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Chapter 92 –Imagining the future

Zi Yan was slightly startled.

Will it be even more beautiful in the future What do you mean It means that in the future, not only will this place be beautiful, my relationship with Mengmeng and him will also get better and better Is he ready to woo me

Sometimes, Zi Yans brain was still quite big.

When facing Zhang Han, she couldnt keep the calmness in her heart, and would always let her imagination run wild because of his words.

Thinking about that, Zi Yans gaze suddenly landed on that small ocean of flowers.

“Huh” Zi Yan let out a light cry, and walked over with large strides.

As she neared, the fragrance in the air turned into the fragrance of flowers, causing Zi Yan to unconsciously take a few deep breaths.

As she got closer and closer, Zi Yans eyes became larger and larger, and by the time she got near, her mouth had already opened slightly in shock.

Fortunately, she quickly reacted and used her right hand to cover her red lips.

Her beautiful eyes glanced at Zhang Han, and could see the deep shock in her eyes.

“Oh my god, Zhang Han, are these all real flowers” Zi Yan asked in shock.

“Could it be fake flowers” Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he replied.

“Is this an orchid So beautiful! The colors are so bright, and there are even different colors.

” Zi Yan said as she looked at the small patch of orchid in front of her.

“Yes, these are the varieties of orchids.”

“What is this flower” Zi Yan pointed to a flower on her right and asked.

The flower had six petals that were like willow leaves, slender and beautiful.

The petals intersected with each other and were extremely beautiful.

“This is Hyacinth.”

“What flower is this So beautiful.

” Zi Yan walked a few steps forward, and asked when she saw another type of flower.

The flowers in this area were white and yellow, with five petals that looked like a net inside an electric fan.

“This is an egg flower.”

“What is this”

“This is …”

Zhang Han explained the situation to Zi Yan as if he were a flower master.

“Wow, what beautiful roses.”

When Zi Yan saw the rose at the front, her eyes lit up and she quickly walked over.

As the symbol of love and romance, roses were deeply loved by women.

Zi Yan was no exception.

“There are so many colors, red roses, white roses, blue roses, purple roses, pink roses, champagne roses, and black roses “So many.

So beautiful.” Zi Yan said in pleasant surprise.

Zhang Han smiled when he saw her expression.

Originally, there was only one type of red rose on the Mount New Moon, but when the territory was being remodelled, Zhang Han intentionally copied some of the roses and adjusted their color.

To the thunder yang tree, adjusting the color of the roses was naturally an easy task.

“So beautiful, Im afraid even the Juliet Rose of England is just like this.

These are the most beautiful rose Ive ever seen.” Zi Yan shook her head and lamented.

Her palm gently reached out, wanting to stroke the flower petals, but she was reluctant to do so.

She only touched it once in a while, then put her head closer, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath in front of the flower petals.

At this moment, the flowers were beautiful, and Zi Yan was even more beautiful.

“Juliet Rose”

Zhang Han was startled for a moment, and then he recalled Juliet Roses information.

Juliet roses had a total of fifteen years of flower life, fifteen years of flower life, and were extremely rare and precious.

They were worth three million pounds.

Zhang Han had read about Juliet roses before, so he knew their shape.

After hearing about it, Zhang Han felt that it was possible for him when he changed his territory at that time.

After all, those flowers were of the highest quality, but …

Zhang Han smiled as he shook his head: “The roses in Mount New Moon are better than the roses in Juliet.”

The Mount New Moons roses were already the best in the world, but in terms of shape, Juliet, who had more petals, had its unique beauty.

After all, the thirty million prices wasnt paid in vain.

“The roses are beautiful.” Zi Yan bit her lips as her beautiful eyes swept Zheng Han.

Her long eyelashes lightly trembled as she faintly said: “If it were a gift for a girl, it would definitely be pleasing to the eye.”

There was always a trace of bitterness in her words.

With such a good rose, why wouldnt he give it to her

Could it be that he didnt take her seriously Or did he intend to give it to her at the right …

Just as this thought rose in her mind, Zhang Han was splashed with cold water in front of her.

He laughed lightly and said: “No one wanted to take it as a gift, so one didnt pay attention to these flowers.”

Zi Yans expression froze as she stared at Zhang Han, stunned.

Zhang Han was baffled and a little scared at the same time, but he faintly felt that there was something wrong with the words just now.

Just as Zi Yan wanted to say something, Mengmeng who was already under the thunder yang tree suddenly waved her small arm and shouted.

“Ah! Papa, Mama, quickly come over, you guys are really slow.

Mengmeng has been waiting for a long time!”

In response to Mengmengs call, Zi Yan snorted lightly and turned to walk towards Mengmeng.

Zhang Han shook his head and laughed as he followed along.

Walking under the thunder yang tree, Zi Yan also saw the scene at the back of the mountain and could not help but exclaim:

“Zhang Han, you have raised so many animals and pets There is quite a lot of crop growing.

“Ugh …” This was all given to Mengmeng by Papa.

” The little princess pouted and said.

Mengmeng was a small child, but she knew that Zhang Han had specially made these things for her.

She also knew that if were not for Mengmeng, there wouldnt be such a beautiful place.

After Zi Yan heard this, she laughed as she rubbed Mengmengs little head.

At the same time, she couldnt help but feel a little jealous.

That guy did so many things for Mengmeng, but didnt even do anything to her, or even planned to give her such beautiful flowers.

What did he mean by this Is her that unimportant in his eyes

Thinking about it, Zi Yan couldnt help but find it funny; she never thought that one day she would also be jealous of her own daughter.

But that guy was too boring.

It was all his fault!

At this time, he laughed heartily and said: “This place has only just started to take shape, look at the crops at the back, theres an orchard.

When the fruit trees are planted a little, the fish pond there will have some fish seedlings placed today, and in front of this tree, this piece of land will be used to build a few villas in the future …”

The moment he said that shocked Zi Yan.

She was a little surprised; her beautiful eyes sparkled as she looked at Zhang Han.

“From what you said, Im looking forward to what happens here, but Im not sure if you can get it out.

It sounds like a huge project, and this is the official land.

Youve only been renting here for a year, and the construction has been going on for over a year.”

While talking, a trace of doubt appeared in Zi Yans eyes.

In this place where every inch of land was worth money if Zhang Han wanted to achieve his goals.

How much money would he have to spend Furthermore, the authorities might not even bid for this land.

If he was not granted the right to exploit it, how could he build it

Zi Yan thought, but what she did not know was that after the first round of modifications in the Mount New Moon, it had changed a lot.

If the people from the New Moon Bays Bureau of Civil Affairs came over to check, they would definitely be shocked!

Under normal circumstances, people from the Bureau of Lands would come over to investigate around three months, but Zhang Han had let the Head Wang Qishan down, as he had always rememberedto take care of the Mount New Moon.

However, Zhang Han did not care about him at all, using force to block the water; there was nothing that could not be solved.

At this moment, Zhang Han was facing Zi Yans words with a slight smile and his voice revealed his confidence, “The things that I have said, can be done in at most three years, and I might even be able to do them a little earlier.”

Within five years, the thunder yang tree could have those three changes to the territory, and during the second transformation, all of the projects that Zhang Han had mentioned could be completed.

One must know, the second transformation was many times more energy than the first one, it was not as simple as adding one to two, but after the third transformation, the Mount New Moon would become a true treasure trove!

“Is that so” Zi Yan curled her lips, her beautiful eyes sparkling as she looked at Zhang Han, and said: “Then Ill be waiting for you to fulfill what you have said.”

These words made Zi Yan feel as if she was waiting for him, as if she was looking forward to seeing him.

She didnt know why, but when she talked to Zhang Han, she was always very casual, and after some consideration, it caused her to feel that she was doing something to him.

Zi Yans eyes flickered as she looked at him.

In her heart, she also felt that the longer she spent in contact with Zhang Han, the more casual she seemed to be.

Could this be the feeling of home

“PaPa Mama, come and play!”

Mengmeng and Xiao Hei ran to the area where the pets were.

Seeing the arrival of the little master, this group of sons of bitches immediately became lively.

Even the aloof and cold pine lion and the Husky who had already let go were circling Mengmeng.

During this time, they also learned of a truth:

If you want to be a good man, you have to flatter the little master.

Dont you see howbig brother does all this

It was just thatbig brother did not have a good attitude towards them.

Hmm, he would always grit his teeth and just casually throw his comrades out to play as a ball when he had nothing to do with them.

It was truly full of malice.

ButBig Brother was really different from his young master.

Looking at his slovenly appearance, he seemed like a eunuch praising the emperor.

Damn it! The chance to sneak away was taken away by him!

As a result, all the little dogs also became smarter.

When they saw Mengmeng coming over, they became all well-behaved, which made Mengmeng a little flustered.

“Zhang Han, there are a lot of germs on dogs.

Do you usually let Mengmeng play with them like this” Zi Yan raised her eyebrows, as she spoke with a questioning tone.

“Its fine.” Zhang Han casually replied: “They dont have those bacteria on them, so dont worry about them.

Also, Im giving them some of the water you guys drank today, so theres no need to worry.”


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