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Seeing the motorcade leave, Zhang Han walked into the airport and sat on a nearby chair.

After waiting for a dozen minutes, Fu Hongshan called.

Zhang Han probed with his soul sense and immediately knew where they were.

They were waiting outside the entrance of the second floor.

Fu Hongshan changed his car.

This time, he was driving a black Mercedes Benz G-Class vehicle.

The three were smoking, standing beside the car.

Seeing Zhang Han, they all smiled and hurried to him.

“Brother Han! Happy new year! Hahaha, I didnt expect you would come to Ice City at a time like this.”

“My daughter wants to have fun with snow, so I went over,” Zhang Han casually answered.

It made them involuntarily gasp.

The last time they went to Xiangjiang, they had really witnessed how powerful Zhang Han was.

There were many business tycoons who they had only seen on TV.

However, at that time, they saw them in the flesh.

They even smiled enthusiastically at them.

They all talked to each other despite their different social standing.

Fu Hongshan clearly remembered that when he introduced himself as Zhang Hans friend, those rich people even looked envious.

The daughter of a rich family, Jiang Tongtong, really changed her views on the world.

She had thought Zhang Han was already powerful, but she did not expect his power to be that great in Xiangjiang!

“Well Why didnt Yan and Mengmeng come” Fu Hongshan looked around and found Zhang Han was all alone, so he asked.

“Theyve gone to visit Gai Clan.”

“I see.

Hop in, Brother Han.” Chen Man laughed.

“Without them here, Brother Han can drink more.”

“You actually said that with your alcohol tolerance”

Zhang Han could not help taunting him.

Hearing that, Chen Man and others smiled awkwardly.

“Lets go.

Brother Han can surely drink, and none of us can compare.”

Fu Hongshan opened the door to the front seat passengers seat, while he hopped onto the drivers seat.

It could be said as a big improvement.

If he could drive a car worth millions, Elder Fu could be seen as successful as a son-in-law under his wifes parents roof.

Once in the car, Fu Hongshan casually said, “As expected from Brother Han.

Merely your name has put us above everyone.

I even started to get in touch with Jiang Clans core enterprises.

Back then, I actually thought those rich kids have money, can fool around, spend freely, live luxuriously, and have fun every night.

I never realized that is far from the truth.

I get as busy as a bee because theres a lot of stuff I need to learn.”

“Thats right.

Now that Xiao Man and I follow Elder Fu, Im really afraid Ill lose face for knowing too little.” Zhou Xiaohui laughed.

“But when were free, well sometimes drive our luxury cars to hit on girls.

That does feel great.”

“Why didnt you bring your girlfriend this time”

Zhang Han casually asked.

“Well, shes waiting in the restaurant.

If she comes with us, you might find it uneasy.” Fu Hongshan smiled while answering.


They talked and laughed.

It seemed that their lives were pretty good.

The saying that when a man attains enlightenment, even his pets ascend to heaven did not come out of nowhere.

With their connections to Zhang Han and Zhang Han, they felt just like fish in water.

Gai Clans power was great, and who would not respect them

Driving for an hour, the car arrived at the restaurant named Fuyu Traditional Restaurant, a well-known local restaurant.

When they entered a private room on the third floor, Jiang Tongtong had been waiting for a while.

Seeing them, she hurriedly sat up to greet them.

“Happy new year, Brother Han.”

“Yeah, happy new year.”

Zhang Han answered and everyone got into their seats.

Jiang Tongtong told the waiter to serve the dishes.

While she walked past, Zhang Han saw her slightly bulging belly.


Zhang Han smiled and looked at Fu Hongshan.

“Haha, Brother Han really has sharp eyes.

You can even tell that when shes only been pregnant for a month.” Fu Hongshan laughed.

“Im catching up with Brother Han.

Your baby girl can even run about on her own.

Im thinking that I shouldnt fall too far behind, so I decided to have my own kid too.”

“Congratulations.” Zhang Han smiled and took out a fruit that belonged to the Heaven-grade treasure category.

He put it in front of Fu Hongshan.

“Take it back to cook it for her to eat.

It can improve her body conditions.”

“Thank you.

Thank you, Brother Han.” Jiang Tongtong first froze and then quickly thanked him, feeling warm in her heart.

She felt Zhang Han was thoughtful.

“You havent held a wedding, have you” Zhang Han asked again.

“Not yet.

Weve arranged it on May 21st.” Fu Hongshan accepted the apple-like fruit and smiled.

“If Brother Han is free at that time, you can come.

If you dont, its okay too.

Just send us your good wishes.”


Zhang Han did not promise anything.

If he promised him and he could not come because he got caught up in other stuff, he might just not make any promise in the first place.

While they talked, various dishes were served.

There were only five of them, but they had ordered more than 20 dishes.

People who ate like a bird would almost get full after a bite of every dish.

During the meal, they also started to drink.

After they drank glasses and glasses of local specialty beers, the atmosphere slowly got lively.

However, because of pregnancy, Jiang Tongtong suddenly rushed out in the middle of the meal.

Apparently, it was morning sickness.

Seeing that, Fu Hongshan quickly followed.

Having watched that scene, Zhang Han froze a little bit.

Back then, Zi Yan must be like this too.

Nevertheless, she only had herself.

Though Zhou Fei was taking care of her, it was still very different.

“Everything goes.”

Zhang Han felt a little sentimental and drank a few more with Chen Man and Zhou Xiaohui.

During the talking, he also learned how they had been.

The two worked with Fu Hongshan, who decided to gain a foothold in Jiang Clan enterprises and also wanted his own men beside to help him.

However, the two themselves had said that they would gain positions with their own ability.

Recently, they had been studying and was starting from the bottom.

They had just got into the business world and was still trying to make deals.

After about a few minutes, Fu Hongshan and Jiang Tongtong returned.

Less than a few minutes after they sat down, Jiang Tongtongs phone rang.

Once in the car, Fu Hongshan casually said, “Ill go get this.”

After saying that, she walked out of the private room.

Zhang Han continued talking with them.

When Jiang Tongtong returned, they all found that she looked a little pale.


She looked at Zhang Han with a complicated expression.

She wanted to say something but stopped.

It seemed that she was thinking that if she should say it.

“Theres something, I…”


Before she finished, Fu Hongshan frowned and looked a little sulky.

He said, “Its the new year.

Dont talk about irrelevant stuff.

Sit down and eat more.

Go home if you dont feel well.”

Well Did that mean she had trouble

Naturally, Zhang Han could tell by one glance.

He saw that Jiang Tongtong obediently sat down and looked bad.

She slightly bit her lower lip and looked very upset.

“Itll affect the baby.

Just say it if theres anything, while I still have time now.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Its nothing big.

Its just that something came up in Tongtongs family.

Well just skip that since its the new year.” Fu Hongshan waved his hand.

Actually, he felt a little bitter inside too.

Inside, he wanted to try asking Zhang Han, but he just could not bring himself to do it.

His being in the current position was exactly thanks to Brother Han.

At that time, Jiang Tongtongs eyes turned slightly red and her voice sounded a little husky.

“But during the new year, theyve gone to my house.”

“What” Fu Hongshan changed his face.

“Theyve gone to your home”


At that time, Zhou Xiaohui got a little anxious and said in a blaming tone, “What are you trying to hide now, Elder Fu Brother Han is a big shot.

I know you dont want to trouble Brother Han with it, but so what if you tell us about it Were friends.

If Brother Han has a way, he wont stand and watch.

If he cant help, then well figure out something else.

Tongtong is pregnant.

Dont affect the baby.”

“Is it from work”

Zhang Han drank a glass of beer on his own, raised his left hand to check the watch, and said, “I dont have much time.

Shoot it if you want to tell me.

Or Ill be gone in a while.”

Seeing that, Fu Hongshan moved his lips but did not say anything in the end.

Instead, he shot a glance at Jiang Tongtong.

Jiang Tongtong quickly sat straight and her voice was a little shaky.

“Our, our Jiang Clan enterprises are mainly in the imported goods business.

Last month, in the East Sea area, five nautical miles away from Xinjin Port, two cargo vessels met a martial artists fight.

The two vessels were about to bypass them, but they went in the vessels direction during the fight.

One of them fled into the vessels and the other just directly destroyed the vessels with cargoes worth 300 million.

Its a very important business for our Jiang Clan.

Now we not only lost 300 million but also have to pay a default fee of 100 million, which we simply cant afford.

“Later we knew that the attacking martial artist is from Xia Clan in Qinan.

Our family sent someone to talk to them but they did not even allow us in.

We didnt have a way.

My third uncle is also a martial artist so he asked around.

Then he knew that the attacker is not only a Xia Clan martial artist but also a sect disciple in that powerful worldlet.

The sect is in the northeastern area; its called Shuiyun Sect.

Now sects in the worldlet are all recruiting disciples, so we tried to spread the word about Shuiyun Sects disciple bullying a secular family.

Only then did the Xia Clan react.

But during the previous talks, theyve just been overbearing and treated us without any respect.

Just now, my second sister called me, saying that Xia Clan sent someone to make us sign a contract.

They dont want to pay us even a penny.

“They acted recklessly and said in front of our family that they would give us two hours.

We would need to find someone to make them leave, and if not, they would not only make us sign a contract but also hold us responsible for smearing Shuiyun Sects reputation.

How can we win them I remember that Hongshan said Brother Han is also a martial artist and so powerful in Xiangjiang.

I wonder if you have any ways because we really dont have one.”

After her telling, Zhang Han also knew what happened.

They had completely suffered something they should not have.

This kind of thing usually could not be resolved with reason.

Luckily, they could find who the other party was.

However, how could a high-level martial artist care about some secular business family Jiang Clan did not hold too many assets in total.

The cargoes worth 300 million and the default fee would probably bankrupt the family company.

However, he seemed to hear about Shuiyun Sect from someone

Zhang Han paused for a little while and said, “You didnt go to the National Security Agency here”

“We did, and they also tried to negotiate.

But the other party just seems more powerful and they failed.

Actually, we just thought it would be fine even if they only paid 200 million.

At least that could save our company, but theyve been completely unreasonable,” Jiang Tongtong said with a pair of red eyes.

“Brother Han, I know youre a martial artist and have thought about turning to you.

But theyre too powerful and I dont want to make things difficult for you.

I…” Fu Hongshan looked in a dilemma.

He was typically the kind of people who did not know how powerful the person he was brown-nosing was.

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