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After walking for an hour, Zhang Han and the others finally arrived at the western mountain range.

Looking at the towering mountains, Mengmeng was also astounded.

“Its so high and so wide.

I cant see all of it at a glance.”

“This is the western mountain range, which is the periphery of the Beast Land.” Dong Chen answered, “There are countless Beast Kings inside, many of whom are at the same level as Dahei and Little Hei.

There are even some who are more powerful than them.

In this place, if your father is not here, we should be careful.

Since he is here, there will be no problem as long as we dont go to the Boundless Sea and the Northernmost Sea.”

“Where are the Boundless Sea and the Northernmost Sea” Mengmeng asked.

“They are two relatively dangerous places in the Ancient Mine.

People going deep into the Boundless Sea will often lose their way.

The Northernmost Sea is full of fierce beasts, so it is easy to see various kinds of Beast Kings.” Dong Chen said with some emotion, “There is a legend that there is a fish named roc in the Northernmost Sea.

In fact, in the early years, someone saw the figure of a roc, whose body shrouded the sky and the sun.

It was incomparably huge.

Like Tiny Tot, it will become such a strange beast in the future, which will be a terrifying creature.”

“Ah Tiny Tot, you will be bigger than Dahei” Mengmeng grabbed Tiny Tot and held it in her arms.

She pulled its belly and said, “Youre so cute when you are a penguin.

If you become such a big fish, you wont be fluffy anymore.”

“Then we can keep it like this for a while so you can play with it,” Zhang Han replied casually.

This was simple.

The little cursed roc still needed time to grow.

For the time being, it could just be a penguin.

“Will it affect its growth” Mengmeng patted Tiny Tots belly and said, “Lets not do this if it will.

Anyway, I still have a lot of furry toys.”

“It wont.”

Zhang Han shook his head.

It made Mengmeng chuckle.

She held Tiny Tot in her arms and thought it was interesting.

While they were talking, they arrived at the western mountain range.

This area was empty.

After walking for an hour, they finally encountered a Beast King.

It was a Three-headed Fire Wolf which had eyes that were extremely cold.

It made people feel as if they were falling into an ice cave at first glance.

“How dare a dog be so arrogant in front of me”

Beside the Three-headed Fire Wolf King were several dozen wolves.

They were staring at Little Hei.


They were aware that they did not come with good intentions, having heard of King Kong and the Black Dog King.

The Three-headed Fire Wolf King moved and led the tribe to rush toward Little Hei, who was at the front.


Little Hei roared and suddenly its intimidating aura erupted.

Except for the Wolf King, the other wolves were frightened.

They knew that they were no match for Little Hei, but they still swallowed their fear and charged forward.

But it was impossible for them to outrun Little Hei.

A black shadow flashed past and then there was a continuous roar.

Little Hei was in a fight with the Wolf King.

Its sharp teeth seemed to turn into sharp knives, flashing with cold light.

Mengmengs heart skipped a beat when she saw that.

She felt suffocated.

The speed of the fight was so fast that she could not even see it clearly, but the aura present was so scary.

If this was considered a real battle, then the fight of the King of Storms and Qiao Sen she had seen earlier was like playing a game.

It was so fierce.

In that region, within a radius of 50 kilometers, earth and stones flew everywhere.

Even dozens of trees were destroyed.

The fierce battle between the two made the wild wind howl.

Everything was so misty.

She could hear the Three-headed Fire Wolf Kings roars and the low growls coming from Little Hei.

“Daddy, will Little Hei get hurt”

Mengmeng suddenly grabbed Zhang Hans hand and looked nervous.

“Its normal to get injured.”

Zhang Han stroked Mengmengs head and said softly, “Look, its like the Animal World weve seen before.

There are tigers and leopards hunting for prey.

Tigers and lions fight for prey.

Thats a natural battle.

In the martial arts world, their abilities are magnified several times.

In this way, its almost the same.

Rest assured.

Little Hei is more powerful than the Wolf King.”

Hearing Zhang Hans confident remark, Mengmeng finally felt a little relieved.

As expected, the violent and intense battle only lasted for a minute.

With a cry of pain, Little Hei bit through Wolf Kings neck.

“Ow woo!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Dahei and Little Hei growled for a short while.

Tiny Tot climbed down from Mengmengs arms and went to Daheis arms.

Dahei seemed to think that his little brother was too slow, so he shook slightly and threw Little Hei to the ground from dozens of meters in the air.


Little Hei was not hurt at all.

Tiny Tot got up and roasted the meat of the Wolf King over an extremely large fire.

“Ah” Mengmeng was a little stunned.

But half an hour later, she tasted the wolf meat brought by Dahei and felt that it was quite delicious.

“Last time when Dahei and the others came over, they ate a lot of Beast Kings.

The peripheral area of the western mountain range has doubled.”

Zhang Han smiled.

They continued to walk forward and took Mengmeng to see the world.

In the western mountain range, Dahei finally made its move.

It was more than 50 meters tall and had an intimidating presence.

Its fists were invincible.

Moreover, it had mastered a lot of martial arts now.

It displayed its moves, one at a time, which made the Beast King dizzy.

If the Beast King wanted to run away, Little Hei would be watching.

Since the Beast King could neither flee nor defeat them, it was killed by Daheis fists.

It was another meal.

This time, it was a deer-horned donkey with a larger body.

Zhang Han did not think that the wolf meat he ate before was quite delicious.

This time, he personally cooked the meat, sprinkled fragrant wood and controlled the heat.

The roasted donkey meat was incredibly delicious.

“Daddy, are we coming to the ancient mine just to have some meals”

Mengmeng was a little confused.

She did not see anything yet, but was constantly eating.

“Forget it, were not staying here anymore.

Lets go to the Ancient Mine and take a look at the real world,” Zhang Han thought about it and said.

Then Dahei turned into a two-meter-tall figure again and all of them rose into the air to move forward.

They saw the fierce battle between the two forces of Beast Kings inside.

In a mountain range, there were fierce battles everywhere.

They saw a sleeping python lying on the top of the mountain.

It sensed something strange in the air, but did not pay any attention to it.

This was the Snake Mountain with thousands of snakes.

Going further, they also saw a giant turtle.

It was like a stone statue and its aura was incredibly strong.

Dong Chen tried to strike a blow, but it did not leave any dents on the turtle shell.

Its defense ability was astonishing.

He also saw a giant lion with snow-white fur.

It looked up with indifferent eyes and its aura was also extraordinary.

There were numerous creatures and beast kings, some of which even looked at them provocatively, not feeling the slightest bit of fear.

They all lived in the depths of the western mountain range.

Some of them believed that they were invincible in this world and were not afraid of anything.

After wandering around, this group of people came to the center of Lingxi City.

Without attempting to conceal anything, they flew into the air, looked around and chatted.

“This is Lingxi City.

There used to be a rather powerful Beast King—Lingxi.”

“Such a big city.”

Mengmeng was amazed.

Of course, Dahei sneered when he thought of the Lord of Lingxi City.

He was indeed powerful, but was still sent flying by him.

At this moment, in the palace of Lingxi City,

“My lord, there are a few guys outside.

Its, its Zhang Hanyang.

The gorilla, the black dog and a few others are all there.

They seem to be sightseeing, looking around Lingxi City.”

A subordinate hurriedly rushed to the City Lord.

The Lord of Lingxi City frowned and his face turned cold.

“I know!”

“How could I not know if someone was here Do I need you to tell me”

In fact, he was a little embarrassed.

He had heard that Zhang Hanyang had a deep cooperation with King Nan Shan.

It was said that he could take the martial artists of Ancient Mine down.

Several other Giants who knew a little about this wanted to cooperate with Zhang Hanyang.

Even the Big Brother of the Lingxi Citys Lord gave an order that he should never provoke Zhang Hanyang.

Even if Zhang Hanyang tore down Lingxi City, he should still check what the actual situation was first.

However, Si Nan, who was always cautious, would not give him the chance…

Then he thought to himself, “Now that hes here, he can just watch.

I wont do anything, nor will I go out.

He can do whatever he wants.

It doesnt matter.”

Therefore, they watched quietly.

The guards standing on the city wall did not dare to make a sound.

About half an hour later, they went to White Lotus City.

They also did the same thing.

Eventually, they arrived at Dragon Scale City.

“Hes coming.”

Si Nan sensed it immediately and went out to greet them.

“Daddy, they are so strange.

Why do their eyes look like that”

Looking at dozens of people staring at them, Mengmeng felt a little scared and moved closer to Zhang Han.


Si Nan raised his eyebrows and a majestic aura swept in all directions.

He was glancing at the passers-by around.

“What are you looking at!”

“Swoosh, swoosh!”

The people nearby hurriedly scattered.

Zi Yan had seen the Lord of Dragon Scale City several times.

When she saw him for the first time, she was very surprised and eyed him for a long while.

Then she looked at Zhang Han meaningfully.

“Are you pretending to be his concubine”

It was very funny.

The look in her eyes was provocative and extremely piercing.

Zhang Hans face darkened slightly.

That afternoon, Zhang Han carried Zi Yan back to the third floor of the castle and made her beg for mercy during their passionate sex.

“Please come in.”

Si Nan said to Zhang Han politely.

Now that they were familiar with each other, Si Nan merely muttered to himself because he could not afford to offend Zhang Hanyang, who was now able to talk to King Nan Shan on equal terms.

“Lets go around Dragon Scale City.

Its my daughters first time to come here.”

Zhang Han waved his hand.


Si Nan led the way for everyone.

“This is the main road.

Dragon Scale City has convenient transportation and there are four main roads in total.

There are both taverns and leisure facilities.

Of course, its not as luxurious as your life in the secular world.

Recently, Ive watched some ancient TV series and feel that our city is similar to a large city in ancient times.”

“Ancient cities”

Mengmengs long eyelashes fluttered.

She looked around curiously.

It seemed to be true.

This place was of an ancient style.

There were also some snacks that Mengmeng had never eaten before that were sold on the streets, especially the meats of all kinds of fierce beasts.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng took it as a leisure trip, bought some snacks and strolled around the streets of the Dark Shadow Clan, which created a unique feeling.

“Zhang Hanyang, do you want to take your daughter to the Kings Domain”

After visiting Dragon Scale City, Si Nan invited him.

Numerous people in Mount New Moon and Heavenly Knights Sect had gone to the Kings Domain, but Zhang Han had not.

It seemed that he was not interested in it at all.

At this moment, when Si Nan saw Zhang Han bringing his daughter to visit, he made this suggestion.

“Im not going.

Weve been out for a few days already.

Were going back.”

Zhang Han shook his head.

After showing Mengmeng the world for a few days, he would take her back to Xiangjiang and play for two more days.

Then he would start to teach Mengmeng how to cultivate.

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