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“Sure enough, Zhang Mu, you are still determined to be our enemy.” Nan Qi sighed softly.

“Ive offered you the chance.

Now that youve turned me down, dont blame me for being merciless.

Disciples of the Wind Snow Temple, attention!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Besiege them.

Dont let any member of the Heavenly Knights Sect escape,” Nan Qi said flatly.

“Yes, sir!”


The disciples of the Wind Snow Temple were a little embarrassed.

There were just a few of them.

How could lay siege to so many people

Fortunately, there was a group of people who wanted to provide the crowning touch to this event.

“Nan Qi, were here to help you too.”

This group of people immediately took action.

They formed half a circle and advanced on the members of the Heavenly Knights Sect, intending to keep them here.


Dong Chens face changed slightly.

From Zhang Mus expression, he could tell that Nan Qi was not an ordinary figure.

What was more, from the look in his eyes just now, he knew that he had to be ready to run away at any time.

“Let them go.

I will fight you to the death,” Zhang Mu suggested tentatively.

It was really possible for Nan Qi to agree on this given his lofty personality.

But this time, he shook his head.

“I refuse.

Its time to end this battle.”

“You wish!” A few elders sneered and said, “Zhang Mu, you cant expect to be lucky all the time and take all the benefits, right Let me tell you, you have no escape today even if you had wings!”

Elder Wu, who had been berated by Instructor Liu, jumped out and yelled, “Well, well, well, Zhang Mu, you had a chance to escape before, but you way overestimated yourself.”

“Your death is not to be regretted.”


The assistance of these people was completely within Nan Qis expectations.

After all, who would let go of a chance guaranteed to make gains

Su Changxiu, on the other hand, hesitated for two seconds before he flew to Nan Qi.

He cupped one hand in the other and remarked, “Nan Qi, I have a favor to ask.

Would you give me the face”

“Whats the matter” Nan Qi said while glancing at him.

“You see the little girl at the rear I hope you can spare her life because I want to take her in as a disciple,” Su Changxiu said.

“But you have nothing to worry about.

Before that, I will erase her memories of the latest three years.”


Nan Qi looked over and saw Mengmeng.

At first, his face was void of expression.

He had a supernatural power that could allow her to roughly judge a persons aptitude.

Martial artists could be seven colors in his eyes—red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple.

The purple ones were the most talented.

As he perceived, Zhang Mu was cyan, one level higher than him.

Nan Feng also knew about this.

That was why he spared Zhang Mus life that time when he had a chance to kill him.

On the one hand, Nan Feng valued Zhang Mus talent.

On the other hand, he wanted to have a decent opponent.

That would be more interesting, wouldnt it

There was no doubt that Nan Feng was thoroughly cocky and regarded everything in the world as his plaything.

He rarely lost his composure even when dealing with tricky things.

Otherwise, Zhang Mu would not have been defeated by him again and again.

However, at this time, after Nan Qi ran his supernatural power, he saw Mengmeng was emitting extremely bright purple brilliance.

Her dazzling glow finally made Nan Qis expression alter.

He was shocked, flabbergasted, and in disbelief!

His body trembled slightly.

With such great aptitude, what kind of person would she become

It was no exaggeration to say that she had an over 80 percent chance to grow into a senior figure in the Yuan Ying Realm!


Nan Qi was a little flustered, and his eyes were full of uncertainty.

After a good 10 seconds, he finally exhaled deeply and pointed at Mengmeng, asking, “Who is she”

“I dont know who she is, either.” The corner of Su Changxius mouth quivered, and he couldnt help cursing in his head.

“Nan Qi, why the hell are you staring at her with that look

“She is your type

“Youre into little girls

“How old is she She looks 11 or 12 years old tops.

Shame on you! Youre worse than a monster!”

“Zhang Mu.”

Nan Qi once again deliberated for two seconds and said slowly, “If your Heavenly Knights Sect give that girl to me, the feud between the Third Prince and Heavenly Knights Sect will be written off.”


His remark shocked everyone as if thunder clapped in their heads.

Especially those low-level martial artists, their eyes were filled with confusion.

The two parties had fought so fiercely, and so many people had died.

But Nan Qi was going to let go of the hatred for a little girl They all wondered who she was on earth.

“She is Zhang Hanyangs daughter!”

Tang Qingshans heart skipped a beat.

“Older Martial Brother Jiang, what does that man set his mind on Zhang Hanyangs daughter”

“Who knows” Older Martial Brother Jiang replied grumpily.

“Why would I know”

“Is it because of her aptitude” Wang Guanzhi frowned.

“After all, she is Zhang Hanyangs daughter, so she will definitely have a high aptitude.”

“The key is that Zhang Hanyang can never agree!” Elder Ping sighed softly.

“Ive seen Zhang Hanyang from afar once.

He has a supreme charm and makes people involuntarily want to follow his lead.

He is like an invincible legend.

Just wait.

Only when he arrives will the really fantastic part begin.”

“But why hasnt he come yet” Older Martial Brother Jiang asked, puzzled.

Elder Ping glanced at him and replied with irritation, “Who knows Why would I know”

“Er… Elder Ping, you do have a point.”

when those above behave badly, those below will follow suit.

It was obvious that Older Martial Brother Jiang had been with Elder Ping for a long time, so he also liked to joke around now.

Perhaps he felt that his stakes were not sufficient, Nan Qi spoke again.

“Also, I can promise you one more thing.

If you hand her over to me, I can also persuade the Third Prince to let the Deep Valley off.”


This time, it was the Kunlun Sects turn to be dumbstruck.

“Isnt the price hes offered too high

“Nan Qi, do you have such great power

“If it were Nan Feng who made this remark, everyone would buy it.

But its you, Nan Qi, who made the promise… With all due respect, you are not qualified to say that.”

“Zhang Mu, you only have two options, surrender or die.

If you refuse to surrender, I will kill you and all of your people but her.

Thats the most tolerant I can be.

Tell me your choice.”

After saying that, Nan Qi took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

It seemed that he was ready to strike at any moment.

“I refuse to surrender,” Zhang Mu replied without hesitation.

He was the typical man who would rather die proudly than live in disgrace.


Nan Qi opened his eyes, which were shining with a cold light.

“Nan Qi is here.

Please help me to prevent them from escaping.

Thats all I hope you can do for me.

I will give you valuable treasures as payment later.”

“Hahaha, since youve asked us for a favor, how could I say no” The sect disciples rose into the air one after another.

In just ten seconds, there were more than 300 people closing in on the members of the Heavenly Knights Sect.


Just when Zhang Mu was about to order his men to flee, a slightly tender, crisp, and pleasant voice sounded in the field.

“You want to take me away, but you didnt ask me whether Im willing to go with you.”


Nan Qi instantly darted his eyes over.

He saw that the one who spoke was none other than the girl that had caught his attention.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Then Ill ask you, are you willing to go with me to the Kunlun Immortal World This way, your family and friends dont have to die, and you can protect them…”

Nan Qis expression was alluring.

Even a fool could tell that he was determined to get the girl as if she had become a rare treasure.

Su Changxius face was rather gloomy.

“Damn it! Nan Qi, youre a big jack*ss!”

Upon hearing Nan Qis words, Mu Xues face turned cold, and Zhang Guangyous face became bitter as if he had been insulted.

Zhang Mus expression was aloof, while Rong Jialis face was pale with anger.

She picked up her mobile phone and made to call Zhang Han.

“Give Mengmeng to them I dont need to think to know that they would erase Mengmengs memory the moment they get her.

Maybe they would cultivate Mengmeng into a killing machine like the 13 fighters, wouldnt they”

Just as they were about to speak, Mengmeng chuckled and said, “Youve talked so much nonsense.

Are you tired yet

“I say no.

“I was just teasing you.

“One more thing…”

The corners of Mengmengs mouth curled up as she said, “I have good news for you.

“My Daddy is already on his way.”


Mu Xues eyes widened.

“Master is finally coming here”

Zhang Guangyou, Dong Chen, Sect Leader Mu, Sect Leader Jiang, and others suddenly felt relieved.

Now that the backbone had arrived, they no longer needed to worry about anything here.

It was precisely this dramatic.

“Zhang Hanyang is coming!”

Older Martial Brother Jiang, Wang Guanzhi, An Feng, and a few people who knew Mengmengs identity, were all startled and looked back.

“Your father has arrived”

Nan Qi sighed softly and showed a look of disdain.

Even Zhang Mu was no match for him, let alone those martial artists in the inferior world.

“Zhang Han”

Zhang Mu was slightly stunned.

He recalled that when he left more than a decade ago, Zhang Han was still a little boy and had not experienced the martial arts world at all.

Even if Zhang Guangyou took him into the martial arts world later, in the past few years, if want of great opportunities, he could not reach any advanced realms, could he

He figured that the highest stage Zhang Han could reach was just the Heaven Peak Stage.

Even when he let his imagination run wild, he was sure that Zhang Han was still at least a half-step to the Gold Core Realm.

But how could the resources and legacies in the secular world be compared with those in the Kunlun Immortal World

Moreover, the secular martial artists comprehension of some secret skills and supernatural powers was not at the same level as those Kunlun people.

Perhaps the martial artists in the secular world and the worldlets did not know what supernatural powers were at all.

Zhang Mu sighed inwardly.

He was not optimistic about the situation.

And he had prepared to take depart with his men when Zhang Han arrived.

He turned his head to take a look and found that in the eastern sky of the Kunlun Mountain Range, two figures were flying over quickly.

It seemed that in the blink of an eye, they came near the Kunlun Mountain Range.

It was Zhang Han!

His arrival completely boosted the morale.

Mu Xues face suddenly showed a look of grievance.

She complained, “Master, they are big bullies! They look down on us and want to destroy our Heavenly Knights Sect.

My father, Uncle Jiang, and Uncle Dong have all been injured by them.

If you had come a little later, you wouldnt be able to see us.”

Dong Chen was bemused at once.

“Excuse me, I didnt get badly hurt!”

Those who knew Mu Xue might know that she liked to exaggerate things on such an occasion.

But Jiang Yanlan also echoed, “Master, the people of the Kunlun Immortal World are so fearful.

They threaten to wipe out other sects whenever things dont go their way.”

Zhao Feng chimed in.

“We didnt offend them at all.

Still, they targeted us.”

Hearing their words, Zhang Han nodded slightly and did not say anything in response.

Instead, taking Zi Yan with him, he landed beside Mengmeng and Rong Jiali.

“Have a rest here,” Zhang Han said to Zi Yan in a low voice

Then, he tenderly touched Mengmengs head and said with a smile, “Dont you always say you want to see my real strength Youll see it in a while.”

“Well, Daddy, they seem to be very powerful.”

Seeing Zhang Hans arrival, Mengmeng was elated.

But at the same time, she began to worry again.

There were so many people on the opposite side, and they were all very mighty.

What if her father got injured At that thought, Mengmengs face suddenly became a little scared.

“Itll be okay.”

Zhang Han bent down, looked at Mengmeng, and smiled gently.

“Your Aunty Xue, Grandpa Mu, and Grandpa Jiang always say that Im invincible in the world.

For all this time, Ive never countered their words because… they are telling the truth.”

After that, Zhang Han straightened up and slowly turned around.

His eyes were cold, and even his tone was no longer gentle but as calm as water.

“Any force can be invincible as long as they have me.

Thats not just a compliment.”

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