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“Shall we set off now”

Mu Xue got up and said, “But my Dad and the others arent here yet.”

“We cant wait any longer.

Lets inform them to meet on the Kunlun Mountains.”

Zhang Guangyou could not care about that anymore.

“Then lets go.”

“All right.”

“Lets go.” Mengmeng quickly picked up the flat cap from the table, put it on, and said, “Grandpa, I want to take Dahei, Little Hei and Tiny Tot along.”

“If my granddaughter wants to take them with her, just go ahead,” Rong Jiali said with a smile.

“Ill go get my schoolbag.

Grandpa, dont be anxious.

Wait for me!”

Mengmeng said hastily and quickly ran back to the castle.

At the same time, she also took an unusual path.

She charged and leaped from the wall of the first floor, to the balcony of the second, flipped herself up to the third, then went back to her bedroom.

Grabbing her schoolbag, she jumped straight down the balcony, somersaulted, and landed firmly on the ground.


Zhao Feng and others praised.

Mengmeng chuckled happily.

“Dahei, Little Hei, Tiny Tot, hurry up! Im taking you guys out to play.”

“Woo, woo, woo.”

“Woof, woof, woof!”

“Coo, coo, coo.”

The three brothers ran over happily.

With its previous experience, Dahei immediately shrank its body and crept into Mengmengs schoolbag.

Then, it opened its mouth and poked its head out to enjoy the scenery.

Tiny Tot shrank to the size of a fist and stood on Daheis head.

“Lets go!”

The company set off together, leaving Mount New Moon.

They levitated and flew quickly to the Kunlun Mountains.

So the Kunlun Mountain Range greeted another lively scene.

Thousands of people stood on different mountain peaks, in the east of the mountain range.

Among these people, there were many Qi Strength Masters, with nearly 70% of them martial artists below the Peak Strength Realm.

There were only a few Wu Dao Grand Masters, and also martial artists from various regions related to secular families in the worldlet.

These were mostly in the God Realm.

There were many people on every mountain peak here, including the renowned Miao Fei, Tang Qingshan, An He, and a few others who had just achieved fame in the worldlet.

Without a doubt, those assembled near the inside area were from the worldlet.

The representative teams from the sects of the worldlet were basically all here.

They were all concerned about the affairs of the world.

At first glance, there must be nearly 10,000 martial artists in the inner area.

A grand assembly of martial artists.

Looking at these martial artists below the Qi Strength Level, one would feel a surge of excitement.

This was the first time she had seen such a scene, since she stepped into the martial arts world.

So it turned out that a Wu Dao Grand Master was only a small fry.

A Grand Master used to be such a revered, exalted figure.

But here, they were just about the middle level.

“The disciples of Light Cliff are here!”

There was quite a commotion in many areas in the crowd.

“So many from Light Cliff”

At a glance, there must be 40 to 50 of them.

Their leader was an Elder of their sect.

With a solemn look on his face, he flew straight into the mountain range and landed on a peak on innermost side of the crowd.

“Elder Ping, I didnt expect you to be the leader this time.

Therere quite a few of you here!”

“Light Cliff has links with the Kunlun Immortal World.

Im relieved to see your sect representatives here.”

The rest greeted them politely as well.

The team leaders on the nearby mountain peaks all started to welcome them and chat.

At the back, Tang Qingshan hesitated for a moment and then said,

“Senior Brother Jiangs here too.

Patriarch, Im now considered an outer-ring disciple of Light Cliff.

Should I go over and say hello to them”

“Dont bother!” Patriarch Tang shook his head.

“Stand with the Light Cliff team.

Youre powerful enough to help the Tang family.

When the masters return, we need someone strong to support us.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tang Qingshan hurried to the mountainside.

On the way there, many saw him and looked at him with envy.

The Grand Master of the new generation of the secular world, Tang Qingshan, had chosen the right path and become an outer-ring disciple of Light Cliff.

Light Cliff was known to be extremely strict in their recruitment of disciples.

Even for An He.

Men are afraid of pursuing the wrong career, just like women are afraid of marrying the wrong man.

His initial choice was wrong.

Lyu Zhengxian was very selfish and greedy.

He did not care about the others at all.

He was so unlike Senior Brother Jiang, responsible and able to step out at the critical moment.

How frustrating to compare one person with another!

After Tang Qingshan went over to greet them, many more sects and forces also did the same.

They knew some of them, and also greeted them back.

After two hours, almost all the famous sects in the worldlet had come.

“Is the Heavenly Knights Sect here yet”

The Elder of Light Cliff stared at him, puzzled, and said, “By right, as the foremost sect of the worldlet, they ought to have sent men in advance.

After all, the descent of Kunlun Immortal World will impact on their present status.”

“Its no longer the same as it once was.” The Leader of the Stupa Sect on a peak on the side guffawed.

“Six years ago, Zhang Hanyang killed some warriors from the Holy World, but he still spared one.

That man brought many back.

The Kunlun Immortal World must now know the Heavenly Knights Sect like the back of its hand.

The masters they sent this time will not be small fries or nobodies.

They will be so powerful that even Zhang Hanyang will have to sweat over them.

After all, theyre from the lofty Kunlun Immortal World.”

“Although what you said is likely, anything is possible.” Elder Ping nodded.

In his heart, he was partial to the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“At the very least, when confronted by the unknown Kunlun Immortal World, our situation right now is as good as any.

The Heavenly Knights Sect is an orthodox sect.

If a force that bullied the other secular sects were to lead us, no one would support them.

Now were all on the same boat.

Lets see how those coming from Kunlun will act.”

“What you said makes sense,” the Leader of the Stupa Sect replied.

“They say that the Kunlun Immortal World is a vast place, with a complicated network of sects.

Those who come may not be totally united.

Im only afraid they might be from some powerful faction there.”

The discussions went on.

The leaders of the heavyweight sects said a few words to one other.

All the rest shut up.

What they heard from these eminent leaders were things they had never heard before.

There was a sudden exclamation from the crowd.

“The disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect are here!”

Whiz, whiz, whiz!

The warriors on the outer ring, as well as the martial artists of the worldlet sects, all turned their heads.

They saw a group of people flying rapidly over from the distant sky.

“Lord of Battle Zhang Guangyou!”

“Emperor Qing!”

“Immortal King Chen!”

“Mu Xue, the female demon!”

“The Captain of Vermilion Bird, Jiang Yanlan!”

“Lei Tiannan, the director of Xiangjiang.”

“Tiger King Gai Xingkong.”

There were so many names being announced.

For them, these renowned characters were all people they were familiar with.

Their appearance caused a commotion in the crowd.

“Ping Mu pays his respect to the Lord of Battle!”

“Luo Mi is here to greet Immortal King Chen.”

The rest greeted them politely as well.

Many greetings immediately resounded, like the performance of a melodious symphony.

The onlooking warriors around them all felt overwhelmed by their numbers.

There were so many eminent warriors here.

Earlier on, almost no one from the sects had saluted one another.

But now, the entire Kunlun Mountain Range seemed to be reverberating with greetings.

Opposite them, Zhang Guangyou nodded and led his team to a peak on the side.

This place used to be thick with fog in the past.

But now, there was only a few hundred square meters of heavy fog in the central area.

After Zhang Guangyou and his team did so, Ye Tianlang also flew up the mountaintop with his team.

No one knew what their leaders were talking to each other.

However, they could guess that they were discussing when to start.

“Elder Ping, could I know who among you is Zhang Hanyang” Senior Brother Jiang asked in a low voice.

“He didnt come,” Elder Ping replied.

“Elder, look at that pretty girl with a schoolbag.

We met her the last time in the ruins.

She hid a King Kong in her schoolbag.

Thats the Black Dog King with her.

These famous Beast Kings of the Heavenly Knights Sect were all her followers now.

Immortal King Chen is guarding her closely.

Could she be Zhang Hanyangs daughter Have you seen her before, Elder Ping” Senior Brother Jiang asked.

“Well…” Elder Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, studied her carefully, and answered, “You must be right.

No one else can hold Childe Zhangs hand with King Kong and Black Dog under her.

We all know that Zhang Hanyang has a daughter, but no one has seen her before, including me.

She must be Zhang Hanyangs daughter since shes of the right age.”

“Why didnt Zhang Hanyang come” Senior Brother Jiang scratched his head.

“Youre asking me” Elder Pings face darkened.

“Why dont you go to that mountain peak and ask them Am I a seer Do I know everything”

After being pestered by so many questions, Elder Ping rebuked him.

Senior Brother Jiang ran to the back with a sheepish smile.

“What a gossip!” Wang Guanzhi curled his lips.

Other than his team, An He too could not help giving them a few more glances.

When he saw everyone from the Heavenly Knights Sect had been greeted, he felt a little excited.

This was exactly what he was here for!

“Guangyou, youre here pretty early.”

Whiz, whiz, whiz!

More than 30 people flew over swiftly.

The leader of the team was Dong Chen.

Lord Nan Shan, Si Nan, and eight others were with him.

They had not changed their appearances.

Some from the worldlet could also recognize them.

Seeing this, he could not help feeling tense.

Elder Ping was the first to greet them.

“Ping Mu from Light Cliff salutes Lord Nan Shan.”

So did the others.

Faced with these greetings, the face of Lord Nan Shan was as nonchalant as ever.

He did not even glance at them.

He was a very practical man.

In his heart, these minions did not deserve his greetings at all.

The atmosphere became a little awkward.

But he was an Ancient Mine Giant at the King Realm.

It was rumored that a warrior at the King Realm could match the Kunlun Immortal World in strength.

Unfortunately, in this world, only members of the Heavenly Knights Sect had reached this realm.

Of course, there was also Yue Wuwei, but no one knew how powerful he really was.

He could only vaguely sense Zhang Hans power somewhat.

Dong Chen and the others quickly landed beside Zhang Guangyou.

Lord Nan Shan nodded slightly to Zhang Guangyou and did not say a word.

Other than Zhang Ha, he did not pay attention to anyone else.

He was here simply to see the level of those from the Kunlun Immortal World.

“Theres quite a crowd.”

Suddenly, another voice rang out from the distant horizon.

“Sect Leader Mu!”

“The disciples of the Luo Fu Sword Sect are here!”

“What a crowd.”

The rest greeted them politely as well.

There were 50 to 60 people in the team led by Sect Leader Mu.

It was quite a grand display of power, because he had thought there might be a confrontation with the Heavenly Knights Sect when the Kunlun Immortal World opened.

He had also heard from an old Daofu, that the Wind Snow Temple in the Kunlun Immortal World wielded great power.

How could they come without being well prepared this time

Now that the Luo Fu Sword Sect and the Heavenly Knights Sect were on the same side, they naturally brought along some of their sects experts, just in case.

Another wave of greetings resounded again.

During which Senior Brother Jiang explained to Tang Qingshan,

“In our Seven Harmony World, the most powerful force is the Luo Fu Sword Sect.

Sect Leader Mu has very powerful strength.

He used to be an ally of the Heavenly Knights Sect, but now, hes invincible in the Seven Harmony World.

Our Light Cliff can only be ranked second after his sect.”

“Are you sure youre number two” Wang Guanzhis face trembled.

Why did he find Senior Brother Jiang a little shameless Quite obviously, taking comprehensive strength into account, they could only be ranked third!

The moment they landed, they started to make small talk for a few minutes…

“It seems that Im late.”

Another voice rang out from the northern horizon again.

The scene scared quite a few people.

More than 100 people were flying over from the horizon, in a majestic display of prowess.

“The Shuiyun Sect!”

“The Shuiyun Sect is one of the top sects of the Mystical Martial World.

Their Sect Leader Jiang has enjoyed such prestige.”

“So everyones here! The Heavenly Knights Sect alone can sweep away all the other forces here.”

There was a murmur of voices.

The crowd started discussing.

The eyes of the warriors in the outer ring were dizzy, overwhelmed by the numbers.

So many sects!

There were factions and sects from everywhere, making their heads swim, but they recognized one particular name:

The Heavenly Knights Sect!

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