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Seeing that Zhang Han was in no mood to speak, the man in a suit looked at Zi Yan and said with a smile, “Mrs.

Zi, have you been to Los Angles”

“Ive been here once.

Its beautiful here.”

“Yeah, Los Angles is beautiful.” The man in a suit said, “Its the second-largest city in North America, known as the City of Angels.

There are many good places to visit.

If Mrs.

Zi and Mr.

Zhang are interested, I can show you the way.”


Smith, thank you for your kindness, but we dont plan to play for the time being.

Lets go back to have a rest.

Well be going back after finishing attending the Oscar tomorrow,” Zi Yan replied.

“Oh, thats a pity.

Youre in a hurry.

The Oscar will start at two oclock tomorrow afternoon, and the party will end at six oclock in the evening.

I suggest Mrs.

Zi should have a good rest and leave the next day,” said the man in a suit.

“Ill consider it, thank you,” Zi Yan replied perfunctorily and then stopped talking.

After eight oclock in the evening, it was really a little hasty to take a plane back from the airport.

They were arranged in Lowis Hollywood Hotel.

Starting from the 10th floor, rooms of the 10 floors above were arranged for these international stars.

The elevator they took was also a special elevator on the side.

On the 15th floor, Zhang Han and Zi Yan were in the same room.

Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, and Mu Xue were in the same room.

The director and the others shared two rooms.

They were all in luxurious suites.

As soon as they entered the suite and put their luggage in place, Zi Yan couldnt wait to ask, “Dear, are you sleepy”


Hearing what she said, Zhang Han could not help laughing.

Obviously, Zi Yan wanted to go out to play with him.

In this case, if he said he was sleepy, then he would end up sleeping on the sofa tonight.

The key was that he had never been sleepy before.

“No, Im not,” Zhang Han answered straightforwardly.

“Wanna go out to play”

“Of course.”

Zi Yan smiled, stood on tiptoe, and kissed Zhang Han on the lips.

Then she said with a smile, “We dont have much private time.

We just slept on the road for a long time.

Now were not sleepy.

Its only 8:30 p.m.

Why dont we go shopping”

“Sounds good.”

Zhang Han laughed and said, “Lets go!”

“Lets go!” Zi Yan responded sweetly.

“Then, I have to change my clothes first.”

Zi Yan took out a set of clothes from her suitcase, including a T-Shirt, a thin coat, a pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers, and a light pink cap.

After putting on their clothes, the two of them sneaked out of the room.

However, as soon as they walked to the elevator, they saw Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing stealthily waiting for the elevator.

“Oh, what a coincidence, Elder Sister Yan.” Zhou Fei was stunned at first, then she chuckled with her hand covering her mouth.

“Why are you in such a hurry to go out to play”

“Were not as fast as you two,” Zi Yan joked.

“Dont you two stay in the room How can you still have the mood to go out to play”

“Uh, well be back soon.” Chen Changqing grinned.

He and Zhou Fei… made a breakthrough at the last step.

He had planned to hold a wedding if Zhou Fei was pregnant.

However, he found that she hadnt been pregnant even if they did more than once a month.

He was a little suspicious if it was because of his Qing Dragon blood, so he asked Zhang Han on purpose.

It was really because of this.

The success rate would be higher if his blood was stimulated to at least 80 %.

This made Chen Changqing repeatedly sigh with emotion.

It was a miracle that Brother Han succeeded the first time.

During this period, he also proposed that he wanted to hold a wedding with Zhou Fei, but Zhou Fei was in no hurry.


When they talked, the elevator arrived.

After getting into it, Zhou Fei asked, “Elder Sister Yan, Brother-in-law, do you want to play together with us We intend to go to Sunset Boulevard first, and then to Hollywood Street.”


Zi Yan hesitated for two seconds before she shook her head and said, “Forget it.

My husband and I want to enjoy the two of us.”

“Hum, Qingqing and I also want to enjoy the two of us,” Zhou Fei retorted.

Zi Yan planned to start playing from Hollywood Street.

She planned to hang around Sunset Boulevard, and then go to the open-air bar to play for a while.

This was her schedule for tonight.

She and Zhou Fei had the same thoughts.

But after they went downstairs, they went on their separate ways.

Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing didnt even take the cars arranged by the organizer but went out to take a taxi.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan got into an MPV and headed for Hollywood Street.

They arrived at the place at nine oclock p.m., so there were not many people on the street, but Zi Yan was also enjoying the shopping.

She was very happy to take Zhang Han by the hand and enjoy leisure time.

It was already more than eleven oclock in the evening after strolling here and Sunset Boulevard.

“Darling, lets go to the Lanmu Site Bar.”


“I want to drink with you.”


Zhang Han was stunned at once.

How could Zi Yan have so much courage to drink with him A man at the Heaven Peak Stage was basically free from being drunk.

Of course, after drinking a little wine, what would happen when they went back tonight…

Zhang Han laughed at once.

“Okay, lets have a drink later.”

Seeing Zhang Hans smile, Zi Yan knew what he was thinking, so she couldnt help but spit.

They got on the MPV and went to the Lanmu Site Bar.

Today, it held an open-air activity.

There was a hubbub of voices inside, and heavy metal music could be heard from far away.

On the audience stands on the two sides, there were comfortable seats.

On the lower side, there were long rows of chairs.

At the bottom, there was a dancing floor.

There were many people crazily swinging with DJ and lights, releasing the wild in their hearts.

The clothes of the people in the bar were a bit more open.

One was sexier than the other.

It was quite rare to see someone dress up like Zi Yan.

“Darling, Im particularly happy with you.

Cheers for our love.”

Zi Yan seemed to be more active.

She raised her glass and drank with Zhang Han.

“Honey, dont drink so fast.

It wont take long for you to get drunk.”

“I wont.

Im good at drinking.”


The two of them chatted and drank.

In a short while, Zi Yans face began to turn red.

The imported wine was still a little intoxicating and had a strong aftereffect.

After drinking for more than half an hour, they went to the dance floor to play for a while.

If they played normally, it would be a little crowded, but Zhang Han was there.

There was a small area next to the two of them, so they had a good time.

However, the others on the dancing floor kept looking askance at them, with surprise and doubt in their eyes.

Finally, after playing for a while, Zi Yan was a little drunk.

“This place is not far from the hotel where we live.

Why dont we stroll back” Zi Yan leaned on Zhang Hans shoulder and said.

“All right.”

Zhang Han held Zi Yans waist, gently lifted her body, and ran along the street.

On the way, they chatted and laughed.

Zi Yan, who was drunk, was very relaxed and even laughed out loud twice.

Despite that, she was still very charming and had a different kind of charm.

As they walked forward, they found that on both sides of the dark street, there were a few people, who were watching them from time to time.

Although they went out in a low profile, Zi Yans bag and their clothes were both expensive branded goods.

Gradually, there were eight people around the two of them.

Four of them were watching in the distance.

Two of them were slowly approaching, and the other two were a little farther from the left and right sides.

“Oh, do I come across robbers”

Zhang Han also heard that it was more chaotic here, especially at night.

After all, everybody could have a gun.

There were still so many wandering men and only a small number of wealthy people.


Two tall and strong people, one on the left and one on the right, suddenly followed.

They stood in front of Zhang Han and stretched out their hands.

“What money”

Zi Yan was a little dizzy.

She was not afraid.

After looking at them for a while, she suddenly laughed.

“Honey, they are asking for money.”

“Yeah, so will we give them money or not”

“It depends on your mood.”

Seeing the couple display affection in front of them, the hearts of the two single men were bleeding.

However, it seemed that they were rich.

It was enough for them to go out and enjoy themselves at night if their plan succeeded.


The eyes of the two men were cold, but their expressions could show that they were fierce in appearance but cowardly in fact.


Zhang Han was not angry at this moment.

He felt that it was quite interesting to be robbed.

“Money Yes, I have.”

Zhang Han chuckled and opened Zi Yans bag.

He reached inside with his right hand and took out a small stack of money.

At a cursory glance, it was about 3,000 US dollars.


The eyes of the two people turned bright, and they were a little excited.

This time, they would reap fabulous profits.


As one of them grabbed the money, they turned around and ran away quickly.

The other six people who were standing around also stopped.

Zhang Han could feel that they gathered together and muttered something with an excited expression as if they were discussing something.

However, Zhang Han ignored them and continued to walk forward by holding Zi Yan in his arms.

Less than five minutes later, the group of people approached secretly.

It was the other two peoples turn this time.


“Ah Honey, we meet some people who want money again.

What should we do Im so scared.” Zi Yan was acting cute this time.

Zhang Han was obsessed with her behavior.

“Yes, money.”

He threw out a small stack of money, about 5,000 US dollars, which was more than what he gave just now.


The two of them ran away again.

However, they, who were greedy, had their eyes on Zi Yans bag.

How much money was there

“F*ck, hes a rich man!”


Honey, did we get robbed”

Zi Yans breath was as fragrant as the smell of orchids.

She leaned on Zhang Han, as if she had just realized that she had been robbed.

The woman was too drunk.

Zhang Han had already given out tens of thousands of dollars.

He was amused but enjoyable.

He felt that Zi Yan was so cute.

“Why havent they come yet”

After another five minutes, those people hadnt followed him yet.

Zhang Han was still waiting to see Zi Yans expression.

As expected, after hesitating for a moment, they still had covetous thoughts, and then they caught up with them again.


Another two people came over to ask for money.

Zhang Han pretended not to know about it and turned to look at Zi Yan.

“Theyre asking for money again.

Honey, were going to be robbed again.

Do we need to call the police”

The man seemed to understand a little.

His face became serious, and he took a step back.

“Yes, we were robbed.” Zhang Han nodded solemnly.

“Huh… honey, why dont you give them money They all have guns in their hands.”

“Oh, then give them money quickly.”

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and smiled.

He put his right hand into the bag again and took out a thicker stack.

10,000 US dollars.

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