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HSSB1120: News on the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace

Although the way to forge Devil Sealing Godly Water had been written in the records of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, Yan Zhaoge did not have the materials to create any right now.

Even if it was not used to deal with Evil Devils of the Nine Underworlds, Devil Sealing Godly Water itself was also a great artifact forging material that, like the Splendid Gem Thousand Yarn, could be used to forge Immortal Artifacts.

If it could only be used to deal with Nine Underworlds Evil Devils, it would really appear less useful.

The effects it produced varied, but were all top-tier.

Thus, this item had an extremely high value.

Yan Zhaoge was especially satisfied with even a single bottle of this Devil Sealing Godly Water, because while it may not seem like much at first, this could already be considered an oceanic amount.

“Thank you, Senior Chu,” Yan Zhaoge did not stand on ceremony as he kept the crystalline bottle and cupped his hands towards Chu Lili, “It is just that this Yan is untalented and is often roaming about outside.

If a reply is forthcoming and I am unable to relay it to you, would Senior Chu mind if I request the help of another”

Chu Lili thought for a moment before answering, “It would naturally be best if you can handle everything yourself.

If you really cannot do it, let Big Boss Yue and the others decide.”

“I will abide by seniors instructions,” Yan Zhaoge cupped his hands.

Their conversation was much more relaxed after this, as most of it was discussion on the dao.

Having opened the door to Immortality, Chu Lilis knowledge on the dao was self-evident.

To her surprise, she also discovered that Yan Zhaoges insights on the dao had far surpassed that of ordinary Martial Saints.

They talked and talked until they finally began to tease Gao Qing together, leaving her stomping her feet in a huff.

Finally, Chu Lili smiled, “Ive been really happy today.

Still, I have delayed you for long enough.

Little Qinger, you should accompany your little apprentice-uncle back.

After all, he is new to the Roving Jade Heavens.”

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge and Gao Qing bade farewell, with Gao Qing saying, “Ill come back here to talk with Granny again after bringing senior apprentice-uncle back to Green Duckweed Mountain.”

“Go on, go on,” Chu Lili waved to them.

After the two had left the courtyard, Chu Lili sighed, falling into a daze as she stared at the skies above with a lonely look gradually surfacing on her face.

That Feifei that resembled a small white fox leapt onto her shoulder, its furry tail lightly sweeping over her face, “Dont be unhappy, Lili! The Astro Sovereign is definitely fine.

After he receives your letter, he will surely send you a reply.”

“I must definitely return to see Master, Pingping,” Chu Lili said determinedly as focus returned to her previously empty gaze.


After exiting Dynasty Vessel Valley with Gao Qing, Yan Zhaoge began his journey back to Green Duckweed Mountain in the Yu Region.

As they walked, he glanced thoughtfully back in the direction of Heavenly Countours Mountain where Dynasty Vessel Valley was located.

“What is it, little apprentice-uncle” Gao Qing asked curiously as she saw this.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, shaking his head, “Its nothing.

Lets go.”

While Gao Qing was on rather good terms with Chu Lili, the former clearly did not know what had happened the latter that had forced her to leave the World beyond Worlds and live in seclusion in the Roving Jade Heavens.

The peak existences of the Roving Jade Heavens were probably quite curious about this as well, most likely having long-term surveillance on Chu Lili which had never truly laxed.

Someone had used Yan Zhaoge who came from the World beyond Worlds to test her, and indeed, something had occurred.

Chu Lili virtually never left her current abode as it would be very difficult for her to obtain critical information on the Roving Jade Heavens too.

Therefore, there was no need to worry that she was transmitting information.

Still, even Gao Xuebo and Long Xueji would probably be interested in the contents of the Jade slip in Yan Zhaoges possession..

“Right, little apprentice-uncle,” Gao Qing suddenly recalled something as they walked, “Do you still remember the first time we met”

Yan Zhaoge breezily replied, “I do! It was in that seven-layered immortal pill world.”

He recalled what had happened back then.

Besides him and his party, there had also been a group of Roving Jade Heaven disciples led by Gao Qing and a group of Ingenious Flying Peak disciples led by Fu Ting.

The three sides had congregated back then, all trying to gain possession of the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace.

Whether it was Green Duckweed Mountains Minor White Peak or Kunlun Mountains Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff, both of them had had late Immortal Bridge Martial Saints present.

Both had been massive, near unshakeable entities for Yan Zhaoge at the time as he had merely been a Merging Avatar Martial Saint then.

It had been quite difficult to profit then.

He had only been able to see if both sides would end up depleting each others strength, allowing him a chance to simply sneak in and grab a profit.

Who would have thought that the Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace would actually turn illusory, swallowing up six Immortal Bridge Martial Saints of Ingenious Flying Peak and Minor White Peak all at once!

The Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace had been drawn in by it as it had traversed space, seemingly about to rejoin the Pill Hall.

Along with this, Yan Zhaoge, Fu Ting and Gao Qings groups had all been sucked away as well.

Along the way, Yan Zhaoge had secretly stimulated the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace to shake off the influence of the Pill Hall on it, and only then had they managed to flee from the chaos alive.

Due to this, the Profound Sky Purple Gold Furnace had secretly fallen into the hands of Yan Zhaoge.

Afterwards, they had landed in the territory of the blessed lands of Buddhism, arriving in a Buddhist world known as the Concealed Way World.

Still, the six Immortal Bridge Martial Saints who had been sucked away had not been able to escape with no news having been heard of them since.

Yan Zhaoge had also mentioned this when he had seen Fu Ting again afterwards.

It was said that the Brocade Emperor and the experts of Ingenious Flying Peak had once tried searching for them but to no avail.

“I wonder how those Fellow Daoists of your lineage who were lost amidst illusory space back then are now” He asked Gao Qing, “Has there been news of them”

Gao Qing answered, “There has been no news of senior-apprentice granduncle Tang and the rest.

Still, little-apprentice granduncle discovered some clues amidst extradimensional space some time back which seemed to lead towards that legendary Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.”

She looked worried, “More than ten years have already passed.

Even if we can find the Pill Hall, senior apprentice-granduncle Tang and the others are probably already…”

“Let us hope that they are blessed by fortune,” Yan Zhaoge did not know what else to say to this.

It was naturally a good thing that the Roving Jade Heavens had a new lead.

Still, Yan Zhaoge felt that it would be better to just wait and see for now.

The Pill Hall of the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace had been successfully preserved in its entirety through the Great Calamity.

Still, it currently felt somewhat strange for some reason.

Upon returning to Minor White Peak, the two did not see Long Xueji there as only Gao Xuebo and Long Hanhua were present.

Yan Zhaoge did not hide anything from them as he gave a brief overview of things.

“Delivering it to either the Sword Sovereign or the Concealed Sovereign, yet not mentioning the Female Emperor,” Gao Xuebo too fell into deep thought as he only said after a while, “If you are willing to do this, go ahead.

If you feel pressured, though, it will be the same if this old man finds someone else to do it on your behalf.

This would not hinder things.”

He felt that this might be more of a tribulation than an opportunity for Yan Zhaoge.

It would be bad if he offended the Female Emperor, Jie Mingkong.

Having someone of the Roving Jade Heavens handle the matter would be better in that respect.

“No matter, senior apprentice-uncle Gao.

Leave it to me,” Yan Zhaoge smiled, though not jokingly.

Seeing this, Gao Xuebo immediately nodded before changing the topic, “News just came in from the World beyond Worlds.”

“Just this morning, the Upper Exalt Chen Qianhua stomped over Ingenious Flying Peaks Red Lotus Cliff.”


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