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Dong Chen was so anxious that he scratched his ears and cheeks.

Looking at him, Rong Jiali couldnt help laughing.

“Son, look at how anxious your Uncle Dong is.

Do you have any Holy Spirit Water left Give him some, if you have ample reserves.”


Amusingly, Zhang Han took out a whole bottle of Holy Spirit Water and handed it to Dong Chen.

Dong Chens eyes lit up, and he quickly took it.

“Hahaha, so much! More than 8.5 kilograms! Amazing.

This is the first time Ive seen so much Holy Spirit Water, hahaha…”

Dong Chen was genuinely excited, but his face froze 10 seconds later.

He quickly put away the bottle of Holy Spirit Water and said seriously, “Han, how much Holy Spirit Water do you have left There are many protectors in our Heavenly Knights Sect who have reached the Earth Peak Stage.

With the help of the Holy Spirit Water, theyre able to break through to the Heaven Realm.

In that case, the fighting capacity of our sect will improve a lot.

I, Dong Chen, am not doing this for myself.

I have been at the Heaven Peak Stage for so many years, and I cant break through without great opportunities.

Han, how much more do you have Why dont you give me two more bottles”

“Son, how-how much Holy Spirit Water did you obtain” Zhang Guangyou asked in a daze.

He had never expected his son to take more than 5 kilograms of Holy Spirit Water home after one trip in the Ancient Mine.

At this moment, the others were also intrigued, while Zhang Han thought for a while.

He said something that everyone couldnt wrap their heads around.

“Not much.

Only 22 bottles.”

“Pfft… What did you say” Dong Chen almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What a well-fixed man!

“Twenty two bottles.

Oh my God, hes made a fortune.

Hes truly made a fortune!”

“More than 20 bottles”

The people nearby, mainly martial artists, of course, were a little confused.

Even Mu Xue gazed blankly.

Everyone was doing the math secretly.

A bottle weighed about 8.5 kilograms, and 10 bottles weighed 85 kilograms.

How much did 22 bottles weigh

More than 185 kilograms!

If two bottles, which weighed 17 kilograms, were sent out, he would have 168 kilograms left!

“Hes too rich in resources.”

Dong Chen felt that his throat was a bit itchy.

“But the rest is useful to me.”

Zhang Hans words stopped Dong Chen from saying what was in his mind.

“There are still 20 bottles left.

Im sure I can get some.

What should I do”

Dong Chen began to rack his brain.

“Im going out.”


He left as soon as he finished speaking.

In less than 10 minutes, he ran back in a mess.

“I didnt expect to meet the Grand Elder and the other 50 martial artists at the Heaven Peak Stage of the Wind Snow School as soon as I went out.

I almost couldnt make it back.

Theyre so powerful that our Heavenly Knights Sect must improve our strength.

Han, its your responsibility to save our sect!”

“What the hell”

Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

“F*ck, Uncle Dong, I didnt expect you to have no self-esteem.”

“Uh…” Rong Jiali was in a daze and didnt know what to say.

In her memory, Dong Chen was not like this!


Zi Yan smiled awkwardly.

“Uncle Dongs acting skills are too lousy, arent they

“He was fooling Zhang Han face to face.”

“Hey, hey, hey, old man, thats my masters treasure.

Why do you keep coveting it” Mu Xue retorted.

“Little girl, the Heavenly Knights Sect belongs to your master,” Dong Chen immediately responded.

He looked as if he was going to fight against a group of powerful people with his tongue.

His behavior stopped others from speaking.

“Alright, youre unbeatable.”

The corner of Zhang Hans mouth trembled, and he took out another bottle.

“This is the last bottle.

The rest is useful to me.”

“Haha, thats enough.”

Dong Chen laughed and took the bottle quickly.

When he sat down, he glanced around.

“What a fruitful and happy day it is today! How about we drink another glass of Holy Spirit Water”

“Dont you have two bottles” Mu Xue was somewhat stunned.

“The Grand Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect is really an eye-opener for me!”

“Take one bottle out if you want to drink it,” Mu Xue added in a cold voice.

“Eh I dont have any Holy Spirit Water.

Ill bring those two bottles back for someone else.


Dong Chen looked at Zhang Han and continued, “I drank it so fast that I didnt even taste it.”

However, Zhang Han just ignored him.

In fact, it was a waste for Liang Mengqi, Zhou Fei, and the others to drink a glass of Holy Spirit Water each for they couldnt absorb much, but since they were present, Zhang Han didnt mind offering them some because he didnt care about this little bit of consumption.

Zhao Feng was going to make a breakthrough after drinking it, so was Liang Hao.

The others benefited from drinking it too, more or less.

Nonetheless, Zi Yan couldnt absorb it, and Mengmengs case was a bit special—the energy was surely in her body, but there was no trace of it.

After sitting for a while, Dong Chen rushed to a jungle and ran back to the Heavenly Knights Sect with the First Elder.

He didnt even ask what Zhang Han had done in the Dragon Scale City.

“Hehe, Ill come and ask him about it the next day.”

Zhang Han gave Dong Chen three bottles of Holy Spirit Water, and there were 19 big bottles left.

If he cultivated, he felt that 18 bottles were more or less enough.

The consumption would grow when one absorbed energy from one kind of resource without limit if the same effect was required.

He had to keep a bottle for later use.

As for the spiritual herbs, they would probably ask him for them if they saw them.

That night, Dong Chen announced the news solemnly in the Heavenly Knights Sect that no one was allowed to go into the Ancient Mine in the next two months.

He had already learned the news that the Lord of the Dragon Scale City had gone utterly crazy.

He massacred in all directions.

The sects in the Kun Xu World, except for the Heavenly Knights Sect, all suffered some casualties, and even a martial artist at the Heaven Peak Stage was killed.

It could be said that they panicked at the slightest move.

Yet the good news was that Dong Chen had two bottles of Holy Spirit Water, which weighed more than 15 kilograms.

He offered each of the elders and protectors a cup to show off.

They were undoubtedly dumbstruck.

Nevertheless, the cups that Dong Chen took out were small ones used to contain liquor.

Even so, it was still heartening.

The next day, Dong Chen came to Mount New Moon with a group of talented disciples—Wang Xiaowu, Yun Feiyang, and Jiang Bing.

His purpose here was to “rob” the rich.

Zhang Han didnt care so much about the Holy Spirit Water and offered them each a glass of it yesterday.

If he was lucky, he might get some one day.


However, as soon as they arrived at Mount New Moon, Dong Chen exclaimed in surprise and looked in the direction of the herb field.

There was an illusory formation over there.

Although Dong Chen didnt know how to set up one, he was able to see through the simple formation set up by Wang Zhanpeng.


“Whats that”

Sensing the situation in the herb field, Dong Chen was thunderstruck.

Something was wrong.

This sort of energy didnt seem right at all.

There were seven places that gave off terrifying auras.

“Why are there so many divine objects

“More than those in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“Those seven… Hiss! Could they be the sixth-grade treasures in the center of the Dragon Scale City


Dong Chen stood next to the herb field with a blank look.

“Uncle Dong, how did you get here so quickly”

Zhang Guangyous voice sounded from behind.

“Im here torob the rich,” Dong Chen answered subconsciously.

After that, he realized that there was something wrong with his words.

His expression changed as he coughed softly.

“Im here to keep watch.

Now that we have so many enemies, we have to guard against the senior leaders of the Wind Snow School and the other seven sects.”

Zhang Guangyou smiled and said nothing.

“Do you know whats going on here” Dong Chen asked.

“Yes, theyre indeed seven precious sixth-grade treasures,” Zhang Guangyou replied with a nod.

When he learned about this in the morning, he had the same expression.

Nevertheless, the shock inside him grew when he saw Zhang Han plant all those spiritual herbs with his own eyes.

“Wheres Han” Dong Chen asked.

“Hes cultivating in the castle.”

“Do you know what he did in the Dragon Scale City”

“I dont have a clue.

Before I could do that, Han sent Mengmeng to school.”

“Lets go and ask him about it.”

“But hes still cultivating.”

“Even if we delay him for a while, he wont die.”

Dong Chen snorted, took Zhang Guangyou into the castle, and pushed open the door of Zhang Hans practice room.


Zhang Han slowly opened his eyes.

He had sensed Dong Chens arrival when the latter walked to the herb field, so he ended his morning practice in advance.

He had now absorbed all the energy he had stored before and had lit up a total of 15 acupoints.

Dong Chen was about to raise questions when he saw the several crystal stones in front of Zhang Han.

His eyes widened.

“Top-grade crystal stones”

“Dont make a fuss,” Zhang Guangyou said lightly, “my son just has more than 100 crystal stones, and he gave me five.”

“More than 100”


“115 top-grade crystal stones are equivalent to more than one million low-grade crystal stones.


Dong Chen had never thought that a secular martial artist could be so rich one day.

“Did you empty the Dragon Scale City” Dong Chen looked at Zhang Han strangely.


“What the hell was going on You have to tell us everything today.”

“Its quite simple.

I disguised myself as a subordinate of Si Nan…”

Zhang Han gave a simple explanation.

His words were simple but shocking.

“I couldnt believe we could do it like this.”

Dong Chens mind was wandering.

“Han, you actually disguised yourself as a Dark Warrior.

You are the only one in history! Hahaha, does this mean that we can rob those cities in the Ancient Mine As far as I know, there are many cities in the Ancient Mine! Does this mean that our Heavenly Knights Sect is going to rise”

In a moment, Dong Chen was so excited that he immersed himself in his fantasy.

“Its not that simple.”

Zhang Han shook his head in amusement.

It was impossible to rob every city.

After a few times, the Dark Shadow Clan would take precautions.

Although the Heavenly Demon Skin could help him disguise, it was not invincible.

It was just that the Lord of the Dragon Scale City was still unable to detect what was exactly going on.

If he went through something like this once or twice, he would be able to figure it out.

Moreover, given his character, he might not spread the news.

After a few days of observation, Zhang Han knew that the Lord of the Dragon Scale City was a selfish person.

“Lets have lunch together.

Ill continue to cultivate in the afternoon.”

When Zhang Han saw Zi Yan walking in, he smiled.


Well… I heard that a sixth-grade treasure can nourish other divine objects.”

Dong Chen thought for a moment and continued, “There are not many treasures in your Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“Take that Moss Green Tree in the east of the herb field with you.”

“The crystal stones in your Heavenly Knights Sect are not bad, but a few top-grade crystal stones should be able to make the Double-dragon Formation more stable.”

“Five,” Zhang Han said straightforwardly.

Five top-grade crystal stones were equivalent to 50,000 low-grade crystal stones in value.

Nonetheless, top-grade crystal stones were more useful.

“We dont have many divine objects in the Heavenly Knights Sect, and disciples have some points left.

We cant supply them with divine objects.

How about…”


“Your Heavenly Knights Sect…”

“Uncle Dong, thats enough.” Zhang Guangyou couldnt stand it anymore.

He smiled bitterly and added, “My son still has to cultivate.

Whats more, those are enough for you.”

“Ah Oh, the more, the better, but these treasures should be enough for the time being.

Thats settled then.

Hahaha, lets go to have lunch.

I dont know if theres any Holy Spirit Water for todays lunch.

Yun Feiyang, Wang Xiaowu, and Jiang Bing are talented, but they havent tasted it.”

“Each one of them will get half a glass of it.”

The corner of Zhang Hans mouth trembled for a long while before he said this.

Hearing this, Dong Chen gave up asking for it for himself.

Since Zhang Han had agreed to offer those talented disciples half a glass of it each, he seemed to have reached the limit.

“Humph, this bloke wouldnt do anything unless I brought it up.

“My juniors, for the sake of your cultivation, I, your Uncle Dong, have been labeled an old man with no self-esteem.”

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