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Once upon a time—

The eight of them all thought that they were invincible in the Kunlun Immortal World.

But none of them could do any harm to one another.

They were all at the top of the pyramid of the East Domain.

It was normal for them to be arrogant, haughty, and to look down upon all things in the world.

But later, life taught them a lesson.

They should never think little of that immortal-like old man.

Back then, the eight of them gathered together, planning to attack a Light Gate and grab the newly appeared supreme treasure.

As they were about to take action, they saw an old man passing by.

The old man did not even give them a proper glance.

That irritated Grand Master Zheng, and he decided to teach him a lesson, and then…

The eight of them were beaten so badly that they were unable to look after themselves for a long time afterward.

In the end, their clothes were all ripped, and they fled thousands of miles completely naked.

After that incident, they all came to a realization.

“Holy cow! This world is still very mysterious!”

Although that old man never appeared again, he remained unforgettable in their minds for a long time.

Therefore, when this matter was brought up, the people on the scene all looked awkward.

They didnt pursue the subject.

As the eight Grand Masters in the Yuan Ying Realm in the East Domain, they had had their fights and disputes.

It was also because of those disputes that they now knew one another very well.

The rows among the sects were no big deal in their eyes.

This time, they gathered together and had a talk as if attending a gathering of classmates.

About three hours later.

“Lets go!”

Mengmeng held up her hand and called in high spirits.

Except for the Deep Valley disciples that Zhang Mu ordered to stay put, the rest of the group set off for the place where Nan Feng was.

“Nan Feng!”

Zhang Mus eyes turned fierce.

He muttered in his head, “Im coming!”

It was so imposing.

But at the thought that it would be his grandson and granddaughter-in-law who fought Nan Feng instead of him, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Generally, it was parents who stepped up to defend their children.

But in his case, the roles were reversed.

He then pictured the scene in his head.

On the battlefield, he would yell, “Grandson, get him!”

And Zhang Han would say, “Honey, swat him.”

Thinking of that, the corner of his mouth twitched despite himself.

“Its true that each new generation excels the last one,” he exclaimed internally.

“Mummy, youre number one!”

Sitting between Zhang Han and Zi Yan, Mengmeng gave Zi Yan a thumbs-up.

“Youre amazing.

Is there anyone you cant defeat now”

“Yes, I cant beat your Daddy,” Zi Yan said, smiling brightly.

Looking at Zhang Hans strange but meaningful eyes, Zi Yan pursed her red lips.

“He must be thinking about sex again.


“Why Daddy said that if you exercised your full power, he couldnt be able to stop you.

Ah, I see.

Mummy wouldnt have the heart to hurt Daddy.

Well, other than Daddy, my grandpas, and other friends, is there anyone Mummy cant defeat” Mengmeng wanted to figure out how powerful her Mummy was, so she kept asking questions.

“Just drop it.

Your parents are invincible, and so are you,” Mu Xue glanced at Mengmeng and said.

“Well, anyway, Ill be stronger than you in the future, Aunty Xue,” Mengmeng replied with a smirk.

“Are you sure”

“Yes, I gotta be!”

“Wow, you are quite confident.” Mu Xue smiled.

The atmosphere was very lively, for everyone knew that they would probably have no chance to participate in the fight.

Zi Yan would wipe out the other party with a flap of her fan.

There was no suspense in that.

They didnt really understand why Zi Yan had become so powerful, nor did they know what Zi Yans power was.

But when they saw Zhang Hans relaxed face, they all knew they would win.

“Oh, turns out that he doesnt even intend to fight in person.”

Zi Yan had suddenly become so mighty overnight.

As far as they were concerned, Zi Yan could be regarded as a queen.

However, she was still that tender and lovable woman beside Zhang Han.

Also, she was still green about cultivation.

That made people sigh with emotion.

“Zhang Han is the strongest of all men after all.

“He could have conquered the world, but he didnt.

Instead, he focused on guarding his family.

Today, his wife is even able to trample the world underfoot and override all the rules.

“Is it that the one who wins Zi Yans hearts owns the world

“Maybe thats the case.”

“How I envy that family of three!”

Dong Chen looked at them and shook his head with a smile.

“You should find a woman and get married, too.” Zhang Mu shot him a cool glance.

“Youre telling me” Dong Chen was stunned, and then he frothed at the mouth and glared at him with irritation.

“Did I need your reminder

“If I could find a woman into me, wouldnt I have gotten married long ago”

“Were almost there.

Ahead is the hall where Nan Feng is.”

From afar, the outline of the hall could be seen.

Before they got closer, someone had spotted them and shouted, “Who is it”

“Who are you”

However, none of them paid attention to him.

They flew straight to the margin of the Heaven-earth Formation.

Someone recognized Zhang Mu and murmured, “Its Zhang Mu!”

“Why is he here How dare he come here”

“Youre courting death!”

“Wait, is that Zhang Hanyang Is he here too If this news spreads out… The passages have just disappeared, so they already have no way out!”

“Quickly inform Lord Nan Yi.”


Without answering these people, Zhang Mu took a deep breath.

Then, his low and hoarse voice spread throughout the hall.

“Nan Feng, its time to settle our accounts.

Come out and face me!”


The entire hall trembled.

One after another, Nan Fengs men rose into the air.

Standing on the other side of the Heaven-earth Formation, they gazed intently at the newcomers.

Over the main hall, Nan Yi remarked with a frown, “Zhang Mu, I never thought you would come here and challenge us.

Who gave you the courage Is it that Zhang Hanyang who has offended more than half of the sects in the East Domain”

“Wheres Nan Feng”

Zhang Mu knitted his brows.

Given Nan Fengs disposition, he would definitely come out if he was here because he was extremely confident, or even kind of conceited.

“Third Prince has returned to the main hall.

He left a couple of hours ago.

Sorry, youve missed him.

But this is perhaps for the best.” Nan Yi smiled viciously and continued, “Now I can take your head and go to the main hall to greet Third Prince.”

“Turns out that he is not here.

Lets go to the Wind Snow Temple to find him.”

Zhang Mu didnt want to waste any more time arguing with the pawns.

He instantly took the lead to fly to the northern area.

“What does he mean by that

“Is he ignoring us”

The faces of the people in the hall darkened.

Just as Nan Yi made to say something…

“Mummy, swat him.”

Mengmeng pointed to the main hall.

“Shall I” Zi Yan asked Zhang Han with uncertainty.

“Well, just do it.”

Zhang Han nodded.

Then, he held hands with Zi Yan and Mengmeng and flew after Zhang Mu.

On the way, Zi Yan looked back and slightly raised her right hand.

The Sea Moon Fan descended.


This time, no one was there to block the extra energy waves.

The attack was so devastating that the sky and the earth seemed to have been shattered.

The entire hall, including the area within a few miles, was hit by the blow, which was then reduced to a deep crater.



In the Sea Dragon Star Area, Yue Wuwei was still standing in front of the storm, looking depressed.

“My goddess, stop using your power!

“The passages have all been broken.

If it goes on like this, the rules governing the Kunlun Immortal World would be shattered, too!

“Good Lord! How could this be

“I gotta hurry up…”

If Zhang Han knew that seeing Zi Yans attack, Yue Wuwei felt heart-wrenched, he would probably laugh out loud.

“Dont you like to act mysterious Dont you have a lot of big secrets you wont tell

“Now you know that how much it hurts!”

Nonetheless, Zhang Han had no idea about the real situation at the present.

Although he had guessed that Yue Wuwei was a very important person on the Saint Warrior Planet, since he refused to tell him anything, how could he know who exactly he was

“The main sect of the Wind Snow Temple is very large.”

Halfway through the flight, Zhang Mu collected his thoughts and said calmly, “There may be several ways to escape.

Without someone on the inside, it would be rather difficult to find Nan Fengs whereabouts.


“Well just destroy them all with Zi Yans fan,” Zhang Han replied casually.

“You dont have to make any backup plan.”

“There are more than 30,000 disciples in the Wind Snow Temple.

This sect is huge.

We only have a grudge against Nan Feng.

Actually, we can spare others.”

“In a battle between two sects, only one can survive.

There is no right or wrong, no good or evil about it.

But you can do this in your way, grandpa.

We are just in charge of the swatting part.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

The Heavenly Knights Sect had been known as a decent sect because of Zhang Mus righteous way of doing things.

Today, he had a chance to wipe out the Wind Snow Temple, but he would not do such a thing.

Instead, he would definitely leave a chance to survive for most of its members.

In fact, that was what happened.

Just as Zhang Mu and his group were about to arrive at the Wind Snow Temple…

The disciples who just fled there from the Deep Valley howled, “Zhang Mu and his men are back.

The Green Flame Sect has been destroyed.

Sect Leader Li Qingyan has died.

He didnt even make it through their first strike!”

“It was too appalling.

Just like the end of the world.

No one could survive that.

That womans strength is comparable to a Grand Masters.”

“Zhang Hanyangs wife is even scarier than him!”

“She has the strength of the Yuan Ying Realm! It was so terrifying! Thank God, I was far away from the scene at that time.

Otherwise, the rogue energy waves near that place would have killed me.”

“If I didnt dash into the bamboo forest with my Younger Martial Sister, Im afraid we would both be dead now.

The Green Flame Sect had been destroyed, alas…”

The voices rang across the field.

At first, no one believed their words.

They all knew who Li Qingyan was.

“He is the head of the Green Flame Sect, a famous expert at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

How could he be killed in one move And so many elders and protectors have all been slaughtered How preposterous! Have you ever seen any Grand Master in the Yuan Ying Realm being that powerful Thats completely an exaggeration!”

At first, no one bought the story.

To verify their words, people hurried to the Deep Valley one after another.

What they saw first was a deep crater.

Even the Heaven-earth Formation was in pieces.

There were just a few disciples of the Deep Valley on the scene, who didnt say anything to them but allow them to look around freely.

It could be said that the Deep Valley was open for people to visit.

But when they looked at the deep crater, they were not much impressed.

“That story must be exaggerated.”

People who came to visit all drew that kind of conclusion.

But an hour later, another piece of news spread out.

“I just heard a loud bang and sensed strong energy fluctuations in the direction of Third Princes hall.

Has Zhang Mu been there to challenge him”

“Lets go and have a look.”

Half an hour later.

The more than a dozen people who hurried to the hall were rendered dumbfounded.

“Where is the mountain range”

“Where is Third Princes hall”

“Why are they all gone Sh*t! The only thing left is this deep crater Are you kidding me”

“Was this place hit by a meteorite Even a strike of a Grand Master in the Yuan Ying Realm cant be so destructive!”


The news that Third Princes hall had been flattened bandied about in no time.

Thinking of what the disciples of the Green Flame Sect had said, many people who learned the news were appalled.

“Is it really Zhang Mu who did this”

“The minute he came to the Kunlun Immortal World, the Deep Valley was occupied by an irresistible force, and then Third Princes hall was flattened.

Even a fool would know why it was so.

Its probably his doing.

But… how did he achieve this”

“Are those people of the Green Flame Sect telling the truth Is it all because of Zhang Hanyangs wife”


As if a rock had been tossed into a peaceful lake, this news made a big splash.

More and more people began to pay attention to this matter.

But at this moment…

Zhang Mu and the others had arrived outside the Wind Snow Temple.

“Is this the Wind Snow Temple Its so spectacular.”

Mengmeng looked at the magnificent buildings in a daze.

There were endless halls of all sizes as if rolling hills.

The main hall right in the center was the size of a mountain.

It was particularly magnificent.

“This sect is indeed very large.

Its probably 10 times bigger than our Heavenly Knights Sect.

This enemy is really strong.” Dong Chen was also a little awestruck.

But then, his eyes narrowed shrewdly and he murmured, “The treasure vault and herb fields here must also be quite large.”


Little Hei responded with a bark.

“Yes, Ive smelled the treasures!”

“Although this sect is as splendid as a blooming flower, its still going to wither.”

Zhang Mu looked cool and collected.

He took a deep breath to gather his spiritual force in his throat.

Then, his thunderous voice swept across the entire field.

“Nan Feng, Third Prince of Wind Snow Temple, come out and meet me!”

“Nan Feng, Third Prince of the Wind Snow Temple…”

The sound waves rippled out in succession, echoing over the place.


Nan Feng, who was sitting in the main hall, changed his face.

“Zhang Mu”


He leaped into the air and flew in the direction of the source of the voice.

The extremely advanced Heaven-earth Formation of the Wind Snow Temple rose and unfolded.

Numerous disciples also flew into the air.

The elders and protectors were even faster.

It was no exaggeration to say that the elders of the Wind Snow Temple were all at the peak of the Elixir Realm.

In just 10 seconds, seven elders already arrived.

They all stared at Zhang Mu and the others rather coldly.

“Eh Someone is visiting”

Shi Fenghou, who was in the middle of his cultivation, stood up and frowned.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this”


A pair of substantial wings sprouted on his back.

As the wings flapped, he moved extremely fast.

In an instant, he was already five times faster than sound speed.

Nowadays, even Little Hei could hardly catch him.

“Holy crap!”

At the sight of Zhang Han, Shi Fenghou suddenly skidded to a stop.

His eyes widened in shock.

With his mouth open, he uttered, “Hes come here How could…”

He inhaled deeply to contain his emotion.

“Isnt he courting death

“Well, I owe you a life.

At worst, Ill have to save you when youre in a critical situation.

But you really shouldnt have brought your wife and daughter who have zero cultivation here.

I wouldnt be that fast if I had to carry three people with me.”

“I hope you wouldnt do anything stupid.”

When Shi Fenghou opened his eyes, there was a gleam of resolution in them.

Shi Fenghou might not be the brightest star in this world, but he valued his promise very much.

At that moment, many thoughts flashed through his mind.

Eventually, he looked at them across the field.

He continued to fly and stopped when he was hundreds of meters away from them, not making any comments.

“Zhang Mu!”

Nan Feng finally arrived.

His figure was well-proportioned and he looked extraordinarily handsome.

“He is Nan Feng”

Mu Xue snorted and said, “Hes not particularly good-looking.

I can tell at a glance that hes a toyboy.”

She said that without lowering her voice, so all the members of the Wind Snow Temple in the surroundings heard it clearly.

They were all staggered.

“You think that our handsome Third Prince is a toyboy”

“Huh” Mengmeng was a little taken aback.

“I think he looks quite pretty.”

“Ow, thats heart-wrenching.”

Hearing Mu Xues words, Nan Feng arched his brow.

But when he heard Mengmengs words, his facial muscles trembled despite himself.

“Only that hes not as handsome as Daddy,” Mengmeng added.

“Well, if your Daddy wasnt handsome, I wouldnt have married him,” Zi Yan teased as she glanced at Zhang Han.

“I should be very proud of my beauty.” Zhang Han touched his chin with a smile.

But then, his face became serious.

“Okay, enough for jokes.

Grandpa is gonna sort this out.”

After Zhang Han made that remark, no one said one more word.

Even Dong Chen, who had a lot more to say, shut his mouth.

“Zhang Mu, we meet again.”

Nan Feng flew hundreds of meters forward to approach them.

With a look of mixed feelings on his face, he said, “I didnt expect that you would come to the Main Sect to challenge me.

With your disposition, you must have obtained a trump card before you came here.

But I cant think of any means that can threaten the Wind Snow Temple.

Haha, youre Zhang Hanyang, arent you You are indeed young and powerful.”

Hearing Nan Fengs words, many people turned their heads to look at Zhang Han, who was in the limelight recently.

Zhang Han just glanced at him indifferently and did not respond to his words.

“Zhang Mu.”

Nan Feng didnt mind being ignored.

He then looked directly at Zhang Mu and said slowly, “I spared your life several times before.

My initial intention for that is to make my life more interesting.

Youre just a toy to me.

But this time, I wont let you off.

Nor will I let Zhang Hanyang escape either because youve made me feel threatened.

Youve given me a sense of crisis that I never felt.

It sounds exaggerated.

But its real.”

“Why do you think I dare to come” Zhang Mu suddenly asked.

“You must have had some sort of trump card up your sleeve.

But it doesnt matter.

My father is one of the eight great Grand Masters.

I cant imagine anybody stronger than him.” Nan Feng shrugged and spread his hands, his expression calm and nonchalant again.

Even many disciples of the Wind Snow Temple showed disdainful smiles.

“Zhang Mu, you are not even qualified to carry Third Princes shoes.

How dare you talk drivel here”

“If Third Prince wants, he can get you all killed by issuing an edict.

However, you dare come to us.

I do admire your boldness.”

“How ignorant and ridiculous you are! Prince Nan Feng, I dont think there is any need to argue with them.

Ill go behead Zhang Mu.

What do you think”

“Dont bother, Elder Bu.

I alone can take his life.”


People began to volunteer one after another.

Yet, none of them took action.


Zhang Mu laughed casually and then closed his eyes.

Slowly, he remarked, “Nan Feng, the feud between you and me can only be quelled with your lives.

You know, an eye for an eye.

But since the Wind Snow Temple has more than 30,000 disciples, they should not all die because of you.

Im asking you now, are you willing to commit suicide to save the lives of more than 30,000 disciples of yours”

“What did you say”

Nan Fengs pupils contracted.

He felt a little unnerved.

He never thought that Zhang Mu would say something like that.

Nor did he know that… Zhang Mu would have the guts to make that remark.

“Youre courting death!”

Elder Bu, who was standing next to him, took a pace forward, ready to step out of the protective range of the Heaven-earth Formation to kill Zhang Mu.

“Honey, wreck their formation first,” Zhang Han said softly.

“Oh, okay.”

Zi Yan attacked without hesitation.

She held up her hands and then dropped them.


In an instant, the huge Sea Moon Fan, which was more than 600 meters long and several hundred meters high, came into being with some cracking sounds.

It was as if the space around the fan was constantly being splintered and reassembling.

The scene was bone-chilling.


Elder Bu stopped short in an instant and abruptly retreated dozens of meters.

He gawked at the scene in front of him in horror, which had really scared him.


Like a monstrous wave, the fan plunged.

The so-called Heaven-earth Formation was instantly torn apart as if it were a piece of paper.

The treasures in the many formation eyes set up by the Wind Snow Temple exploded one after another.

The sound of the blasts did not die away for quite a while.


Elder Bu cried out in alarm.

However, the next second, the huge fan slowly dissipated.

But gusts of wind whistled past, proving that the huge fan did exist a moment ago.


After this move was made, the whole place fell silent.

It was so quiet that even the sound of a falling needle could be heard.

“Now, Ill say it one last time.”

Zhang Mu opened his eyes, which had turned fiery.

He then looked straight at Nan Feng.

In a voice as cold as that of an emotionless robot, he said, “Nan Feng, are you willing to commit suicide so as to save the more than 30,000 disciples of the Wind Snow Temple”

“Ill give you three seconds to think about it.”



Nan Fengs heart skipped a beat.

His face was pale and panic-stricken.

His previous elegance was all gone.

At this moment, he really lost his nerve.

The thousands of disciples in the surroundings couldnt help but feel their scalps go numb.

“Would today really be Third Princes last day of life”


Zhang Mus voice became steadily colder.

Nan Feng knew him very well.

From his tone, Nan Feng understood that if he didnt make a choice, all the members of the Wind Snow Temple would have to die with him.

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