been calling me Immortal King Wang instead!”

“What the heck Immortal King Wang doesnt sound right.” Yun Feiyang curled his lips.

“Besides, if we were all in the God Realm, on no account could you be the winner.”

“That doesnt make sense, does it”

Jiang Bing propped up his forehead with one hand while saying, “Im in the God Realm, but in the end, Im only in the top 10.

You were just talking without putting yourselves in my shoes.

If we were all in the God Realm, you might not be able to defeat me.”


Lets drop the topic.

What we say doesnt matter.

Anyway, Young Lord is still the best.”


On the other side, Shi Fenghou left silently, without leaving a trace of a sneer.

“Damn it.

Zhang Hanyangs little brother is now an Immortal King.

But why am I, Shi Fenghou… still no match for him”

“I sure cant afford to offend him.

If I run into Zhang Hanyangs forces in the future, Ill stay away from them, all right”

Mu Xue, who was watching from a distance, pouted and whispered, “Master is too prejudiced.

He has taught Chen Changqing much more skills than he has taught me.

No, I gotta back to ask for more skills.

Lets go.”

After saying that, she beckoned at the three young maids beside her and left quickly.

“How do you feel”

First Elder patted Chen Changqing on the shoulder and asked.

“Its like a dream.”

Chen Changqing looked down and answered, “My feelings are mixed.

I dont know that there are so many people in the martial arts world who worship me.

In fact, after I met Brother Han, I already forgot that I was also a talent.”

“Do you remember it now” First Elder said with a rather amused expression.

“No.” Chen Changqing shook his head and said, “I used to be a little proud of myself.

I had the Qing Dragon blood, so my cultivation speed was extraordinarily fast.

But the more powerful I became, the more I found that I was nothing.

Strength is the foundation.

If without Brother Han, I may not even have made it into the top 20 on the Divine List.”

“In your Brother Hans words, dont belittle yourself.

You are excellent, so you should savor the victory that belongs to you.”

First Elder laughed out loud.

He felt Chen Changqing was sort of adorable.

After staying here for two minutes, the two parties left one after another, and so did the tens of thousands of martial artists.

They soon spread the news that Emperor Qing had become the Immortal King out to the world.

On the other side, on the way to Witch Hidden World.

“Dont be discouraged.

In the past few centuries, there only appeared one Emperor Qing.

He can restrain the secret skills of Lihun Sect all because of his constitution and Cultivation Method.

He is no match for you in terms of strength and foundation.”

Elder Ma saw that Yan Chen was silent along the way and noticed the confusion in his eyes, so he tried to comfort him.

“Yes, I know that, Elder Ma.” Yan Chen shook his head when he heard that.

“But I cant deny my defeat.

He can restrain my power, and thats also part of his strength.”

“Do you think that…”

Suddenly, a voice sounded from the side.

It was Ye Longyuan, who looked baffled.

“Zhang Hanyang also restrains our powers As I remember it, he is particularly good at the seal attack and incantations.

Damn it, he is a freak.”

“He…” The corner of Elder Mas mouth was slightly stiff.

“Stop thinking about him.

He cant be judged by common sense.”

On second thought, he added, “However, the God Realm is just the beginning.

When you reach the Heaven Realm, then itll be the time for you to contend for the championship.

Go back and practice hard, and break through Earth Realm as soon as possible.

Its time for you to go down to the Ancient Mine and go through trials for a couple of years.

The Ancient Mine can help you grow quickly to the Heaven Realm.

Ill tell you this.

Is Emperor Qing incredible No, Zhang Hanyang is.

But Zhang Hanyang is not the most incredible one.

According to a legend in martial arts world, once, a God Realm expert appeared in the world and competed for the Immortal King with lightning speed.

He was the Immortal King before Immortal King Zhang.

And he reached the Heaven Peak Stage within a year and started a bloody massacre.

Later, I heard that he was from the Black and White Palace and came to the secular world to gain experience.”

“He entered the Heaven Peak Stage within a year”

Several disciples were stunned.

How quick that was!

Yan Chen fell silent after hearing Ye Longyuans words.

Ye Longyuan was also lost in thoughts.

However, when Elder Ma met their eyes, he knew that the two of them had rekindled their fighting spirit.

It was not attributable to his words, but to the pressure brought by Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang.

Sometimes, the sects were really glad to see this scene, for it really could raise ones spirit.

But if they knew Zhang Hanyang had already been in the Heaven Peak Stage, perhaps the boost would become desperation.

Disciples of the younger generation of Wind Snow School were just like that.

They felt that no matter how hard they cultivated, they still could not compare to Zhang Hanyang.

The Divine List Competition had come to an end.

First place: Emperor Qing from the Chens, the secular world.

Second place: Yan Chen from the Lihun Sect, Witch Hidden World.

Third place: Hu Yu from the Shadowless Sect, Kun Xu World.

Fourth place: Su Beimu from the Light Cliff, Seven Harmony World.

Fifth place: Shi Fenghou from Wind Snow School, Saint Serene World.

Sixth place: Ding Jiuming from the Luo Fu Sword Sect, Seven Harmony World.

Seventh place: Ye Longyuan from the Lihun Sect, Witch Hidden Realm.

Eighth place: Jiang Bing from Heavenly Knights Sect, Kun Xu World.

It could be said that Shi Fenghou and Jiang Bing had advanced two rankings without making any effort.

Because the former two who ranked the fifth and sixth had been killed.

Some new lucky candidates had made it into the top 50 on the Divine List.

Regardless of their rankings, at least they managed to leave their names on the list.

That was a great honor for them.

Nonetheless, most of the peoples attention was focused on the number one.

On every forum in the martial arts world, there would always be someone posting “Emperor Qing is awesome”.

Emperor Qing had become popular in the martial arts world.

The government was also quite satisfied with the result of the Divine List Competition.

They had waited for more than five years for the worldlet to appear.

Having looked forward to it for so long, when it finally appeared, the secular world would fall in chaos, wouldnt it

Seeing all kinds of battles occurring one after another, the government released the Divine List.

As a result, the number of disputes sharply decreased.

The Divine List Competition turned out to be quite fierce, and many people had died.

However, martial artists always had to compete with others.

Injuries and death were common.

After the Divine List Competition was over, those people returned to the worldlet to cultivate.

And the disciples of the Gold Realm who stayed in the secular world did not have the desire to fight anymore.

The peace in the martial arts world seemed to have been restored.

The Wind Snow School and Caprice Mo Sect were busy attacking the Dark Fire Mountain Range in Ancient Mine.

The disciples of these sects stayed in their territories and never went out like unmarried girls from noble families.

Dong Chen and the others of Heavenly Knights Sect had changed their cultivation methods, and their strength had increased a lot.

They often went into the Ancient Mine to fight for more resources.

But every time they came out, Zhang Guangyou came to Zhang Han with Space Rings to let him pick the treasures first.

Therefore, after several months, Mount New Moon again had lots of divine objects and herbs in the medicine field.

And the holy objects and other resources were once more abundant.

Dong Chen even brought a few spirit beasts with him to pay his respects to Powerful Hei Trio every time he came to visit.

To raise a divine beast to guard the mountain was definitely a time-consuming job.

At the very least Dong Chen could tell that no matter what kind of spirit beast Tiny Tot ate, it was still the same.

Dahei and Little Hei ate very well, and their strength also increased quickly.


Every time Dong Chen took off, he breathed a few sighs.

He had taken too many beasts on the outskirt of the Beast Mountain.

Last time, he almost got into a fight against the Beast King.

If this continued, could it be that only by feeding Tiny Tot the Beast King would he see some results

When on earth would this little thing, who has cost him a huge amount of money, grow into a roc

Looking at the obedient Tiny Tot who looked like a minion, Dong Chen felt bitter.

“Where is your Curse Rocs dignity”

The martial arts world became peaceful again.

Even the dispute between the Heavenly Knights Sect and the Wind Snow School seemed to have come to an end.

But everyone knew that this peace was just the eve of another storm.

Only one of the two sides could survive.

There was no such thing as harmony at all.

Mount New Moon was flourishing.

Members of the security group focused on cultivation.

From time to time, Zhang Han taught them all kinds of secret skills.

Like a moving scripture library, there was nothing he didnt know.

First elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect already settled down in Mount New Moon.

He never went anywhere but stayed in the mountain studying the Thousand-formation Image every day.

Even Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Zhanhong began to work on the Thousand-formation Image.

This made Wang Ming and the others a bit itchy.

Wang Ming had just finished half of the Hundred-formation Image, but he wanted very much to study the Thousand-formation Image!

However, they could only take one step at a time.

They had to spend more time on the Hundred-formation Image.

Sect Leader Mu also visited twice.

Every time he tried to challenge Zhang Han, Zhang Han was always looking after his kid and didnt have time.

So far, he still hadnt had that duel as he wished.

Mu Xue, however, taught the secret skills she had learned to Sect Leader Mu, who could not help but be amazed by those skills.

He was very glad that Mu Xue taught him those skills.

“She is my daughter after all.”

Well, in fact, Mu Xue had already acquired Zhang Hans approval for this, but she didnt mention that to his father after her father praised her.

Time flew.

In the blink of an eye, the new year was around the corner.

“PaPa, theres no snow here.

I want you to carry me in your arms and go skiing.”

Early in the morning, Zi Yan and Mengmeng dressed up with extra care.

They would spend this Spring Festival with all their families for the first time.

The Zis, the Zhangs, the Rongs, and the Wangs were all here.

They made Mount New Moon very lively.

Both Zhang Han and Zi Yans parents were here, which was also the most lively and harmonious Spring Festival ever.

There were many branches in the big families, and they were not all solid as a rock.

There would always be some disputes.

Even so, in Mount New Moon, it was all peaceful and pleasant.

During the day, everyone was ready to celebrate the Spring Festival together.

Children were playing, adults were chatting, playing cards and chess.

There was surely an atmosphere of reunion during the Spring Festival.

So, at about seven oclock in the morning, Zi Yan already began to dress herself and the little princess.

Zhang Han sat at the back and looked at Zi Yan and Mengmeng with tenderness.

Seeing this, Mengmeng slipped into Zhang Hans arms and said that she wanted to play in a snowfield.


Zhang Han nodded and said, “Then lets go to Ice City to play in the snow tomorrow.”

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