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Was it that another wave had come on the neck of the previous one

Many people were looking in this direction to find out what was going on.

Hearing the mockeries from the crowd, Shi Haorans face reddened.

He gritted his teeth and looked at Zhang Han with burning fury in his eyes.

However, since An He had made a remark, he didnt dare to weigh in on this matter because he knew that he was no match for this opponent.

“D*mn, never knew he could be a Wu Dao Grand Master!”

Shi Haoran was rattled on the inside.

However, he was not afraid.

Given the status of the King of Storms who had just become a Wu Dao Grand Master, who would not give him face

As the center of attention, Zhang Han still looked as calm as water.

Mengmeng, on the other hand, was a little nervous.

She tightened her grip on Zhang Hans hand.

“Sweetheart, you can ask him, is his face worth anything”

Seeing that Mengmeng was a little edgy, Zhang Han lowered his head slightly and laughed softly.


Mengmengs big eyes hidden below the cap quickly blinked.

“My father is the mightiest.

What am I being nervous for”


Mengmeng wrinkled her small nose and looked up at An He.

“Is your face worth anything”

Her clear and sweet voice immediately dissipated the somewhat solemn atmosphere.

Everyone felt that it was just a joke.

Many shook their heads slightly and felt amused.

If the face of a Wu Dao Grand Master was worthless, it would be preposterous.

“For some, giving me face is a must-do because of my great influence in their lives.

But for some, they will need to consider when asked to give me face.

And only a handful of people can just ignore me, the King of Storms.

Little girl, which of the three kinds of person do you think you are” An He asked with an unruffled expression.

Now he had become a Wu Dao Grand Master, he was absolutely fearless.

He was confident that he could fight against a martial artist at the Grand Master Middle-stage.

“Should we give him face”

Mengmeng didnt know how to answer.

She looked at Zhang Han, and then at An He.

Next, she glanced around and pondered for two seconds before she uttered this odd question.

“Then can you fly”

“What Fly” An He was taken aback.

He knitted his eyebrows and said softly as if he was sighing, “I can travel in the air to cover a short distance.

But if you mean real flying, I cant.

Because it is a magical power that only God Realm masters can have.

To gain that power is the goal of my martial career.

Whether you are ignorant or simply muddle-headed, you cant joke about the magical power of the God Realm.”

“Ah You cant even fly”

Mengmeng sounded a little surprised.

At this, An He did not know what to say at all.

Even his good mood after pulling off the breakthrough had declined a little.

From her tone, it seemed that she thought it was not impressive at all to be able to fly.

It was as if those who could not fly were all rookies.

Right after that, Mengmeng habitually fiddled with her fingers and muttered, ”

“There are the Obvious Strength, Inward Strength, Peak Strength… God Realm, Earth Realm, and Heaven Realm.”

“Oh, I forgot.

Only those in the God Realm can fly.

Daddy, he is not in the God Realm yet.

So he cant even fly.”

“Now, are we the strongest here”


Mengmeng suddenly snorted and looked at Shi Haoran.

With a sudden surge of confidence, she put her left hand on her hip and boldly pointed at Shi Haoran with her right hand.

“You ugly monster, how dare you be so rude to us a moment ago Do you know how powerful my father is Well, its still not too late for you to beg for mercy.”

Some people heard Mengmengs words.

So did An He, who was a little surprised and confused.

He did not like how things were going.

If it turned out that this girl was just fooling him, he would become the laughingstock of the whole world.

“Do they really have nothing to fear, or are they just putting on airs”

Shortly after, he got the answer.

Shi Haoran was sort of stupefied.

He looked at An He and found that he was quite vexed.

Then, he narrowed his eyes and gazed at Zhang Han.

“Beg for mercy I, Shi Haoran, have never begged for other peoples mercy in my whole life, have I Since my Brother An is also here, youd better think this over.”

Choice-making was certainly a profound subject.


Mengmengs cheeks puffed up with anger.

She was clueless about what to do next.

Raising her head a little, she said, “Daddy, he wont beg for mercy.

Now what”

“Since he cant fly, we shall just let him fly for a while.”

Zhang Han raised his right hand and waved gently, as though he was trying to swat a fly.


A muffled sound came out of nowhere, and Shi Haorans body speedily rose to the air.

He was 100 meters above the ground, then 200 meters, 500 meters, 1,000 meters…

The crowd on the ground could vaguely see a black dot up in the sky that was flying into the distance.

“Has he been thrown to the sky”

“He has been sent flying by a punch!”


An Hes face turned pasty.

He finally knew that this opponent was not just a Wu Dao Grand Master.

Even those at the Grand Master Late-stage could not send people flying like this, could they

In addition, it was obvious that the little girl had just come into contact with the martial arts world.

Otherwise, she would not judge martial artists by whether they could fly or not.

“Is he a martial artist in the God Realm or above”


An Hes heart sank vigorously.

There was no longer any trace of arrogance on his face.

Hastily, he bowed to Zhang Han.

Before he could finish his words, the man already held the hands of his wife and daughter and stepped on the void.

With each step, he covered hundreds of meters.

Just like that, the three of them headed off to the land in the distance.

That man was walking in a leisurely manner.

“What the f*ck!”

“He can really fly! Is he a God State Strong This is the first time Ive seen a God State Strong!”

“Oh my, a God State Strong has appeared.

Wait, where has Shi Haoran gone”

“The answer is obvious, isnt it Since he has been thrown to such a high altitude, even if he doesnt die in the sky—mind you, he cant fly—when he falls from thousands of meters high, he will have little chance to survive.

Dont you think so”


The atmosphere was slightly chilled.

An old wily bird around 40 came over and said, “Its not that a new God Realm master has come into being.

Instead, he has been in this world all along.

Its just that given our low ranks, we dont get to see him often.

Have you forgotten that there are several forbidden areas in our Hua nation”

“Do you mean the five places and Mount New Moon in Xiangjiang”

Hearing the conversation, many people in the crowd turned pale with fear.

The five forbidden areas that those below the Grand Master Realm were not allowed to enter were, in fact, the entrances of the five worldlets.

These days, many sects and alliances had sent people to guard those entrances.

As for Mount New Moon…

Some people once went there hoping to visit the legendary masters living there.

However, when they came near the mountain, a wave of dense mist spread about, and then those people simply vanished.

Hence, there were six forbidden areas in Hua nation.

“Are you saying that he is from one of the forbidden areas” An He asked, looking quite pallid.

He was kind of scared.

A moment ago, he was still in high spirits because he just made a breakthrough.

But the next moment, he offended such a strong master.

If the man held grudges against him over this… Just thinking about it made him shudder with fear.

“That mans wifes voice was melodious.

That little girls voice was also clear and sweet, which still lingers in my ears.

C-could it be them Could that man be him”

A wily old bird suddenly thought of something, and his expression changed in an instant.

His eyes almost popped out of the sockets.

“Who are you talking about”

“Are you referring to that God Realm master”

Some people nearby could not stifle their curiosity and posed the questions.

“God Realm Hehe.”

The wily old bird snickered and said, “If it were really him, he could kill the God State Strongs with a flick of his finger.”

He didnt continue to explain his words, because he had only heard about that man from legends.

After that, the senior turned around and left without looking back.

When he was 200 meters away from the crowd, he hurriedly took out his mobile phone and typed a name in the search engine.

“Zi Yan.”

Pictures of Zi Yan popped up.

After flipping through the pictures for half an hour, he finally saw the picture of Zi Yan winning the Oscar Award.

In the picture, at an inconspicuous place under the stage, there was a man with a gentle smile dangling on the corner of his mouth.

That mans face was not clearly shown because of the lack of lighting.

However, seeing his rough outline, the wily old bird felt that his muscles tensed up and his heart skipped a beat despite himself.

He murmured in a trembling voice, “Its him! Its really him! That Merciless Zhang Hanyang! Dear lord, Ive actually seen him with my own eyes.

What have I done to deserve this”

Anyway, a ton of news about this battle had spread out.

“An He the King of Storms Has Entered the Grand Master Realm and Crushed Qiao Sen.”

“Qiao Sens Breakthrough was of No Help, for He Has been Defeated as Expected.”

“A Mysterious Man Appeared at the Scene.

He Walked in the Air and Threw Shi Haoran up to a Height of Thousands of Meters with a Punch.”

“Who on Earth was This Mysterious Master Was He from One of the Six Forbidden Areas”

Pieces of news came out one after another, causing quite a few peoples jaws to drop.

“A mysterious master”

In Xihang.

Inside a president suite of the Bliss Hotel.

“Daddy, every time a martial artist loses a battle, he or she will lose his or her life as well, am I right”

In fact, as Zhang Han had guessed, Mengmeng was quiet all the way back to the hotel, for there was something on her mind.

When she arrived at the hotel, she became livelier.

At this moment, she was leaning against Zhang Hans lap and asking questions.

“Thats not necessarily true.

Most of the time, its just a friendly duel.

The combatants will show their power but not really harm their opponents.

I, Sect Leader Mu, Sect Leader Jiang, Yun Feiyan, and Wang Shiwu, often have duels.

In fact, it is a way to compare notes.

Todays battle is also quite common.

The martial arts world is full of danger.

This is why you and your mother always carry dozens of defensive treasures with you.

I want you to guard against those unexpected events.

You two are not martial artists, so you particularly need to be on the lookout.”

“Really Where are those treasures Why didnt I know about this” Mengmeng stood up and looked at herself.

“Ive hidden them in different parts, and most of them are in your hair.”

Zhang Han smiled and used his mind to separate some defensive treasures from Mengmengs hair.

The little princess was stunned.

“So many”

“How can it not be I only have one precious daughter.”

“Do you still wish to have a second one as smart as me” Mengmengs face suddenly became serious and she said lightly, “Ah, Ive remindedsome people that they should give me a younger brother or sister.

Sadly, you failed to live up to my expectations”

“What are you talking about” Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

“How can I give birth to another child just because you said you wanted one You little brute.”

“My life is already perfect with you as my only child.”

Zhang Han laughed despite himself and put the treasures back into Mengmengs hair.

Apart from those, there were more defensive treasures hiding in her fingernails, earlobes, and other places.

There was no doubt that the treasures were more than enough.


Mengmeng then leaned against Zi Yans long legs and said, “Have you long known that my father and grandfather are very powerful”

“Yes, Ive known it for a long time.

Are you envious now Maybe jealous” Zi Yan said with a giggle.


Mengmeng was slightly stunned, and her eyes paused for a moment.

Then she snorted and said, “Am I really your biological daughter Why didnt you tell me”

“Youre not my biological daughter.

Your father gave birth to you all by himself.

Go live with him.” Zi Yan curled her lips.


Mengmeng hopped over swaying her head and grabbed Zhang Hans arm.

“Daddy, Mummy doesnt want us anymore.

Lets run away from home.”

“Well… I dont dare.”

Cold sweat began to break out on Zhang Hans forehead.

“You two can certainly make jokes at each others expense.

But Mengmeng, do you know that if you accidentally made me say something I shouldnt say, I would have to sleep on the sofa tonight.”

“What a coward!” Mengmeng teased Zhang Han with a smile.

Now that Mengmeng had grown up, and Zi Yan and Zhang Han were not traditional parents who were strict with children, they would occasionally joke with one another.

After playing for a while, Mengmengs phone rang.

“Its Muen.”

She picked up the phone.

“Eh Muen, are you missing me Im busy now.

Im in Xihang.

My dad has taken me here for sightseeing.

He wants me to see the real world.

Do you know that Im going to embark on a great cause Im gonna bring the whole world under my rule…”

Zhang Han was speechless after hearing that.

“Mengmeng, youre not even a martial artist yet.

But youve already started thinking about how to rule the world.”

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