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HSSB1062: Skills suppressing all around


Their martial arts had been developed from old legacies from the past after the Great Calamity.

Back then, the founder of Wind Thunder Manor had found a small amount of Vajra Thunder left behind from a relic site of the Great Calamity.

After experimentation, it had been found that Vajra Thunder which was best used for suppressing others for normal martial practitioners had immense benefits for those who cultivated in the martial arts of Wind Thunder Manor.

Even as the martial practitioners of Wind Thunder Manor had rejoiced at this, the pressure on them was also immense.

This was because while they had some leftover Vajra Thunder, the method for forging it had already long been lost.

They had used the compete Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art that they had obtained as a basis in trying to restore the lost art of forging Vajra Thunder, with the descendants of Wind Thunder Manor having constantly been analysing and working on the forging of artifacts as a result.

It was a pity that they possessed too little Vajra Thunder as it was far from something they could use to experiment and research with.

Wind Thunder Mountain had never given up on this all these years, having constantly been working diligently towards their goal.

The result left them rather not knowing if they should laugh or cry.

They simply could not succeed in restoring the lost, much-desired method of forging Vajra Thunder.

The artifact forging skills of the Wind Thunder Manor’s Heng Family had gradually increased over the generations as they had ultimately come to reign at the top of the World beyond Worlds in this area.

Yet, they were eternally unable to forge this Vajra Thunder which they so yearned for.

The other weapons that they forged were famous and desired by the entire world, having become a source of income for the Wind Thunder Manor.

Still, Wind Thunder Manor had always been seeking the method of forging Vajra Thunder.

With their high skill in artifact forging, not only did they sell their weapons, Wind Thunder Manor itself naturally did not lack weapons.

All their martial practitioners were virtually armed to the teeth.

Still, due to the scarcity of materials and various other reasons, at the present moment, the progress of Wind Thunder Manor which they achieved with their skill in the dao of artifact forging had already gradually come to reach a bottleneck.

It was difficult to forge high-grade Sacred Artifacts at the end of the day as the required materials were also hard to come by.

The Wind Thunder Manor’s Heng Family could do nothing about this.

They ultimately had to rely on themselves to break through the bottleneck, advancing yet further.

Not only would the Vajra Thunder aid the martial practitioners of Wind Thunder Manor in breaking through to higher cultivation levels, increasing the number of experts they had, their peak martial practitioners also often came to meet bottlenecks in their usual cultivation which impeded their strength from rising as was only natural.

Therefore, upon hearing the words ‘Vajra Thunder’ emerge from Yan Zhaoge’s mouth, everyone from Wind Thunder Manor lost their composure at once.

“I wonder how much Vajra Thunder Mister Yan has on hand” Heng Xianda composed himself, “Please name a price, Mister Yan.

My Wind Thunder Manor will purchase it all.”

It was no secret in the World beyond Worlds that the Wind Thunder Manor was seeking Vajra Thunder.

Heng Xianda admitted this frankly, not fearing that Yan Zhaoge would raise the price upon seeing how desperate they were for this item.

This blow was one that had to be suffered, anyway.

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, “This Yan does not have any Vajra Thunder on hand right now.

Still, if there is a need to, I can produce some batches within a short period of time.

Of course, I would have to collect the required materials first before being able to forge some.”

Hearing that Yan Zhaoge had not simply obtained some Vajra Thunder by chance which he wished to sell as he actually grasped the very method for forging it, the gazes of those of Wind Thunder Manor turned more blazing and passionate.

Heng Xianda turned and exchanged looks with the remaining longtime Elders of the manor who all nodded slightly.

Since Qiu Jiahai had come with Yan Zhaoge, with this disciple of the Sword Sovereign as a guarantor, this matter could be ninety-nine percent confirmed to be real.

There was no need to worry that Yan Zhaoge was just a swindler who was trying to fool them.

“That is fine.

When the first batch of Vajra Thunder is produced, my Wind Thunder Manor will purchase it all.”

Heng Xianda said, “I will give Mister Yan a satisfactory price.

Everything can go by the book.

You need not overthink things, Mister Yan.

This will not affect our partnership.

It is just that while we work together in this, I hope that my Wind Thunder Manor can be the first customers.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Well of course.

With your manor participating in this, it will save this Yan much time and effort in the initial stages.

Such efforts must naturally be rewarded.”

“No, no.

You are too polite, Mister Yan,” Heng Xianda smiled, “Mister Yan looks like a grandmaster of artifact forging too.

I hope that we will have the chance to interact on this in the future.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “We arrived unannounced earlier, causing the artifact forging of you, the old Manor Lord, to be interrupted.

I wonder if anything went badly as a result”

Heng Xianda’s eyes first narrowed slightly before he said smilingly, “It is nothing much.”

“If the Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art is interrupted, the materials will generally go to waste,” Yan Zhaoge said, appearing rather intrigued, “Still, I hear that your manor’s Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art is an improved version of that from pre-Great Calamity times.

I wonder if this Yan can get a taste of it”

Heng Xianda’s gaze focused on Yan Zhaoge as he asked rather cautiously, “Oh Mister Yan seems to have quite a high understanding of the Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art too”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “To be honest, this Yan indeed possesses the full version of the Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art from pre-Great Calamity times.

Therefore, I would very much like to have a look at the new accomplishment of your manor.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Of course, this Yan is not trying to obtain your manor’s secret technique.

I would simply like to view a weapon produced by this new version of the Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art.”

“You are too polite, Mister Yan.

I was just about to present it to you and ask what you think,” Heng Xianda said as he waved a hand, a streak of purple light flying out from within his sleeve.

The purple light halted before Yan Zhaoge.

It was the embryonic form of a sword.

Streams of purple thunder-light traversed the surface of this embryonic sword.

This was the weapon that Heng Xianda had been in the midst of forging when Yan Zhaoge and Qiu Jiahai had arrived.

He had been aiming for a mid-grade Sacred Artifact.

For him who was a late Immortal Bridge Martial Saint, this would really be no problem at all.

With his position and status, he had already long since ceased to forge mid-grade Sacred Artifacts.

It was just that an old acquaintance had specially requested that Heng Xianda personally forge a mid-grade Sacred Artifact for his descendant.

As a result, this old Manor Lord of Wind Thunder Manor had eventually made an exception and done so.

Yan Zhaoge only glanced at it once before smiling, “Remarkable indeed.

If it were the original Splendid Thunder Metal Forging Art of pre-Great Calamity times, the materials would have been reduced to scrap after the interruption.

However, with the old Manor Lord’s methods, despite such an interruption, the sword was still preserved and retained in its embryonic form.”

“I have displayed my meagre skills,” Heng Xianda humbly nodded slightly.

He had demonstrated his abilities with this.

Still, while the embryonic form of the sword had been preserved, it would be even more difficult to continue forging it than it would have before.

If others were to continue forging it, they would probably be unable to turn it into a mid-grade Sacred Artifact as they would likely only be able to produce a low-grade Sacred Artifact from it.

Heng Xianda would still be able to produce a mid-grade Sacred Artifact if he continued forging it.

Still, the quality of the artifact would be very ordinary and a poor representation of his abilities.

At the time, this would inevitably cause him to lose face in front of his old friend.

He had already long since made up his mind to dig into his own pocket and acquire some materials to forge a brand new mid-grade Sacred Artifact such that he would be able to satisfactorily account for things to this old friend of his.

It was just that Heng Xianda would naturally not mention this to Yan Zhaoge and Qiu Jiahai.

Looking at this embryonic form of a sword before him, Yan Zhaoge smiled, extending a hand and grabbing it.

Then, he retrieved an Internal Crystal Furnace with his other hand, next directly throwing it within.

Heng Xianda and the others were startled by this as Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Having come unannounced and interrupted the forging of the sword by old Manor Lord Heng, this Yan really feels uneasy about this.

Fortunately, it is not too late to remedy this.

In order to express my apologies, I will be utilising my laughable, lacking skills.

Please do not take offence at this.”


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