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HSSB1112: A frankI lose

Seeing the ten over people being blocked by Yan Zhaoge, Wen Daihong felt rather guilty.

While it was indeed them who had informed him about Yan Zhaoge leaving Pillglow Peak, Wen Daihong had already possessed intentions of challenging Yan Xingtangs descendant before their involvement.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge retrace his steps and find this place, Wen Daihong inevitably felt rather awkward.

This sentiment was similarly shared by the ten people being obstructed.

Still, they remained relatively composed, knowing that Wen Daihong would not have exposed them.

Choosing to play dumb, their leader cupped his hands as he spoke.

“This…Fellow Daoist Yan.

If it is a competition of the sword, we would naturally be happy to bear witness.

Still, your righteous words bewilder us.”

“Haha…” Yan Zhaoge appraised him for a moment before smiling, “When I just descended Pillglow Peak earlier, there was only you who was spying on me, right”

The other partys expression did not change, “Fellow Daoist Yan, making accusations is pointless.”

His hands behind his back, this middle-aged man said mildly, “While we of the Prime Clear lineage would not welcome you of the Jade Clear lineage with open arms, we would still treat a guest of the Profound Sovereign and Dragon Spring Emperor with the proper basic respect.

Otherwise, would we not be a laughingstock in the World beyond Worlds”

“How can I address you” Yan Zhaoge asked noncommittally.

That middle-aged man replied neither submissively nor humbly, “I am Green Duckweed Mountains Ashen Spirit Valleys Wang Shun.”

“Ashen Spirit Valley…” Yan Zhaoge looked up slightly, a hint of a smile flashing across the corners of his mouth, “…The lineage of the Cloud Conquest Emperor, huh”

When the Roving Jade Heavens had been created in the past, there had been seven other mighty pioneers besides their old Grand Master, collectively known as the Roving Jade Seven.

The Profound Sovereign Gao Qingxuan had been one of the Roving Jade Seven.

Di Qinglian however, was not a part of the group, having achieved her fame somewhat after the foundation of the Roving Jade Heavens had already been established.

The seven were of various lineages as not all of them had been under the tutelage of the old Grand Master.

Still, they were all of the orthodox tradition of the Prime Clear direct lineage.

It was just that, with the passing of the years, there were only two members of the original Roving Jade Seven remaining.

Besides the Profound Sovereign, the other was the Cloud Conquest Emperor, known also as the Cloud Emperor.

This person was of the same era as the Profound Sovereign and the Dragon Spring Emperor.

In terms of seniority, he was even older than the Profound Sovereign, being of the same generation as the old Grand Master.

He possessed great influence in the Roving Jade Heavens and held the same radical stance as the Profound Sovereigns Master with regard to the World beyond Worlds.

In the World beyond Worlds, Wang Pu, Bai Tao and the others had once mentioned this person specifically to Yan Zhaoge.

If there was someone who might not give the Profound Sovereign face and make things difficult for Yan Zhaoge and his father, the most likely candidate besides the old Grand Master was this stubborn old man.

Wang Shuns lot had already calmed down completely.

“Do you wish to replicate your grandfathers past feat, Fellow Daoist Yan” Wang Shun slowly asked.

Yan Zhaoge chuckled, “If not for some people being nosy, how would Fellow Daoist Wen have come to block my path”

He shrugged, “Still, this is also fine.

We can simply get to know one another better through sparring.”

“Fellow Daoist Wen, I have decided to have our match here.

Are you fine with that” Yan Zhaoge looked at Wen Daihong.

Wen Daihong shook his head, “Of course.”

While he had an honest personality and was not versed in the ways of the world, he was not a complete fool.

He had already vaguely come to realise that something was wrong at this moment.

Despite this, he was still unable to hold back when faced with the opportunity to battle Yan Xingtangs descendant.

The disciples of Minor White Peak could only helplessly stand by and spectate, directing unfriendly gazes towards Wang Shuns group.

Wang Shun sighed inwardly but revealed nothing on the outside.

While it was bad that they had been exposed, the essential parts of their plan were still intact.

They all looked towards Yan Zhaoge and Wen Daihong.

Yan Zhaoges fame ran far and wide, with word of his feats even reaching the Roving Jade Heavens.

Despite Wen Daihong being a genius of his generation in addition to his status as a prime disciple of the Liberal Emperor, there were probably few who believed that he would be able to defeat Yan Zhaoge in battle.

Yan Zhaoges achievements in battle of defeating a Human Exalt upon just attaining the Immortal Bridge stage made it such that no one could feel good about the chances of Wen Daihong of the mid Immortal Bridge stage.

Still, this was simply a competition in their prowess in the dao of the sword.

This was just like the Dragon Spring Emperor who had still yet to attain Immortality coming to the Roving Jade Heavens and challenging the local heroes to duels in the sword that year.

Since that was the case, Wen Daihong, a sword cultivator of the Prime Clear direct lineage, might still have a chance.

Although Yan Zhaoge was not a pure sword cultivator, as a descendant of the late Sword God Yan Xingtang, he could only accept as he was challenged to a sword duel here.

“Since this is simply sparring, there is no need to draw our swords,” Yan Zhaoge leisurely said, “Please, Fellow Daoist Wen.”

Wen Daihong similarly did not draw his sword as he solemnly replied, “Let us begin then.”

With that, a black sword-light flashed before Yan Zhaoges eyes.

It was none other than the techniques of the Immortal Slaughtering Sword Manual of the Numinous Treasure Four Swords.

Immortal Slaughtering Sword, exterminating all lifeforms, transforming life into death.

As his internal organs seemed to be shaking slightly, Yan Zhaoge could sense the latent threat it posed before Wen Daihongs sword light had even gotten close to him.

He cultivated in the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture, the five elements refining his five major internal organs in consolidating the five mountains and nourishing the five spirits as he hence possessed the Five Elements Deific Immortal Body.

It granted him mighty defensive power and shocking regenerative capabilities.

Yet, facing the Immortal Slaughtering Sword, it was like it had met its bane.

Even when facing other domineering supreme martial arts that were no less powerful than the Immortal Slaughtering Sword in the least, the Five Elements Deific Immortal Body was able to resist them somewhat.

Yet, facing the Immortal Slaughtering Sword, it would probably be unable to withstand even a single blow.

It was not just the Life Creation Heavenly Scripture; other supreme martial arts which held similar principles would all be countered by the Immortal Slaughtering Sword too.

Wen Daihong gave Yan Zhaoge the feeling that he was virtually no weaker than Long Hanhua at the same cultivation level as was truly befitting of an outstanding figure of the Prime Clear direct lineage.

Still, Yan Zhaoge had never intended to forcibly withstand the Immortal Slaughtering Sword using the Five Elements Deific Immortal Body in the first place.

Black sword-light appeared as Yan Zhaoge substituted sword with finger, retaliating with an Immortal Slaughtering Sword of his own.

Streams of black light crisscrossed the world, bringing along the great terror of death.

The surrounding heavens and earth were enveloped entirely as those of Minor White Peak as well as Wang Shuns lot were all surrounded by the terrifying black sword-qi as well.

Still, the streams of sword-qi only clashed with one another, not bringing them any harm whatsoever.

“This Yan Zhaoge actually has such profound attainments in our Prime Clear direct lineages Immortal Slaughtering Sword…” As Wang Shun and the others were feeling shocked, being immersed in the high-level sword duel before them, the fight suddenly just came to an end.

They were collectively taken aback, “What happened”

Wang Daihong had a rather ashen expression on his face as his gaze was rather complex too.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he sighed slowly towards the heavens before admitting frankly, “I lose!”

“Prime Clear sword arts losing to Prime Clear sword arts-not shameful at all,” Yan Zhaoge smiled.

Everyone else was bemused.

It had clearly been an evenly matched battle previously, however one looked at it.

Why had Wen Daihong cleanly admitted his defeat like this

Having blocked Yan Zhaoges path and challenged him, he was clearly a stubborn, hardcore person who would not admit his loss easily.

“Fellow Daoist Wen, what exactly is this…” Wang Shun looked disbelievingly towards Wen Daihong.

Wang Daihong glanced at them, his expression turning more complex as he simply sighed, “Look at your backs.”


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