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Zhang is here.

The Jiang Clan is really honored and lucky to have your gracious presence!”

The oldest martial artist of Jiang Clan immediately bowed and saluted.

Patriarch Jiang and the others also stood up.

Seeing that, Zhang Han was bored.

He waved a bit at them and didnt say a word.

By contrast, Jiang Tongtongs parents were so excited that their faces flushed.


“What a great son-in-law!”

“Given his close relationship with Zhang Han, the Jiang Clan would definitely benefit a lot in the future!”

Before they had time to savor the surprise, a group of people rushed in.

There were eight of them in total.

Jiang Yanlan was in the lead.

Her expression was sort of cold.


She hailed Zhang Han first, and then looked to the left with frosty eyes.

“Xia Ran, whats wrong with you”


As soon as she said that, a light cough came from beside.

“Jiang Yanlan, I, your father, am still here.

You didnt bother to greet your father first before getting to business, did you That was just harsh and vigorous.”

The cough made Jiang Yanlan stop talking.

“Young Master Zhang.”

“This is my father.” Jiang Yanlan then took the initiative to introduce him.

“Sect Leader Jiang.”

At this time, Zhang Han also stood up and dissipated the energy that had suppressed the Xia Clan.

Patriarch Xias face turned slightly pallid, and Xia Ran looked outright frightened.

It seemed that they were in deep trouble.

“Young Lord Zhang, Ive long heard of your name.

After meeting you in person today, I know you truly lives up to your reputation.”

Sect Leader Jiang was at Heaven Peak Stage but he couldnt sense a trace of Zhang Hans aura.

Thus, he felt that it was a little unusual.

He smiled and continued, “Young Lord Zhang, thank you for taking care of my daughter in Xiangjiang.”

“Sect Leader Jiang, you dont have to be so courteous.

Captain Jiang has helped me several times, and I will never forget that,” Zhang Han smiled and responded.

“Hahaha.” Sect Leader Jiang also laughed out loud and gave Jiang Yanlan an approving look.

“Good for you, my daughter.

Youve befriended the Young Lord of Heavenly Knights Sect.

Thats a strong connection.” In the past, Sect Leader Jiang might not have found it amazing.

But now, time had changed, and the Heavenly Knights Sect had turned the tables against the will of heaven and seemed to rise again.

“Ive heard about this matter.”

Jiang Yanlan looked at Xia Ran and said bluntly, “You shouldnt have implicated the secular world.

The Xia Clan must compensate the victims in full.

Do you have any problems with that”

“Yes, I have!”

Xia Ran was a little more confident when he saw that Sect Leader Xia and the other sect members had come here.

He said, “Ive done great service to the sect, and my mission has been related to the sect.

Why would I have to compensate a secular family”

As soon as he said that, Jiang Yanlans face darkened.

“Have you forgotten that years ago, the Xia Clan was also an ordinary family”

“This is not the same case.” Xia Ran shook his head stubbornly.


Zhang Han looked at the people of Shuiyun Sect in surprise.

“How dare they let a God Realm disciple of their sect refute that”

Sect Leader Jiangs eyes showed a bit of awkwardness.

He thought for a moment and then said, “Considering that Xia Ran has made contributions to the sect, the sect will pay half of the compensation this time.”

As soon as he said that, Patriarch Xia was slightly amazed, then he breathed a sigh of relief.

However, Xia Ran looked quite smug, and he even made another surprising remark.

“Sect Leader, Zhang Hanyang of Heavenly Knights Sect has just ridden roughshod over us without a reason.

Please seek justice for us.”

“Youre Zhang Hanyang, so what”

“I, Xia Ran, still wont let you run wild!”

It seemed that he had forgotten that he didnt dare to utter a word just now.

“What did you say” Sect Leader Jiang was displeased and frowned slightly.

“Xia Ran, dont talk nonsense.

Youve made some contributions to our sect during the secular Divine List Competition.

Go back and take your reward.

Then, you should practice hard and try your best to break the Earth Realm as soon as possible.”

He made his point first because he wanted to ease Zhang Hans anger.

He had also heard that Zhang Hanyang had a rather bad temper.

Also, as he didnt want Xia Ran to babble again, his eyes were full of fierceness.

Seeing that, Xia Ran didnt dare to speak anymore.

He cupped his hands and retreated to the side.

A God Realm disciple had made a disrespectful remark, but his Sect Leader didnt say anything to criticize him, did he

“For the sake of Captain Jiang, Ill spare his life.”

That kind of unfounded countercharge upset Zhang Han a little.

After saying that, he looked at Fu Hongshan, who was behind him, and said, “If the Xia Clan choose not to give me an answer on this matter, just let me know.

And I will erase the Xia Clan from this world forever.”


As soon as he said that, Patriarch Xia looked more unease.

An outright threat!

Xia Rans face was brimming with anger.

Just as he was about to say something, he felt an overwhelming pressure.

It was Sect Leader Jiang who was suppressing him.

“Its getting late.

Im leaving.”

Zhang Han glanced at Sect Leader Jiang and turned to leave.

“Yanlan, go see Young Lord Zhang off,” said Sect Leader Jiang.


Jiang Yanlan cast a cold look at Xia Ran and then turned around and followed Zhang Han out.

After they left the room, Jiang Yanlan said, “Dont mind him.

Xia Ran is a little special.

Otherwise, I would have already punished him on the spot.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and asked, “Whats special about him”

He didnt see anything special about that kid.

The only unusual thing was that there was a trace of the Blazing Eagle Kings aura around him.


Jiang Yanlan hesitated for a moment and then said slowly, “Hes found a map.

And its in his possession.

Its a map of a secret place in the ancient mine of the Mystical Martial World.

Every time we go in, the location of the entrance changes.

Therefore, we need Xia Ran to lead the way every time.

Originally, the secret place was a place where our Shuiyun Sect often visited.

But later, it was suddenly sealed for no reason.

I suspect that Xia Ran has found the treasure that controls the entrance and exit of the secret place and then sealed it.

The bloodline power I absorbed was also found there.

It seemed to be the Fire Phoenix Graveyard.

In short, without him, we cant enter that secret place.

That is also why he dares to behave so unscrupulously.”

“Oh” Zhang Hans expression altered.

“He has been a thorn in my side for a long time, but there is nothing I can do.

There is a small crystal stone mine in that secret place, and the mining hasnt finished yet.

Our sect can only go down there one day a month, so the progress is relatively slow.” Jiang Yanlan gave an abridged explanation.


Zhang Han nodded.

Of course Jiang Yanlan wouldnt tell him all that she knew.

There must be more than small crystal stone mines and other treasures in that secret place.

For example, the Blazing Eagle Kings soul power

Dong Chen could use it.

His Cultivation Method, the Four Symbols Sea, complemented that set of divine weapon cards.

By far, he had obtained the cards of the souls of the Flood Dragon, the Golden Black Tortoise, and the Winged Tiger King.

If he could also get the soul of the Blazing Eagle King, he would have all the Four Symbols.

Then, the cards would upgrade to the top-tier of the fifth level, and maybe they would have the qualification to reach the sixth level in the future.

Zhang Hans senses were never wrong.

Although the Blazing Eagle King wasnt a top-level spirit beast, it was powerful enough to be one of that set of cards.

Now that Zhang Han wanted to be an outstanding martial artist of the third generation, he must enhance the strength of Heavenly Knights Sect.

The Wind Snow School hadnt been obliterated yet, and he had no strength to do that for now.

The energy hidden in his body was slowly being digested.

Zhang Han expected that in two months, he could continue to absorb the energy in treasures to cultivate the Athanasia Demon Gong.

The real power of the Air-shattering Hand would only reveal when he was at least at the Elixir Stage.

Hence, He needed more supernatural powers.

For that reason, Zhang Han was a little intrigued when he heard the news.

After thinking for a while, he slowly said, “Captain Jiang, Ill get straight to the point.

Just now, I felt the aura of the Blazing Eagle King on that Xia Ran.

I figure that secret place houses the soul of the Blazing Eagle King.

Grand Elder of Heavenly Knights Sect happens to need this thing for his treasure.

If its not too much trouble, can you let Uncle Dong go down there with you to get the soul of the Blazing Eagle King The Heavenly Knights Sect will give you treasures of equal value in exchange for it.

What do you say”


Jiang Yanlans face froze for a second.

She was undecided about whether she should agree on that or not.

“Dont worry.

The secret land belongs to the Shuiyun Sect.

The Heavenly Knights Sect wont encroach.

Besides, there must be a large number of secret places in that Ancient Mine, right” Zhang Han added.

That was true.

The Ancient Mine was exceedingly vast and the treasures there were countless.

However, to take those treasures, one must also have the required ability.

Jiang Yanlan also knew this.

Moreover, that secret land was not really that precious.

“Well, since youve asked, of course Ill give you face.” Jiang Yanlan covered her mouth and smiled.

Her eyes suddenly lit up.

“In that case, why dont we…”

Jiang Yanlan leaned over and whispered something in Zhang Hans ear.

After hearing what she said Zhang Han was stunned.

He looked at her with some amusement and eventually nodded.


“Has Liu come yet” Jiang Yanlan asked after they were done with the business.


“Then Ill go beat him in a moment.” Jiang Yanlans eyes suddenly turned a little resentful.

“He is now already at the Grand Master Late-stage.

If he continues to stay with you, Im afraid it wont take long for him to reach the God Realm.

If I dont seize the chance to beat him now, when he becomes powerful, then…”

She broke off.

Instructor Liu, on the other hand, had vowed several times that one day, he would beat Jiang Yanlan to a pulp.


That remark made Zhang Han laugh instead.

He shook his head slightly and looked somewhat emotionally at Sect Leader Jiang, who had just walked out of the room.

“Your daughters heart is about to be stolen.

How could you not notice that”

As for Sect Leader Jiang, Zhang Han despised him.

He had done too bad in this respect.

When Mengmeng grew up, he would surely keep a close look on her.

If he found any boys who had an idea to pursue Mengmeng, he would directly beat the sh*t out of him!

After a small nod, Zhang Han whipped around in a flash and stalked out.

Whiling going out, he made two phone calls.

“Changqing, come to meet me.

I have something to tell you…”

“Xiaowu, go back to the sect and contact Uncle Dong.

Ask him to come over here.”

Seeing Zhang Han leave, Xia Ran curled his lips in contempt.

“Sect Leader, although Zhang Hanyang is from the Heavenly Knights Sect, you dont really have to give him face, do you” Xia Ran sounded a little disgruntled.

“Watch your mouth!” Sect Leader Jiang frowned and his face darkened.

“Xia Ran, you must bear this in mind.

Improper language brings someone doom.

If you continue to be so unscrupulous and stir up trouble, dont blame me for not protecting you.”


Xia Rans expression changed slightly.

He quickly lowered his head and cupped his hands.

“Yes, I see.”

Although he was a little arrogant, he was no fool.

It was true that he wasnt as afraid of the sect leader as the others in the sect, he was still very respectful in front of him.

Otherwise, Sect Leader Jiang would have handled him a long time ago.

“I have somewhere else to be.

Xia Ran, you go back to the sect.

Yanlan, are you going to Xiangjiang” asked Sect Leader Jiang.

“Im not going to Xiangjiang for now because Zhang Hanyang is still here.

Ill go back with him later,” Jiang Yanlan replied.


Sect Leader Jiang nodded and then departed with his men.

Xia Ran also cupped his hands at Jiang Yanlan and left alone.

He was only an hours walk from the entrance of the Mystical Martial World.

“Patriarch Xia, get this matter settled in seven days.” Jiang Yanlan left that remark and then left quickly.

She quietly followed Xia Ran, ready to watch a drama.

As for Patriarch Jiang and his men who came out after that, no one paid much attention to them.

It was not that they looked down on them but they really had nothing to say to them.

Had it not been for Zhang Hans sake, Jiang Yanlan and the others wouldnt even have come in person.

At most, they would have asked Xia Ran to tell the Xia Clan to deal with this matter.

They were not ordinary people.

If someone wanted to call them over, that person had to be important enough.

“Its all thanks to Hongshan that our Jiang Clan managed to escape this calamity.”

Patriarch Jiang grabbed Fu Hongshans hand enthusiastically and said repeatedly, “You are Jiang Clans hero and benefactor.”

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