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In the Deep Valley.

Li Qingyan was sitting on a chair in the main hall on the east side of the river.

More than 30 subordinates were standing in front of him.

After listening to their report, he pondered for two seconds before saying, “Sa Tu, our sect will also be part of this event.

You take 10 protectors to go to the inferior world tomorrow and conquer Mount New Moon.”


“Go make preparations.”

An elder turned around and headed out of the hall.

“The frosty crystal stone vein they discovered is only a small one.

It houses a total of 8,3000 crystal stones.

Among them, 100 are top-grade, 5,000 are medium-grade, and 77,900 low-grade.”

Li Qingyan smiled faintly and said, “Our sect has obtained 10,000 low-grade crystal stones, 800 medium-grade ones, and 20 top-grade ones.

The haul is great.

From now on, we will distribute the crystal stones in three batches.

The first batch will be 5,000 low-grade ones.

The second batch will be 300 medium-grade ones.

And the third batch will be 10 top-grade ones.

The disciples who have earned sufficient task points can exchange for the crystal stones.

Go spread the news to attract more free cultivators here.

Our sect will rise to prominence from the Deep Valley.”

In an instant, everyone in the hall shuddered from inside out.

“Are we finally going to have our moment”

If they became a top force in the East Domain, they would finally feel the pleasure of being all-powerful and having everything under their thumb.

“Without delay, the Heaven-earth Formation must be reinforced.”

“The passage of the underground Dark River shall be consolidated.

A formation shall be set up at the exit of the passage.

The exit area will be under surveillance of five groups of guards at all hours, each of which will be stationed at intervals of 100 meters.”


The orders were issued one after another, and all the disciples of the Green Flame Sect began to take action in the Deep Valley.

Li Qingyan flew into the air.

Looking down at the already empty frosty crystal stone vein, he laughed gleefully.

“The Deep Valley is really my blessed land!”

His sect had seized a large portion of the crystal stones.

The other big portion had been taken away by Nan Feng.

The rest were divided up by the other dozen forces.

If the strong wanted to take more, others could not do anything about it.

How could they ever share the crystal stones equally

In the East Domain of the Kunlun Immortal World, there were no sects fighting anymore.

It had become peaceful and quiet because the sects now had a common enemy named Zhang Hanyang.

But they never expected that a figure that was even more terrifying than the devil king had awakened.

On Mount New Moon.

In the morning, Mengmeng practiced the Fireball Skill and the Whip Skill for a while.

After the morning practice was done, feeling a little bored, she ran back to her bedroom.

How about doing her homework


She had already finished the dreadful thing.

“Muen, are you online Care to play games”

“Beibei, what are you doing Wanna play games”


After she sent a few messages, her game team quickly went online, including some of her classmates.

The team began to play the computer game and slash monsters.

Playing games was always fun.

The others also asked Mengmeng what she had been doing a couple of days ago.

They were all in raptures to have another week off.

In the face of their questions, Mengmeng just smiled and said nothing.

“Well, none of you would have guessed that I went to the Kunlun Immortal World to demonstrate my powers.”

She played computer games until noon.

Then, she went to the big restaurant for lunch.

Just then, the people sent by Zhang Mu came back quickly and they looked grave.

“Elder Mu, things are not going well.”

He bent over and whispered in Zhang Mus ear, “A total of 29 sects and forces have formed an alliance to crush Mount New Moon.

Some people even saw, saw a black-robed man flying out from the direction of Nan Fengs palace.

He was with Gao Chuan.

We suspected that the man was… Hei Yi, the strongest fighter serving the master of the Wind Snow Temple.”

“What Hei Yi is coming, too”

Zhang Mu was staggered.

A mans reputation was as hard to shake off as his shadow.

Having been in that circle for a long time, Zhang Mu knew very well how powerful Hei Yi was.

“Cant believe he is coming.

How much time do we have before he arrives” Zhang Guangyou asked.

“He will enter the passage in four hours.”

After getting the precise information, Zhang Mu looked at Zhang Han and said, “Hei Yi is one of the top figures at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

At present, there are eight Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm in the East Domain.

People often say that Hei Yi will become the ninth Grand Master in the Yuan Ying Realm.

His strength is extremely horrible.

Now he has come down here, he must be sent here by the master of Wind Snow Temple.

Looks like the Wind Snow Temple is determined to take us down for revenge.”

While speaking, Zhang Mu showed a derisive look on his face.

“Yan, can you handle this” Zhang Guangyou looked at Zi Yan and questioned.

He meant to ask if she was confident to defeat Hei Yi.

“I, I dont know,” Zi Yan stuttered, flickering her eyes to Zhang Han.

However, Zhang Han shook his head and smiled.

“Lets eat first.

After lunch, well go to the Kunlun Mountain Range and wait for them to arrive.”

This simple remark of his answered all their doubts.

The hidden meaning in Zhang Hans words was that since they dared to go down to the secular world, then they should prepare to face horror.

“Daddy, Im full!”

Mengmeng could finish her meals much faster than before.

She was eager to see her mother show her potentials after lunch.

But she was also a little confused.

“Daddy says Mummy is very powerful.

But she cant even fly.

Why is that”

She found the arguments contradictory to each other.

An hour after lunch, everyone set off for the Kunlun Mountain Range.

At the entrance of the passage, Ye Tianlang and his team had been stationed there.

“Good day, Immortal King Zhang, Young Master Zhang, and Mr.


Ye Tianlang flew over and greeted them politely.

“Youve heard the news, havent you The other party is coming in an aggressive manner.

Do you need me to bring a troop from the Black White Palace here to assist you”

“Thank you for your kind suggestion.

But dont bother.” Zhang Guangyou smiled at him and replied, “Well wait here for a while.

There may be a fight.

Youd better take your men away from here.”

“Well, okay.”

Ye Tianlang nodded.

He ordered the people around the passage to retreat for a few miles.

Then he said, “Since Mr.

Zhang showed his great power here last time, few in the Kunlun Immortal World have had the nerve to come down here through this passage.

Only a handful of people did it.

And some martial artists in the worldlet have used this passage to enter that world.”

“Soon, people will come and go through this passage as they used to again.

This passage is quite stable, but it can only exist for no more than a year,” Zhang Mu said.

If it happened fast, the passage would disappear in half a year.

If not, it would still disappear in one year.

Its duration was short.

Zhang Mu was not wavering between his options at all.

He had already planned to stay in the secular world and accompany his family after he dealt with Nan Feng.

If there was time, he would also go to explore the Ancient Mine.

It was a pleasant surprise that Zhang Han had befriended Lord Nan Shan.

It was absolutely wonderful to be able to enter the Kings Domain.

That place was actually similar to the Kunlun Immortal World.

It was vast and richly endowed.

It was said that the Real Kings with two-word titles were almost as strong as those Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm.

But the Dark Shadow Clans specific strength system was quite different.

The information about their strength was still the data collected at that time when the Kunlun Immortal World and the Kings Domain locked horns.

It was said that at that time, there were Yuan Ying cultivators in the Kunlun Immortal World.

The elites of the Dark Shadow Clan were also mighty.

The two parties had an earth-shattering fight.

“Daddy, well just wait here, wont we How much longer shall we wait before they get here” Mengmeng asked in a low voice.

“There are about two hours to go.

Just be patient.”

The opponent was also very strong, so Zhang Han had no plan to take Mengmeng to visit other places in the mountains.

He deliberated for a moment and said, “You can go down the hill with Dahei and Little Hei and play for a while.”

“All right then.”

Now, whenever Mengmeng went out, Little Hei would follow her.

Dahei and Tiny Tot would also be in her schoolbag.

She had everything she needed with her.

Seeing that her Daddy wouldnt take her to play, Mengmeng decided to go on her own.

She made a face and said with a smile, “Come on, Little Hei.

Lets go pick some mushrooms.

Im gonna be the little girl in that mushroom song.”

Riding on Little Heis back, Mengmeng began to explore the nearby area.

There were some insects, streams, and several natural wonders.

Upon a closer look, Mengmeng found this place quite unique and fascinating.

Time ticked by.

Zhang Han and the other adults also talked about some other topics.

Finally, after nearly two hours—

Swoosh swoosh!

Two figures suddenly emerged from the passage.

They were both on guard.

The first thing they did after they came out was cast their defense and observe the surroundings.

At the sight of Zhang Mu, Gao Chuan was slightly stunned.

“Haha, what a coincidence! You are also here.”

Gao Chuan abruptly showed a ferocious grin.

“This is great.

Now I dont need to use precious treasures to tear down Mount New Moon.”


Little Hei spun around and quickly returned to Zhang Hans side because it would be safest to stay with him.

“You are very confident.”

Zhang Mu said in a flat tone, “Gao Chuan, the last time we fought was three years ago.

I was no match for you then.

Even now, Id have to run for my life when I see you.”

“Haha, it seems that you are very self-aware.”

Gao Chuans tone was arrogant, but he and Hei Yi were both highly vigilant.

Seeing that Zhang Mu and the others were waiting at the entrance, the two knew those people were well prepared for this.

“Is there some change we dont know”

At that thought, the two didnt rashly wage war against them.

They knew that Zhang Han was close with Lord Nan Shan, so he might have some powerful treasures up his sleeve.

Thus, the two had to be on the alert.

“To put it bluntly, you are no match for the Third Prince.”

Gao Chuan took several paces forward to get closer to them.

Unhurriedly, he remarked, “This time, Hei Yi and I have come down here to wipe out your Heavenly Knights Sect.

The Third Prince has always regarded you as a condiment in his life.

Youre just his entertainment.

Believe it or not.

There are several times that the Third Prince could kill you, but he let you go.

As for now, I have to admit that I never thought you could have such a powerful offspring named Zhang Hanyang.”

While speaking, Gao Chuan looked at Zhang Han with distinct chagrin.

“Zhang Hanyang, if you choose to lay low and cultivate in private, you will become a great figure in the future.

But its a pity that you went on the stage too soon.”

“Cut the crap.

Lets fight,” Hei Yi said coldly.

He stretched out his right hand, and a golden square stone appeared on his palm.

Wafts of a strong aura swept at Zhang Han and the others.

“Are you two gonna put on your show now”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Then, brace yourselves for my strongest supernatural power.”


“A show

“The strongest supernatural power”

Gao Chuan narrowed his eyes.

In this secular world, Zhang Hanyang was incredibly strong.

He knew hed better be safe than sorry.

Therefore, at this moment, he was fully on guard.

“He just emphasized we should be prepared for his strongest supernatural power.

Does it mean that the strange moves that people have been talking about are still not his most powerful moves” he brooded in awe.

Seeing that the two people were daunted by Zhang Hans words, Dong Chen showed a mocking smile.

“You act as if youre imposing.

But when it comes to a real fight, you would probably be as cowardly as a dog.”


Little Hei cast a hard glance at Dong Chen.

“When have I ever be cowardly before

“These guys just dont take us dogs seriously.”


Enraged, Gao Chuan prepared to take action.

“Here comes my strongest supernatural power!” Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng with amusement and added.

Gao Chuan again retreated a dozen meters, looking undecided.

He presented the Nirvana Tree without hesitation and activated it.

The strength of the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage started to emerge!

“Mummy, swat him!”


Zi Yan bit her red lips.

This time, she lifted not just one hand but both hands.


A giant fan more than 600 meters long appeared out of thin air, emitting rays of faint silver light.

Its aura was serene and mysterious.


Hei Yi was shocked.

He shouted, “Back away!”

Swoosh swoosh!

The two figures dashed toward the passage.

To their trepidation, they found that at this moment, they didnt even fly a meter father.

It was as if the space around them had been sealed.

They were just about 30 meters away from the passage, but they had no way to get in.

“I cant even move even though my strength is at the Elixir Realm Middle-Stage”

“What the heck is that power”

Gao Chuan looked terrified, unable to believe what was happening.

However, the giant fan was already bearing down on him.

The pressure it emanated could tear up space and brought him to realize that he couldnt get away.

His heart thumped wildly.

He somehow wanted to roar.

Hei Yi, however, suddenly calmed down and looked at Zhang Han.

“Why can such an attack be launched in the inferior world What is it”

“Its my Mummys flyswatter, specially designed to kill flies!” Mengmeng answered loudly.

“What! A flyswatter”

Hei Yi sounded flabbergasted.

But when the next second arrived, he no longer had time to speak.

“Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom…”

The giant fan descended and instantly tore the two people apart.

But it did not slow down.

In the next second, the extremely stable passage was shattered by this strike.

After that, it seemed to have turned into a small black hole, attempting to devour everything around.

But in the face of Zi Yans attack, the black hole couldnt suck it in no matter what.

In the end, it dissipated after being smashed by this fan.

When the fan landed on the Kunlun Mountain Range, the earth shook as if a volcano had erupted.

The impact was devastating.

“Ahhhh! Run!”

Ye Tianlang and the others were so scared that their faces turned ashen.

“Whats going on

“Are they gonna tear down the Kunlun Mountain Range”

“Stop, stop, stop it!” Zhang Guangyou shouted in alarm.

Zi Yan hurriedly dispelled her attack, but the residue of the energy waves already overturned the mountain ahead and kept spreading in all directions.


Zhang Mus face was solemn.

He and the others cast all kinds of defensive means and finally neutralized the rogue energy waves.

“Its, its…”

Mu Xue could not find the right word to describe that.

It was like witnessing the ultimate strike.

In the end, she just said, “Its indeed Masters strongest supernatural power!”

“Honey, have I made a mess”

Zi Yan grinned apologetically.

Mengmeng was also stunned.

Looking at all the rising dust and wrecked place, Zhang Mu and the others did not speak for a long time.

In the end, Dong Chen asked in a dry and doubtful voice, “I think I just saw that, that the passage was smashed, wasnt it”

“Didnt they say that the stable passage was the symbol of the rules of this world How could it be destroyed” Zhang Guangyou also asked in dismay.

“I cant feel the aura of the passage anymore.”

Zhang Mus face stiffened.

“Its really gone.

The only passage to the Kunlun Immortal World in Hua nation is gone.”

Then, a dead silence fell on the field.

At the rear, Ye Tianlangs mouth was wide open, which could even fit in a fist.

“What The passage has been destroyed Wait! Isnt it Zi Yan who launched that attack What… whats going on”

He looked at Zi Yan, dumbfounded.

As the breeze slowly blew away the swirling dust, the scene that was revealed was utterly shocking.

There were no mountains ahead anymore.

Having been hit by that strike and the rogue energy waves, a flat ground had been formed in the mountains.

“The passage is really gone.”

As the breeze blew, everyone felt a little cold and somewhat creepy.

Everything in the path of that strike had been crushed.

Even the passage was blast away.

There was no doubt that Hei Yi and Gao Chuan had also been destroyed.

As the top master of the Wind Snow Temple, Hei Yi was rarely sent on missions in person.

He had not gone out for several years.

But this time, the minute he went down to the inferior world, he was killed.

Zhang Mu and the others all felt their scalps had gone numb.


Zhang Guangyou swallowed and whispered, “Doesnt that mean that we cant get in, and they cant get out anymore”

“There is no way to take revenge then”

Zi Yans expression changed slightly.

She said, “Im sorry, Grandpa.

I, I didnt know it would be like this.”

“Its not your fault at all.” Zhang Han was also taken aback.

After hearing Zi Yans apology, he came to his senses and knew that she was a little at a loss.

Thus, he added, “No one would know this passage was so fragile.

Besides, it would be fine even if you blast a hole in Earth, let alone destroying this small passage.”

“Well, he is right.

Yan, dont blame yourself.” Zhang Mu grinned and remarked, “We are too happy to see you become so powerful.

Its just that were still in shock.

Dont forget that in addition to the passage in the Kunlun Mountain Range, there are also passages in other countries.

There are still many ways to go to the Kunlun Immortal World.”

“Oh, okay.” Zi Yan was stunned to hear that.

She was also relieved.

A moment ago, she was really worried that they would not be able to access the Kunlun Immortal World after the passage was gone.

If her grandfather couldnt get revenge because of this, then wouldnt she be the wrongdoer

But she seemed to have forgotten that with Zhang Han standing beside her, no one could dare to blame her for anything.

The Heavenly Knights Sect, Mount New Moon, and the other forces had all treated Zi Yan and Mengmeng with more care and respect than they treated Zhang Han.

Why was that so

It was because Zhang Han cared too much about Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

To please him, the others naturally treated them well.

“Yan, dont overthink this.” Rong Jiali said beamingly, “Youre the one person powerful enough to secure a win against the Kunlun Immortal World.

Without you, we have no way to get back at them.”

Dong Chen sighed and said, “Yes.

Han, Yan, your family is our blessing.

You give us the coattails we can ride on.

As the saying goes, when a man gets to the top, all his friends and relatives get there with him.

If it werent for Han, maybe the Heavenly Knights Sect would have been destroyed by the Wind Snow School years ago.”

What he said was true.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and the lovely Mengmeng had already won peoples support.

“What about me”

Mengmeng snorted and said discontentedly, “Without me, where would my parents come from”

“Ah” Dong Chen was instantly stunned.

After thinking for a while, he felt that she did have a point.

He nodded and said, “Yes, yes.

And you little girl, you are the strongest, okay”

“Its too late for you to say that!” Mengmeng turned her head away, ignoring him.

Seeing this, Zhang Mu smiled again.

After spending only a few days with Mengmeng, he also liked this little girl very much.

Yet, Zhang Mu rarely expressed his inner thoughts and was rather taciturn.

“The Kunlun Immortal World would notice this change very soon.

Why dont we go to other passages to get there Its better to deal with this issue as soon as possible.

Then, we would be relieved from our worries sooner as well,” Zhang Guangyou suggested.

“Okay, lets set off.”

Zhang Mu nodded.

“Ahem, well, theres a passage in the north of the ice plain in Russia.

Its a long way away.

Do you want me to send a plane here for you”

Ye Tianlang approached them and asked under his breath.

He gazed at Zi Yan with a bemused look.

His thoughts were actually in turmoil.

“This Zhang family is too powerful.

Could it be because they are Gods favorites”

Zhang Hanyang was famous in the world.

His wife, Zi Yan, was widely known as the most beautiful woman in the east.

People thought that she was a gorgeous celebrity who did not practice martial arts.

However, they didnt know that she was Zhang Hanyangs actual trump card, and was heaven-defyingly strong.

By raising her hands, she easily crushed a space passage.

This was an impact on Ye Tianlangs outlook.

Words like horrifying, formidable, began to surface in Ye Tianlangs mind.

Yet, he didnt know that that move was all Zi Yan could make.

She couldnt fly, use spiritual force, or cultivate.

The only move she could make in a battle was to launch this incredible attack which Mengmeng called by the fine-sounding name of a flyswatter.

In fact, this was really a little strange.

Zhang Han couldnt understand it, but he also saw some clues.

The place where Zi Yans dantian was located was a mysterious existence that had transcended the world.


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