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“My dear granddaughter!

“Although Mengmeng is a girl, who said girls cant cultivate All the more reason for her to learn martial arts.

Besides, my little granddaughter is such a pretty girl.

She has to know the basic defensive techniques so that we can rest assured.”

Zhang Guangyou had given a lot of points that could around temptation.

But he didnt know which point he had made let Mengmengs eyes slightly alight with interest.

“Theres a chance!”

Zhang Guangyou was so excited that he couldnt wipe off the smile on his face.

Dong Chen and the others were speechless.

“Come on, no matter how bad your aptitude is, you are still a martial artist in the Heaven Realm, one of the top fighters in the world.

But now, youre shamelessly tricking a little girl to learn martial arts from you.

Oh my, the world is going down hills!”

However, since Mengmeng was Zhang Guangyous granddaughter, no one could bring themselves to differ.

In fact, they were still happy for Zhang Guangyou when they saw that.

The atmosphere in the Heavenly Knights Sect had been extremely depressing in the past few years.

Young Master had also been worried for a long time.

Today, seeing that he was so happy, they also felt happy for him.

Dong Chen and other elders had all taken the Heavenly Knights Sect as their home.

They had also regarded Zhang Guangyou as their junior.

They also taught Zhang Guangyou martial arts when he was a child.

So, it could be said that they had watched Zhang Guangyou grow up.

Just because they were very close to him, they occasionally liked to tease him for fun.

“Then Im going to perform martial arts for you.”

“Well, grandpa, lets get started.”


Here you are!”

Vigorous like a tiger, Zhang Guangyou began to perform boxing skills.

He had already thought about how to put on a show.

Adding that Rong Jiali just reminded him that Mengmeng would make the decision upon whether she liked it or not, Zhang Guangyou knew he must do an appealing show of martial arts.

Therefore, Zhang Guangyou gave a sidekick.

He leaped into the air so that his body was more than one meter above the ground.

He spun 360 degrees and gave a horizontal kick.

Then, he did a somersault in the air and landed with grace.

The moment he landed on the ground, he squatted and made a sweeping kick.

His fists slapped at the air ceaselessly, making an imposing rasping sound.

These tricks were like childs play to Zhang Guangyou, but he also enjoyed the show.

He had been observing Mengmeng from the corner of his eyes.

Now that he hadnt seen any sign of expectation or interest in Mengmengs eyes, he unhurriedly paused.

Then, he grabbed another wooden broadsword from the side and began to show off his brilliant broadsword skills.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

The wooden broadsword even seemed to start glinting like a real blade.

It rose and fell, charged forward and darted back, which looked very domineering!

“In order to teach his granddaughter, my dad has really exerted himself.”

Watching his father performing martial arts, Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He was considering to have a talk with Zhang Guangyou later to figure out what he planned to teach Mengmeng on earth.

Then, Zhang Han could draw the bottom line.

At least, Zhang Guangyous lectures should not affect the teaching he had prepared for Mengmeng.

“Also, dad, dont think that you can let Mengmeng learn how to use a broadsword just because you gave her a wooden broadsword.

You want a girl to learn broadsword craft from you No way.

I will ask Mengmeng to hide the wooden broadsword right off… ”

It could be said Zhang Han cared about Mengmeng to the morrow.

As long as it was about Mengmeng, he would think it over and over again, trying to give her the best.

Maybe that was what every father thought.

In fact, sometimes Zhang Han felt that his father was gentler to Zhang Li.

“I dont know what it feels like to have a son, but I seem to love my daughter more.

Shes my sweetie.”

While thinking, Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng affectionately.

Zi Yan noticed that and curled her lips.

Fortunately, she was not jealous of her daughter.

Otherwise, she would have drowned in jealousy every day.



“Thats amazing!”


As Zhang Guangyou went on with his show, bursts of cheers came from every corner of the place.

Even Wang Xiaowu couldnt help but clap his hands.

“What a dashing move!”

Out of all the audience, the Powerful Hei Trio were the ones who showed the strongest support.

Dahei shouted at the top of its lungs.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa!”

Little Hei also raised its head and howled.

“Ow, woo, woo, woo, woo!”

Now that the two brothers had cheered, Tiny Tot cooperatively flapped their wings in haste and squawked.

“Koo-chee! Koo-chee!”

Seeing this, the people around them were stupefied.

Although the audience had given Zhang Guangyou face, their whoops did not attract Zhang Guangyous attention.

Though it was not surprising that the ordinary people watching the show had cheered, it indeed was so when a group of martial artists also started to act like they were impressed.

After all, who didnt know that Zhang Guangyou was performing some useless moves just for show

The result of the show was not bad.

At least Mengmeng was a little dazed when she saw the moves his grandpa performed.


The show was neither too long nor too short.

Five minutes later, Zhang Guangyou withdrew his strength, did two somersaults, and landed steadily on the ground.

Then, He looked at Mengmeng and asked with a smile, “What do you think, my granddaughter Isnt Grandpa bravo”

“Well… Grandpa is bravo.

You can even jump up and spin in midair.”

Mengmengs big bright eyes blinked.

“Do you want to learn martial arts from grandpa If you learn some, you can also be that awesome.”

“Am I, am I going to learn it, PaPa”

Mengmeng turned to look at Zhang Han.


Zhang Guangyou also darted his eyes to Zhang Han in an instant as if saying, “If you dont say no, dont blame me for kicking your ass!”

He looked like he was really going to hit someone!

“Well, you sure can.

Your grandfather is right.

If you learn some skills, you can protect yourself.”

“Youll also be able to protect your dad,” Zhang Guangyou added.

To everyones surprise, Mengmengs eyes lit up upon hearing that remark.

“Really Ill be able to protect PaPa”

Zhang Guangyous expression changed.

He quickly answered, “Yes.

You can protect your father if you learn martial arts! How amazing that is!”

“Hmm, grandpa, Ill learn kung fu from you.”

Mengmeng agreed without hesitation.


While laughing, Zhang Guangyou felt drained.

This was his granddaughter he was dealing with.

It really took him a lot of effort to persuade her to learn some skills from him.

What he didnt know was that Zhang Han had also racked his brain when he tried to persuade Mengmeng to change her name.

Well, they just had to.

After all, Mengmeng was their little princess.

“Thats settled then.

From tomorrow on, Grandpa will teach you martial arts!”

Zhang Guangyou breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

With a look of pride, he went back to his chair and sat down.

At this moment, Zhang Han said, “Im afraid it cant start from tomorrow.

Mengmeng wants to play in the snow, so Ill take her to the northeast tomorrow.”

“Ah” Zi Qiangs face turned stiff.

“Youre leaving tomorrow But tomorrow is the first day of Chinese New Year.

Your mother and I have nothing to do lately but well be busy in a few days.

Why dont you let us spend more time with our granddaughter”

Zhang Han didnt know how to answer his father-in-law.

Anyway, he could not turn him down in person.

Mengmeng was a little anxious.

She looked at Zi Qiang and muttered, “Then Grandpa can go to play in the snow with us.”

“Eh” Zi Qiangs expression froze for a moment, and he was a little tempted.

But on second thought, he said hesitantly, “Is it sort of inappropriate to go out to play on the first day of the New Year”

He turned to look at Xu Xinyu, for he couldnt make up his mind.

“Well, if our granddaughter wants to play in the snow, then lets go to the northeast and play.

Accommodation is no problem.

Because Old Gai is there.

My dear granddaughter, we will all accompany you to play in the snow.

But when you come back after that trip, youll work hard to learn martial arts from your grandpa, okay”

“Got it, Grandpa.

Youre so nice, Grandpa, Ill give you a kiss,” Mengmeng said happily.

She threw a kiss to Zhang Guangyou.

Zhang Guangyou was not satisfied with that.

He insisted that Mengmeng should place a kiss on his kiss for real.

Seeing this, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu exchanged a look and felt that it was actually a good idea.

“I havent skied for two years.

I think I can use some fun.” Xu Xinyu smiled.

Therefore, their schedule was decided.

And anyone who wanted to go to the northeast could join them.

For a time, many people found that idea appealing.

The younger generation of the Zi Clan were all born in Singapore.

They had skied indoor, but they rarely did that on snow-capped mountains.

So, they were very interested, and they all wanted to enjoy the winter in the north.

While they were talking about it, Wang Zhanpeng glanced at Wang Ming.

Wang Ming immediately understood her thoughts.

He got up and went to Zhang Han, then, he took out a small present box from his pocket.

Mengmeng, its Chinese New Year, and I want to give you a small gift.”

“Thank you, granduncle.”

“Good girl.”

Wang Ming walked back with a smile.

Then came Wang Ya.

Mengmeng, Ive also prepared a gift for you.”


Seeing this scene, the other members of Wang family all looked at each other.

The Zi Clan, the Rong Clan who had been here for the Spring Festival, and Wang Xiaowu and members of the Heavenly Knights Sect all exchanged looks.

Soon, they lined up to send gifts.

They were all grateful to Zhang Han.

Since it was the Spring Festival, of course they had prepared gifts.

But it was not easy to find something suitable to give Zhang Han and Zi Yan, so they decided to give Mengmeng some presents.

Thus, they have all carefully prepared the gifts.

After seeing Zhang Guangyou gave Mengmeng the broadsword, they all prepared to give their gifts.

Now the right time had come, they all rushed to give the gifts to Mengmeng.

Mengmeng was very delighted, for it was her first time to receive so many gifts.

When she was living with MaMa and Aunty Feifei in the past, she seldom received gifts from others.

But now…

Stacks of exquisite gift boxes had occupied the entire table next to her.

There were so many presents that she didnt know how to count them all!

Watching Mengmeng giggling, Zhang Han felt a tinkle of guilt.

In fact, the reason that Mengmeng had been so clingy to him had something to do with what had happened in the past few years.

Fortunately, it did not make too much of a blow to the young and delicate girl.

This was also one of the reasons Zhang Han doted on Mengmeng so much.

It took an hour for the gift-receiving to end.

Staring at the large piles of gifts, Mengmeng didnt know what to do.

“Then lets take the gifts back and open them first,” Zhang Han suggested with a smile.

“Sure,” Mengmeng answered jubilantly.

Then Zhang Han asked Zhao Feng to push a food trolley and put all the gift boxes on it.

After that, he and Zi Yan took Mengmeng back to the castle.

Later, they spent the whole morning opening the gifts.

These gifts were carefully prepared.

Some were diamond ornaments, some were hand-made lucky pendants, some were embroidery, and some were custom-made music boxes…

There were all kinds of items.

It could be seen that they had put a lot of thought into the gifts.

Mengmeng, why are you so cute Look, no one gave MaMa a gift.

Its all yours.”

At Mengmengs proud look, Zi Yan smiled and pinched Mengmengs small nose.


`Mengmeng was stunned.

After thinking for a few seconds, she patted the large pile of gifts and said, “Well, whats mine is MaMas.”

She was a sweet daughter after all.

“Lets go out and play.

Well have lunch at the back of the mountain.”

Zi Yan beamed.

Zhang Han wanted to make lunch at first.

But since everyone was going to eat together at the thunder yang tree, they didnt give Zhang Han a chance to show off his cooking.

The family of three went out and came to the back mountain.

Mengmeng immediately ran to Dahei to play.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan came to the tables and sat down, then they started to chat with the people around them.

Chen Changqing, who could now be called Immortal King, was spending the Spring Festival in Shang Jing.

Having obtained such a great honor, his family wanted to celebrate, and he couldnt reject them.

Otherwise, he would have stayed in Mount New Moon for the Spring Festival.

But he was in touch with Zhou Fei at all times.

As Zhou Fei mentioned that they were all going to the north to see snow tomorrow, Chen Changqing said that he would wait for them at Uncle Gais place.

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