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After sitting in Lord Hall for an hour, Zhang Han and the others said goodbye to Si Nan and left.

They went out of the Ancient Mine of the Kun Xu World and got on the plane.

When they returned to Xiangjiang, it was already afternoon.

“Mengmeng, do you want to go shopping”

During these few days, they had been exposed to many things in the martial arts world.

Zi Yan intended to take Mengmeng out to the shopping mall because she did not want Mengmeng to feel bored at home.

Unexpectedly, the little girl was not interested.

“Mummy, I dont want to go.

I have not played any video games with Xiaohui for several days.

I want to go back to my room and play games,” Mengmeng replied.

“You only care about playing games.

Dont become an internet addict,” Zi Yan pinched Mengmengs cheek and said.

“No, I wont.”

Mengmeng skipped to her bedroom.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan chatted in bed for a while, but Zi Yan did not like being idle, so she went to the company to look for Zhou Fei.

As soon as she went out now, Mu Xue followed behind her, in a red sports car.

Now, the security group and three disciples of Zhang Han were all experienced, so it was much more convenient for them to go out.

“Im here!”

Mengmeng sat in front of her comfortable computer table, put on her headset and began to play video games with her friends.

When Zhang Han came in from outside, he heard them chatting.

“Hey, Mengmeng, where have you been these days We miss you so much.

We are now at a higher level than you.”

“Ive been busy with a big project these days.”

“What project”

“Saving the world,” Mengmeng said flatly.

Zhang Han could not help but chuckle when he heard that.

“Youd better come to the game to save us.

Today, well go to the Deep Dream Coast to kill the turtle.

Without a mage like you, we cant kill him.

We were waiting for you.”

“Alas, we can just kill the turtle now.

I dont know when well be able to kill the dragon.”

“Come on, come on.

Lets gather together and do the task.”


There were a total of seven or eight students playing together, including male and female students.

Therefore, they were having a good time together.

They finally gathered in the Novice Village and went to the task spot.

As they passed through a forest, they suddenly encountered a man covered in gold, who was walking by.

“Ah! Hes at level 80, a guru at the highest level.”

“The equipment hes wearing is so cool.

There are wings.”

“Look at his name.

Hes Crazy World.

Wow, isnt he the god-like player who ranks third He seems to be doing live streaming.

Ill go and have a look.”

“Hey Why did he use the saber Oh no, hes slashing us.

Ah, run…”

In less than half a minute, the Golden Armor 50 slashed one kid with one blow.

Mengmengs screen turned gray.

“Ah, I was killed!”

Mengmeng was extremely upset.

“Did he have nothing to do Ive lost so many experience points and so much equipment.

I spent so much time getting them!”

“Hey, are you mad”

Zhang Han walked over with a smile and sat beside Mengmeng.

“Daddy, hes bullying us.” Mengmeng said unhappily, “He ranks third in the whole server and were only slightly over level 20.

And he still attacked us.

Its so annoying.

I was at Level 26 just now, but now Ive dropped to Level 25.”

While they were talking, a link was sent on the voice channel.

It was the live stream link of Crazy World.

Several students rushed over to watch and even Mengmeng clicked on it.

“Which round is this The fifth round.

We will go to the sixth round later.

Thank you for your gifts.

Today, we will slaughter all the people in the Novice Village…”

It turned out to be a small project for their entertainment.

There were more than 500,000 viewers watching the live stream.

The bullet screen was in an uproar, where many disapproving remarks could be seen.

They would return to the Novice Village after rebirth.

Once they came out, they would meet Crazy World and be killed again.

It didnt matter if they lost experience points, but it was terrible for them to lose the equipment.

There were a lot of comments on the bullet screen.

“He deserves to be a master who topped up 3 million for the game.


“Only a few people are qualified to be Crazy Worlds opponents.”


Some of them cursed him, but there were more people praising him.

The audience was thrilled, enjoying the pleasure of seeing someone being annihilated.

“Hes waiting for us.

How can we get out of here”

Mengmeng was depressed.

“Then… shall we slash our way back” Zhang Han replied slowly.

“Were no match for him.

We cant even take one strike.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Isnt this a game of topping up money”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned for a moment, then pursed her lips and replied, “No, no, I cant.

If Mummy knows, I cant even play games anymore.

Daddy, Im happy that you want to help me.

Dont top up.

You cant override Mummy.”

When she finished speaking, Mengmeng sighed like an adult.

She seemed to be a little regretful and emotional.

Zhang Hans face darkened.

“I still have my say at home, okay What you see is just an illusion.

If you dont believe me, Ill call your mother right now.”

Zhang Han said this irritably, then took out his phone, dialed Zi Yans number and put the call on speaker.

“Hello Sweetheart, I need some money to play a game.”

“Why do you need to talk to me about this Just play whatever you want.”

“Youre so sweet.

Ill reward you when you come back at night.”

Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng smugly and then hung up.

Zi Yan did not register what had happened at first, but when she realized what he meant, she could not help covering her mouth and laughing.

At the same time, she wondered if Mengmeng was deliberately playing tricks on her.

It was true.

Mengmeng gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up with a sneaky look.

“My daddy is the best.

Daddy, how much should we charge”

“As much as we can!” Zhang Han replied casually.

“Dont go too far.

Being able to defeat Crazy World will be enough.

Lets slash our way back,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Daddy, if you top up too much, you might be sleeping on the sofa tonight.”

“What sofa Money will come and go.” Zhang Han rubbed his forehead and said, “Look, these are Dads bank cards.

There are hundreds of millions of yuan in each card.”

“Oh, are we so rich” Mengmeng moved her little butt to the side of the computer chair and patted the empty spot.

“Come on, daddy, lets top it up.”

She was now eleven years old, so she knew how large Mount New Moon was in Xiangjiang.

She felt that 1,000 yuan a week was an interesting sum.

Her mother was teaching her how to invest money.

But now, with her father supporting her, she did not need to stop until she was satisfied.

“Something is not right!”

Mengmeng was stunned.

“Im only at Level 20.

I can level up fast after topping up but cant reach the highest level in one go.

We still cant defeat that bad guy.”

“We can just buy a full-level account.”

Zhang Han beamed and opened the communication software skillfully.

However, after looking through it for a long time, he still could not figure out where to buy it, so he called Sun Dongheng.

This guy also loved playing video games.

When he heard Zhang Hans query, he was shocked.

“Boss, do you want to play video games The account is in the Luyou Trade Center.”

After hanging up, Sun Dongheng was a little confused.

Did the boss also play games

He was very surprised because he had never seen Zhang Han play any game in the past few years.

“Im also playing Demonic Dragon.

Ah, I remember Mengmeng is also playing this game.

Well… Ill also log in to have a look.”

After finding the platform, Zhang Han spent 4,500 yuan in buying a full-level account with some equipment.

“Lets change the name first.”

Zhang Han and Mengmeng logged into the account on the computer.

The name was a series of English words.

There were more than a hundred friends in the account in total.

They deleted all of them.

“What name should we use My daddy is so handsome.

Why dont we name it The Most Handsome Man In The World” Mengmeng muttered.

“No, its too flamboyant.

This account is for you to play.

Maybe we can name it Mengmeng King” Zhang Han gave his suggestion.

“No, Daddy is the king.

We should name it Princess Mengmeng.”


He spent 99 yuan to change the name to Princess Mengmeng.

“How much should we top up” Mengmeng clicked on the top-up page with excitement.

“What is the maximum amount” Zhang Han asked.

“Let me take a look.

Its 100,000 yuan.”

“Then lets do it ten times first.”

Then the father and daughter sat in front of the computer, got the verification codes on the phone and began the first round of topping up.

“There are so many numbers.

Im getting dizzy.” Mengmeng covered her eyes.

“Were just getting started.

What are we going to do next Buy the best equipment” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Thats right.

Buy equipment.

We should buy as much as we can.”

The shopping in the game also made people feel comfortable.

It took more than half an hour for the father and daughter to buy a set of top-notch equipment.

The equipment alone was useless.

They needed to pay to get the highest level of equipment which was graded according to the number of stars of the equipment.

Getting 20 stars would be the highest.

But no one had reached that yet.

The highest level was only 15 or 16 stars now.

If they failed, they would lose the stars.

Actually, it was merely a scheme that the company used to make profits.

“Lets start getting the stars.”

Once, twice…

“Daddy, I used all the gold coins.”

“Just keep topping up.”


In the end, it took them two hours to top up countless times.

Then they eventually got full stars for all the equipment.

A single piece of equipment was not the best, but at present, this set combined with all the equipment, was basically invincible.

“Lets go, lets slash our way back.”

They took a look at Crazy World who was still doing a live stream.

He was having a great time in the Novice Village.

What he didnt know was that a crisis was approaching quietly.

Mengmengs friends were also watching his live stream.

They had no choice because they could not manage to get out of the Novice Village.

“Now there are more than 100 players standing at the gate of the Novice Village.

None of them dares to come out.”

Crazy World burst into laughter in the live stream.

“Lets block this place for another hour and then go to another Novice Village.

The rest of the troops should follow us.”

Many high-level players gathered near Crazy World, guarding the other two intersections.

“Ouch! Whats wrong with my screen”

All of a sudden, a full-level player at the back screamed.

He was talking to Crazy World in the live stream.

“Whats wrong”

Many people looked over and suddenly found that a top-level player holding a purple machete was slashing away at each full-level player, one at a time.

“What the f*ck.

I was killed too.”

“What kind of equipment did he have How could he kill me with just one slash”


The equipment fell to the ground and the experience points of these full-level players also dropped a lot.

However, after Level 80, they had a large number of experience points, which would not cause their levels to drop.

But they could only get rebirth here, otherwise, they would have to pay a high price to resurrect in the main city.

These people were lying low and not in a rush to resurrect.

“Ill do it!”

Crazy World frowned and controlled his character to rush over.

With a flash of light, his head fell to the ground.


Crazy World was dumbfounded.

“My equipment!”

He quickly clicked to resurrect himself and went to pick up his equipment as soon as possible.


Another strike was given.

His head fell to the ground and his equipment fell again.

“Lets attack him together! Kill him!”

More than a dozen people nearby resurrected together.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the midst of saber radiance and sword shadows, these people fell to the ground again.

“Is there something wrong with this persons equipment All of them have full stars.

Damn it, is it an NPC”

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