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[Hi all, I tried my best to stay consistent with the terms of previous chapters but still, I might have skipped some.

If any loopholes or errors occur, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and Ill try my best to do some editing to improve the chapter.

Many thanks.]


Indeed, with years of martial arts practice with Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hus horizon and experience had way surpassed the peer martial practitioners.

He frowned for a moment and tentatively asked after some ponderation, “Being Leakless means difficult to be hurt and Tranquil undisturbed”

“Yes, the state of being Leakless is hard to be injured, and Tranquil unbothered.” Wang Pu said with a sigh, “Here, Tranquil means that all existence on earth wont bother him at all.”

Ah Hu scratched his head, saying “Does it mean a Profound Immortal wouldnt be bothered by either attack or defence in fight”

“Thats right.” Yan Zhaoge shrugged and said, “Although Martial Saint cant hurt True Immortal during the fight, he can dissolve the attack and even unravel the movements of a True Immortal.”

“In this situation, if Martial Saint takes the extreme advantage of his strength that surpasses too much of the True Immortal, then he may own a chance to defeat True Immortal.”

Seeing Wang Pu with a desperate expression, Yan Zhaoge said with a smile, “Come on, at any rate, no one can make it, but at least, there is a chance.”

“So, frequently, we say that when a True Immortal comes down to the mortal world, he is invincible, but not every time.”

“Whereas, if its the profound immortal, then he will be invincible for sure.”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hand and continued, “Because a Martial Saint cant hurt a Profound Immortal, and strictly speaking, he cant even touch a Profound Immortal.

On the contrary, no matter how good your defence is, a Profound Immortal can effortlessly crush it with even a whistle.”

“As explained by the phrase that Leakless True Immortal wont get hurt by mortals, and Tranquil Profound Immortal wont be bothered.”

Ah Hu thought to himself and said, “Thats what theTranquil means…”

“Yes, as I mentioned before.” Yan Zhaoge laughed and said, “Lets say there is a Martial Saint with extreme strength that overwhelms that of a True Immortal, but if fighting against the same Profound Immortal, then he may be knocked down in an instant and act even poorer than the True Immortal who, at least, has a chance to fight back.”

“Sounds confusing and abnormal But this is the basic principle of the world that if one cannot detach himself from it, then he must obey the rule in it.” Yan Zhaoge said, spreading out his palms, “In most peoples opinion, its indeed unusual for a Martial Saint to defeat a True Immortal.”

Wang Pu dryly coughed a few times, and Ah Hu fatuously smiled.

“Well, it sounds like Im blowing my own trumpet” Yan Zhaoge pursed up his lips, saying, “Moreover, some True Immortals and emperors are powerful, and some are not.”

“A True Immortal with extreme strength that way surpasses peers may have a chance against Profound Immortals.

Although he cant hurt the Profound Immortal, he is not like the Martial Saint helplessly fighting with a Profound Immortal with desperation.”

Yan Zhaoge continued with a smile, “Still, it wont be easy.

The case is even rarer than that between a Martial Saint and a True Immortal throughout history.

After all, among the Profound Immortals, is there a normal one”

The higher the realm of cultivation, the rarer the level-skipping challenges.

In the end, there were no such cases.

Just then, Wang Pu looked at Ah Hu and sighed, “So, as I just said, even though we have Origin Opening Sword, we cant break into Qinlin Cliff.

Since Origin Opening Sword is an Immortal Artifact of the Leakless Level, it cant hurt Profound Immortals.

However, as the Earthly Sovereign is not at Qi Lin Cliff at present, if there is an emperor to wield the Origin Opening Sword, we can possibly breach the Qi Lin Cliff even without the Sword, just as Young Brother Yan did at Illusory Coming Peak and Chen Shangfang did to Ingenious Flying Peak.”

“However, Martial Saint cant breach the gate of the Profound Immortals monastery by activating the Leakless Immortal Artifact.

After all, he cant fully activate the Immortal Artifact as he is two levels away from the Profound Immortal.” He added.

Ah Hu scratched his head and asked, “Then there must be some reasons for that.”

“The reason is that it is not easy to become Profound Immortal.” Yan Zhaoge chuckled.

“After pushing open the door of Immortality, one has to go through tribulation to move to the next level, and once he fails, he will be dead with his cultivation all gone.”

It was because of this that every leveling up would bring the cultivator to a new level, which was as difficult as Martial Saints entering into the immortal realm.

Therefore, Wang Pu put it as a double chasm lying between the two.

“Martial Saints entering into immortal realm is called Immortal Mortal Tribulation.” Yan Zhaoge said, “Theres also the Boundless Tribulation or Pure Profound Tribulation from True Immortal Realm to Profound Immortal Realm, and the consequence of failing to overcome it will be the same as that of failing Immortal Mortal Tribulation, dead and vanished into nothingness.”

“If Profound Immortal wants to seek further power, he also needs to suffer the tribulations.” Yan Zhaoge explained, “This has something to do with cultivation.

Ah Hu, since you are far from the Immortal Realm at present, I didnt even mention it that we martial practitioners cultivate the True Essence, and the masters of Immortal Realm take in the Immortal Qi.”

“Immortal Qi is the name in generalities, and technically, the immortal owns five Qis which are also called the Five Trueness.”

“The Five Qis, namely Righteous Qi, Changing Qi, Bright Qi, Evil Qi and Clear Qi are all called the Immortal Qi.

However, theyre different.”

“For Righteous Qi, the so-called righteousness is not equal to justice or fairness, and Righteous Qi is unshakable and in a stable state, showing that the world of creation is unchangeable.

Changing Qi is on the opposite side of Righteous Qi, formless, flexible and endless, reflecting the evolving history of the world of creation.

Time brings many changes, and overall, the whole universe is undergoing constant changes with rapid development.

If there is no Righteous Qi to maintain the balance and rhythm between Changing Qi and itself, then the world of creation will soon be in chaos, fallen apart and broken halfway.

Bright Qi is full of brilliance, kindness and positiveness, which represents a world of prosperity and beautifulness.

Whether the Qi is shifted from stability to change, or vice versa, as long as it positively develops, then it belongs to the Bright Qi.

Evil Qi brings killing and catastrophe.

It represents the dark side, the destruction of the world of Creation.

Evil Qi, the opposite of Bright Qi, doesnt focus on change or stability but on the effect left by them, unravelling the dark side of the world.

If the Evil Qi prevails, the world will fall into incessant disasters and endless calamities.

Clear Qi exists between changes and stability and between right and wrong.

It is the basis of the world, connecting everything and adjusting the four other Qis.”

“We practitioners of Martial Saint Realm and the lower level realms can also absorb the Immortal Qi, which is of benefits to our cultivation.

However, we must take it in moderation.

Otherwise, our body cant handle that.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Anyone successfully going through the Immortal Mortal Tribulation, pushing open the door of Immortality can transform all his true essence into the Immortal Qi.”

“With true essence transformed into immortal Qi and it running through the body, the True Immortals wont get hurt by any true essence of martial practitioners.

It is what we called the Leakless.”

“Nevertheless, the Qi a True Immortal owns is only one of the five immortal Qis, and it is different from person to person.”

Yan Zhaoge lifted one finger and then another as he continued the explanation, “If the True Immortals cultivate their body with the second immortal Qi and overcome the following Pure Profound Tribulation, they can combine the two Qis and transform the immortal Qi into Immortal Gang.”


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