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Zhang Han had some ideas, but he couldnt carry them out yet.

There was a very simple way to disguise himself again.

The guards didnt pay much attention to him.

It was normal for the three City Lords to gamble on some resources when they gathered together.

It was just that this time, the resources they gambled on seemed a bit too many.

Lingxi not only had a strong physical body but also could see through some formations with his naked eyes.

Therefore, Zhang Han didnt employ any illusory formation but swaggered in and took the resources in broad daylight.

One bottle after another was filled with the Holy Spirit Water.

In just a short while, 30 bottles were filled to the brim.

The guards heart skipped a beat when he saw the scene.


“That much”

“What exactly is His Lordship doing”


“This is a matter of great importance.”

With a serious look on his face, Zhang Han said, “Its about the Spirit Battle Methods… I believe its needless to say more when it comes to this kind of top secret.”

“What did you say Are you serious” The guard also knew about the Spirit Battle Methods.

So, when he heard Zhang Hans words, he couldnt help but widen his eyes.

“Watch your mouth! Do you think the three lords would joke about this” Zhang Han said in a dissatisfied tone, “When His Lordship comes back, you will know if he wants to tell you.”

While speaking, Zhang Han filled three more bottles with the Holy Spirt Water.

Seeing the other partys long face, Zhang Han gave up trying to fill more bottles.

Instead, he went straight to the herb garden and took half of the sixth-grade treasures, as well as many fifth-grade treasures and fourth-grade treasures.

After the task was fulfilled, he took off with a flick of his sleeve.

It was not until Zhang Han arrived at the safe area that a smile spread across his face.

He mumbled, “It seems that Si Nan is really a sensible man.”

On this journey, Zhang Han had scored 25 kinds of sixth-grade spirit treasures, which were all quite precious.

Spirit treasures were divided into several levels, ranging from the first grade to the third grade, and from the fourth grade to the sixth grade.

A sixth-stage treasure could be regarded as a great resource, which was also commonly used in the Cultivation World.

Zhang Han had never expected that he could gain 25 kinds of treasures before he came here.

He now had a total of 79 large bottles of Holy Spirit Water.

He gained 25 bottles in Dragon Scale City, 33 bottles in Lingxi City, and 21 bottles in White Lotus City.

If Dong Chen saw this, his eyes would probably narrow to the width of needles.

And Dong Chen would absolutely pester Zhan Han for ten bottles.

Zhan Han had also obtained 636 kinds of fifth-grade spirit herbs, 3000 kinds of fourth-grade ones, and more than 2000 third-grade ones.

That was only the haul he had made in Dragon Scale City.

He didnt touch any herbs in the other two cities.

He also took 5000 top-grade crystals in Dragon Scale City, but did not take more in the other two cities.

That was to say, on this trip to the Ancient Mine, Zhang Han gained more than 670 kilograms of Holy Spirit Water, 5000 top-grade crystals which was worth 50 million lower-grade crystals, 25 sixth-grade treasures, 836 fifth-grade treasures, and a total of nearly 6000 fourth-grade and third-grade treasures.

At this time, Zhang Han only had one thought in his head.

“In the Ancient Mine, these cities are freaking rich!”

This time, he had done a neat job.

But after this, the Dark Warriors would also realize that someone had disguised himself as one of them and stole the treasures.

Next time, they would be on guard.

If those Dark Warriors told the other cities in the Ancient Mine, it would be more difficult to lay hands on their treasures again.

“But these resources are already sufficient for me to refine the Heavenly Devil Flesh.

Perhaps I can also cultivate the Heavenly Devil Veins as well.”

“My cultivation is about to break through to the Innateness Late-stage.

When I reach the late stage, I will absorb these resources.

Then, Ill be able to kill those at the peak of the Heaven Realm single-handed.”

“Although while refining my skin, flesh, veins, bones, and blood, I can absorb as many resources as I want, I think its better to thoroughly digest these first.

Gotta take it slow.

I figure it will be a long time before I have to come down to the Ancient Mine again.”

Zhang Han muttered those words to himself as if he was trying to persuade himself.

If Zi Yan saw Zhang Hans current expression, she would definitely say, “You just want to slack off.

Just admit it.

No one will judge you.

You simply want to accompany Mengmeng.

Why find yourself such a high-sounding excuse.”

But Zhang Han was taking this seriously.

Thinking of this, he murmured, “Yes, thats what I should do.”

“Its time to go back.”

“It hasnt been ten days since I went down here.”

After muttering a few words, Zhang Han laughed.

Eager to return home as soon as possible, Zhang Han began to fly at full speed.

After approaching the place where Dong Chen and the others were staying, Zhang Han released his soul sense and let it sweep across the field.

Those people all looked bored, and they were chatting absent-mindedly.

Instructor Liu said, “We should go kill the enemies! Why are we sitting here and doing nothing Dont tell me that you did the same thing when you came here last time.

At least we should go to see our boss demonstrate his power!”

Zhao Feng said, “Yes, Grand Elder.

Were so bored.

Weve cultivated for so long and weve even made our breakthroughs.

But so far, we havent joined in a real battle other than practicing fighting among ourselves.”


Those who were here for the first time initially expected to join in all kinds of big battles against the Dark Warriors in the Ancient Mine.

Who would have thought that they would just stay here and not even get to visit other places What could they encounter sitting at the top of the mountain When they saw a small group of Dark Warriors passing by, they even felt the urge to rush over and pick a fight, but Dong Chen dragged them back.

“Thats right.”

Mu Xue sighed and said, “Old Dong, my master is invincible.

We dont have to worry about him at all.

Before I came in, I said that we could go to the western mountain range to have some fun.”

“What do you know”

Dong Chen chuckled and said, “Dont think that our only job is just to kill enemies.

You have no idea how many people have died here in so many years.

Our Heavenly Knights Sect alone has lost dozens of members.

Its fine that you want to fight, but now, you cant afford to disturb Zhang Han.

If there is a chance in the future, or when Zhang Han comes back, you can ask Third Elder to take you to the western mountain range.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Third Elder almost died there last time.”

As soon as he said this, the others fell silent.

However, the hot blood in their veins kept surging.

“Go get them!”

Instructor Liu revealed a fierce look and said, “I have to improve my strength as soon as possible.

Otherwise, I cant even find myself a wife.

Uncle Jiang has promised to give me three years to surpass Jiang Yanlan.

Otherwise, he will consider the young lords of other sects.

I cant let that happen.”

“Lets wait for Master to come back first.”

Zhao Feng shook his head slightly.

As soon as he said that, Zhang Hans voice came.

“Lets go out first.

Im afraid that there will be riots in the two cities this time.”

“Youre back!”

Dong Chens and Third Elders eyes lit up.

They quickly looked up, and Zhang Han appeared in their sight from the side.

He was still a small black dot in the distance.

But in less than a minute, Zhang Han covered the distance and stood right in front of them.

“What do you mean”

Dong Chen asked in a hurry, “Riots in the two cities Could it be…”

“Youre right.”

Zhang Han pondered for a short while.

He knew that if he told the truth, Uncle Dong would definitely badger him for treasures.

And he was prepared to let him have his way.

After all, the Heavenly Knights Sect belonged to the Zhang family.

It was only normal for Zhang Han to share resources with the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Zhang Han had always been like this.

He had a clear-cut stand on what to love and what to hate.

“There wont be much reaction in Dragon Scale City this time, but those in Lingxi City and White Lotus City will probably be irascible for quite a while.

Ive gained quite a lot of resources.

Lets get out and cultivate first.

When we consume everything we gained, well come back to get more,”

Zhang Han said frankly.

“Fine, fine, fine.

Lets go.

Were heading out.”

Dong Chen couldnt wait.

Nor could he hide the smile on his face anymore.

Dong Chen was gazing at Zhang Han.

The look on his face seemed to be saying, “Boy, if youre ready, show me the treasures now.

Dont make me badger you every time.”

Noticing his anxious look, Zhang Han chose to ignore him.

Given Uncle Dongs character, give if Zhang Han gave him the treasures on the spot, he would still follow him back to Mount New Moon.

What Go to the Heavenly Knights Sect

No way.

Dong Chen knew how many treasures there were.

How could the wealth in the Heavenly Knights Sect be compared with Zhang Hans

Zhan Han was definitely a rich and powerful man.

Dong Chen, of course, would like to ride on Zhang Hans coattails.

Dong Chen had never thought that one day he would be so determined to “beg for gifts”.

The group went all the way south in the plain.

Two hours later, they arrived at an area that had an exit.

After searching for about ten minutes, they found the exit and left the Ancient Mine.

All of them directly traveled to Xiangjiang.

Since Zhao Feng and others went to the Ancient Mine with Zhang Han, the members of the security group turned quite envious of them.

As soon as Zhao Feng was back, they kept asking about his experience of the Ancient Mine.

As it turned out…

“It was good, pretty good.

Well, the Ancient Mine was not as dangerous as I imagined…”

It was noon.

After getting off the plane, Zhang Han went to the company and was about to go upstairs to see Zi Yan.

He hadnt seen her for several days, so he really missed her.

But Dong Chen and Third Elder followed closely behind him as if they were his bodyguards.

Zhang Han was quite speechless.

He had some plans about how to spend the afternoon.

However, how could he get rid of them without “paying the taxes”

“And the office is also an ideal place.

I havent tried it there yet…”

“Uncle Dong, Third Elder, you can go back first.

I still have something to do.”

Zhang Han silently took out five bottles of Holy Spirit Water.


Dong Chen was stunned.

“So many”

His voice turned a little sharp.

But as soon as he said that, he immediately became alert and coughed softly.

“Ha, its not bad.

Youve got so many bottles.

Han, youre really sensible and loyal.

You never let your men down.

Dont worry, your Heavenly Knights Sect will certainly go more and more prosperous.

And I think you should also give other their fair share.

Well… dont you agree, Third Elder”

“Why in the world havent you said anything Now that Ive asked for some, you should do it, too! How thick you are!”

Dong Chen was furious when he saw Third Elder stand there next to him in a daze.

If First Elder were here, he would have already made the requirement.

“Ah Oh, oh, er… Han, look, your Uncle Dong has already asked for his share.

Since youve given him some, you gotta give me some, too.

If you dont have that many left, one… or three bottles will do.

What do you say”

“All right.”

Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He then took out five more bottles and said, “You two now have 10 bottles.

Its quite a sum.”

“Hahaha, we could never have enough of this water.”

After that, Dong Chens face turned serious.

“Of course, if it doesnt affect your cultivation, we hope you to give the Heavenly Knights Sect as much support as you can.

The more, the better.

Third Elder, go back to Mount New Moon first.

Then, take six bottles of Holy Spirit Water and put them in the Treasure House, so that the disciples can exchange for them with their points as usual.”

“Why dont you go and do it” Third Elder said discontentedly, “I still want to do the closed-door training.”

“Hell with your closed-door training!”

Dong Chen was exasperated at Third Elders failure to live up to his expectations.

“You still didnt get it As Zhang Han just gave us 10 bottles without a blink, and he also stole the resources of the other two cities, his pocket must be bulging.

If I were not here, would you be able to get any from him”

In Dong Chens opinion, those resources were far more than enough for Zhang Hans cultivation.

Even if the security group also consume some, there would still be some left.

Thus, Dong Chen decided to act according to the circumstances so as to get an extra share.

“I dont have time to argue with you.

Go now.

It will only take you one day to travel back and forth.

You can come over tomorrow,” Dong Chen said grumpily.

“Got it.”

Third Elder let out a muffled snort.

“Im going upstairs,” Zhang Han said nonchalantly.

“Go ahead.”

Dong Chen waved goodbye.

Under his gaze, Zhang Han strode into the company.

By this time, Zi Yan still didnt know Zhang Han was already back.

Because Zhang Han didnt call her after he got out of the Ancient Mine.

Zhao Feng had very thoughtfully called him and said that he didnt need to inform her of his arrival.

Perhaps that could give his wife a surprise.

Zhang Han was just about to call Zi Yan when Zhao Fengs call came in.

After hearing his words and thinking for a while, Zhang Han found that it might be a good idea.

Now, Zhang Han went all the way up and arrived at Zi Yans office on the ninth floor,

“Knock, knock, knock!”

“Come on in.”

Zhou Feis voice came out of the room.

Zhang Han pushed the door open and walked in.

Zi Yan was sitting in an office chair, with the back of the chair lying flat.

Covered with a thin blanket, she was taking a nap.

Zi Yan was quietly asleep, and her delicate facial features were like that of a fairy in a fairy tale.

She had long eyelashes, a cute nose, and sexy red lips.

But soon, Zhang Hans eyes involuntarily moved down to her perky breasts, slim waist, and long legs.

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