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“PaPa, youre the best.

Ill give you kisses.”

Mengmeng was very happy to hear that, so she placed several kisses on Zhang Hans cheek.

“Shall we go tomorrow” Zi Yan puckered her red lips and said, “Today is only New Years Eve.

Tomorrow is the first day of the new year.

Wouldnt it be too early to hang out Why dont we wait until the fifth day of the lunar month”

While speaking, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han to give him a hint.


Mengmeng was dazed.

MaMa was against it again.

Now it was all up to PaPa.

The little girl had a faint feeling that if PaPa couldnt bear the pressure, then they couldnt go play in the snow.

“Well, this…”

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han saw Mengmengs cute appearance and said with a smile, “Its no big deal.

Today is New Years Eve, and tomorrow is the first day of the new year.

Were supposed to go out to visit our relatives, arent we We havent seen Uncle Gai for a long time.

We can just go there to pay New Years call.”


Zi Yan was taken aback at first.

But then she couldnt help laughing and rolling her eyes at Zhang Han.

“Hes spoiled Mengmeng too much.

To take her to ski, he even found such a lame excuse.”

Zi Yan was a little speechless.

After thinking for a while, she said, “Go and tell our parents that.

If they agree, well go.

But If they dont, Mengmeng, you just have to stay at home as we all do!”

“Hum, Ill be wherever Papa is.”

Mengmeng squeezed into Zhang Hans arms and snorted.

Then, seeing that Zi Yan keep putting on all kinds of cosmetics, Mengmeng edged to Zi Yan and leaned on her long legs.

“MaMa, I want to do makeup, too.”

“Ahem, Mengmeng cant use makeup.” Zhang Han quickly said, “Mengmeng is still young.

You cant do makeup until youve all grown up.”

Then he looked at Zi Yan and said, “I see no difference whether you wear makeup or not…”

“But I gotta do it.

Life has to have a sense of ritualism.”

Zi Yan shook her head slightly and put on light makeup.

“Mengmeng, are you hungry”

Zi Yan patted Mengmengs head and asked.


PaPa, I want to have small buns and milk.”

“Then lets go and eat first.

Ill cook something delicious for you for lunch.”

The family of three went out and came to the restaurant first.

It was already eight oclock, and there were only a few people eating breakfast.

When they saw Zhang Han and his family, they greeted them as usual.

After breakfast, they came to the back mountain.

Many tables and chairs had been set up on the lawn, on which there were all sorts of snacks, dessert, soda, juice, and red wine.

There were about 60 people seated there, talking and laughing, making the place quite lively.

Quite a few children were playing on the side.

They all stayed around Dahei.

However, Dahei was still lazily lying on the lawn and nearly started to snore.

Little Hei was lying beside Dahei.

After such a long time, Little Hei no longer sneezed as frequently as before.

Zhang Han sometimes wondered if it had the ability to track treasures by smelling them.

Tiny Tot was lying on Daheis belly and sleeping soundly.

“Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!”

Suddenly, Little Heis nose twitched as if it had smelled something.

“Ow-woo, Ow-woo!”

It let out a cry and immediately opened its eyes and ran forward.

It turned out that it had picked up the smell of its masters.


Dahei looked up and shook its head.

“Did the little brother just call me”

When it saw that Little Hei had run to the masters, Dahei sat up and smiled.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

“Finally they are here.

I almost fell asleep.”


Tiny Tot fell onto the grass but Dahei didnt notice it at all.

Its enormous feet even stepped on Tiny Tot.

If it were an ordinary penguin, it would definitely have been stamped dead.

However, Tiny Tot was fine.

It patted the ground with its wings and stood up.

“Koo-chee, koo-chee.”

Then, Tiny Tot followed behind Dahei and ran towards Zhang Han.

“Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Tiny Tot!”

Giggling, Mengmeng ran forward and immediately started playing with Dahei and the others.

After a while, the Wang family, the Rong Clan that arrived later, and some children from the Zi Clan joined Mengmeng and started to play.

Some kids were about the same age as Mengmeng.

Children tended to fight for toys when they saw them.

But when those kids saw Mengmengs three “toys”, they dared not to grab them at all.

Some even dared not approach them.

They just watched Mengmeng play the Throwing High, ride on Little Hei to explore the lawn, and sit on Daheis shoulder while playing with Tiny Tots wings.

“Morning, Mom, Dad.”

Zi Yan and Zhang Han said hello and took seats next to Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali.

After chatting with them enthusiastically for a few minutes, Zhang Guangyou looked at Mengmeng and could not help waving his hand and called, “Mengmeng, Mengmeng, come here and let grandpa adore you for a while.”

“Eh I havent done playing yet, so Im not going.”

Mengmeng was having a good time.

When she saw that her grandfather, who always looked for her PaPa and took him away, was greeting her, she didnt want to go there at all.

Hearing Mengmengs answer, many people present were stunned.

The next moment, Dong Chen and First Elder burst into laughter.

“Guangyou, you are quite, quite a catch…”

It was obvious that he meant it to be sarcastic, which made Zhang Guangyou look rather awkward.

“Whats going on

“Since when does my granddaughter have a problem with me”

“Mengmeng! Your grandfather wants you here.”

At this, Zi Yan called Mengmeng in a hurry, and there was a mandatory edge in her tone.

This little girl was too naughty.

Every time this happened, Zi Yan would have to step out and put things back in control.

Would Zhang Han play the bad cop once

How was that possible

At the thought of this.

Zi Yan got a little angry.

Zhang Han always played the good cop, leaving Zi Yan to be the bad cop.

Now the father and the daughter were on the same front line, so they often joined hands to trick her!

Mengmeng was a little afraid of Zi Yan.

After all, she might really spank her.

“All right, Im coming.”

Mengmeng pouted her little mouth and patted Dahei on the neck.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Dahei wandered to the edge of the lawn, put Mengmeng down, and sat down on the lawn, waiting for her to come back.


Mengmeng ran to Zhang Guangyous side and greeted him with a chuckle.

It was as if she wasnt the one who had just cold-shouldered him.

Seeing this, all the people present couldnt help laughing.

Even Zhang Guangyou chuckled despite himself.

“Bad girl Mengmeng, youre going to be one year older.”

“Yeah, grandpa, Im already five years old.” Mengmeng raised her cute hand and stretched out five fingers.


Yes, Mengmeng is five years old.

Grandpa gotta give you a New Years present,” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile.

“Huh” Mengmengs big, clear eyes lit up.

“Take a look!”

With everyone gazing at them, Zhang Guangyou took out a box from behind and said beamingly, “Grandpa wants to give you a special gift.

Open it now and see if you like it.”

“Okay! Thank you, grandpa!” Mengmeng said happily.

Holding the half-meter-long box, she came to Zhang Han and sat on a big chair next to him.

“PaPa, lets open this together.”


Zhang Han smiled and untied the ribbon with Mengmeng.

But the moment he opened the box, the corner of Zhang Hans mouth stiffened.

Lying in the box was a very delicate, beautiful, and exquisite wooden broadsword.

“Why give her this

“Do you want my daughter to learn how to use a broadsword from you

“Dad, you want to teach your lame broadsword art to your granddaughter Wont that lead her astray”

Zhang Han almost got that remark out.

But he knew that if he said it, Zhang Guangyou, with his bad temper, might have to exert the domestic discipline on him.

“Forget it, forget it.

I cant afford to offend him.”

“Ahem,” Zhang Han coughed and said, “Mengmeng, PaPa has given you a small wooden sword before.

And now there is a small wooden broadsword.

Lets put it away and treasure it.

This is your grandpas new years gift for you.”

“Hey Why put it away Shell need it every day.”

Zhang Guangyou waved his hand and said, “Ive thought this through.

Since Im free recently, Im going to teach my granddaughter Kung Fu.”

“What did you say”

Zi Yan and Zhang Hans eyes gradually widened in surprise.

“Isnt it too sudden”

“Humph, this fellow has become confident after making the breakthrough, hasnt he” Dong Chen, who was sitting next to them, taunted.

“Might be.

Well, since he has nothing to teach his son, he has to start with his granddaughter.”

First Elder laughed and mocked as well.

“Talk all you want, but I choose not to hear you!”

Zhang Guangyou acted as if he didnt hear those words at all.

Ignoring the others, he continued, “Although she is a girl, she still can learn martial arts.

Look at Mu Xue.

She is a great martial artist now.

So I have to give Mengmeng elementary education and teach her the basics.

Mengmeng, do you want to learn martial arts from me”

“Dad… ”

“Its not your turn to teach her!”

Just when Zhang Han was about to refute, Zi Yan secretly kicked him in the foot, indicating that he should not say anything.

“There are so many people here, and its the Spring Festival, why not let your father enjoy the moment”

When Zhang Han met Zi Yans eyes, the corner of his mouth trembled, but he didnt say anything in the end.


Mengmeng, however, was slightly stunned.

She turned to look at PaPa, not knowing whether she should say “yes” or not.

Rong Jiali just smiled.

She also knew that her husband had been thinking about this for quite a while.

He had made it to the Heaven Realm and went down to the Ancient Mine two times.

Now he had much leisure time, so he wanted to teach Mengmeng some martial arts.

Rong Jiali understood that, so she suggested, “Mengmeng, do you want your grandpa to show you a piece of his martial arts Then youll know whether you like it or not, and you can decide whether to take lessons from him.”

“Well, Mother has also shown her stance.”

Zhang Han swallowed and felt helpless.

“As a son, I cant say things like that to my parents!”

Fortunately, Zhang Guangyou only planned to teach Mengmeng some basics, not cultivation methods.

So, it did not affect Zhang Hans plan.

“Forget it.

Let it be, as long as my parents are happy.”

So, Zhang Han compromised.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu on the side were also intrigued.

Zi Qiang laughed and said, “Guangyou, now youre so good at martial arts, why dont you teach me as well”

Zi Qiang was purely fooling with him.

“No, you cant learn what Im gonna teach Mengmeng.” Zhang Guangyou waved at him and said, “Zi Qiang, dont mess things up.

Ill play chess with you later, okay”

“Hahaha, sure.

Then Ill wait for you.” Zi Qiang then laughed.

He also did not want to disturb Zhang Guangyous performance.

“My dear granddaughter, watch this.

Martial arts can… can help… help to build up your body, and help others when they are in trouble.

Do you understand”

“I, I dont.”

As Zhang Han hadnt said anything, Mengmeng didnt know what to do.

So, she answered in confusion.

Seeing the expression on the little girls face, Zhang Guangyou knew that she didnt understand what was going on.

Therefore, he explained, “If you learn martial arts from me, youll become stronger.

For example, if your classmates are bullied by others, you can do this.

Haha, then youll beat the bad guys and drive them away with a few moves.

Yes, when you learn martial arts, you can beat away bad guys.

You can even run fast and also…”

Zhang Guangyou began to tempt her.

He had had a pity that he never got round to teach Zhang Han cultivation.

For more than five years, he had planned to find Zhang Han to teach him all his skills when he went out of the worldlet.

But to his huge surprise, God had made a big joke by making his son way better than himself!

So now, Zhang Guangyou decided to teach Mengmeng and make up for the regret.

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