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Brother Shan had no idea how to get forgiveness at all.

All he knew was that Mengmeng was the daughter of that man.

And if anyone dared to make her unhappy, that ruthless man would make his whole family unhappy.

If this thing really got serious and his father learned this, his father would definitely flay him alive, wouldnt he

How could he not be afraid

Brother Shan, the big boss of the business circle in eyes of Zhou He and Wu Zhaokong, was almost about to beg Mengmeng for mercy at this moment.

Mengmeng looked at him suspiciously.


He couldnt finish his words, but cold sweat already broke out across his forehead.

Seeing that he was so scared, Mengmeng didnt say anything to refute him.

She turned to look at Chen Chuan, lifted her right foot, and kicked him in the butt.

“Want to change the subject Humph, compared to me, youre still too young and naive.”

“I didnt.

I know Im not as smart as Sister Mengmeng.

But he did step on me just now, and he didnt apologize,” Chen Chuan replied honestly.

“Im sorry.

I really didnt see your legs.

Im sorry, so sorry.”

Brother Shan hurriedly lowered his head and apologized.

“All right, all right, hurry up and get changed,” Mengmeng told him.

At once, he felt relieved.

After letting out a long breath, Brother Shan turned around and strode away.

Wu Zhaokong and Bei Jinnan watched the whole thing with a stupefied look on their faces.

“Whats going on”

“Why are you here Whose wedding are you attending” Mengmeng looked at Zhou Lei and Bei Jinnan with bafflement.

“I have no idea.

My brother said it was Master Hus wedding,” Zhou Lei replied.

“Me too.” Bei Jinnan nodded.

“Yes, we are here to attend Master Hus wedding and broaden our horizons,” Zhou He echoed.

He gazed at Mengmeng with shock and incredulity.

“Oh, thats right.

This way, you can also get to know Uncle Hu,” Mengmeng muttered.

After contemplating for moments, Mengmeng asked, “Why are you sitting outside the venue Its so boring here.

Lets go inside and take seats.

Today, there is a ton of delicious food there.”

“No, no, thank you.” Zhou He hastily waved and said, “We are here waiting for our family, so we wont go in.”

Bei Jinnan confessed, “We cant go in.”

“Why cant you” asked Mengmeng, looking perplexed.

“We dont have the tickets.”

“No ticket Theres no ticket needed.

Are you talking about the invitation I dont think Ive heard that an invitation is required, either.” Mengmeng was a little confused.

“Why cant they go in for the feast now that they are already here”

But soon, she came to notice that apart from them, there were a lot of people sitting in the hall.

It turned out that they were the children of the guests inside that had been brought here to see the eye-opening occasion.

“Follow me.”

Mengmeng grabbed Chen Chuan by the back of the collar with her left hand and motioned the boys to follow her with her right hand.

Then, she led them to the gate.


Zhou He and Wu Zhaokong were not sure what to do.

While they were hesitating, Bei Jinnan and Zhou Lei had already caught up with Mengmeng.

Therefore, the two of them no longer hesitated and followed them right away.

The two went straight to the gate.

On their way, a few people who knew them couldnt help but start to discuss their behavior.

“Zhou He He has been in the circle for several years.

But why is he still so ignorant of the rules”


Young Master Wu and the others are still sitting here, but he is going in Does he really think that the Zhou family is very influential”

“And that Wu Zhaokong is also going in.

Even Wu Shanxing can hardly be qualified to enter that room.

What has made him think he can go in”

“They cant get in.

How could the six guards at the gate let this group of people in”


The people who spoke were basically Zhou Hes equals or figures at the bottom level.

Thus, how could those people know who Mengmeng was

Even people like Brother Shan only knew the tip of the iceberg.

Nevertheless, the tip of the iceberg was already terrifying enough to cause him to break out in a cold sweat.

“Thump, thump, thump…”

As they drew nearer and nearer to the gate, Wu Zhaokong and Zhou He also became nervous.

If they were to be stopped by the guards, it would be too embarrassing.

However, those guards didnt even glance at the boys.

They had been completely ignored.

Yet, it seemed that the guards even smiled at Mengmeng, didnt they

The group stalked straight into the venue.

What leaped to their sight was a very magnificent banquet hall.

There were many people inside.

The most important heavyweights were all in the hall.

One could see them at any random glance.

There were also a lot of people who the boys didnt know.

Almost all the seats had been taken.

But since there were only eight people at each table, the room was not crowded at all.

“We got in so easily

“Its so simple!”

Zhou He found that things that seemed impossible to achieve might turn out to be an easy task.

Looking to the right, he was surprised to find his parents.

“Why are they sitting in the last row Should I go there and join them”

He was undecided.

“Brother, come on, why did you pause there”

Getting out of the trance, Zhou He found that Zhou Lei and the others were already about eight meters ahead of him.

He nearly lost track of them.

“Im coming.”

He hurried to catch up with them, only to find that he and his friends were practically swaggering across the venue.

They went deeper and deeper into the hall and passed by many rich people.

They continued to go deeper.

There were so many giants of the older generation!

Zhou He and Wu Zhaokongs legs began to tremble out of reverence.

If any of the people at the dining tables sneezed, their families might not be able to bear the consequences.

“You can sit here.”

Mengmeng led them to an unoccupied table and said, “You four can have this table.

Have as much food as you want.

I have to go in and eat with my parents.”

“We, we four have a table” Zhou He asked, his heart shivering with uneasiness.

They wouldnt receive inexplicable hostility sitting in this position, would they

Those big bosses were still sitting at the rear.

Thus, was it really okay for young men like them to sit here

“Mengmeng, arent you going to sit with us” Bei Jinnan still hoped to have the meal with Mengmeng.

“No, Im not.

You stay here.

Ill go check on you after the meal.

By the way, dont go that way.

There sit the people of Uncle Liu and Aunt Jiang.

They are so powerful that they could crush you with a sneeze.”

Mengmeng pointed to the opposite side of the crystal platform.

The members of the Shuiyun Sect were the only ones sitting there.

“I see.

We definitely wont wander around,” Wu Zhaokong answered in a hurry.

“Great,” Mengmeng said, “then Ill take him back.

Uncle Chen is still waiting for me.”

“Okay, sure, sure,” Zhou He said with a courteous expression on his face.

He no longer treated Mengmeng as a little girl at all.

How powerful could she be given that she could unscrupulously move around in this hall and had arranged such a high-profile table for them

It was beyond their imagination.

After hailing them and bringing them in, Mengmeng grabbed Chen Chuan and headed to a compartment deeper in the hall.

In the meantime, many people had also noticed the group of youngsters.

When they saw Mengmeng lead the boys to sit at the table, none of them stated a second opinion.

After all, who was Mengmeng

She was the apple of Zhang Hans eye.

Although she was still a little girl, on certain occasions, her status was even higher than Zhang Hans.

That was because she was really in Zhang Hans favor.

Originally, this table was reserved for the people who came to pick up the bride.

But upon seeing this, they directly switched to another table.

“How come Zhou He is there”

“What is Wu Zhaokong doing”

Patriarch Zhou and Wu Shanxing were both startled.

They quickly grabbed their mobile phones and sent text messages.

When they learned that it was Bei Jinnans classmate, who was also Zhou Leis friend, that had arranged the table for them, they didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Could this turn out to be an opportunity”


Patriarch Zhou turned to look at the most powerful person at their table, Ye Han.

“Young Master Ye, do you know a girl named Mengmeng”

“Yes, I do.”

Ye Hans answer made Patriarch Zhous eyes light up.

After a moment of hesitation, he got up and walked to Ye Han, asking in a low voice, “Young Master Ye, who is this Mengmeng Please tell me the answer if its okay.”

“Patriarch Zhou, with all due respect, with your status, you do not need to know who she is.” Ye Han smiled and answered under his breath, “You are in the Jiansha District, so you have nothing to do with her.”

“But I do.

Mengmeng just took Zhou He and Zhou Lei to the dining table inside.”

“Is that your son” Ye Han was slightly stunned.

He didnt know Zhou He.

Casting a bewildered look at Patriarch Zhou, he asked, “How did they get to know Mengmeng”

“Em, that junior member of my family and Mengmeng are in the same school.

They are friends.”

“I see.” Ye Hans expression froze for a second.

He looked over there and suddenly smiled.

“Patriarch Zhou is indeed very lucky.

Your family member knows Eldest Lady.

Im not in the right position to make any comments about this matter.

Maybe your junior can tell you the answer in the future.

Still, I have to tell you one more thing.

Sometimes… the blessing lies in the misfortune, and the misfortune lies in the blessing.”

“Thanks for your advice, Young Master Ye.”

Patriarch Zhou quickly nodded and thanked him.

Then, he went back to his seat and fell into deep thought as he stared blankly at the wine glass.

Ye Han chuckled, not taking it to heart.

He just thought to himself, “It might be okay for them to be just friends.

But the boy would be in trouble once he crossed the line.

That man is certainly not a good-tempered person.

A humble junior member of the Zhou family is way far from being a good match for that mans beloved daughter.”

Several years ago, Ye Hans status was just the same as Zhou Hes.

But after the past few years, Ye Han alone had become as powerful as Patriarch Zhou.

Sometimes, it was true that one should see others in a new light after a period of absence.

But they were not the only people feeling astonished.

Zhou He and the other three also became drearier.

“Mengmeng…” Zhou Lei remarked, his tone a little depressed, “seems to be very powerful.”

“She can do whatever she wants here,” Bei Jinnan chimed in, “even though there are so many powerful people here.

It means that her family is even more powerful than these people.”

Upon a closer look, he found that Bei Jinnans eyes seemed to be gleaming.

“Is he excited by the challenge Or is it something else”

However, Wu Zhaokong was a little scared.

“Its good that you know this now.

Dont get worked up about those far-fetched ideas.

Just sit here and wait for the wedding ceremony to begin, and then well eat.

Thats it.”

“So should you.” Zhou He looked at Zhou Lei and said, “Its almost time.

Just sit here and enjoy the ceremony.”

A few minutes later, a light show was staged.

A minute later, the host stepped onto the stage.

“Welcome, guests.

Today, its a…”

All of a sudden, many people found that there were two pairs of newlyweds-to-be getting married today.

They were Instructor Liu, Jiang Yanlan, Ah Hu, and Liu Jiaran.

The parents of the two brides and two grooms went onto the stage one after another.

The one who had come for Ah Hu was a member of the Wang family.

The one for Liu Jiaran was Liu Qingfeng.

As for Liu Qingfeng, only the martial artists present knew who he was.

But the appearance of Instructor Lius eldest uncle, Leading Cadre Liu, startled many people outside the circle.

The wedding began.

Ah Hu and Instructor Liu were both in suits.

Of the two, Ah Hu was the more vulgar and burlier one, emanating the beauty of strength and masculinity.

Thus, when Liu Jiaran stood beside him, she looked quite timid and lovable.

Instructor Liu appeared to be much gentler and quieter.

He was not exceedingly handsome, but he had a very elegant temperament.

He stood beside Jiang Yanlan, who was hot as a flame.

After all, she had the energy attribute of the fire bird, which was revealed a bit at this moment.

They, too, seemed to be a perfect match for each other.

The two pairs of newlyweds-to-be were certainly very eye-catching.

During the ceremony, the rims of Liu Jiarans and Liu Qingfengs eyes turned red despite themselves.

Liu Qingfeng was the one who had raised her.

It was certainly not an easy job.

At this time, seeing his daughter getting married, Liu Qingfeng felt a little distressed and kind of spiritually empty at the same time.

However, the emcee was good at his job.

He livened up the atmosphere with a few words.

Liu Jiaran also said something mischievous to Liu Qingfeng and pointed to Xiao Ling, who was sitting among the audience.

Xiao Ling was Liu Qingfengs secretary who had worked for him for many years.

Everyone wondered if she the kind of secretary that had… a history with her boss.

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