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“Daddy, why did you come to pick me up alone this time”

Zhang Han stood on the side of the road of the school.

After Mengmeng ran to him, he took a glance at the inside of the car and found that Zi Yan was not there.

“Your Mummy is again bored with the easy life.

She and Feifei have been going to the company recently.

She is going to work for a while,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

He then put his arm around Mengmengs shoulder and said beamingly, “Why do you sound quite happy that your Mummy hasnt come Do you have something to tell me”


Mengmeng chuckled and leaned her head against Zhang Hans chest.

Then she looked up at Zhang Han and said, “No other people know me as well as Daddy does.

Daddy, how could you know me so well”

“I even know how and when youre going to fart,” Zhang Han teased with amusement.

“Oh my!”

Mengmeng stamped her feet and said, “It has to be smelly ones.”

“Daddy, I do have something to ask you.”

Mengmeng was in high spirits.

She opened the door of the drivers seat for Zhang Han and got in the passenger seat.

Then she blinked her big eyes and said, “A boy in the third year of junior high has asked me for my contact information several times.

Then, Bei Jinnan in our class got mad and quarreled with that boy in the third year.

However, that boy was kind of a gang leader.

As soon as he rose up, dozens of people came over and flanked him.

That did look quite imposing.

I wondered if I should set up a club and have a taste of being an alpha girl.

But if I told Mummy about this, she would definitely object.”

“Then how did you know that I would agree” Zhang Han smiled.

“That goes without saying.

Who doesnt know my Daddy He is the best!” Mengmeng said proudly.

At her gleeful face, Zhang Hans face hardened as he said, “I object.”


Mengmeng was stunned at once.

Without even blinking, she gazed at Zhang Han in a daze.

It took her two seconds to come to her senses.

With a bitter look on her face, she muttered, “Zhang Yan, youve changed.”

“Ah” Zhang Han was a little taken aback.

He quickly amended, “I havent changed a bit.

I was just kidding.”

“Ah, I really want to date someone.” Mengmeng sighed.

“Dont, dont do that.

Okay, you have my approval.

Daddy will definitely support you wholeheartedly.” Zhang Han repeatedly pleaded.


It was not until then that Mengmeng forgave him.

She smiled again and said, “Daddy, what do you think the name of my club should be”

“Lets call it Mengmeng Club.”

Zhang Han started the car and responded, “The name is no big deal.

Its just that you must do it secretly.

Dont let your mother know any of this.”

“It doesnt matter.

If Mummy knows, Ill just tell her that you allowed me to do it,” Mengmeng said in a nonchalant tone.

Zhang Hans face darkened.

This kid was now so used to playing tricks on her father.


Mengmeng suddenly thought of the thing that really mattered.

“Daddy, the reason that Beibei and the boy in the third year decided to duel at the side gate is all me.

Its because Beibei likes me.

But I told him that its very dangerous to like me.

Isnt it very bad that theyre going to fight because of me”

“Haha,” Zhang Han smiled and said, “my daughter is so beautiful.

When you grow up, the people pursuing you will line from the South Pole to the North Pole.

Do you have to care about all their disputes No, its impossible.

It doesnt matter to us what others do.

Its none of our business.

You can just ignore them.”

Zi Yan had been admonishing Zhang Han all the time, telling him not to go to extremes.

So, Zhang Han could tolerate boys courting Mengmeng now.

Zi Yan also said that if a girl had pursuers, sometimes it would make her feel loved and happy.

“Alright, he will be happy.”

Zhang Han had decided to let go of this matter.

Still, he asked Zhao Feng and the others to keep a closer eye on Mengmengs pursuers.

It was fine for them to hit on Mengmeng.

But if they wanted to get physical, it would be a big deal.

“But shouldnt I do something since Beibei is my classmate” Mengmeng muttered.

“Dont worry.

I figure they wouldnt really get into a fight.”

Zhang Han glanced at the side gate of the school with his divine sense and assured Mengmeng after seeing the situation.

Then, he drove in the opposite direction, heading back to Mount New Moon.

After Zhang Han left, Ah Hu drove Liu Jiaran to have fun.

In the direction of the side gate, on a tree that was more than 10 meters high, two people were sitting on a branch and whispering.

“Honey, your slim waist is really tender.”

Those two were none other than Instructor Liu and Jiang Yanlan.

While watching the scene below, Instructor Liu started to grope Jiang Yanlans tender waist.

“You cant stay serious for a minute.”

Jiang Yanlan pushed his hand away and straightened at her T-shirt.

“Hehe, our wedding ceremony is approaching.

When the time comes, well have a baby.”

Instructor Liu smiled wickedly and gave Jiang Yanlan a wink.

“You think itll be that easy” Jiang Yanlan rolled her eyes and said, “I wouldnt get pregnant before the bloodline is fully absorbed.

My situation is different from Changqings.”

“When can you finish absorbing His eldest son is already five years old now.”

Instructor Liu felt helpless.

“Look at you.

If youre in a hurry, give birth to a baby yourself.” Jiang Yanlan snorted.

“Dont, dont, dont get mad.

I was just curious.

They are about to come.

Lets enjoy the show.”

Instructor Liu looked down.

The place he was staring at was exactly the side gate of the First Middle School.

“A boy will be fearless if he has a backer outside the school.

I guess that group of boys are in the third year of junior high, right Tut-tut, Lanlan, you may think they are young and ignorant.

In fact, they know everything, though they dont fully understand everything.

So, theyre likely to get mad and jealous.

If there are no people outside the school coming to join them, this will be big if this group of people alone to get in a fight.”

“Theyre still immature,” Jiang Yanlan commented and looked down as well.

Zhou Lei walked to the east gate with a big troop of his buddies in the third year of junior high school.

They were all standing on the side of the road.

Many passing students were staggered when they saw this group.

They all stood in the distance to watch while discussing it lively.

“Isnt that Brother Lei of the third year of junior high He brought people to the east gate again.

I wonder who he is going to deal with this time.”

“Hey Elder Brother Lei and Elder Brother Wang are both here.

Who are they going to fight Lets go and have a look.”

“Elder Brother Lei is one of the most powerful people in our junior high school.

Normally, no one in the second or third year would dare to mess with those people.

Could it be someone in the first year”

“Its true that a newborn calf has no idea of the looming danger.”


A lot of people were in discussion.

Zhou Lei was quite famous in the second and third years of junior high.

Among them, some people who knew Zhou Lei edged over to greet him and stay by his side because they wanted to either show their loyalty or make friends with him.

Zhou Lei nodded in response to these people, but he didnt really take them seriously.

“Why hasnt he come yet”

Zhou Leis follower, Xiao Ma, growled arrogantly, “Has he chickens out If he doesnt come today, well go and get him tomorrow.

Who the hell does he think he is How dare he put on airs before us”

“Its really possible that he wont come.

Lets wait and see.

Eh Is it that boy Its him.

Hes coming.

And he is with so few helpers.

Im laughing my head off.”

There was suddenly a stir in the crowd.

All the people darted their eyes to the other side of the side gate.

There were many students coming and going.

But seeing that so many people had gathered around the gate, they all quickened their paces and went as far away from them as possible.

There were about seven students coming, with Bei Jinnan in the lead.

When they walked out of the school gate, Xiao Ma and others laughed sarcastically.

“There are so few of you guys that we cant all enjoy the fun of fighting.”

“Im surprised that you really have the guts to come.”

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Many of his guys closed in on them.

His imposing manner was very overwhelming.

However, Bei Jinnan was not afraid.

He glanced around and grasped what was going on.

When Xiao Ma and his men marched over, he ignored them and looked straight at Zhou Lei.

“Ive told you not to pester Mengmeng anymore.

But youve done it three times.”

“Who do you think you are”

Zhou Lei sneered.

It didnt matter whether it was for the purpose of saving his face or hitting on a female junior.

Now that things had come to this point, and the other party was still so arrogant, Zhou Lei had already planned to teach him a good lesson.

Right at this moment…

“Wham, wham, wham, wham!”

There were four sounds of slamming car doors.

Four men came out from a white cruiser that was parked more than ten meters away.

The leader was the big brother of Bei Jinnan.

He looked relatively cultivated and fair-skinned.

But the three men behind him were rather brawny and beefy.

Their arms were tattooed and they had flattop haircuts.

Their fierce aura swept across the field, which caused Xiao Ma and his men to feel rather suffocated.

“D*mn it, theyre gangsters!”


Xiao Ma felt anxious.

Not only did he stop advancing but he also took a few steps back.

“Beibei, are they the guys you talked about”

Bei Jinnans elder brother pointed at the thirty or so people on the other side.

They all got cold feet.

In an instant, those peoples fighting spirits were dampened.

Although they were bullies who dominated the school, they would still be scared when they saw real bullies.

However, there were also a few people in the group who did not panic, such as Zhou Lei.

“Its him.”

Bei Jinnan pointed at Zhou Lei.


His elder brother strode over.

His aura was overwhelmingly daunting, and his calm face seemed to hide a trace of evil spirit.

The crowd took a few paces back again.

However, he paused when he was three meters away from the group.

Then, he looked at Zhou Lei and demanded, “Call your parents over.

Or you wont be able to leave today.”


Zhou Lei took out his mobile phone without hesitation.

But before he could make the call—


A line of five black Audi Q7s drove over and pulled up beside the crowd.

More than a dozen people got out of the four cars.

All dressed in black suits, they strode over.

The one in the lead was a man in his early twenties.

“Young Master Lei.”

He smiled at Zhou Lei and then turned to look at Bei Jinnan.

“Who is it this time What are the rules for the duel”

“Where are you from”

Unable to recognize this man, Bei Jinnans elder brother frowned and posed the question.

“What Want to know whose boss is more of a bad*ss Haha.”

The brown-haired leader sneered.

He lit a cigarette for himself, walked up to Bei Jinnans elder brother, and blew a smoke ring right in his face.

Then, he said coldly, “Excuse me, were not in some underground gangdom.

And we dont need to draw on the power of our boss, do you understand”


In an instant, the people on Zhou Leis side had a boost in confidence.

It was the first time that many had seen Zhou Lei send someone here to back him up.

They had only heard of it before.

Now that they saw it with their own eyes, they truly felt that Zhou Lei was very awesome.

“Their asses will get kicked!”

Xiao Mas blood was boiling.

He very much reveled in this kind of pleasure.

Under the gaze of many people, the brown-haired man waved his hand, and more than a dozen men in black suits came over and surrounded the target.

“Are they going to punish him”


However, things became totally different from what Xiao Ma and the others had thought.

A crisp smack rang out.

The brown-haired man stumbled after being slapped by Bei Jinnans elder brother in the face.

Even he himself couldnt believe his eyes.

“How dare a dog barks wildly in front of me”

Bei Jinnans elder brother frowned and his face darkened.

Looking at those men in black suits who made to take action, he sneered and remarked, “Now that you dont want to draw on the power of your boss, lets just compete in the number of members weve got.”

He raised his hands slightly.

“Wham, wham, wham, wham, wham, wham…”

On the side of the road more than 20 meters away parked more than a dozen vehicles.

A large group of men got off the cars as soon as they caught the hint.

They were all dressed in the same close-fitting black T-shirt.

Most of them were tattooed.

Their appearances were quite astonishingly formidable.


The brown-haired man clamped his face with his hands, and his pupils shrank slightly.

“Have I upset a real bad*ss”

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