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Right at this moment.


On the opposite mountain several hundred meters away, a figure laughed wildly.

With a stamp of his feet, a tree that was decades old was crushed under his feet.

This figure dashed over like a sharp arrow.

After gently skimming past a few treetops, he gracefully landed on the giant stone in the center.

“Here I am!”

“Qiao Sen!” This figure appeared to be overweening, as though the whole world was his oyster.

He looked at the left front and said, “Now that you are already here, why dont you show yourself”

“I was just waiting for you.”

A figure in black elegantly glided over.

He was really flying at a height of a dozen meters.

He was the King of Storms!

Not only was he proficient in two secret arts of the wind element, but he also excelled at the move called “Stormy Waves”.

This was why he had made a name for himself.

Seeing this, Zhang Han slightly pulled back.

“Well, Id better let Mengmeng watch the battle.

Its best to give her a buffer.”

All along, Mengmeng had grown up in a gilded cage.

She had turned out to be cute and cunning.

Zhang Han figured that she would be depressed for a few days after she saw the real martial arts world.

But a few days later, after she knew what the real world was like, she would be able to accept it.

This kind of thing could not be done overnight.

“Todays battle is not only a showdown but a life-and-death competition between you and me.

If I kill you, Ill become a Wu Dao Grand Master!”

Qiao Sens face was solemn.

This was because his opponent was very powerful, who had put him under a great deal of pressure.

“Hahaha, Qiao Sen, you think that you can compete with me after learning a few new moves of useless martial arts Today, I will refine my martial will with your blood! Dont worry, after you die and I become a Wu Dao Grand Master, Ill build a monument for you in my toilet.”

An He, the King of Storms, looked like a devious and guileful man.

His words were full of sarcasm, as though he quite despised Qiao Sen.


Qiao Sens eyes were cold.

Without saying much, he leaped and rushed forward.

The two of them immediately engaged in a fierce battle on top of the five boulders.

All kinds of powerful moves they cast made the huge stones rose to the sky.

The energy fluctuations swept over, making the surrounding trees rustle violently.

It could be imagined how strong the energy within the battlefield was.

After they both launched just three strikes, of the around 1,000 martial artists present, a dozen people standing in groups of three or four in corners heaved with sighs and murmured, “An He has already reached such a mighty stage.

He is only one step away from becoming a Wu Dao Grand Master.”

“Hes the first secular disciple to step into the realm of Wu Dao Grand Master after the other masters left this world.

His future is limitless.

Im afraid that Qiao Senll be defeated.”

“Looking back at the golden age of the martial arts world, there were Ye Longyuan the Devil Incarnate, Mu Xue the female demon, Shi Fenghou the Little Roc, Su Beimu, Yan Chen, Ding Jiuming, Jiang Bing, Immortal King Chen, and too many mighty martial artists.

Also, there was the ruthless Zhang Hanyang who feared nothing in the world.

He was simply a legend.

But now, they have all disappeared from the scene.

The martial arts world has changed.

New stars have replaced the old ones.

I wonder when I can witness the demeanor of those old masters again.

Nowadays, the battles in the martial arts world are just kids row.”

“Pity that we havent been in the martial arts world for long.

In that era, I was a mere Inward Strength martial artist, and I didnt even get to witness the supreme demeanor of those people many times.”

“In this world, only in those places like Mount New Moon and the worldlets can one find some masters.

We still need to wait for a few years before we can see masters in the secular world.

Well, never mind.

I dont want to watch this predestined battle.

Lets go back to the Mystical Martial World.”


Among the dozen or so people, most were disciples of the sects in the worldlets.

After taking a few glances at the battle, they lost interest because they found that it was not even as good as the appetizers served before their sect competition.

Nowadays, even among the disciples of the sects in the worldlets, few had ever met Ye Longyuan, Chen Changqing, or Zhang Han.

When more than 10,000 martial artists left the secular world more than five years ago, almost all of them were above the Grand Master Realm.

Even some Supreme Masters also begged for the opportunity and left.

Indeed, their departure had had a great impact on the martial arts world.

Yet, the dozen peoples exit didnt throw cold water on the enthusiasm of the hot-blooded spectators at all.

Of course, among the thousands of spectators, there were a few wily old birds of the martial arts world.

Glad that there was finally something fun happening, they were watching the battle with a big smile.

“Good lord, he indeed lives up to the titlethe King of Storms.

He actually created a strange weather phenomenon.

If this huge wave hits Qiao Sen, he will be seriously injured if not get killed!”

“Hes so powerful! I figure that An He has already had the strength of a Grand Master even though he is not one yet!”


Under many peoples gazes, An He was like an invincible combatant who had gotten the better of Qiao Sen.

Soon, Qiao Sens clothes were stained with large spots of blood.

Mengmeng was kind of petrified at the scene.

It was not until this time that she found that the bloodiness in the martial arts world was quite different from what she had imagined.

Although the battle involved a lot of the spray of blood, it seemed that the atmosphere was very passionate, as if the air was filled with the smell of fierceness.


After watching for a while, Mengmeng seemed to be thinking of something, and her eyes were shining.

“Qiao Sen, run!”

Gradually, Qiao Sens aura receded, and he appeared to be dying.

Seeing this, a man in his forties in the crowd warned him.

“Hahaha, Qiao Sen, if you kneel down and beg for mercy now, I might spare your life,” An He said and laughed wildly.

His arrogance made Qiao Sens face even paler.


Abruptly, he howled and retreated to the northernmost boulder.

With a sparkle swirling in his eyes, he took out a weed-like plant and swallowed it.

Three seconds later, buzzing sounds came out from his body at intervals, which sounded like drum beats.

The barrier to the Wu Dao Grand Master Realm had been flattened.

“It turns out that this is the feeling of being a Wu Dao Grand Master.

An He, it all owes to you that Ive become a Wu Dao Grand Master.”

Qiao Sen quickly began to recover his energy, and his expression was already calm.

The plant he had taken was just a spiritual herb that could heal his wounds.

However, as if he suddenly had an epiphany, he abruptly knocked down the barrier.

“What A Wu Dao Grand Master”

“Cant believe Qiao Sen actually made a breakthrough! H-he has turned the tides in such a dire position.”

“It looks like An He will lose this battle.”


A single rock dropping into the lake could cause a thousand ripples.

Hearing the news, the crowd immediately became restless.

They never knew that Qiao Sen could truly achieve it.


A cold light flashed across Qiao Sens eyes.

Just a moment ago, he was still in low spirits.

But now, his decadent sentiments had completely dissipated.

As if a god of war, he started to launch all sorts of wild and violent attacks.

In a moment, the wind blew and the clouds surged.

The huge stones flew in all directions.

The five towering boulders were all shortened several meters, and even the boulder in the center was now covered with cracks.

It was likely that if they continued to fight, this huge boulder would be smashed into pieces.

In an instant, An He took several steps back, about to be blasted beyond the area circled by the five boulders.


An Hes fist met Qiao Sens head-on.

An Hes face first turned red and then paled before he retreated to the last boulder.

“A Wu Dao Grand Master is really mighty.”

An He raised his eyebrow slightly and sneered.

“For me, the barrier of the Wu Dao Grand Master Realm is no big deal.

I can break it at any time I want.”

“Then why dont you amaze me by making a breakthrough right now” Qiao Sens face darkened, and he was on guard.

“As you wish.”

An Hes tone was as calm as water.

As soon as he finished speaking, his aura began to soar.

In just one second, he tore down the barrier and his strength skyrocketed.

“Its really wonderful.”

An He was a little intoxicated with the breakthrough at this moment.

But the next moment, he was filled with killing intent.

He leaped forward to approach Qiao Sen.

“Kill! Stormy Waves!” he roared.

With a splash, a small invisible wave swooped down, carrying violent energy.


Qiao Sens face paled slightly.

He used all of his energy to defend himself.

However, to his horror, behind this big wave that was more than 100 feet high, there were also numerous wind blades.

Although he managed to throw off the violent wave, the wind blades instantly fell on him from all directions.

The blades pierced through his body and fell on the huge boulder under his feet.


A piece of the boulder collapsed.

This seemed to be a dangerous omen.

Many people present couldnt help but hold their breath.

They saw that Qiao Sen just stood there motionlessly.


The huge boulder under his feet was cut into chunks and pulverized.

Many people around looked alarmed.

Fortunately, the splinters of the boulder did not fall in their direction.

Under everyones gaze, Qiao Sen fell with the huge boulder.

Bursts of ash filled the sky.

It was not until one minute later that the haze was blown away by the breeze.

Of the five boulders, there were only four left.

The highest boulder had disappeared, so had Qiao Sens chance of living.

“Is Qiao Sen… dead”

Many people were thrilled.

This might be the death of a Wu Dao Grand Master!

“Qiao Sen, a disciple of the Authentic Martial Arts Sect, has made it to the Wu Dao Grand Master Realm.

Yet, hes been killed all the same.

Among all the youngsters in this big world, who else can stop the King of Storms”

“Im afraid only Miao Fei from the northwest, Tang Qingshan from the Tang family in Shang Jing, and Wu Xuan from the Wu family in Jiang Nan can rival the King of Storms.

In the younger generation of Hua nation, An He is likely to enter the top 10!”

“He is simply invincible.

I feel so blessed to have witnessed this battle with my own eyes.”


The crowd burst into an uproar.

Even those few wily old birds of the martial arts world continued complimenting them.

These people had only been learning martial arts for a few years, and now they were all Wu Dao Grand Masters.

Perhaps they would enter the God Realm in just a few years and become new legendary heroes.

The youngsters were rising fast.


In Zhang Hans camp, Zhu Hui did not look pleased.

He completely gave up his plan to fight with Shi Haoran because it was well known that Shi Haoran was on good terms with An He.

“You go first.”

Zhu Hui looked back and said to Zhang Han in a low voice.

They just argued with Shi Haoran moments ago.

If Shi Haoran was upset and wanted to pick a bone with them, they would indeed suffer.

Sure enough.

As soon as he said this, Shi Haoran looked at them coldly, and his expression showed that he would not let this matter go easily.

After giving an order to his men, Shi Haoran looked at An He, walked over to him, cupped his hands, and congratulated him in a booming voice, “Brother An, congratulations on killing Qiao Sen and becoming a Wu Dao Grand Master!”

“Did I say you can move”

Suddenly, Shi Haoran realized that his body could not move.

For a moment, he felt a chill down his spine.

Good thing was that he could still turn his neck.

He slowly looked to the left and found that the person speaking was the one he had laughed at before.

“Has he pulled some trick on me

“Im now a Heaven-stage Master.

But I cant move at all.

Is… is he a Wu Dao Grand Master”

“Brother An!” Shi Haoran hollered in alarm.


An He frowned.

Judging by Shi Haorans tone, expression, and rigid body, he could not help but wonder if someone was suppressing him.

He looked at Zhang Han.

“Haoran is one of my younger martial brothers.

Im now also a Wu Dao Grand Master.

So, would you let him go for my sake”

There were a few people who noticed An He deliberately stressed that he was also a Wu Dao Grand Master.


“Is that man a Wu Dao Grand Master, too”

A few people nearby looked at Zhang Han in shock.

So did Zhu Hui.

His expression also slightly altered.

When he saw Zhang Han cross the river with one reed, Zhu Hui thought that he was just a beginner.

Who would have thought that he was probably a Wu Dao Grand Master

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