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Chapter 87 – It finally appeared

Zhang Han was so angry that he broke up with Qiao Luoluo.

That night, he brought his brothers to find Lin Jie.

He gave a harsh slap to Lin Jies smiling face, and even broke one of Lin Jies arms.

At that time, Zhang Hans father, Zhang You, was suppressing, but the good news did not last long, in less than a month, Zhang Hans parents had disappeared, and his second uncle, Zhang Nan, had ascended to the throne.

Not long after, many people, led by Lin Jie, began attacking, forcing Zhang Han out of the clan.

If not for him being scammed by Dong Hu and him leaving the Shang Jing after being heavily injured, and if he had not jumped off a cliff later on, Zhang Han would not have entered the Cultivation World by accident, nor would he have become a famous Han Yang Immortal.

After reading the message sent by Qiao Luoluo, Zhang Han smiled faintly.

Right now, these people no longer had anything to do with Zhang Han, even if they were to talk about him, Zhang Han would not have any changes in heart.

Its just that this Qiao Luoluo really had some perseverance, he only sent the message for more than five years and even f * cking sleeping with her boyfriend, and there was no one left but her.

After watching this news, he felt like he watched movie.

Life was truly like a play, it was all thanks to acting!

Zhang Han directly opened the mailbox, and found another rather interesting scene.

The inbox of the mailbox was the same as Qiao Luoluos, it was filled with a long article sent by a person called Li Fan.

When Zhang Han looked at the message, he could not help but shake his head, finding it funny.

“Is sir there I am Xue Qians manager, Li Fan.

“Hello, Mr.

Han Yang, may I ask if you are in Your penguin software has been set up to refuse to add friends, so I cant add you.

“Sir, when you have time, please give me my number.

6636XXXX, or give me a call.”

“Sir Did you see my email “Sir, please reply to me.

I would like to talk to you about the actors song.”

“My god, sir! Its been two days, why arent you here yet”

“Please reply, please reply, please reply.

God, when are you going to come online Hurry up and reply to me.”

“Brother, brother, brother, blood brother, your little brother is dying of anxiety! Im about to explode from waiting!”


After a long letter, Li Fans words revealed a strong sense of resentment.

Zhang Han was a little confused.

He had already marked the price, what was he in such a hurry for

Thinking about it, Zhang Han did not add him or call him.

Instead, he directly replied to a message: “What happened”

After replying, Zhang Han wanted to turn off the software, since it was after all two oclock in the morning.

Even though this city had a lot of nightlife, most people had already gone to sleep.

Only, what was unexpected was that when Zhang Han clicked on the closed location of the software, a message that came from the mailbox appeared in the lower right corner.


Han Yang, is that you You finally appeared! “Great, please add my Penguin account number XXXXXXX.”

Zhang Han looked at the account number, and immediately searched through the search bar, clicking to add him as a friend.

Elsewhere, at Xue Qians house.

Xue Qian was not in a hurry the last two days, but gradually, after a day or two, Zhang Han still did not reply, and he also started to become anxious.

A good song was hard to come by, not to mention one of the best of the best, like this one.

It fit perfectly with his thoughts.

Seeing that he was anxious too, Li Fan felt helpless in his heart.

This master Han Yang really had a good temper.

Thus, on this day, he could no longer sleep.

He had been staring at his mailbox since midnight, and even if he didnt do anything, he was still visually tired.

Until one in the morning when Li Fan was a little worried, and clicked on a movie that had not been released for long.


When it was almost two oclock, Li Fan yawned and muttered: “Why hasnt Hanyang appeared yet Sigh, I went to sleep after watching this movie.

While talking, Li Fan grabbed the carbonated drink on the table and gulped it down.

Suddenly, a message was sent from the bottom right corner of the screen.

Li Fan squinted his eyes, and saw the two words Han Yangclearly.

“Plop, plop, plop …”

Li Fan glared and spat out all the drink in his mouth.

On the computer, on the keyboard, on his body, on the floor.

But Li Fan did not care about all these, he immediately sat up, and lost all his sleepiness.

He quickly replied to an email and a few seconds later, the notification for his friend request sounded out.

“Nice! “Yay!”

Li Fan clenched his fists and shouted, he immediately accepted the friend request and opened the chat.

Li Fan excitedly typed:


Han Yang, is that you”

“Oh no, Im saying that the song was written by you, Mr.

Han Yang”

“Yes.” Zhang Han replied with one word.


Han Yang, youre so awesome.

The songs you write are pretty good.”


Eh Doesnt he like typing

Seeing such a simple answer, Li Fan was a little confused in his heart, so he typed and asked:

“Sir, are you free right now Can I call you and tell you more about the song ”

After a minute, Li Fan felt that the time was extremely slow, it was as if every second counted to a year.

Or was it too late to disturb his rest Is he unhappy that I took the liberty of asking for the number

As Li Fan was thinking, finally, he received a reply to the call.

When Li Fan saw the number, his heart trembled.

He quickly took out his phone and pressed a string of numbers.

When he was about to make the call, Li Fan closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and exhaled it out.

On the first floor of the dining hall, Zhang Han took a can of beer from the fridge, opened it and drank two mouthfuls before returning to his computer.

After seeing the message, he sent his phone number over.

Very quickly, his phone rang, and Zhang Han picked up the phone.

“Hello, may I ask if you are Mr.

Han Yang” Li Fan asked very carefully.

“Its me.”

“Thats great! I finally got in touch with you.

Um … Han-Yang is your pseudonym “May I know Misters name …” Li Fan said excitedly.

“Zhang Han.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr.


Weve seen your song.

Very good.

Weve decided to buy it, but regarding the price…” Li Fans tone sounded a little hesitant.

“Just the money.” Without waiting for Li Fan to finish speaking, Zhang Han interrupted him and said.

“No, thats not what I meant.

Im saying that what you wrote was a full copyright transfer, and the way this kind of transaction is not suitable for you.

How about this, I dont know which city Mr.

Zhang is from, can we go over Why dont we have an interview “Xue Qian also wants to meet you.

He wants to research the song and strive to present the perfect state of the song.

Would it be convenient for us to meet again, sir” Li Fan organized his thoughts and said.

“Thats fine too.” Zhang Han thought for a while, then replied: “Im in Xiangjiang, if you want to come, then come over.”

“Xiangjiang “Oh my god.” Li Fan suddenly exclaimed and said: “Thats great, we are also at Xiangjiang.

May I ask where is Sir at”

“New Moon Bay.”

“Oh my god!” Sir, we are at New Moon Bay right now! “This, this means that we are destined to meet each other!” Li Fan said in pleasant surprise: “Then mister, how about we meet with you tomorrow”

“No time.”

“No time” Li Fan stared blankly for a bit, then subconsciously said: “We wont take up too much of Sirs time.

Two hours is enough.”

“Theres no time tomorrow.

Well talk about it the day after tomorrow.” Zhang Han replied.

“Its fine if its the day after tomorrow, but, then when are we supposed to pay a visit” Li Fan asked.

“Morning or afternoon.”

“Oh, okay, okay.

Then lets go the day after tomorrow, when the time comes…”

As Li Fan was speaking, he suddenly heard a beep sound coming from his phone.

Although he hung up the phone, Li Fan was still extremely excited.

He paced back and forth in the hall, and in the end, stood by the window and smoked a cigarette.

It was impossible for him to sleep that night.

When people were excited and wanted to sleep, it would be very difficult.


The next day, at 6.20 a.m., Mengmeng woke the slumbering Zi Yan.

During this half of the night, Zi Yan was not sleeping comfortably.

Normally, she would have liked to sleep alone on the bed, or hug Mengmeng, but it was a bit awkward to be in the same bed as others, even the Zhou Fei that she was very familiar with was the same.

After getting up and washing up, Zi Yan carried Mengmeng to the living room on the second floor.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei also went to their own rooms to dress up.

Zhang Han heard the commotion downstairs, got up and walked to the second floor, only to see Zi Yan combing Mengmengs hair and preparing to braid her hair.

“I woke up early.

How was your sleep last night” Zhang Han walked over and sat beside Mengmeng, and casually asked after looking at her for a moment.

“Its alright.

Its just that the time is a bit short.” Zi Yan replied.

“PaPa, I was the one who woke mom up.” Mengmeng said as he blinked her big eyes.

“Mengmeng woke up so early.

You can even wake mother up.

Youre really amazing.” Zhang Han said with a light smile.

“Cluck, cluck, cluck …Mama still wants to sleep late, hmm hmph, the sun will shine on your ass.

” Mengmeng waved her little arm.

“Alright, alright, alright.

Youre the best, alright” Zi Yan smiled and rolled her eyes at Mengmeng.

When she was tidying her hair, she suddenly changed her expression, without even turning her head, she said: “Oh yes, Mengmengs hairstyle was also very beautiful yesterday, did you tie it up”

She subconsciously felt that it was impossible for a burly man like Zhang Han to have such a fine and beautiful hairstyle.

Just as Zhang Han was about to answer, Mengmeng the little princess took the initiative to reply:

“Humph, its that little sister combed the cute Mickey Mouse for me.”

“Oh, sister, who is it” Zi Yans hand slightly paused, her expression was normal, and she asked without emotion.

“Thats right, she is always here, always looking for PaPa, and she even went to the Mount New Moon twice.

Yeah, one of them even said that to the PaPa, that she loved you to death.” Mengmeng replied seriously while pondering.


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