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“Oh, yes, Ive come to the relic to keep my Little Master company.”

Dahei finally recalled what he was doing in Mengmengs schoolbag.

Hearing Mengmengs words, it obediently withdrew its aura.

A good show was about to be staged.

“Take a fireball of mine!”

Mengmeng threw a fireball at a half-meter-long giant mouse.


However, the fireball only burnt a few hairs of the mouse, which then rapidly dug a hole in the ground and slipped away.

“Take my whip!”

In the face of a fist-sized mosquito, Mengmeng flicked her Fire Whip.

Unexpectedly, the mosquito flew so fast that it easily dodged the blow.

“Hey! Whats the matter The creatures here are either of the kind I cant kill or of the kind I cant hit!”

Mengmeng looked deeply troubled.

Chen Changqing, who was hiding in the dark, burst into laughter when he saw this.

“Little girl, youre suffering a setback this time, arent you”


Little Hei pondered for two seconds.

“If I go with the truth, all I can say is that Little Master, your strength is a little weak.”

“If I go with the lie, Id say that those spirit beasts are more powerful than Little Master.”

After carefully deliberating for moments, Little Hei decided not to comment on that.


Little Hei was asking if Mengmeng needed it to restrain the enemy.

“Stay out of this.

Ill do it myself.

I dont believe this!”

With boosted fighting spirits, Mengmeng marched forward again.

She tried once, twice, three times…

If Zhang Han were here, he would have used all kinds of means to fix those spiritual beasts and let Mengmeng kill them without making so much effort.

However, Zhang Han was not there at the moment, nor did Chen Changqing make a move to help.

He just watched Mengmeng struggle with a grin.

This time, Mengmeng had really suffered.

In a whole hour, all she achieved was to burn off a little of the spirit beasts hair.

Finally, after another half an hour, Mengmeng came across a clumsy wild boar.

Mengmeng shot one fireball at it, and the boar was directly smashed to death.

“How weak it is!”

Mengmeng exclaimed with a scintilla of surprise, “It cant even take a fireball.

Little Hei, Little Hei, look, I smashed a pig to death!”


Little Hei also roared with joy.

It cooperatively whooped for Mengmeng.

As a result…

The fierce aura of the roar permeated the place.


In a large area in front of them, all sorts of spirit beasts were fleeing to both sides.

They were scrambling to get out of this terrifying place.

Mengmengs face darkened.

“Little Hei, whats the taste of dog meat Is it delicious”

“Woof, woof, woof…”

Little Hei immediately shook its head spinelessly and pretended to be pitiful.

This trick worked on Mengmeng every time.

When she saw Little Heis innocent eyes and felt that it cared about nothing but her, she involuntarily wanted to be kind to it.

“All right, all right.

I was just kidding.

Its enough to kill one beast.

Lets go ahead and play,” Mengmeng said, giggling.

She climbed onto Little Heis back again.

Little Hei hurtled forward.

It was quite relaxing to wander in the forest!

“Eh Little Hei, there seems to be a tiger ahead of us.”

Mengmeng saw a tiger standing on a stone on a small clearing in the front.

Behind it was a three-meter-high white tree.

Judging from its aura, the tree should be a fourth-tier treasure.

The holy object in a B-grade relic was the kind of treasure that could help one get out of the relic at will once one seized it.

The one that Little Hei gave to Zhang Han before was also a holy object.


Seeing Little Hei slowly come near, the Saber-toothed Tiger put on a fierce look.

Its hair all stood on end, and even its hind legs were trembling.

It had felt that the dog in front of it could break its neck with a bite.

Nevertheless, it did not back down at all.

Little Heis eyes gradually became cold.

It was always like this when dealing with strangers.

It slowly approached the tiger.

After walking more than 10 meters, it stopped in its track.

“Why doesnt it run away”

Mengmeng looked at the tiger a few times and muttered, “Its eyes seem to be glinting with intelligence.

It is unlike the previous violent ones.

Can you understand what Im saying”

The Saber-toothed Tiger was still standing on the stone, neither backing down nor attacking.

It just stood there.


Little Hei roared in a low voice.

It was sending a menacing signal.

Strength always prevailed.

The Saber-toothed Tiger was shivering, but it was still standing upright.

“If you continue being so fierce with me, Ill hit you!” Mengmeng said, staring at the Saber-toothed Tiger.

Surprisingly, it seemed to have sensed something.

It took two steps back and looked much calmer.

“Eh Youre actually quite smart.”

Mengmeng said, “Little Hei, lets go to other places to play.

I dont want this treasure anymore.”

However, just as they were about to leave—


A cute, adorable bark sounded.

A baby tiger was climbing up from the back of the stone.

“Ah, a baby tiger.

Its so cute!”

Mengmengs eyes were alight with excitement.

She jumped off from Little Heis back and strode over.

“Oow! Oow! Oow!”

The Saber-toothed Tigers face turned ferocious.

“Woof-woof!” Little Hei bellowed.

Its overwhelming strength and unstoppable aura directly threw the Saber-toothed Tiger into a daze.

It had thought that the other party was very powerful, but it did not expect the disparity to be so striking.

Little Heis howl was so powerful that it almost cracked its bones.

“Oh, stop roaring.

Big Tiger, I think youre very smart, so I wont kill you.

Are these your babies Theyre so cute.

Ill play with them for a while before I go.”

Mengmeng didnt have any feelings when she saw the Saber-toothed Tiger, but when she saw the baby tiger, she wanted to go over and play with it.

Perhaps it was because of Mengmengs words or the pressure Little Hei had released, the Saber-toothed Tiger slowly lay down on the ground.

It was still on its guard, but it did not act rashly.

“There are three of them!”

Mengmeng giggled when she saw the baby tigers.

“They look so much like kittens.

How can they be so cute Let me hug you.”

Seeing Mengmeng was just playing with the three baby tigers, the Saber-toothed Tiger was finally relieved.

It then locked its eyes on Little Hei with a curious look on its face.

Little Hei simply ignored it.

It sat on the side, silently guarding Mengmeng.

An hour passed in the blink of an eye.

In the end, the three baby tigers all cried out in their cute, baby voice.


Little Hei edged its way to Mengmeng and shouted a few times in a low voice.

“Are they hungry Are the Big Tiger going to hunt”

She turned her head and saw the Saber-toothed Tiger nodding.

“Okay, lets go hunting together and find some meat for the baby tigers.”

When they were about to set off, Mengmeng was suddenly stunned.

She turned around and pointed to the tigers den.

“But who is there to look after them if you leave”


Little Hei acted as the interpreter.

Hearing Little Heis roar, Mengmeng understood what the tiger meant.

It said that this was its territory, so no fierce beasts would appear in this place.

“Lets go then.”

Mengmeng sat on Little Heis back and set off.

After Little Hei ran for half an hour, they finally found their prey.

It was a yak.

Although the Saber-toothed Tiger was a little faint-hearted in front of Little Hei, it was actually very good at hunting.

It rushed forward and neatly killed the yak.

Then, it had the dead yak clamped between its teeth and headed back.

“Are you very powerful in this forest” Mengmeng probed.

“Oow.” The Saber-toothed Tiger let out a vague cry.

Little Hei could only understand its tone.

Then Mengmeng had to guess the meaning from Little Heis tone.

In this way, they began to communicate.

It turned out that this Saber-toothed Tiger was quite formidable and well-known in this area.

“Are you male or female”

Mengmeng could not tell that.

Little Hei directly stated that it was a female tiger.

“Then, wheres the baby tigers father”

According to the Saber-toothed Tiger, the father tiger was bitten to death by the Lion King in the adjacent area.

It was the only Saber-toothed Tiger left with dozens of miles.

Its fellows had all run to the Holy Mountain.

The so-called Holy Mountain was the mountain Mengmeng came down from.

“You are amazing.

Without other people, oh no, other tigers help, you alone have given birth to three baby tigers here.

Its just like how I lived when I was a kid.

My mother also gave birth to me all by herself.

Some years later, I met my father.

He is super nice.”

Mengmeng looked proud when saying this.

But then her head drooped and she said in a lower voice, “Doesnt it mean that the baby tigers will grow up without a father”

The Saber-toothed Tiger did not show much emotion on its face.

Having lived in the world of spirit beasts for so long, it had already been used to life and death.

Halfway down the road, they suddenly picked up some vehement energy fluctuations produced by a fight in front of them.

The Saber-toothed Tiger seemed to have smelled something.

It directly tossed the yak to the side and ran forward with a ferocious look in its eyes.

“Perhaps something is wrong.

Lets go back, quick!”

Mengmeng was also staggered.

She took a moment to feel the energy fluctuations and found that these energy fluctuations came from the direction of the tigers den!

Little Heis speed was very fast.

It turned into a streak of black lightning and disappeared in a flash.

When Mengmeng got closer to the scene, she sensed the energy fluctuations of the fight in front and realized that it was as if it had entered a white-hot state.

As Mengmeng approached, the energy fluctuations gradually subsided.

The fight lasted only three minutes or so.

Many of the surrounding trees were broken.

A large clearing appeared around the tigers den.

When Mengmeng saw the scene in front of her, her expression froze right in place.

There were about 50 people in total.

Several people Mengmeng had met before, namely Tang Qingshan, Older Martial Brother Jiang, and Wang Guanzhi, were standing with more than a dozen people standing on one side.

They were relatively far away from the tigers den.

On the other side stood Lyu Zhengxian, who was reprimanding An He.

There were more than 30 people standing behind him.

An He was also there, only that he was standing at the far rear.

At this time, Lyu Zhengxians face was full of arrogance.

After a wild laugh, he remarked, “Brother Jiang, thank you for letting me win.

The Glaze Tree is mine now.”

“Lyu Zhengxian, we found this Glaze Tree first, and we were just one step away from taking it.

Isnt it unreasonable for you to snatch it away like this In this place, your strength is indeed stronger than mine.

But I represent the Light Cliff.

What about you” Older Martial Brother Jiang said coldly.

“Hahaha, you played the Light Cliff card! Very nice!”

Lyu Zhengxian burst into laughter.

“Are the disciples of the Light Cliff only going to use the name of the sect to threaten others when they cant win”

His words made the faces of Older Martial Brothers men darken.

The words were both harsh and hurtful.

After all, they did not fight in the previous battle.

Older Martial Brother Jiang was still a disciple of the younger generation.

Although his aptitude was quite outstanding, he still could not rival a seasoned cultivator like Lyu Zhengxian.

If Older Martial Brother Jiang had not led the team to retreat in time, perhaps about five members in their team would have been killed.

“Lyu Zhengxian, you and I are both clear whether Im bluffing with the name of my sect,” Older Martial Brother Jiang said in an even colder voice.

He even took two steps forward, as though he was aggravated and wanted to have a second round of the fight against Lyu Zhengxian.

At this time, a pointy-faced man next to Lyu Zhengxian could not help but ridicule, “Oh my, your Light Cliff is really impressive.

You believe that when you see a treasure, it should be yours.

Im now strongly doubting that why the Light Cliff hasnt dominated the world.

If anything you see is yours, you might as well just take a few looks at the globe and announce that the entire earth is yours.”

“You wanna die”


The long sword reappeared in Older Martial Brother Jiangs right hand.

He could no longer contain the fury surging in his body.


Wang Guanzhi took a few steps forward.

He sneered and said, “Look at you, pretending to be what you are not.

Youre young, but you already know how to scare people with your hideous face.

How dare you have the face to speak of the globe Have you ever seen one I, a martial artist, dont have so many excuses as you do.

I like to vent my anger with a fight rather than an unending squabble.

If you have guts, do you dare to fight me”


Little Hei slowly came to a halt beside an old tree, so Mengmeng happened to hear those words.

She could not help taking a few glances at Wang Guanzhi.

“He also has a very sharp tongue.”

“Yes, he is the kind of man with an interesting soul.”

Mengmeng liked to play with the kind of people who had the habit of making sensational remarks, a lively character, and liked to play tricks.

She did not like people who were dull and silent.

What about those who liked to be cool and unapproachable Hell with them.

When Mengmeng tried to talk with people like that, she found it was really hard to get them talking as if it would kill them.

Thus, she found those people very boring.

Mengmeng looked at the three baby tigers first.

Fortunately, they were all lying there without making trouble.

Just as she was about to go up and bring the baby tigers away…

The pointy-faced man next to Lyu Zhengxian roared, “Bullsh*t, Im gonna kill you!”

As he spoke, he lurched forward, about to rush to the other party.

However, Lyu Zhengxian furrowed his brows and knocked him onto the ground with a punch.

“You have no right to speak here.”

If the pointy-faced man had successfully insulted the other party, then he would not have said anything.

However, the pointy-faced man had failed to win over the other party verbally, yet he still attempted to rush over and start a fight That would only be a disgrace.


Lyu Zhengxians eyes turned grim.

He took a step forward and waved his right hand downward.

All of a sudden, a white line appeared on the ground, forming a circle with a radius of 30 meters around the Glaze Tree.

“Those who cross the line will die!” he said coldly.

This remark of his was indeed sort of intimidating.

Older Martial Brother Jiang and the others were irked, but they had no choice but to watch Lyu Zhengxian walk into the circle he had drawn to take the Glaze tree.

Tang Qingshan remained silent the entire time.

He believed he had seen an eye-opener today.

If a martial artist was strong, he could trample on others at will.

This was the cold reality.

Even if the other partys moral character was very bad, he could still have his way.

Because strength had nothing to do with ones moral character.

Even An He the King of Storms did not approve Lyu Zhengxians behavior.

“Its fine for you to compete with the others right before they land their hands on the treasure.

However, you directly sneak attacked them and threw your killing moves at them.

This way of doing things is too extreme.”

“Lets not have anything to do with this Lyu Zhengxian anymore after we go back this time.”

Although An He was arrogant and frivolous, he always thought this kind of person beneath him.

If Ye Longyuan were here, facing An He, whose character was similar to his, he would probably say, “You are still too young.

If you had one-tenth of my arrogance, you would immediately fall out with Lyu Zhengxian.”

“The energy of the Glaze Tree is quite pure.

Too bad these three little things have already absorbed a lot of it.

Well, its okay, for we now have something to make dinner,” Lu Zhengnan said flatly.

With a wave of his hand, the Glaze Tree was uprooted and summoned into his space ring.

At the same time, the three baby tigers also floated to him.

“What Youre gonna eat them”

Suddenly, a slightly childish and crisp voice came, and there was a hint of unhappiness in the surprised tone.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Little Hei slowly approached the clearing.

“Its her”

An He was shocked.

“Her father is a God Realm martial artist.

I still vividly remember how I met her the last time I visited a relic.

But why is she here on her own this time Where is her father”

An He looked around but did not see Zhang Han.

“Little girl, its you”

Wang Guanzhi raised his eyebrows slightly.

Tang Qingshan was also stunned.

“She has come to the B-grade relic by herself.

Does that mean she is a Grand Master Unlikely.

Or perhaps her father has brought her here”

But she seemed to be accompanied by none other than a black dog.

“Hold on!”

Tang Qingshans pupils shrank, and he fixed his eyes on Little Hei.

“She is able to tame spirit beasts.

This is no ordinary method.”

Being stared at by dozens of people, Mengmeng was not afraid at all.

She looked straight into Lyu Zhengxians eyes and said, “Give them back to me.”

“Are you talking to me” Lyu Zhengxian frowned and then cackled.

“Since when a little kid also dares to meddle in my business”

His confidence came from his strength.

He was not a fool, either.

He did not speak when Mengmeng showed up because he was busy observing Mengmeng and Little Hei.

As a result, his observation told him that Mengmeng was at the Qi Strength Stage, and Little Heis strength appeared similar to hers.

After knowing that, he did not bother to feel their auras more carefully.

How could he pamper a kid with such little strength

“Haha, you called me a little kid But I havent pointed out that you look like a pig yet.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Give them back to me.

I just went hunting with their Mummy.

But you came here to make trouble when we were gone.

I dont care about the treasure, but you have to give the three baby tigers back to me.”


More than a dozen people on Lyu Zhengxians side roared with laughter.

“Little kid, youre still wet around the ears, arent you Then why do you come out to meddle in other peoples business”

“I think the dog youre siding is pretty nice.

Why dont you come closer How about I roast it and let you have a taste of it”

“Older Martial Brother Lyu, this is the first time that youve been mocked by a wimpy kid.”


In the midst of the many comments, Lyu Zhengxian did not look very pleased.

He smiled coldly and said, “Considering what you just said, even if I killed you, your parents wouldnt dare to utter a word of complaint.

Do you know that”

“Youre so shameless!” Mengmeng snapped.

Annoyed, she flung her right hand forward and threw a fireball.

Although that was a powerful attack, since Mengmeng had only been cultivating for a short time, how could she be a match for a Grand Master Lyu Zhengxian lifted his left hand and put out the fireball in no time.

“The Glaze Tree is mine.

These three little things have absorbed the energy of my treasure.

Thus, Im gonna have them for dinner.

If you object, the dog youre riding will also be my dinner.

Dont think that I wont kill people.

If you say one more nonsense to me, you will die here.”


At someplace in the air, the air seemed to have quivered a little.

Chen Changqing frowned and hesitated for a moment.

In the end, he still did not make a move because he wanted to see how Mengmeng would deal with the matter herself.

“Oow! Oow! Oow!”

At this moment, the Saber-toothed Tiger appeared and made its way to Lyu Zhengxian.

Its eyes were fierce and it kept roaring.


A green light flashed in Lyu Zhengxians eyes, from which two jets of light suddenly shot out, about to zoom into the Saber-toothed Tigers head.


A formation flag was placed in front of the Saber-toothed Tiger.

It emitted a wave of energy and blocked the attack.


Seeing the formation flag, Lyu Zheng frowned and looked at Mengmeng coldly.

“Are you tired of living”


A long stick appeared in his left hand.

It was a divine weapon.

He prepared to take things into his own hands.

“Uncle Lyu, she is still a child.

Let her go.”

An He could not bear to see Mengmeng get hurt, so he made that suggestion in a loud voice.

“Who do you think you are How dare you tell me what to do” Lyu Zhengxian snarled.

“Only people like you can be so unreasonable.”

Older Martial Brother Jiangs tone was cool.

He, Tang Qingshan, and Wang Guanzhi took the lead to edge toward Mengmeng.

Obviously, they were going to protect her.

“Youve really annoyed me!” Mengmengs face was frosty.

Looking straight into Lyu Zhengxians eyes, she demanded, “Give them back to me, then Ill let you go!”


Lyu Zhengxian burst into laughter all of a sudden.

“Okay, if you want them, Ill give them to you!”

While speaking, he suddenly hurled the three baby tigers to the side and raised his right foot to give them a hard kick.

It could be imagined that if this fast kick hit the three baby tigers, they would die even if they did not explode right not the spot.


At this moment, before Little Hei could move, a beam of imperceptible light already enveloped the three baby tigers.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

When baby tigers were sent flying by the kick.

They looked rather miserable and appeared to have died in midair.


It was as if a bolt of thunder had struck Mengmengs heart.

At the sight of this scene, her body went numb and her mind went blank.

“Why is he such a nasty person”

Looking at the arrogant and disdainful smiles on the faces of Lyu Zhengxian and the several people beside him, Mengmeng was a little perturbed.

She reckoned that she could have saved the tiger if she reached for them the moment she arrived at the scene.

But she never knew that the man not only took the treasures but also wanted to eat the baby tigers.

“Why can he be like this”

She then saw the Saber-toothed Tiger dash over to check on the baby tigers.

Mengmeng frowned, and a rare fire of anger burned in her heart.

It was a flame of rage.

Mengmeng was already 11 years and a few months old.

This was the first time that she tasted the feeling of rage.

“Youve pissed me off!”

Mengmengs eyes were a little fierce.

But in the eyes of the dozens of people present, especially Lyu Zhengxian and his men, her angry look was not fearful at all.

“Youre just a little girl at the Qi Strength Stage.

You dont have the right to get worked up here.”

They had no idea what would happen when Mengmeng got angry.

“Lets go…” Older Martial Brother Jiang said softly.

He did not want to get involved in more trouble.

Even An He and the other five or six people stepped back.

They no longer wanted to be in a team with Lyu Zhengxian.

Because he was narrow-minded and highly vindictive.

He was the type who might throw his teammates out to be his human shields in the face of danger.

What they did not know was that by choosing to retreat, they actually chose the path to life.

“Im not just gonna piss you off.

Im also gonna kill you!”

Being challenged by a little kid, Lyu Zhengxian was also vexed.

“Even if you have some strong background, you cant insult a Grand Master.

Its okay for you to be disrespectful to me.

But you actually cursed me and humiliated me in public.

You gotta be punished by death!”

When he saw Mengmeng cast the formation flag, he knew that she was from a strong sect.

But he was not afraid.

After all, who at the scene was not a member of a sect in the worldlets

Under everyones gaze, Mengmeng pulled off her hat and tossed it aside with great force.

In a voice saturated with fury, she called out—


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