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Si Nans face darkened.

“Hes not a member of our clan.”

At this point, Lord Lius faint voice came from behind him.

Si Nans expression froze.

He shot a few glances at the black man, then turned around and returned to Lord Lius side.

“Zhang Hanyang said that wed better not use force when he was away, but he didnt say that we couldnt use spiritual force.”

Lord Liu added helplessly, “If you check it out, you will find that there are many people with black skin here.

Although they look similar to our Dark Shadow Clan, we dont share the same bloodline.”

“Oh, got it.”

Si Nan scratched his head.

“I was just asking out of curiosity.”

“Can we go into the sea and have a look”

Lord Liu looked at Zhang Han.

He would follow Zhang Hans advice here.

“Of course.

Lets go into the sea from a place where there is no one around,” Zhang Han responded.

They got in the car again and came to a remote place on a cliff that was dozens of meters high.

“Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!”

The three of them jumped into the sea from above.

The seabed near the coast was very beautiful.

The water surface was clear, and there were countless corals and fishes.

Gradually, they arrived at the deep sea area.

Occasionally, they could see one or two whales.

These huge monsters seemed to be shocking, but Lord Liu and Si Nan had already seen so many bigger fierce beasts.

They stayed at the bottom of the sea for two hours.

When they got back to the car, Lord Liu sighed.

“Everything in the real world seems to be so balanced.

If the Dark Shadow Clan gets out, the world will indeed change.

Is this the reason why the Dark Shadow Clan is suppressed by heaven and earth”

“Maybe, maybe not.

No one can make it clear.”

Zhang Han smiled slightly.

His impression of Lord Liu was not bad.

He was a smart man who knew what to do and what not to do.

They went to the Western District, the Zhu Keng District, and the North Ring-road Zone.

They went to a shopping mall, drank milk tea and cold drinks, ate ice cream, and had snacks on the roadside.

What a great experience!

“Impressive!” Si Nan said while gnawing on a pigs trotter.

“The people here really know how to enjoy life.”

“You can experience the nightlife here in the evening.

Ill ask Uncle Dong to show you around.”

While speaking, Zhang Han looked at his watch and said, “Its time to go back.

Im going to pick up my daughter from school later.”


In the beginning, Lord Liu had some language difficulties and could not speak fluently.

But now, he could easily communicate with Zhang Han.

When Zhang Han drove back to Mount New Moon, Dong Chen was already waiting for him at the foot of the mountain.

After getting in the car, Dong Chen drove a little clumsily.

He drove the Rolls-Royce and turned left and right, which scared a lot of cars nearby.

Later, he held the steering wheel and controlled the car with his spiritual force.

Then the car moved perfectly steady.

That night, Zhang Han went to pick up Mengmeng from school.

It was the first day of school, and the students chattered with each other in groups.

Seeing Zhang Han, Mengmeng immediately ran out of the crowd.

The school days began again.

Some people said that life was like condiments, and people would try them one by one.

But with Zhang Han, even Zi Yan admitted that life was sweet.

Night fell.

This was the first time that Lord Liu and Si Nan had seen the real night.

The sky was full of stars, which made Lord Liu widen his eyes.

“You mean those sparkling things are all distant planets The universe The sea of stars What…”

In the real world, one could see other planets as well as the beautiful starry sky.

“Could it be that every single light dot is a world

“Could there be a lot of cultivators there

“Will there be any members of the Dark Shadow Clan

“Are they also suppressed by the world

“What exactly is there in the depths of the starry sky

“The universe!

“It turns out that human beings are so tiny.

“The Ancient Mine and the Dark Shadow Continent are nothing more than the tip of the iceberg of the Main World!”

He would tell Lord Nan Shan all these things, showing him how fascinating the real world was.

He believed that Lord Nan Shan must want to go out and have a look.

In this case, they also needed some “hostages”.

In Lord Lius mind, the strength of his elder brother Lord Nan Shan was definitely stronger than that of Zhang Hanyang after he went out.

Nonetheless, if Zhang Hanyang withdrew the secret skill, Lord Nan Shan would be suppressed by heaven and earth.

If Lord Nan Shan couldnt resist it and died, the Kings Domain would be in trouble.

To prevent this, it was necessary to promote the arrival of some hostages.

The Kings Domain had rich resources, and it would not be a big deal to provide them with enough resources for cultivation.

The key was that those people would have to be very close to Zhang Hanyang.

Lord Liu knew that Zhang Hanyang would never agree to send his close relatives there.

The arrival of some people who Zhang Hanyang cared about could be a comfort to the Dark Shadow Clan.

The most important thing was to give him a generous reward.

Lord Liu glanced at Dong Chen and said, “Weve finished hanging out here.

Well trouble you for the rest of the trip.”

“Its nothing.

You are guests.

Since you have no particular destination, why dont we go all the way north along Xiangjiang Ill show you around the Hua nation.”

“May I know if we can go to the ancient relics” Lord Liu asked again.


Dong Chen nodded and said, “I inquired about it in the afternoon.

In two days, there will be a D-level relic in the northwest, which is a relatively low-level one.”

“Well just go there and have a look.”

Lord Liu didnt care if it was a low-level or high-level one.

The main purpose was to broaden his mind.

As a result, they went there when the relic opened.

There were hundreds of people waiting to enter.

Some martial artists only had Inward Strength.

In front of Lord Liu, their strength was way too low.

“The martial artists in the secular world have really poor strength!”

Si Nan pursed his lips.

“Most of the powerful ones were taken to the Kunlun Immortal Realm, and this ancient relic is relatively low-level.

Its normal that there are no masters,” Dong Chen replied.

“Lets go in and take a look.”

Lord Liu took the lead to enter the relic, and the three of them separated.

He was on top of a waterfall, in an extraordinary mountain forest.

“The scenery is not bad.”

As Lord Liu strolled through the forest, a huge monster suddenly rushed out from the side.

It was a five-meter-tall giant bear.

Its huge palm was about to hit Lord Liu.

Lord Liu didnt dodge at all.

He looked at the giant bear with a disdainful smile.

“Be careful!”

A cry of alarm sounded, and then 10 streaks of light flew over.

They were 10 talismans.

“Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!”

They hit the giant bear all over its body but failed to kill it.

It only sustained some injuries.


Leaving behind a roar, the giant bear turned its head and slipped away.

Lord Liu retracted his right hand that he had slightly raised.

He looked at the person behind him.

It was Ma Di, who was chivalrous and righteous.

Ma Di from the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

He glanced at Lord Liu but did not move forward.

Instead, he said, “The relic is perilous with countless hidden dangers.

You must be careful and not be confused in the face of danger.

Otherwise, you could be in danger.

According to my experience, there should be a relatively safe area 10 miles behind.

You can go there and explore it.”


Ma Di seemed to have said the same thing to Zhang Han and Zi Yan, and now he said the same thing to Lord Liu.

It made Lord Liu feel strange.

“Are you familiar with relics” Lord Liu suddenly asked.

“Oh You can speak the Hua language” Ma Di was stunned and replied, “Ive been to more than a dozen relics.”

“Then you lead the way for me.”

“Lead the way”

“Is he trying to suck up to me”

Ma Di thought for a moment and finally said, “Okay.

It will be safer for you to follow me, but we still have to keep some distance from each other… Ah!”

Ma Di suddenly screamed because he found that his body was floating to the other party.

“What the f*ck! This is an expert!”

They made a sightseeing tour along the way.

When they saw ferocious spirit beasts, Lord Liu slapped them to death with a single slap.

If there were any treasures, he wouldnt take them.

They all went into Ma Dis pocket.

In the end, Ma Di found that this big shot was here to have fun.

The relic wasnt all that stable.

After obtaining a holy object—the formation eye—the group of people all left.

At this moment, Lord Liu carefully felt it.

“The unstable space and the relics… are maybe fragments of a continent.

An ancient world It seems that the secular world lives up to its reputation as the Main World.

There are many secrets.”

Lord Liu, Si Nan, and Dong Chen left this place.

Unconsciously, a few days passed.

Lord Liu returned to Xiangjiang, chatted with Zhang Han for two hours, and gave him the remaining resources.

“I wont do it.”

Dong Chen turned to look at other places.

He didnt want to see Lord Liu off.

He did not agree until Zhang Han took out 20% of the treasures.

“Lets go.”

Dong Chen led Lord Liu and Si Nan to leave with a smile.

Back in the Ancient Mine, Lord Liu was really relaxed.

He took Si Nan to the edge of the Northernmost Sea, passing through the Beast Land, stepped on the air chains, and entered the Kings Domain.

When he met Lord Nan Shan, Si Nan looked a little nervous and uneasy.

He had already done a great job of getting back the Spirit Battle Method and was allowed to go back to the Kings Domain.

Now, he collaborated with Zhang Hanyang, making it possible for the Dark Shadow Clan to go out.

Was he going to make a contribution again

“Royal brother.”

Lord Nan Shan was sitting in a pavilion in the air.

The pavilion was dozens of meters away from the top of the mountain.

At this moment, Lord Liu and Si Nan were standing on the top of the mountain.

“Liu, youre back.”

“Royal brother, the real world is over there.

You can see a vast starry sky, a blue sky, and beautiful scenery there.

There are relics―fragments of the ancient world—as well as many secrets.

However, the spiritual Qi there is exhausted.

Most of the people there are ordinary and only a small number of them are martial artists, but those ordinary people are also very powerful.

They conquered the sky with planes and also produced some highly lethal weapons…”

King Liu told him everything he had seen and heard.

Hearing this, Lord Nan Shan couldnt control himself for a long time.

“I can see the vast starry sky”

He raised his head and looked into the sky.

It was dusky everywhere.

“I want to go out and have a look!”

This was the truth.

However, his strength would be suppressed there, and he would be affected by the other partys secret skill.

Once the other party withdrew it, he would be in danger and be killed by heaven and earth.

Although he longed to go there, his life was more important.

“Perhaps in this life, I can only go there and have a look when Im about to die.”

Lord Nan Shan sighed inwardly.

“Royal brother, I have an idea.”

Lord Liu continued, “Zhang Hanyang loves money.

So on this trip there, we gave half of it to him when we went out and gave him another half when we came back.

Since he can control our lives, I suggest that he can send some people close to him to the Kings Domain to cultivate.

Theyll all be my honored guests…”

“He wont send his relatives here.” Lord Nan Shan shook his head.

“Its enough as long as he cares about them.

Besides, its just the beginning.

Were all worried, but if this continues, it may form a balance.

After all, we bear him no ill will.

During this period, we can let other Real Kings go to the secular world in batches.” Lord Liu told him his suggestion.

“Thats one way.

Lets do as you say.”

Lord Nan Shan would not go out if the situation was not clear.

At his level, he would rather stay here than put his life in someone elses hands.

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