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Chapter 90 – Home feeling

Zhao Feng quickly got up and went into the kitchen to turn off the fire on the stove.

As for the little boy, he stood by the dining table, not knowing what to do.

“That… Gramps.

While Liang Mengqi was on the way to eating, when she passed by Wang Qiangs side, she hesitated for a moment and said: “Boss is really concerned about his daughter, normally he wouldnt even let us hug her, let alone kiss her, you … I think its better to talk to your little child.

“Yes.” Wang Qiang nodded, and with a slight frown, he carried his grandson back to his seat.

Looking at the little guy, he said: “Grandson, youre already four years old, boys and girls cant be intimate, theres a difference between males and females, you know”

“Got it.” He thought for a while and felt that he was right, so he retorted in a small voice: “But mother told me that she really likes me, so we kissed.

I also really like Mengmeng, so I wanted to kiss her.”

To him, this was the first time he had seen such a beautiful little girl.

He wanted to kiss her cheeks to express his happiness, but it seemed that Mengmengs fathers reaction was too big.

Hearing that, Wu Liying smiled gently, patted his grandsons head, and stood up to serve them food.

As for Wang Qiang, a trace of helplessness flashed across his face as he said: “Even if you like it, you cant kiss it.

Its impolite.

Remember that in the future, you can kiss your own family members, other people might not like having you kiss them.”

“I know, Grandfather.” The little boy pouted.

He felt a bit unhappy because he did not dare to express his bashful personality.

However, when the little fellow had his first taste of Egg-Fried Rice, that feeling of unhappiness completely disappeared and was replaced by happiness.

At this moment, in the living room upstairs.

Zi Yans body lazily leaned against the sofa as she browsed through her Weibo in boredom.

Back then, when she had become extremely popular, there were about ten million followers on Weibo, and each post contained tens of thousands of messages and hundreds of thousands of likes.

But after that, Zi Yan left the Entertainment Circle and this group of fans exploded, Zi Yan did not explain anything, ultimately leading to a chorus of sighs.

There were many people unfollowing her, and up to now, there were only 5 million people still follow her, and two years ago, Zi Yan had tried to post two messages, showing that the number of comments and likes were few in number.

Zi Yan looked at the messages she had posted before, and was sighing with emotion, when she suddenly saw Zhang Han carrying Mengmeng and walking over with large strides.

As he neared, Zhang Han placed Mengmeng beside Zi Yan.

Mengmengs expression also became timid.

She clearly understood that there was a trace of pity in her big eyes.

“PaPa, are you angry PaPa, dont be angry … ”

“Whats wrong” “Come, Mama.” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han strangely and hurriedly pulled the little princess into her embrace.

As for Zhang Han, he was still a little fearful.

He let out a deep breath, looked at Mengmeng and chuckled softly.

He reached out and stroked Mengmengs little head, and said:

“Daddy isnt angry.”

“Rally” Mengmengs eyes regained luster.

“Really, Dad isnt angry.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head and coughed lightly.

Under Zi Yans curious gaze, he sincerely and sincerely said to Mengmeng: “Mengmeng, didnt Father tell you before, that apart from Father and Mother, no one can kiss you.”

“Ugh …” But, but PaPa is saying that Mengmeng cannot kiss others … ” Mengmeng remembered the words of the PaPa very clearly.

“Others cant even kiss Mengmeng!” Zhang Han said very seriously: “Mengmeng, aside from my parents, you cannot be kissed by others, nor can you be kissed by others.

Do you understand”

“I understand, Mengmeng doesnt allow others to kiss me, then, then what others want to kiss me”

“What should we do” Zhang Hans eyes flashed with seriousness, and he said: “Slap him!”

“What are you talking about”

Zi Yan glared at Zhang Han after she heard him, and she knew what was going on with their conversation.

Thus, Zi Yan turned to Mengmeng and smiled: “Mengmeng, dont listen to your PaPas nonsense, if anyone wants to kiss you, you can reject them, dont listen to your PaPas words, beating them up is wrong, and you are a girl, you need to be gentle and quiet.”

“Hmm, Mengmeng is quiet.” Mengmeng raised her small arm and said.

Zhang Han stood at the side, thought for a while, and said with some unease: “Then, according to your mothers suggestion, you will refuse first.

“Zhang Han!” Zi Yan looked over with killing intent.

Teach her daughter to beat someone up, what kind of father was that Now was the time for Mengmeng to have such a personality.

Education was of the utmost importance, and for some unknown reason, Zi Yan felt a little uneasy about letting Mengmeng stay here.

“Ill go get the rice.” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan, then turned and walked downstairs.

If you lost the argument with woman, you wouldnt be forgived.

If the argument went well, you would say that you were narrow-minded and petty, and couldnt care less about it.

Especially if she was Mengmengs mother, which really made Zhang Han feel helpless.

If you want Mengmeng to stay, you have to pass the test of Zi Yan.

After a while, Zhang Han served 3 cups of milk and 3 servings of Egg-Fried Rice.

“Is this the Egg Fried Rice you usually sell” Zi Yan placed the plate on the tea table in front of him and smelled the fragrance first.

The smell was so fragrant that made her stomach flutter.

“Its time to eat, the food cooked by PaPa is the most delicious.” Mengmeng mumbled as she pouted.

She picked up the spoon and started to eat the Egg-Fried Rice.

Zhang Han looked at the two women whose actions were very similar and felt that this moment was very warm.

‘Is this the feeling of home

Zhang Hans gaze became a little blurry.

After his rebirth, he had been living a lonely five hundred years of cultivation.

If it wasnt for Mengmeng, then Zhang Hans current state of mind would probably be very cold.

One should not doubt that a powerhouse in the heavenly tribulation would appear to be a normal person.

He would definitely have the demeanor of a monarch descending upon the world, treating life like grass, and everything else like dogs.

Needless to say, what Zhang Han did right away was to find ways to raise his strength.

Then, he would take revenge, kill him who was like a river of blood, kill him who turned the world upside down, and let the world know that an ant was an ant, and that in this world, he was the king!

However, Mengmengs existence was like a rising sun slowly rising from a dark world, brightening up Zhang Hans mind.

Adding to the fact that his parents had disappeared, and he wasnt in any trouble, it completely settled the hostility in his heart and all kinds of negative emotions.

It also allowed him to become like this, a person with a plain pursuit and a peaceful personality.

This was the first time he had experienced such a feeling; perhaps this was the change in his state of mind as a father.

Standing at thirty, not knowing his place at all, and knowing his destiny at fifty, these were also very reasonable words.

They spoke of the changes that had occurred in ones state of mind.

To Zhang Han, this was also a kind of concept.

In his life, he still had a lot of things he hadnt experienced yet.

Zhang Han shook his head with a faint smile.

He stopped thinking about it and sat beside Mengmeng and started to eat his breakfast.

At the same time, at Xue Qians house.


Xue Qian just got out of bed, his eyes were hazy and confused, but when he heard Li Fan shouting in front of him, Xue Qians eyes slowly widened, he was completely awake, at the same time, an excited expression filled his eyes: “Have we connected”

“Yes!” “Hahaha, I got in touch.” With dark circles under his eyes, Li Fan laughed loudly, “I finally managed to get in touch with him last night, its really f * cking great.

Old Xue, guess where he is right now”

“Where How would I know” Xue Qian shook his head.

“Its in Xiangjiang! Hahaha, what a coincidence, hes right here in New Moon Bay! “Oh my god, such a coincidence actually exists in this world.

There must be a heavens will somewhere!” Li Fan said as he danced in joy.

“What did you say That were going to meet ” Xue Qian hurriedly asked.

“Yes.” Li Fan shook his head, and said: “He said that he has no time today, and will go in the morning or afternoon tomorrow to discuss matters, and tell me the location.”

“Thats great, then lets have a good rest today and go visit him tomorrow.”


Zhang Hans dining hall.

Liang Mengqi and the other two wanted to sit for a while more, but especially Liang Mengqi, she wanted to see who the landlady of the restaurant was.

However, because they had an appointment with a friend, they left after sitting for a while.

After everyone left, Zhang Li was preparing to clean up the dining hall.

Although the customers were all clean, whether it was the floor or the dining tables, they were all stained.

Although Zhang Li was a miss in the past, it was different now.

Just that, when she had just gotten up, Zhao Feng had already taken the cloth and started wiping the tables one by one.

“Oh, Zhang Li, looks like your brother has other waiters.” Zhou Fei looked at Zhao Feng strangely, then lowered his head and continued looking at his phone.

Zhang Li was also a little curious, she brought a cloth and walked in front of Zhao Feng, and asked curiously: “I saw you sitting at this members seat eating, youre also a member of the restaurant right Why are you here cleaning up ”

“I did it of my own free will.

Because the boss is very good and has cooked very well, I almost became a little fool of his .

I usually dont have much to do, so I cleaned up a bit before I left.” Zhao Feng smiled at Zhang Li.

“Youre quite warm-hearted.” Zhang Li laughed and said.

“Im fine.” Zhao Feng shook his head slightly.

It was only in this Mengmengs casual restaurant that Zhao Feng would be so passionate.

It was only when Zhan Han was the boss that Zhao Feng would become like a little brother, and even when he was facing Tang Zhan, he would sometimes say no!

Furthermore, if the people from the underground powers were to find out that Zhao Feng was said to be enthusiastic, they would definitely laugh their teeth off and claim that he was blind.

But, it did happen.


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