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Zhou Fei scoffed, “What if they become interested in one another Its hard to say.”

Zi Yan ignored her.

She knew that Zhou Fei was just joking.

Since they were so close to one another, she definitely knew what Zhang Hans reaction would be like.

When Zhang Han got closer to them, he put Mengmeng down and looked at Zi Yan.


“Who wants to gives you a hug Just hug Mengmeng.” Zi Yan pouted like a jealous girl.

However, her body was very honest.

She still went up to him and hugged him.

Mengmeng pouted and said, “Mummy always snatches Daddy away from me!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

At this moment, the whole Heavenly Knights Sect was celebrating.

At noon, everyone had lunch together.

Then, Zhang Han and the others went back to Mount New Moon.

A large group of people followed along, including Zhang Guangyou, Dong Chen, the Third Elder, and Yun Feiyang.

It seemed as if Mount New Moon was now the land of treasures.

And that was precisely the case.

Mount New Moon had much more treasures than the Heavenly Knights Sect.

During the battle, the remaining resources that Mount New Moon had were almost depleted.

They also used more than 2,000 top-grade crystals, leaving them with only 2,000 more.

The Main Sect of the Wind Snow School also sent them news about the Third Elder.

There were not many resources in the sect, and one might even call it sparse.

However, the Master of the Wind Snow School was worth some money at least.

The Third Elder directly released the news that he was going to sell the Main Sect of the Wind Snow School to all sects in the worldlet.

The offer came with a perfect Heaven-earth Formation and various other facilities.

It was an extremely good deal to have and it was very worth it.

Zhang Han was not at all concerned about how many crystal stones this offer would earn them.

During this period of time, Zhang Hanyang had returned, destroyed the Wind Snow School, and bombarded the four superiors of the Kunlun Immortal World.

The news was already spreading, like an unstoppable hurricane.

The whole martial arts world was shaking.


“Zhang Hanyang is so powerful No wonder hes called Merciless Zhang.

Is he going to go all out He even killed the people of the Kunlun Immortal World, hahaha!”

“Ive heard Grandpa say that those people from the Kunlun Immortal World are particularly arrogant and looked down on secular practitioners.

Who wouldve thought that theyd still end up dead in the hands of a secular martial artist”

“I havent heard anything from Zhang Hanyang in the past two years, turns out hes cultivating.

His strength has improved by leaps and bounds, and hes now invincible!”

“Invincible! Zhang Hanyang is an invincible legend.”


For a period of time, whether it was the National Security Agency forum or the small forums of different martial arts worlds, there was a name that constantly appeared in the circle of martial arts practitioners: Zhang Hanyang!

Once again, this name brewed a storm in the martial arts world.

All along he had stayed low, but once he rose up, he took the heaven and earth by surprise.

It was just like back when he was the Invincible Grand Master, Now, he was invincible across the world!

This piece of news spread like wildfire across many places.

Upon hearing the news, the Liang Clan, Zi Clan, Wang family, and even the Rong Clan were all shocked.

Then, this led to a pleasant surprise.

How big was this coattail that they had ridden on

Needless to say, there were countless comments going around the outside world as this was unprecedented and extremely shocking.

It was exhilarating to witness a secular martial artist achieve something like this.

Everyone became even more convinced of one principle.

“Nothing is impossible in this world.

It all depends on whether you will do it.”

“Look at Zhang Hanyang, isnt he also a man who grew up in the secular world”

If he wanted, he could kill someone at the Heaven Peak Stage with one punch!

This encouraged many young disciples.

They wanted to cultivate, to regard Zhang Hanyang as their role model and follow his footsteps!

However, if they had known more information, they would think otherwise.

“My husband is so powerful, how can this explained in layman terms”

“My Master is a beast, and you guys really think he grew up in the secular world Tsk.”

“Master has long ago mentioned about the cultivators.

Now the world knows about the Kunlun Immortal World, but Master has said that it is not even comparable to a small village in this vast universe.”

In the eyes of the world, how insignificant was a village

For the whole Cultivation World, the Kunlun Immortal World was much more insignificant than this village.

After taking a plane from Sanmen City and returning to Xiangjiang, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone from his Space Ring.

There was signal.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…

He heard a series of notifications.

They were some text messages in English.


Zhang Han opened the conversation and read the messages.

He could tell that John was in a hurry.

“Zhang Hanyang, reply me when you see this.

I have something important to tell you.”

“Why cant my call go through Please call back when you see this message.”

“Ill tell you directly.

Ross Clan has woken up.”

“He has already sent 30 members of the Hann Clan towards the east.

According to news from the Hann Clan, he might seek revenge on you.”

“The Patriarch of the Ross Clan has taken action.

If you see this, go and hide as soon as possible.”

It seemed that the Prince of the Radiant Sect cared a lot about his ally.

The first message had been sent out when he first found out the news.

The latest message was sent yesterday.

“Were almost there”

Zhang Han put down his mobile phone calmly.

“Daddy, lets quickly get in the car.

We still have to play with the dogs once when we get back.” Sitting in the back seat of a Rolls-Royce, Mengmeng waved her little hands.

“Im coming!”

Zhang Han gave her a smile.

After getting in the car, he still went ahead and called John.

“Thank goodness, you finally picked up the phone! It seems that its still not too late.

The Patriarch of the Ross Clan is looking for you.

Youd better hide for a few days.

They wont stay in Hua nation for too long.”


Zhang Han replied, “Is there any news about the Holy World on your side”

“The Holy World” John paused for a while.

“Theres no news.

The passage would not open for another two years.”


Zhang Han briefly called up with him before hanging up.

This caused John to be slightly confused.

Why did he not hear any sign of nervousness from his tone

Could it be that he did not care about the Patriarch of the Ross Clan

That guy was an extremely powerful character!

No matter what, he had already delivered the news.

However Zhang Han handled the matter, it was up to him.

It was also beyond Johns capacity to interfere, so he stopped thinking about it.

He had also sent people to the New Moon Bay.

If there was any news, they would get back to him as soon as possible.

The people he sent were on a specific side of the beach.

It was also a small team of about 20 people.

“The boobs of the beautiful ladies in Hua nation are not as big as those in our country.”

“The noses are also a little flat.”

“There are not many with nice figures.

Didnt someone say that there are so many beautiful women in Xiangjiang Have I been cheated”

A golden-haired man was sitting on a bench and looking around.

Buzz buzz!

There was a device that looked like a walkie-talkie strapped onto his waist and it suddenly started vibrating.

“They are here!”

His face fell slightly and he glanced at the display screen.

There were some green spots in the surrounding sea, and these were all of his subordinates hiding on the sea surface.

If anyone saw those from the Patriarch of the Ross Clan, they would immediately press the button on the device.

Sure enough, in the southeast direction, there was a spot that turned red.

Then, a spot located at the second position on the same line also turned red.

“They are here!

“The Patriarch of the Ross Clan is here with his men!”

He quickly took out his mobile phone and sent a message to John the Prince.

“The Patriarch of the Ross Clan has arrived.

They will reach the south island of Xiangjiang in about 10 more minutes.”

The atmosphere seemed to be gradually growing in intensity.

Not far away in the sea, the Patriarch of the Ross Clan and his dozen subordinates were flying on a black cloud.

“Ive lost two of my Kings, now I want their souls to burn in the True Blood Flame for a hundred years!”

The entire body of the Patriarch was a little dark, as if he was surrounded by a faint black fog.

It gave him an evil aura.

When he was about to reach the south island of Xiangjiang, his killing intent could no longer be suppressed.

He could not accept the fact that two of his ten Kings had been killed during his opportunity of a breakthrough.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Just when they were still far away but able to see the mainland, three people came flying towards them.

It was the vanguard.

“Ancestor, the people from Mount New Moon have returned.”

One of the men, who was probably in the Grand Master Early-stage, said, “I heard something while I was here.

Zhang Hanyang seems to be able to blow up the Heaven Peak Stage with just one punch and he even killed the four people from the Kunlun Immortal World.”

After hearing that, the people became confused.

“Sir, is the Heaven Peak Stage cultivator a King What is this Kunlun Immortal World”


Hearing this, the Patriarchs face fell drastically.

The black fog around him suddenly dissipated.

His face became extremely pale, but his eyes almost popped out from disbelief.

“He can even kill those from the Kunlun Immortal World”

“You dont know whats a Heaven Peak Stage cultivator Zhang Hanyang killed him with one punch”

Seeing such a big reaction from the Patriarch, the subordinate, who had never been out of the sect, finally showed a change of expression on his face.

“Yes, yes, Patriarch.

I sneaked into a small circle of martial artists.

They are all talking about this.

Apparently, Zhang Hanyang is invincible in the world.

He can kill those at the Heaven Peak Stage with one punch.

The Kunlun Immortal World is so powerful, but it cant stop him.”

Back then, the Patriarch of the Ross Clan was not convinced.

“Invincible in the world What bullsh*t! The invincible one is me!”

However, now it seemed that something was not quite right.

“Go find out!”

The Patriarch immediately stopped moving and ordered the people around him, “Go find out! Find out the exact information! All of you, go!”

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone was frightened and charged towards Xiangjiang.

After two hours, they sent back messages one after another.

“Its true! Its true!”

“Go, quickly go now!”

“Send the order right now.

From today onwards, not one single person from the Ross Clan should step foot onto the land of Hua nation.

No one is even allowed to come to the Eastern region!”

“This is too terrifying.

We really shouldnt come to the Eastern region.

Lets go, lets go now!”

The Ross Clan was scared out of their wits.

They quickly turned into a streak of bloody light and fled away.

What level was the Patriarch at He was just a little stronger than the Heaven Peak Stage.

It was already difficult for him to kill a Heaven Peak Stage cultivator, let alone with just one punch.

Besides, wasnt the Kunlun Immortal World a Holy World

Those who came from there were all killed by him.

He was basically a demon!

Jhon received news that the Ross Clan had fled in vain.

John was a little confused.

“What The Ross Clan fled in panic My goodness, is that true”

“What Did you say that Zhang Hanyang killed those from the Kunlun Immortal World He could kill a Heaven Peak Stage cultivator with just one punch”

“Okay, I got it.

Thank you.”

John hung up the phone, took a deep breath, turned around, and walked out of the room.

He arrived at the gate of a manor in this vast residential area.

“Im here to pay my respects to Father.

I have something important to discuss with him.”

“Prince, please wait a moment.”

The old gatekeeper nodded and went back to his room to make the announcement.

About 20 minutes later, John entered the manor and came to the main residence.

His father, the Holy King of the Radiant Sect, was burly and about two meters tall.

At that moment, he was sitting on a chair and talking to a blonde man.

“The Prince is here”

The blonde man said with a smile, “Little John, we havent seen each other for 10 years.”

“Uncle Aile.”

John quickly replied.

Aile was one of the three Giants of France.

He had a good relationship with Johns father and spent most of his time in the worldlet.

Whenever he came back, he would come to say hi.

“Whats the matter” the Holy King asked.

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