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“Oh my God.”

Bai Yilin went to the podium in a daze and said in a surprised tone, “Amazing, Zhang Yumeng, you really impressed me.

You sing so beautifully and you will definitely be selected!”

“Wonderful!” The students echoed, “Better than a singer.”


“But I am also good at dancing, martial arts and magic.

I dont know which one I will perform” Mengmeng looked thoughtful.

Martial arts were very simple, and Mengmeng could easily play some good-looking moves now.

Among magic, flames, fireballs, fire whips, and those little treasures, just a few of them could present excellent stage effects.

She wasnt sure how to choose from her many talents.

Mengmeng didnt know which one to choose, so she planned to go back and ask her parents.

“Okay, let Zhang Yumeng set an example and win a show first.

If her songs cant survive the rehearsal, I will eat this teaching building.” Bai Yilin was full of confidence.

With her heavenly singing voice and beautiful looks, Mengmeng could become a star.

He thought that if Mengmengs parents agreed, the girl would probably become popular soon.

What he didnt know was that in recent years, the girls mother had won various awards such as the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Statue Award.

“Are there any other performances Dont be afraid.

Please sign up, and nothing is more important than participation.

If they are all selected, our class will be famous,” Bai Yilin said encouragingly.


Bai, Xiaobai and I want to perform cross talk.”

“I can perform poetry recitation.”


In a short while, Bai Yilin recorded eight shows.

Of course, he only had confidence in Mengmengs show now, because other shows might not survive the rehearsal.

The class began, and the students studied hard.

After school, Mengmeng was sitting in the car.

“Mom, I want to participate in the schools Christmas Art Festival.

The teacher asked me to prepare a show.

I said that I was good at singing, dancing, martial arts and magic.

My classmates asked me to sing a song, so I sang a short piece of Beautiful Expectations.

Then Mr.

Bai said that I would definitely be able to pass the rehearsal.

But what am I going to perform I am also very good at dancing, martial arts and magic.”

“Arts Festival”

Zi Yan wasnt interested in the show, and she quickly asked, “Can parents go and watch it”

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned.

“I dont know.

It seems you cannot.

There are so many students in our junior high school that there will be no room for the parents.”

“I see.”

Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han inadvertently.

“Its okay.

Anyway, your dad will take me to watch your show then.”

“Then what am I going to perform” Mengmeng asked.

“Dont try the magic, because your treasures are very powerful.

If you blow up the stage, it will be on the news.”

Zi Yan pondered and said, “Dont perform martial arts, either.

Performing martial arts alone is less appropriate than singing and dancing.”

“Singing, I like it.” Mengmeng wiggled her legs.

“How about singing and dancing at the same time I will teach you how to do it these few days.

First of all, we have to choose a song.

What should we sing…”

The mother and daughter started chattering in the back seat.

Zi Yan was looking forward to Mengmengs performance.

“Am I going to sing your song” Mengmeng asked.

“No, I havent released a new song recently.

Lets find a recent good song, and then I will study how to dance for you.”

“Then what song should I choose” Mengmeng was thinking about some nice pop songs she had been listening to recently.

“I dont know either.” Mengmeng didnt know which song she was going to sing.

Faced with such multiple choices, Mengmeng hesitated, which was rare.

“Why dont we go back and listen to some songs before we decide which one to choose” After Zi Yan finished her sentence, she glanced at Zhang Han suddenly and said, “Why are you so quiet Give us some suggestions.”

“Okay, here are my suggestions.” Zhang Han smiled slightly and turned on the music broadcast.

He was listening to the songs while driving.

The mother and daughter in the back seat could figure it out themselves.

In terms of songs, he had no talent other than being a translator twice.

Later, Zi Yan called him a big liar directly.

She had thought that he was really an excellent and versatile songwriter.

It turned out that he wasnt.

But it didnt affect how handsome he was.

When they got home, the two of them went to the music studio to listen to the songs.

It took them two hours to finally decide which song to sing.

“Thats it.

We selected the song.

I will study the dance moves, and then train you for a few days.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Its finally finished, and I can…”

I can practice spells and play with Dahei for a while.

Then Ill go back to the castle and play video games for half an hour before I go to bed.

What a wonderful life!

“You can go to do your homework.”

Zi Yans words made Mengmengs small face stiff, and then she looked unhappy.

“Mom, why do you say such a terrible thing”

Homework was very simple.

It took her half an hour to finish it.

Dinner, exercises and play made her life very fulfilling.

Eight oclock in the evening the next day.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng started practicing in the dance studio.

“This song has a light melody and is not suitable for too intense dancing.

Just use some popular simple movements, like this…”

She was a truly professional artist.

Zhang Han sat at the door and watched Zi Yan dance.

He felt like he had reached the peak of his life and it was great.

Mengmeng had a solid foundation in martial arts, and she was a quick learner.

Basically, she was quite good after practicing it twice.

The rest was to remember the sequence of actions.

Singing and dancing were very tiring, but for Mengmeng, this was nothing.

On the weekend, she stayed in Crescent Mountain.

It was Zhang Guangyou who brought back good news this time.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were sitting in the pavilion under the Thunder Yang tree and watching Mengmeng and Chen Chuan practicing martial arts.

“Mengmeng, there is finally news of the relics.”

Zhang Guangyou leaned closer to Mengmeng and said with a smile, “A C-class relic in Zhuhai.”

“Oh” Mengmeng stopped immediately, and her eyes lit up as she asked, “When is it”

“On Christmas Day, on the 25th, about nine to ten in the morning.” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “I will take you to play this time.

I promise I wont interfere.

You can have a good time and kill countless enemies, OK”

Zhang Guangyou was also a little depressed the last two times.

He had thought that Mengmeng liked to hang out and watch the scenery.

But the little girl liked to fight instead.

It seemed he hadnt done a great job.

This time he was planning to make it up to her.

“Im not going with you.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Im…not going this time.”

“Huh You are not going Really” Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

“Really, I still have things to work on.

Grandpa, why dont you go there by yourself” Mengmeng waved her small hands, but there was a hint of slyness in the depths of her eyes.

Well, she was going to play by herself this time.

“How am I going to play by myself Its just a C-class relic.”

Zhang Guangyou was speechless and disappointed.

He walked towards Zhang Han and said, “Okay, then you two continue to practice here.”

Not far away, Zhang Han saw this, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

From the change in Mengmengs expression, Zhang Han probably guessed what she was thinking.

Did she want to play by herself


Although he knew that the treasures in her space ring and those on her body were enough to ensure her safety, he would worry about her if he didnt see her.

“Son.” Zhang Guangyou sat down with a straight face and said, “There has been some movement over Kunlun.

Ye Tianlang just called me.

If nothing else, the previous passage will open.

People from Kunlun Immortal World will appear, and your grandpa can come back.”

“When” Zhang Han asked.

“Probably on New Years Eve.” Zhang Guangyou sighed lightly.

“Your grandpa had a hard time.

He only smiled and became happier when he saw you.

When he comes back this time, he will be very pleased to see you and Lili doing so well.”

“Ill pick him up then.” Zhang Han nodded.

It would feel unfamiliar if he had not seen his grandfather even once.

Relationships required time and companionship.

But when he learned that his grandpa was Elder Mu who lived in the next village, he felt closer to his grandfather.

“We will wait for three days until the passage opens.

Within three days, if he doesnt get down, we will go up,” Zhang Guangyou said, “we need to learn from last time when you went to Kun Xu World.

Your mother and I had to go out to find you, and we were very anxious.


“But Kunlun Immortal World is not an ordinary place.

It should also be called a world of cultivators.

Their strength is very strong.

The Elixir Realm level is very common.

As you said, there is a big gap between the early, mid, late, and peak periods.

We are invincible in this world, but when you go up there, we will have a lot of scruples.” Zhang Guangyou sighed and continued, “The peaceful days may be over.

We spent the past few years cultivating ourselves and it is time to exercise our muscles and bones.”

“There is no big crisis.

Kunlun Immortal World is just a barren place.

If there was no rule to suppress it, it would be no better than the main world.” Zhang Han smiled lightly.

“No, Im curious about one thing.

What is your level of strength” Zhang Guangyou looked at Zhang Han strangely.

Among Sect Leader Mu, Sect Leader Jiang, or Uncle Dong, himself, the militant Third Elder, many of them had reached the level of half-step Elixir Realm, but they couldnt beat Zhang Han with a single blow.

What level was he

“You will find out.” Zhang Han grinned, but did not answer the question.

When Kunlun Immortal World was open, his strength would be improved qualitatively.

Of course, he must first enter Kunlun Immortal World for a breakthrough.

“The world will be changing again, and it has been more than five years since the previous batch of people entered it.”

Zhang Guangyou smiled and said, “I remember Su Beimu from Light Cliff, Ding Jiuming from Luo Fu Sword sect, Shi Fenghou from Little Roc, Yan Chen from Lihun Sect and Ye Longyuan from Devil Incarnate, and I wonder how the strength of these talented disciples who entered Kunlun has improved.

I guess they have been doing quite well.”

“Maybe they have become the backbone.

Those guys are not bad.” Zhang Han smiled.

Zhang Guangyou would have thought that his son sounded very arrogant, but now he found it normal.

His own son was awesome.

Time was fleeting.

Finally, on the afternoon of the 23rd, the rehearsal of the show began.

It was an art festival.

Of course, not all shows would make it to the stage.

It took a good performance in the rehearsal to be put on stage.

Among the thousands of students in the junior high school, there were always some versatile ones.

Apart from piano playing, pipa, guitar singing, cross talk and so on, there was a magic show that got selected.

As for Mengmeng, her performance was very simple.

She didnt even dance.

She just picked up the microphone and sang.

Her voice was crisp and full of personality, as if there were a magic indulging power in it.

She easily passed the rehearsal.

Zhang Yumeng from Class 8, Grade 1 quickly became famous in the rehearsal venue.

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