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Zhang Han!

He was back!

Dong Chens eyes were full of surprise.

He quickly looked to the left and saw a figure rapidly flying toward them at a low altitude.


“Brother Han!”

As to the other two, their eyes lit up and a smile finally appeared on their faces.

“We gotta run!”

After Zhang Han came to the three, he looked out in the direction of the Dragon Scale City and said, “Im afraid that a commotion might occur in Dragon Scale City.

Lets go find Third Elder and the others and get out of the Ancient Mine together.”

“Er… they are in the outskirts of the western mountain range.

It will take us 12 hours to get there.” Dong Chen said, quite taken aback.

“Han, what did you do to the Dragon Scale City Wh-why are they all coming out of the city”

In an instant, Dong Chen was stunned by the odd scene in Dragon Scale City.

When the huge city gate of Dragon Scale City was closed, more than 100 martial artists in the Heaven Realm flew out of Dragon Scale City and scattered in all directions.

When they saw fierce beasts, even some Dark Warriors about to enter the city, they immediately slaughtered them.

The Dragon Scale City had been locked down.

Meanwhile, more than 100 martial artists had been sent out to start a massacre all around the city.

Good heavens, what could possibly make them so incensed

“Is that Si Nan, the City Lord”

Under the gazes of the four, a person suddenly rose to the sky over the distant Dragon Scale City.

In an instant, a light flashed and a voice filled with killing intent was heard from a distance.




Dong Chen looked back in astonishment and asked, “Han, what did you do to him”

“No time to explain.

Lets go.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

In less than two hours, those furious Dark Warriors would arrive here.

“Go! Lets find Third Elder and the others first,” Dong Chen said in a hurry, too shocked to feel the fear.

He led the way and flew toward the western mountain range.

Finally, two hours later, he could no longer feel the infuriated aura of the Dragon Scale City.

Dong Chen breathed a sigh of relief.

“What exactly has happened”


I just took some resources,” Zhang Han replied.

They all knew that he went into the city in disguise, so he didnt get into details.

Anyway, Zhang Han would never tell them that to achieve his goal, he had transformed into different people and eventually become Concubine Lan, Si Nans wife.

It felt like an indelible stain.

“Well, Ive done it for the cultivation resources.

Hope God can forgive me.”

Zhang Han felt a little weird.

And he didnt feel much of the triumph of seizing these resources because he had obtained hundreds of times more resources without having to resort to such a slightly insulting method.

“Mengmeng, its all because Dad wants to go home to see you as soon as possible.

Otherwise, I definitely wouldnt have disguised myself as a woman.”

Zhang Han sighed inwardly.

If there was more time, he would get more resources.

However, he could not do that because the time he could squeeze out was too little.

Even so, Zhang Han had begun to think about how to coax his daughter when he went back.

It had been almost a week.

If he went home late, his wife and daughter would not be happy about that.

Dong Chen didnt ask any more questions.

He just murmured in shock, “You really made it How could that be done”

It seemed that he was a little frustrated.

Now that Zhang Han had provoked an uproar in Dragon Scale City, he must have taken a lot of resources from the city, right

Perhaps about 50,000 crystals

He must have also taken some middle-grade crystals, hadnt he

Top-grade crystals, sixth-grade treasures, and the Holy Spirit Water were all precious items that were heavily guarded.

So, Zhang Han could not have obtained those.

However, he might have laid hands on some fifth-grade treasures.

Had he seized ten kinds of those

Perhaps so.

Dong Chen had a load of questions in his head, and his eyes gleamed when he looked at Zhang Han.

“Hahaha, now he can disguise as a Dark Warrior, there is no city that he cant go in in the vast Ancient Mine!”

“This visit to the Dragon Scale City is just a beginning!”

All of a sudden, Dong Chen became ambitious.

He decided to rob all the major cities with Zhang Han in the future.

“I feel great!” Dong Chen said all of a sudden.

Beside him, Mu Xues face was lit with admiration.

“Master is so awesome!”

Chen Changqing, however, was quite silent.

“I came to the Ancient Mine to fight with Brother Han side by side.

But as it turned out, I just came here and sat on the top of a mountain for a few days.

Then, Im already about to leave”


Chen Changqing felt rather bitter.

“I can stand being the one who tags along, but how can I be such a useless one”

In the western mountain range, looking down from a low altitude, mountain peaks covered by forests stretched afar.

It seemed that the trees down there were at least 50 meters high, just like those growing in virgin forests.

But this place was much more dangerous than the virgin forest in the secular world.

At the edge of the south region was the Boundless Sea.

The place where Zhang Han and the others arrived was still some distance away from the sea.

Fierce beasts could be seen in the forest.

When the beasts saw Zhang Han and the others, they roared threateningly and then turned around and slipped away.

“Head in the northwestern.

In half an hour, we should be able to see Third Elder and the others.”

Dong Chen checked the route and led the others to rapidly fly in the northwest.

Twenty minutes later, the group sensed the energy fluctuations of the battle ahead.

“Third Elder, retreat!”

A few minutes later, they arrived at the battlefield, and Dong Chen called out.

The remaining energy fluctuations of the battle gradually subsided, but it had not died away.

“Grrr! Grrr! Grrr!”

The roars of a fierce beast came from far away.

“The Beast King”

Dong Chens face paled slightly.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

In the next moment, dozens of figures flew over helter-skelter.

The one in the lead was exactly Third Elder.

At this time, his clothes were in tatters, and there were several wounds on his chest.

He was seriously injured.

Even if he returned to the worldlet right now, it would take at least two months for him to recover.

The others were more or less the same.

All of them had been injured, and many of them had been in a dire condition.

They were only able to stay in the air with the help of their companions.

“I have no words now.

Why did the King of Golden-winged Wolves come to this place It caught us off guard.

Luckily, we ran fast, or we would have all get killed.

Its a pity that we didnt get that high-grade divine object,” Third Elder said with bewilderment.

“Were in the Golden-winged Forest.

Its only normal to see Golden-winged Wolves here.

Their determination to guard their territory is beyond your imagination,” Zhang Han looked out and said.

Over the Golden-winged Forest, the Wolf King was floating in the air, staring coldly in their direction.

Fortunately, it did not intend to leave its territory and chase after them.

“Were really out of luck this time.” The third elder quickly swallowed an elixir and said, “Looks like I wouldnt be able to come down the Ancient Mine for more than a month.

Grand Elder, didnt you say that you would come down here a few days ago Why have you been late for so many days”

“Its all because of him!”

Speaking of this, Dong Chen thought of the pent-up grievances.

He glared at Zhang Han and said, “Lets not talk about this now.

A commotion has burst out in Dragon Scale City.

More than 100 martial artists in the Heaven Realm have come out and started killing all around the city.

Lets get out of here first.”

“Dragon Scale Citys commotion What happened”

Third Elder frowned slightly and then shook his head.

“Forget it.

Lets go out first.

We cant stay here any longer.”

With that, Third Elder suddenly revealed a mysterious smile.

“Grand Elder, guess how many resources Ive obtained this time”

“How many” Dong Chens expression changed.

The haul must be huge so as to make Third Elder want to show off.

“Take a look.”


Third Elder waved his right arm and there emerged more than 3,000 low-grade crystals, hundreds of third-grade treasures, and dozens of fourth-grade treasures, and nine kinds of fifth-grade treasures.

“So many Not bad!”

Dong Chen laughed heartily and said, “Everyone, thank you for your hard work.

Each of you can take 10 crystals and two kinds of third-stage treasures.

You can get 20% more points when you return to the sect.”

“Thank you, Grand Elder.”

All of a sudden, everyone was smiling from ear to ear.

Wasnt it that resources were all they wanted on the trip to the Ancient Mine

Of course, they would always gain something every time they went down to the Ancient Mine.

The reward on the spot was the first gain.

And when they went back to the sect, they would get extra points which they could exchange for more resources.

“Find an exit.

Lets go out first.”

First Elder said again and took the lead to fly to the south.

“The exits of the Ancient Mine is not located at the same place as the entrances are.”

Dong Chen looked at Zhang Han, Mu Xue, and Chen Changqing and explained, “The entrances are located on the Ancient Mine Plain of the Kun Xu World.

Those are fixed spots.

Yet, that is not the case for the exits.

The location of the exits keeps changing, but basically, every area has an exit.

And the closest one to us is still in Mount Red Leaf.

The exits are mainly located in the safe zone.

Bear this in mind.

Only the safe places can have an exit.

Dont run to the dangerous areas in a panic if you are ever fleeing or fighting.

Dont forget that.”

“Exits that keep moving about” Zhang Han was a little surprised.

Could it be that this was specially prepared for secular martial artists so that they could run for their lives

“The exits can move about a little bit, but they wont wander far away from their original places.

And the exits are not as many as the entrances.

Also, those City Lords can break the exits.

However, if one of the exits disappears, another will appear again and maintain the balance,” Dong Chen explained.


Hearing that, Zhang Han nodded and thought for a while.

If the exit was fixed, it might be destroyed.

But this way, the exits could be more stable.

The Ancient Mine, the secular world, the worldlet, the Dark Shadow Clan, and the martial artists seemed to have been developing according to certain rules.


If the Saint Warrior Planet was the work created by some powerful figure, and that figure then sealed it and set up the rules, then it would be a little scary.

At the very least, that figure would be much stronger than those who had passed the ninth stage of the tribulation.

Zhang Han couldnt figure it out, so he stopped thinking about it.

There were some secrets that he couldnt know when he was weak.

And when his strength rose to a certain level, he would easily figure it out.

After flying south for about two hours, the group arrived at the outer regions of Mount Red Leaf.

“Eh Whats going on”

Third elder and the others abruptly looked to the side, only to see that hundreds of Dark Warriors led by three at the Heaven Peak Stage were sweeping over.

Whoever they encountered, whether it was beasts, secular practitioners, or people from other cities, they killed them all!

It was as if they had lost their minds in all the killing.

“This is mad.”

“The commotion that youre talking about has already reached such a level, Grand Elder”

While others let out cries of shock, the corner of Dong Chens mouth quivered slightly as he said, “What weve seen is only part of the carnage.

The entire Dragon Scale City is in rage, and there are killings in every direction.

Lets get out now.

And we shouldnt come down here again in the near future.

Its too dangerous.”

As they spoke, they headed a hundred meters ahead and came to the edge of a cliff.

Five meters below them, they saw a pale cyan glowing curtain with a radius of ten meters.

It was the exit.

“Lets go!”

Dong Chen jumped first, followed by the others.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Once again, they passed through the space channel and turned up in the east of the Ancient Mine Plain.

“Phew… We got out.”

Third Elder and the others finally sighed with genuine relief.

Every minute inside the Ancient Mine meant that they were in danger.

Only when they came out could they relax a little.

“Back to the sect, everyone.

In the coming days, just take care of your injuries and consolidate your cultivation,” Third Elder said weakly.

Seeing this, Zhang Han smiled faintly and three beams of light darted out of his palm.

“Take these to heal your wounds.”


“Whats these”

Dong Chen, Third Elder, and the others looked at the light but did not get to see it clearly.

It looked like milk.

Wait a minute!


This white liquid is…

“The Holy Spirit Water!”

They could sense the extremely pure energies in it.

Dong Chen and the Third Elder were dumbstruck.

“Oh my, he gave us three cups of Holy Spirit Water!”

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