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Back when the principal was walking toward Class One, the office door was pushed open.

Three people stepped in; two of them dressed fancily.

They were a man and a woman, Qian Chaos parents.

The other one was smiling, looking a little flattering and ashamed.

“Lil Chao, were you hit”

The woman was almost 1.8 meters tall and slim.

Seeing Qian Chao, she quickly walked over to him.

“What happened Tell Mom.

Were here.

No one can bully you.”

“Mom, she hit me!”

Qian Chao cried again.

Though he was faking it, it still made Qian Li frown and grumpily look at the director beside him.

“Hit someone How have you been teaching your child”

The director looked cold.

“We have to take this matter seriously.”

Hearing that, Zhang Han stood up and turned around to face those people.

“Director, even if you want to take it seriously, they might not want to.

They just said that let alone a teacher, they could even hit the principal.”


The directors pupils contracted.

He felt surprised and suspicious.

“Do they have powerful connections too”

Cautions as he was, he fell silent.

Two seconds later, he looked at Zhang Han and asked, “Is what Ms.

Yan said true”

“I definitely wont lie, and I didnt exaggerate either,” answered Yan Ying.

“I didnt ask you.” Director Yan glared at her.

If he failed to handle this matter well, he would be bashed by both sides.

Recently, there had been a change of the board of directors.

A new principal took office, and he might introduce something new soon.

Director Yan wanted to please Qian Chao while offending no one.

However, Qian Li saw through him.

He laughed scornfully.

“Director Yan, my time is precious.

Tell me how youll deal with the person who hit my son.”


Director Yan felt helpless inside.

In the end, he nerved himself to say, “Then well do it according to the rules.

Expel her and retain her status as a student.

Well consider her going back to school when she gets rid of the bad habit.”


Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and felt a little dazed.


It wasnt a familiar word to her.

“All right.”

Qian Li looked scornfully at Zhang Han and didnt bother to say anything.

“Even though youre great, I can expel your daughter with only a few words.”


Director Yan is done.” After she comforted Qian Chao and stopped him from crying, Qian Chaos mother looked at Zhang Han.

“Then well talk about your hitting someone.

Parents should educate their kids well.

Im in no position to interfere with your education.

But my son got hit, and you have to explain that.”

“Like how” Zhang Han asked calmly.

“It looks like you really dont know your place.

No one has ever dared to touch a hair on our Qian Chaos head in all these years.

Now youve made a mistake, and yet you didnt even apologize.

Its really eye-opening.

Let me tell you…”

“Alright, stop it.

Its not worth it to get all worked up for this kind of man.” Qian Li shook his head lightly.

“Mister, I have to remind you that education is important.

A crooked stick will have a crooked shadow.

She deserves to be expelled by Dongli.

But, dont forget that many schools have a system.

If youre blacklisted, itll be difficult for you to get into any school.

You shouldnt ruin her education.”

Hearing that, Director Yan changed his face slightly.

Apparently, Qian Li didnt want this to end nicely.

He meant that if Zhang Han didnt know his place, then he would have to face difficulties in his daughters going to school.

“Oh yeah Looks like your family has power.”

Zhang Han looked at the two pretentious people with contempt.

“Well, I dont want to waste my breath on you.” Qian Chaos mother said in a mocking tone, “Son, see That little girl looks alright, but Mom has told you, nice looks arent everything.

People arent what they seem.

You cant tell what shes like inside.

You need to be careful when making friends.

But then again, we wont see them again.

They actually acted like that after doing something wrong.

Those kinds of people will only know what regret feels like when theyre trapped in trouble.”


So you dont know what your son is like” Li Kai chuckled.

He didnt want to say anything but he couldnt help it in the end.


Zhang, we should just ignore their talk.

Well see if they can walk the walk.

Since youre so bad*ss, go work on your so-called blacklist.

Dont just make a bluff, dumb*ss.”

“What did you say Whats wrong with you” Qian Chaos mothers eyes widened.

The scene made everyone present dumbfounded.

Qian Li was livid and looked at Li Kai and Zhang Han.

“Okay, okay, as you wish.

Youll regret it in the end.

Well deal with you later.”

Seeing that Qian Li became angry, Director Yan and Yan Ying couldnt sit tight and both echoed.

“One curses all the time, and one cant tell right from wrong.

A kid raised by such parents doesnt really fit in with Dongli.”

“Luckily, its only the second day.

If she had stayed here for long, she might have hurt many more students.”


“Hehe, if you had a good attitude, I probably would stop pursuing the matter.

Before I came here, my wife told me many times not to bully others, but now…”

Zhang Han shook his head.

“Its no use crying over spilled milk.

“Ill wait.”

Qian Li was cold and angry.

“Lets go.”

He stared at Zhang Han for a while and left with his family.

He thought highly of himself.

He was busy with work and wasnt so pleased that he had to make time for this.

If the other party had pleaded, he would have just let things slide.

However, he seemed to have forgotten that there were always people greater than him.

Noticing that they were about to leave, Director Yan and Yan Ying hurried to see them off.

At the door…

Qian Li turned around.

“You dont have to see us off.

As a director, you should prioritize your work at hand.”

Director Yan immediately realized and quickly added, “Yes.

Rest assured, sir.”

Then Qian Li and his family left.

Just when they were at the top of the stairs, they saw a figure flashing by.

Qian Li frowned.

“Isnt that the principal of Saint Kindergarten Hes in charge of Dongli The Luo family has purchased Dongli.

Im close with Luo Muan from the Luo family.

Ill visit him when Im free.”

Qian Chaos mother said, “Hes in a hurry.

He must have heard about what happened to Qian Chao.

He has poor eyesight.

Were standing here, but he didnt recognize us.”

She thought he went here especially for them; however, who knew that… she just took things for granted.

The atmosphere was a little weird in the office.

The four teachers stayed silent, not daring to say a word.

Even when the female teacher wanted to use the toilet, she didnt dare to go.

“The situation is weird.

On the second day of school, theyre going to expel two students.

I think this is the first time that they have done that.”

The male and female teachers next to each other exchanged glances.

The female teacher stuck out her tongue and hinted.

“They lost in the competition to find out who the better dad was.

Its just that the price is too high.”

Director Yans face fell and Yan Ying also looked cold.

Seeing that Zhang Han was putting Mengmengs shoe back on, she said, “You two can leave now.

Ill have someone send the paperwork tomorrow.”

“All right.”

Seeing her attitude, Zhang Han didnt react much.

When the gap was so huge like a trench, sometimes people would find an ants provocation funny.

“Mengmeng, lets go.

Ill take you to have something delicious.”

“Mm.” Mengmeng didnt say anything; she just nodded cutely and followed him.

Li Kai didnt say anything seeing that.

He rose, ready to leave.


A thud came; the office door was jerked open.

It was the principal.

He eyed Zhang Han and Mengmeng up and down a few times and then finally felt relieved.

“Nothing happened to them.”

He put on a smile and sounded ashamed.


Zhang, Im sorry.

Im late.

Its my fault, my neglect.

Please do not mind it.”


Director Yan, Yan Ying, and the four teachers in the office all became shocked.

“The new principal treats this man like that

“Will the tables be turned”

At first, the principal thought that he should feel relieved; however, what Zhang Han said next almost paralyzed him.

“Its nothing.”

Zhang Han held Mengmengs small hand and walked over.

When passing the principal, he answered, “Even though we got expelled, it has nothing to do with Dongli.”


The principal almost spat blood.

“No, no, no! Wait, Mr.


Wait, please calm down.

Lets talk about this, lets talk.”

He almost had a heart attack.

He immediately followed Zhang Han and put on a pleading face.

When the principal was in Saint Kindergarten, he had taken good care of Mengmeng.

Therefore, Zhang Han decided not to make things difficult for him.

He looked sideways at him and said, “Give me a satisfying reply about this matter.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I will, I will.


Zhang, rest assured that Ill give you a satisfying answer,” the principal hurriedly added.

He didnt follow Zhang Han.

There was nothing he could do even if he did follow him.

He only needed to do things well.

At that time, Li Kai slowed his pace.

“You dont know what happened, do you Your teachers have a low standard of morality.

Ill tell you the details in case they put the blame on the victim.”

Zhang Han went straight out of the office.

When he was just downstairs, he vaguely heard a roar coming from the office.

“Are you out of your f**king mind

“Crazy, arent you

“Why did you try to pull strings You two, remember it!

“You dont even know how to handle things.

Havent you gained any experience from your years of education

“Just you wait! You two!”

The principal exploded in the office and even kicked three chairs over.

That scared the four innocent teachers, who then sat upright.

The female teacher almost pissed her pants.

It was really an undeserved catastrophe.

Li Kai chuckled and turned around to leave.

He brought Li Muen to walk out of the door.

At that time, he couldnt help thinking, “If youre strong enough, the entire world will make way for you.

“Apparently, this is just the start.

Its no use crying over spilled milk.

You wont be happy for long.”

Thinking about Qian Chaos mothers mocking words, Li Kai felt annoyed.

The reason why the principal had come late was that he had just taken office.

He might have power, but he didnt have too many followers in the administration; he also had just started to do something.

Now, when something went wrong, he completely broke down.

If this was mishandled, he would really be doomed.

Walking out of the office, he leaned on the wall, his forehead and back drenched in sweat.

He took a deep breath and took out his phone to make a call.

“President Luo, something went wrong, something big.


Zhang is angry…”

“What did you say Trash! A bunch of trash!”

Luo Shan roared, “Ill go back right now.

Ill be there before 8 p.m.! Have everyone, including teachers and the supporting team, everyone to go to the fu*king conference room to wait for me! Whoever leaves will be fired immediately!”

Obviously, Dongli Elementary School had a storm coming.

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